Chance & The Arrow: The Magician + The Fool

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The Magician is a conduit for a higher power, which commands the entire material world. It may seem like a strange title for a card that holds real power, as the word “magician” tends to conjure in image of an illusionist whose power involves sleight of hand. The limitless power that The Magician holds does come from external sources however it his will that is this cards greatest power. The Magician reminds us that a wish alone will change nothing, but a decision can change everything. Since the powers of transformation are at your command, change your desires into objectives, your thoughts into actions, your goals into achievements. If you have recently met with failure, now you can change that failure into success as easily as the Magician changes fire into water. The only limits you have are those you impose on yourself. The realization that the world is under your control is what inspires this kind of confidence, and with good reason. So The Magician employs you to go out into the world, set your mind to whatever goal you are interested in, and then just stand back and watch as everything falls into place under your command.
Β The Magician is the union of positive and negative, while The Fool is the potential for positive and negative.
The Fool represents the realization that your world is under your control. He is the unconditioned soul about to come into manifestation for the first time to start learning the lessons of the world. His ignorance of the world can lead him to do things that more experienced people would never imagine. But in these things he can find knowledge and enlightenment. He does not care what others think or say about him, because he knows that what he is doing is right for him. The Fool does not hide himself from the light, because he is the light – the light that shines out of every child before they see the world and are forced to build so many walls and barriers to protect themselves. The Fool stands for new beginnings, new experiences and new choices. With any new experience there is always the risk of failure and the certainty of change. But the Fool has no qualms about taking chances. It is through the first steps that we learn how to walk, and it is through changes that we learn how to live our lives in harmony and peace. The Fool encourages you to delve into the abyss of the unknown, and know that even if you eventually fall to the ground, for a while you will soar and it will be worth it.

The latest installment from Chance & the Arrow – I love these.Β  When the collection is complete, it will be available as an actual physical set of Tarot cards + art prints. If you get either of these two cards as an outcome or advice, it’s a clear go-for-it signal to do your Awesome. Both together is a ‘fuq yeah’ fist the air to celebrate that the cosmos has such confidence in your pure life force, judgement and genius.

May roses grow under YOUR reign – Thoughts?

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45 thoughts on “Chance & The Arrow: The Magician + The Fool

  1. Yeah!!! I likey!! Can’t wait to play with this. :)

    Interesting description of the meaning behind magician and fool. Since I feel SO stuck right now I need to figure out how to manifest during this time.

    Thank you!! xo!

    • I wondererd if Uranus would be the tower as well when I looked at this earlier and then ran off to work.

      I know it’s commonly noted that Mercury is the Magician but… and ok, I’m just musing now but I find the why interesting.. It’s an alchemist archetype right and yes that has a mental aspect which might be likened to air but Mercury is a messenger and about the way we communicate and how we do that and it’s fast moving whereas the process of creating may not move (obviously or not so) quickly but still be deft. Isn’t the magician about manifiestation and understanding the nature of something in it’s current form and how to transform that or perhaps weild that current energy to create something new from it. That’s more about focus and will and grounding the idea or mental activity into the production of some tangible output.

      Is it because of the mind of matter component of alchemy that Mercury is aligned? Is it because of the delicate balance of creating that always reminds us that the nature of the elements can not always be moulded and weilded even with mind over matter and will?

      So what is the idea behind Mercury as Magician?

      • Mercury rules communication, but also transmutes. Mercury rules hands and mind. The power to think/have ideas and get things done/create is the magic.

        • Yes, I do see all those things yet somewhere it vibes slightly not so to me as the power to think it as so is but one element of magic as it’s about using the higher over the lower with the tenacity, will and focus to follow through after thought. I don’t know that I can offer a better substitute and it’s not that I don’t get that part of it, more that I see a part of it that isn’t Mercurial in the whole.. and sure, it could just be me being a bit spesh and that’s ok too πŸ˜‰

          • …being able to ‘hold’ that thought until it becomes a tangible creation and I guess I was also pondering about Mercury overall being fast moving and the process of creation not always being so fast moving and requiring and enduring constant focus.

            • grrr.. ‘an enduring’ :)

              I’m all Mercury whilst working from home at the mo and it’s not helping me to create what I need to but boy it’s fast moving energy!!

        • I was just reading a little about Gustav Holtz (composer) as his birthday is coming up. Apparently he loved astrology. Ok, so we’re back in the early 1900’s with this but I thought I’d post it here. I’m not necessarily agreeing. Just found it interesting.. and perhaps I’m getting a little fascinated (or should that be fixated lol ;))

          Mars, the Bringer of War
          Venus, the Bringer of Peace
          Mercury, the Winged Messenger
          Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity
          Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age
          Uranus, The Magician
          Neptune, The Mystic

  2. Hmmm, really love the art work on these. And the Interp. Hope I can buy a deck when they are available.

    Funny synchro abound, I got the Fool on the Oracle just then.

