Love Zombie Trigger Alert

Amongst other things, Venus in Leo square Mars in Scorp on the verge of a Feral Full Moon (see extended alert re this on Monthly Horoscopes page) could trigger Love Zombie tendencies. Even long dead – you thought – little, um, tendrils. Love Triffids?

Anyway, obviously you’re having none of this: Do Yoga, Do Your Nails, Do Hair Genius, Do Work, Do YOU – do anything but even a teensy little bit of “ironic” Love Zombie crap. Pretend Facebook stalkery is like kryptonite to your super-powers. Waiting for a call? Turn your fuqing phone off.

Not if it’s business of course. Remember – it’s The Evolution – the Zap Zone. E or E.


Image: Amber Valletta by Daniele & Iango for I.D Magazine

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When I first read this I was feeling pretty immune and lacking anyone to get zombie-ish about but suddenly I am fully obsessed with a flirtation from a few weeks back and as I’m between jobs at the moment (just for this week, hopefully) have not nearly enough to fill my time. I hope it passes soon…


I’m Aqua Sun, so Mars and Venus are squaring in on my sun now, it would seem….Ugh, I’ve been wondering what it was, but I’ve been totally going back into LZ mode lately, but luckily there is no real ‘action’ I could take on this, no way of contacting the person now, but it is affecting me psychologically………he and the whole situation is on my mind again, big time. I didn’t think it could ever come back this strong……..I wonder if I will ever be able to ‘place’ this person and situation somewhere in my life so that I feel… Read more »


Oooh yeah, totally inappropriate lust situation developing here – fending off LZ tendencies with imagined outcomes if it happened – not ethical, Cap Sun/Moon is going to win out over Piscean asc, hopefully… 🙂


Hey guys has anyone seen this? The Museum of Broken Relationships…


This is a cool idea! Thanks for sharing this!


MM, this is the third time you’ve said ‘love zombie alert’ the day after I become fb friends with old boyfriend. But I am not stalking! wtf

Miss Libra

So I was wondering. In my Natal Chart I have Venus in Leo, and Mars in Scorpio. And they square each other….Would that mean that that I’m a total Love Zombie???


love zombie theme song

catfish moon

Multi virgo called on Monday. I have ignored his last 2 attempts and was polite only when I saw him last.
This time I called him back though, just in case it could be work related.
It wasn’t. I got off phone quick and he said to come by.

Which I won’t. I liked him so much, or thought I did. And to have him reach out to me is satisfying in some weird way. But he can’t give what I want, so forget it.


Wow, I’ve been having an amazing trip down memory lane which is sparking all my desires, it feels clear and sane, nothing too zombie about it at all, and even the individual nostalgia is w an open hearted memory not a possessive I must have you type of memory….

Feelin the love xx

Taurus Vixen

Thank you for the stiff reminder! I needed that. lol


Words of wisdom indeed – nearly dived straight to Lz today ,lots of other me stuff to focus on thank god , but have a scheduled event that both of us will be attending right in Feral Full moon territory …


Oooh let us know how that one goes 🙂


YES! I’ve been love-zombiefied again after more than a year of being clear! i met by chance my ex Aries-love brother’s, and he’s the exact picture of him, the same way of walking, the same voice, the same stunning beloved face, the same body. i was under shock for a day or two. started re-thinging about him, re-reading all the emails…ect. i plunged into our aqua-aries past memories adventures and i fell completely blown away…thinging about his smell, his eyes, the thrilling he made me feel whenever we met…thinking i’d never ever meet again someone as gorgeus as him… total… Read more »


Fell in love recently. Shouted dinner and drinks last night, breakfast this morn AND a new skirt from CUE. Yep, fallen in love…. With myself and hells yeah I’m treating myself! It helps when you find someone you’re not attracted to that looks like your ex. In this case my ex looks like Ricky Gervais. Except my ex is 24 :/ I do fear I’ll have a LZ trip out over the weekend…. …. But I have a plan. I wrote a bucket list and I’m slowly knocking stuff off it. This weekend is SCUBA diving course. Sun and sand… Read more »


Wow! LZ stalker rang me a mo ago. He always randomly calls at times like this.

He isn’t my ex lover…. But hey! I guess it’s something.


Err what the fuq???????????????? Guy who was a total fuqwit who messed my lfe up big style 2 years ago – married blah blah full of horseshit etc – told hil to get the hell lost Sept 2010 – facebooked the wife & kids in a drunken rage caused a massive stink – CALLS ME YESTERDAY UNDER THE PRETENCE OF HAVING A MISSED CALL FROM ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ididnt even recognise his number/voice and hung up – it only dawned on me 7 hours later who it was!!!!!!!!!!!! what the fuq was that about??????????????????? He texted me after saying if he… Read more »


Ummmmmmmm…. I’ve considered using that as a “re-connect” strategy before. It never followed through because IMO it kinda looks more desperate and loserish to make up a false pretense to talk to someone than to just come right out with it.


