Janis Joplin’s Moon square Neptune

Janis Joplin lying on couch with bottle of whiskey

The musician Janis Joplin was an iconic example of Moon square Neptune. They’re natural-born Transcendental Muses but can be given to toxic highs.

We’ve talked before about the notorious talents, crazy sex life, and addictions of Mars-Neptune Men.    Squares from Neptune to Mars, in particular, can be problematic to the point that you’d want to check yourself if you saw it in a guy you were dating. (Mars = Men).  We’ve also surmised that the wild-womanly version would be a tricky Venus-Uranus square. 

 Voila, Janis Joplin – a vintage embodiment of outrageous talent and a taste for the Blue Devil Hoochie Juice, Space Dust and Mr or Ms. Wrong. She has got a loose Mars Neptune square but Moon square Neptune is exact. Neptune was her Muse and Demon. 

Her Moon square Neptune Was Muse And Demon

A Neptune square is like a beautiful beach with a steep drop off point into darker waters and an archaic ocean beyond. That very same mojo that allows them to tap the collective subconscious also pulls them into the depths. But not always! If you have a strong Neptune, remember this: your vibe is that of a Medium or an Artist. Substances that some people take to get high or to relax are maybe too coarse for your refined aura. People take substances to be more like how you are naturally anyway?

If you have a Neptune transit, ha-ha, guess who can’t handle their toxins anymore?!  But obviously, this is not a bad thing at all. Keeping a pure, raw, clean high consciousness to enhance spiritual connection and creativity is not playing safe; it’s cool. If you are a natal Moon square Neptune person, you’re always on Neptune alert. 



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Sj billy

A very interesting article, I feel out of all aspects this one has ruled my life, I have a Aries moon in the 5th, I dont know enough about astrology yet to be concrete, but either my scorpio rising w/ pluto and mars in the 1st. Or my aqua in the 4th w/ merc and venus intensifies this aspect, my intensity is even to much for me to handle anymore. I feel I am very logical, but also always feel like I am teetering on the line of sanity. I am trying to really dive deep into healing and would… Read more »


I’ve got a Mars-Neptune Square….a Venus-Neptune Square….a Mercury-Neptune Square….a Moon-Neptune Square….Neptune Rising….A Pisces Moon….

Definitely Neptune’s Bitch……


a strong Neptune also in Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain’s charts…indeed then it sums up what you say about Mystic…
it seems to me like they had no choice than executing what their Muse/Daimon wanted them to do, in a sort of trans-personal, out of egoiness way…and they flourished and blossomed so intensely and rapidly they just had that ‘instant karma’ thing…
no wonder they are still mega icons.


An ex of mine had Mars opposite Neptune (does that count as a square if it’s directly opposite?) and he OD’d

catfish moon

Yes! I fall into the strong neptune category department……though some of it is my strong 12th house.

Neptune trines my 12th house moon…..lucid dreams, psychic experiences, energy healer, drugs, fantasy mind, secret crushes.
Neptune quincunx mars….drugs, highs and lows, escapism
that mars and moon are squared. hmmmmmm…….

catfish moon

Have also spent years having spells…..being stoned but sober.


I have a cardinal Mars Neptune square between Aries and Capricorn. it is of great use to me, honestly. it kept me out of bad drug situations and more in tune with my art and spirituality. Neptune is a great influence if you respect it. You have to prize it over a “conventional” life to really enjoy it, and you have to have the smarts to understand how to work it instead of letting it work you…


My neptune is square jupiter, sextile pluto, and 4 trines- sun, merc, venus, mars.

I recently used astrodienst’s “additional items” feature to make a natal chart, and the CENTER OF THE GALAXY CONJUNCT NEPTUNE. this freaked me out. MM, is this generational?

Aries Virgo Rising

Center of the galaxy conjunct neptune?? sounds cool


Neptune opp the Asc! I never really noted that before. It is conjunct my DC in the 6th in Saggi. Apparently it means I am impressionable, loving and sensitive plus a total love zombie. That may have been true pre ZZ and my Saturn Return but no longer! Healing therapies strongly indicated by 6th H placement plus trine the MC. Sun is trine Neptune which is kinda positive as it apparently means artistic qualities BUT Mars squares my Neptune – clearly not. Apparently I live in fantasy? But with Pisces ruling my 10th house I better know how to succeed… Read more »


p.s. Yes to above comment that others take drugs to get to where you are at! Used to run dance parties, also love to dance and dance all night sober. People would come up and say, ‘wow you have danced for four hours now non-stop, what are you on?’. I gave up saying ‘I had a short bath in basil & lemon essential oils’ as people always thought it was short-hand for megadrugs.