Yeah right – it makes him look like an even bigger idiot – thanks Woohoo 🙂


Anyone know what the ratio of male to female LZs happens to be? Or are males usually simply pussy whipped – nothing deeper than that, (unless its a matter of conquest and ego?) and females the real LZs?


Yup! The sound of (bat)wings flapping out there is getting louder..
Am wrapping myself in nostalgia – Petshopboys, Fairground Attraction and some Stennheiser headphones, and getting on with it.

Also, Mystic you were so right in dailies today re keeping silent. The power of words utterred are so potent at the moment. …Fortunately my kitty is being demonstratively verbal ..he always has good things to say..

fallen angel

Love what? Mercy me. I feel like FA Inc. right now, like suddenly everyone woke up and decided they simply MUST have my attention at work. On the upside, keeping it Biz is a great way to streamline crap, yes including free radical-qi vamps. As one realizes their shenanigans are a distraction from your Real Purpose, and the power of a Straight Line. Buff up the white blinding light. I’ve actually found myself doing a mental cost/benefits analysis of indulging in marathon sex. Like how seriously will this cut into my time reading up on conflict minerals? Oh dear. Then… Read more »


The Cap would probably find a cost / benefit analysis a turn-on, FA 🙂

fallen angel

Funny, you should note that as he just emailed asking (based on my last email saying I was a little emotional about the work kudos I received) if he somehow figured in that. Huh?

Typical 🙂


As I said in the other post, I have Neptune creeping around my sun … again, so that isn’t really helpful. Horrible bouts of “oh poor me” and LZing, sort of.

Don’t understand a sh1t anymore. Keeping myself sort of sane and from acting out by reminding me that it is a really heavy astro week.

Asking myself for the 3458690 time if I am just acting out the feelings/notions of the other party because we are actually linked up psychically (true story). Is something like that possible? How could you test it? How to block without actually cutting ties?


Gah…too late.

So annoyed with myself. >:-|

Virgo Ellie

Hang in there! xo!!

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

After weeks of not giving a fuck, I snapped today. Got into a full-on scream-fest that lasted only like 30 seconds, but the last two sentences out of the others mouths were so on-point, succinct and telling about our conflicting opinions on what happened. Like at the same time we both screamed what was our #1 core issue. It was crazy. And intense. And bad.

But I’m telling myself it’s an important step in processing and trying to forgive my love zombie relapse and move on.

Little Joey

Apart from my “slap yourself in the face and tell yourself to get over it” cure for being a love zombie, you can also find yourself a committed faithful Scorpio (they are out there!!). They will keep you so busy in the sack you won’t have the energy to snoop at past loves and if you do they will somehow know it and call you on it (very embarrassing and humiliating when a Scorp calls you out on stupid behaviour). Also Scorpios somehow seem to have exes that still call and beg them to come back to them….. despite the… Read more »

Virgo Ellie

Do guys really like that kind of attention.. sheesh!! I got the feeling that when I got the call my my Toro guy that is what he wanted me to do.. cry, beg and wither.. not gonna happen. I think he is use to that. #1.. I am not gonna make me feel bad for looking like a desperate loser. #2… oh crap.. I don’t have a #2… LOL!!

I am so loving this thread! Learning so much! Enjoy your Scorp.. I dated one a while back. He just couldn’t be turned down! LOL!! 🙂


My new gravatar says it all. I am above being a LZ now but still a recovering Love triffid I have to admit.It feels so free. Will never go back to being a LZ. Too busy being awesome. So may opps opening when you are not bogged down in LZ land.

Oran Mor

Yesterday I noticed I have a bit of a Mars-Venus square natally, with a bit of input from the Moon and Neptune making a loose T-square. Venus – 15 deg Cancer Mars – 11 deg Aries Moon – 14 deg Capricorn Neptune – 7 deg Capricorn I’ve tried quite hard to find info about what to make of this online for a while but to no avail. Seeming it this currently relevant is anyone able to shine some light in with their thoughts about how these natal placements could be interpreted? I kinda figure now is a good time to… Read more »


“In the words of my #cancer Amiga: u can’t cyber stalk someone when your life is more interesting then theirs. It doesn’t work that way! ”

From my twitter stream.



Anony_Aus/Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

AMEN!!! Words of WISDOM!

Virgo Rising

Interesting – not feeling this one bit this go ’round coming from me. Maybe a little directed AT me though. Estranged Scorp STB-ex acting wonky but then, he’s a Scorp so….
Honestly, too busy trying to keep it together w/all the Zap Zone stuff to worry about LZ mess. Definitely make mine a dbl in the cyberbar! 🙂


I’ll prop up the LZ land bar with ma crew here. I’ve got big shoulders to cry on having come out the other end of the LZ tunnel I’m open to listen. The monthly horo for sept was so spot on for moi. So keeping close to family this weekend and putting out a general APB on the feral moon to my gf’s.

Hathor's Horns

Cheers Mystic for calling that one! Being bitten by le LZ is oh so indulgent but ultimately starts festering without one knowing it. Right. Off to the studio then.

Electric Eel Libran

I felt stalkery about 2 nights ago, but i’m ok now. I wonder how long this will last?


I shred so much stuff that my shredder broke. Now it won’t turn off. I plug it in and it runs and runs, and I shred and shred until it overheats and stops. I unplug it until it cools off and then I plug it in again and shred some more.

Fire fish

I’m burnt it in a cauldron kinda gal …. Bit dramatic I know 🙂
Ex scorp LZ called multiple times last night. Feeling quite proud of myself not to get into the dramas…. Staying busy today and focusing on awesome hair!


Haha for me it’s burning rather than shredding… my perfect match is now a box of Redheads 🙂

Little Joey

I love my shredder but if you don’t have a shredder get a bucket and plonk your papers in there – add water – leave for about ten days, mixing every few days. The paper will turn into a pile of unreadable squishy mush


Yikes, guilty as charged… just yesterday spent a couple of hours ‘reminiscing’ by re-reading all old correspondence from former lover. (I’m working up to ditching it.) Then composed a ‘hey why don’t we get together’ email.. gave myself a severe talking to (haha I just wrote ‘stalking to’, lol) and went for a walk, and recited the mantra of ‘it’s up to him, he knows where you are, don’t chase, get on the treadmill, do some situps because with a flat stomach you are unstoppable’ etc etc. It doesn’t help when the tarot genius I consulted a fortnight ago told… Read more »


I’ve been feeling it all week, and driving myself nuts trying NOT to think about him. L-Z rehab required in a big way. Hello Oracle 6437 times in one day. I actually got the “how many times are you going to ask this” answer.

Worst? Going to a function with this person bang-on full moon.

Anony_Aus/Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Yup, very nearly called Mr Flaky Pastry last night, in an attempt to show him just how over him I am. HA HA. Ironic to a tee.

Virgo Ellie

Yup… started yesterday.. laying really low since I think I understand that everyone else is going a little bats! So, I am getting out of the scene. I honestly think the guy I have been kinda seeing loves drama.. very immature and female like but I am glad I am picking up on it. However, he is a Taurus / Gemini cusp based on birthdate so I had hoped he was in a good mood because of great business news. He gets a little “high” on himself during these times! It’s gonna be painful and interesting at the same time..… Read more »


I’m with you VE, mines a Toro Gem cusp too. I wrote him a letter and burned it; immediately got a call…..oh dear, how hard to not just say ” stop Freaking my Qi….FO! I don’t like the Hokey Pokey!

I’m ordering in cyber bar ; double red Saturn juice please….

Virgo Ellie

Oh my gosh.. you are gong through the same thing I am. I just don’t get it! My exact words also “Why are you bothering to contact me when you want to play games”… It’s getting after a while. ugh!

How long have you been with him? I wish we could chat! I have NO ONE to talk to about this! But then again the LZ mode can be umm… boring! LOL!!

Virgo Ellie

Add “tiring” after “getting”.. LOL!!


Long drawn out story; best friends from high school reunite and have amazing chemistry in mid age…… He lives on the other side of the country,…. Now it’s LDR fuqery…..
FB =Verity Fraser , add me if you like!

Virgo Ellie

OMGosh.. me too! We went to HS together. Not best friends but we reconnected in 2009 and that is when the fun began or misery. Yes, long drawn out story but WTHeck! LOL!

I can’t believe how close our stories are!

Little Joey

Know it all Aquarian that I am …… I feel I must step in here…. anything I can do to avoid the LZ action is high on my agenda!! I must caution here about certain types of Bulls I have known / know. Now I know you say that they are on the cusp and I know it is a bone of contention if the cusp is a real thing – I think yes, but I can see why people say no – the sun is either in one sign or another …., but I digress. So back to our… Read more »


I absolutely can’t stand my Taurus roommate. She’s a bossy, selfish, immature bitch. When she first moved in, I guess she took me for a bit of doormat (I’m Libra rising). I let her have it after she tried to make me feel unwelcome in my own home. She cried and whined about how crazy, inconsiderate and selfish I was supposedly being. Now she knows not to f*** with me. It’s been almost a year since the incident, but I can sense that she’s still holding a grudge against me. I’m just grateful that I hardly ever have to see… Read more »


Libra rising here also, and my sister is definitely Low Taurus most of the time. My sympathies =\

Double Trouble Scorp

Oh, similar here! I tried to break away from a stalkery Taurus by ignoring his messages, but the harder I try the more he seems to feel challenged. It was a fling at best but I hoped we could just be friends… seems impossible though.

Virgo Ellie

Thanks all!! Interesting and perfect timing to get the guts of this guy. Yes, I have seen it for over 3 years but I guess since I am a Virgo / Libra rising I don’t understand it so I give it a chance. This guy can be good when he is good and then turn like the wind. It amazes me that he can’t see his actions towards others. I don’t play games. I think he is use to girls freaking out when he pulls the stuff he has pulled on me. I don’t. I am like “whatever”… It is… Read more »

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