I have Neptune in Saggo in the 7th house opposite my late-Gemini rising. As in, conjunct my descendant. It’s hard, especially when Neptune was in Aqua, to NOT project uber-technicolor fantasies onto people (7th house of relationships). I’ve actually learned that my first impressions of others are HORRIBLE, to the point where I’ve been disappointed repeatedly. Neptune makes them all goobly at first. Then I wake up the next day or whatever and have both a love-hangover and a frowning Virgo moon saying, “You fell for who again, Meg?” Thank goodness I do have that Virgo moon to keep that… Read more »


Wow, you are so self aware!! I live in a nebulous dreamscape populated by men in armour tilting at windmills! I think they are heroes years after the fact (that they disappointed). But I hope to be rational one day too!
Happily my hub turned out to be a harbour to my choppy seas, I blame Divine Intervention as not even Neptune can poison these waters, Saturnian as he is.


omg mystic you are so tuned in! i was just thinking about this neptune square that i have and then i read your article. i finally conquered my weed addiction but my brain chemistry has gone haywire. I simply do not want to use as its so against my virgo sensibility you know? then i do the i-ching and it says to watch out for hidden enemies. So i go to the op shop and see one and ex friend who has a scorpio moon and a devout krishna priest once broke her rib. Anyways i notice she has my… Read more »


then i read this about neptune square mars so true Externally, the native may occasionally also find himself deceived or his boundaries trampled. Neptune has no boundaries and does not understand the term: Mars certainly does have boundaries and becomes very cross when they are not respected. This can result in a native who is taken advantage of, insulted or otherwise violated before he even realizes it has happened, and then must live with the aftermath of the suppressed or unexpressed mars that could not defend itself when it was appropriate to do so. This can lead to passive aggression… Read more »


Neptune Square Sun
Neptune conjunct Sag Ascendant
Neptune sextile Pluto
Does anyone know what that means?


Google it.

clued up wolf

have always loved janis. wonder what mama cass was… a square to jupiter? mars square neptune natally. What happens on Neptune stays on Neptune. Praise be the heavens for the trine to saturn to clip its wings when it ‘s in full flight. Right now having transiting neptune opposing natal mars and I have bought a special notebook (mars in virgo of course the notebook is ‘special’) and a posh pen to write all my ideas in because there’s no way I can do all these things now but the vision and tangents are so much richer and more detailed… Read more »


neptune is the drug!!! My progressed moon is in Pisces 7th h now, l know all about love zombies….it’s all in the mind but still …it’s not funny….!!! my pisces pr. moon made difficult aspects to my natal outer planets this year and is just about to sqaure natal neptune yay! l feel like l’m hypnotized all the time…deep under, in trance or something, watching lot’s of films, doing illustrations….pheeew l need some fire to get my motors running here! My progressed chart is all water and earth at the moment and l feel like a rock at the bottom… Read more »

Standing on the Moon

Ah! Janis! I’ve been fascinated with her since I was literally three years old and had learned by then, somehow, to work my hippie parents’ record player and would put her record ‘Pearl’ on and dance around the house and would just stare at the record cover, riveted, like ‘who IS this person..?’ Her singing got right to me, even then…. Now, as an adult, I live in San Francisco, so maybe I wander by some places that she haunted and still does…..? I have Moon in early Pisces, starting to be transited by Neptune in early Pisces……I keep this… Read more »

Standing on the Moon

Guh, I forgot to say, I have Neptune in Scorpio also exactly trine Chiron in Pisces, both at 26 degrees. Maybe that’s why I became a healer, first and foremost, instead of expressing all my Pisces stuff in other ways…..though I started out as a young person pursuing the arts, mostly dance….Mars in Pisces exact conjunct MC..


LOL I lived on Oak Street, just a few blocks from Janis’ old apartment in Haight Ashbury. Of course that was 25 years before I lived in the neighborhood, but everyone knew where these places were. I’ll show it to you on Google Street View:


Anyway, I’m still wondering what to think about Neptune in Scorpio conjunct my IC and N Node, in exact opposition to Mercury at my MC. I’d worry about my Neptune square Uranus on my Ascendant, but everyone near my age has that aspect.

Rache (aqua/tauri)

howdy ex neighbor! (oak and buchanan)


I have Neptune opposite saturn. .24 degrees. Which I think is exact enough. Plus Neputne a couple of degrees away from Jupiter – both in the third house.

I like mind altering substances. I like altered states of consciousness through any medium really whether it’s estatic dance, ritual, herbs, meditation, booze or drugs.

the only substance or practice i’ve ever been addicted to has been weed but i beat it. It almost beat me around my Saturn return. I got back on track through energy work and spiritual practices which makes sense cause Saturn is in my ninth.


I am Pisces Venus Chiron Rising and Neptune claims the highest number of aspects in my chart. Currently conjunct my Venus, natal Neptune squares both my Saturn and Mars. Saturn is not strong in my chart but the square likely saves me from getting hooked into addictions. Actually I have a difficult time physically with liquor, drugs, fumes, and some chemical additives to food.


My Sag daughter is aqua moon/neptune square a scorp mars in the 12th. O she has uranus square venus rising as well…she is my angel, but is she a star?!


Neptune in scorp in a t-square with sun, merc in leo & aqua moon…yes as a child I used to be chided for daydreaming & going into a trance when I sipped my hot tea… as a teen I was amazingly creative in art & fashion & as an adult I realised my ego needed bolstering, not dissolving. If ever I took drugs it was surprisingly shamanic- so much for recreation! Now, I wake up every morning receptive to whatever role the universe wants me to play & mostly neptune & I are simpatico.


I have an exact square from Neptune to my Pisces Moon.

I doubt I vibe Medium or Artist. In fact I think most people fail to even register there is a vague squishy inside to my demeanour.

I do wish I had a beautiful beach inside of me though (or just outside the door would be even better). Drop offs are fine, they make for interesting geological formations.

clued up wolf

aah sweetie mars square neptune sees your squishy and raises a glass to it xxx


*clink* cheers doll.
Your Neptune note taking sounds a treat.

Mauvellous Capricorn

I have the same thing – Neptune in Sag in a very tight conjunction with Mars both in first house ruled by Scorpio square my moon in Pisces 🙂 Mars-Neptune also makes a loose opposition to my ruling planet in Gemini, but they get nice support from trine Pluto -though I can’t be entirely sure that’s a good thing. I don’t think I vibe famous, but I’m sure I’m polarising, unique and uncompromising. When I make a statement, people know I meant it, to the point of hilarity 😉 I am bluntly honest, admit my weaknesses and am a tough… Read more »

clued up wolf

your honesty becomes you.


Cool post.

I have neptune in sagg, in my 6th house… Tried my fair share of mind altering substances but like aries virgo rising above, I fare best with the natural highs.


I have Mars-Pluto-Uranus square Venus and am not wild in the slightest (maybe cause M/P/U are all in Virgo?) but I am extremely independent and have spent most of my life not in a relationship. Could that be a Uranus-Venus thing or is it more Virgo? I also have my Moon square/Mars-Pluto quincunx Neptune and stay well away from the blue devil hoochie juice cause it actually disagrees with me. I have definitely struggled in my life with delusion and fantasy wrt my career with Neptune in my 10th house (but if you don’t dream it, you’ll never do it,… Read more »

Domestic Triffid

Iiiiinteresting. I have Neptune conjunct my Sun and Mercury. And with that loaded 3rd House in Scorpio its pretty much all about communicating with intensity… Got an interesting reading from the IChing this morning as well – when I asked it about the Zap Zone and how I should handle it… I got 59 Dispersing, Unchanging !! From Hillary Barret I got ” Where are the Wall in this situation, and what can you see as they dissolve away ? As energy and vitality is liberated from old boundaries, where will it go ?” From R.L. Wing I got “Those… Read more »

Domestic Triffid

Sorry for the loooong post 😀 I’m overexcited and always talk too much when I’m happy !

hermes love

yes this is truth thank you! I see You!


Sounds wonderful do you have a website or examples of this work?

Domestic Triffid

Thanks guys 🙂

No I don’t – the work I am producing at the moment is fit for glazing practice only 😀

I’m getting my paws on a wheel in a month’s time & am hoping to get stuff up on Etsy by Xmas 😀 😀

I’ll post when I do – I’ve bent everyone’s ears enough about this here, that the least I can do is get some photos up !!

12th house virgo

Neptune square Venus. Am currently sitting in a deep blue room the feng shui lady dubbed the “womb room.” She says she likes that it’s subterranean as it suits me. I intend to make it my bedroom but more to do on that than will get done tonight. I have beer, cigs, and pot on hand while I meditate in front of an enormous gilded mirror. I can’t seem to move out of the 12th house. But I am a Virgo. Leading user research session for work bright and early tomorrow. I seem to be here, in this society, but… Read more »


neptune square mars. someone help me off my addictions (alcohol, weed, toxic men).


only you can do that babe


i know. 🙂
tryin’ my best. although Mars and Neptune transits both vitalize and fuck me up. Right now Neptune is squaring both my natal Saturn and Uranus.
Trying is so tough right now, but I’m doing my best.

Aries Virgo Rising

Neptune square sun and trine venus…It makes sense that I cannot handle blue devil hoochie juice, space dust or even a bit of grass. It’s too much for me, and I relax naturally through yoga, meditation, and lucid dreaming..

Aries _FTL

That’s surreal AVR because I’m also Aries with Virgo rising and I can’t handle my intoxicants either! Always get my biggest highs from eating healthy, yoga & meditation. It’s like I’m a straightedge tripper!

Aries Virgo Rising

We get high on life 🙂

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