  3. These are very pretty cards, but I don’t feel that they embody the message of the cards visually. The Magician is clearly lying down, and not manifesting as far as I can see (although that’s a lovely glyph at her throat) and The Fool is juggling, which can be seen to be juggling new ideas/choices/directions, but I still like the traditional image of the young man leaping gaily off a cliff. I also like the Gaian Tarot version of The Fool, which is someone with a bag off their shoulder starting off down a path into the forest.

    The words are good – but I can’t connect them with the images – same with the little sayings under the cards. “Hear the pulse of your silence” works well for The Hermit, but “Shadows shine like diamonds” makes no sense at all for The Sun; and again – Death is “Slay the moment for the future” which sounds profound, but isn’t, when you think about it. Particularly as the Death card is about the end of an era or cycle….

    Maybe I’m over thinking these – the images ARE gorgeous – but honestly, without the words, would you have guessed which ones they were ? What the meanings are ? Do the images speak to you without the words, without the explanations ? These pictures simply don’t speak to me intuitively, although I’d love a copy of The Sun as a print…..

    • I am not very trained at transmitting my thoughts properly, but:

      I have seen “Death” also to mean a sort of transformation, rebirth, change, a small event that catalyzed, altered perspective … so, you kill what was, until that moment of “death”, for the new “rebirth” in the future. For your future. That’s my take on it anyway. Can it end a cycle or an era? Sure, but when this “death” happens, it is just one moment of that cycle/era. Clean slate afterwards.

      This comes from my own experience with pulling the Death Card from the Thoth-Deck

      • Hmmm I hear what you’re saying – I tend to read Judgement as the “rebirth” card and Death as the card of everything falling away in the face of change. Death is the/an end and Judgement is the rebirth or beginning – but the beginning in the snese of Phoenixing – something new being made out of something old – The Fool is a completely clean start of the cycle(spiral) and The Magician is the way of making something new out of thin air, using your Will on the World to make a change….

        I don’t see Death as a “Slay the moment for the future” – I see Death as a change which is *done* to you, rather than one you choose – more “Slain in the moment”… if you like πŸ˜€

        • Ah yes, the wording denotes an active participation, I was thinking that when typing. It’s a bit of a conundrum. Maybe … you could say, the moment you realize what happened, you slayed the moment before, which is that last one of the old era and your realizing whatever means that what came before is now dead, over.

          It’s a rebirth, but not in the phoenix sense. I can also see it as changing track.

          The problem for me is, that the closest pure realization I have of the Death Card, it fell together with the Tower hahaha. That makes it hard to decipher which was which, but the whole “event” didn’t last longer then a few seconds. An Augenblick. And the other persons perspective was Tower-6oCups-Death. But it was a really beautiful moment, which liberated me completely from seeing the Tower or Death as solely bad stuff.

        • DT I love your interpretation. Can you do my tarot? :) (that was sort of asked in a cheeky offhand way as I have no ideas re practicality of these matters! ) xx

    • I see the magician in the image it has the earth air fire and water – jug, sword, candlestick and pentacle on it.

    • Domestic Triffid I had the same thoughts when I looked at these. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, it made me feel better about being conflicted about the artwork.

  4. Will have to agree with Domestic Triffid: These images don’t seem to represent their respective cards too well. Pretty, but would have this newbie confused.

    That said, I’ve been looking for a new tarot deck. (Any suggestions?) I realized that I’m better off learning the meanings by looking at artwork than reading descriptions. Besides, some books obviously have biases on certain cards.

    • I can very highly recommend Janet Boyer’s review site – she has reviews dozens of decks and has a few images from each, so that you can see if you connect with the artwork.

      For client readings I use the Universal Tarot – it has the standard interpretations, but its been recoloured to be brighter.

      For personal readings I use the IChing (which has a tendency to tell me off, I’m just not a terribly Tao sort of person), the Greenwood Tarot (gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous – available online – its more spiritual than practical) and an unholy mix of Colette Baron-Reid’s decks – her Wisdom of Avalon and Wisdom of the Hidden Realms decks mixed together.

      I also really like Stephen Farmer’s Earth Magic Oracle and the Osho Zen Tarot for a more spiritual approach.

      I do adore the Gaian Oracle – the artwork is lovely and I can read it intuitively, but my readings are COMPLETELY off. Not sure what that is, but it saddens me. :( I’ve just never had an accurate reading from it. I think I’d be better off using it as a meditation deck instead…..

      I have the same problem with the TAO oracle – absolutely lovely – so gorgeous in fact, that I ordered prints from it – but never an accurate reading from it. I use my IChing app, or website for the throw, and then check the reading against the booklet that came with the Tao oracle, which I honestly think is one of the best modern translations of the IChing that I have come across.

      Anyway, I’ve wasted at least four minutes chatting about something dear to my heart, instead of creating Immortal Art πŸ˜€ Ooh no – a bit of spontaneous poetry there πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I could go on about Tarot decks all day !! Definitely check out Janet Boyers site – I’ll bung in some links below – they have to be moderated (I think) to scout out new decks. Check them against the Amazon reviews as well – you can pick up all the bitcherell about print quality etc there….

      • Yup… Just posted 1/2 a dozen links and they vanished πŸ˜€ Hopefully the Internet fairies will bring them back again – if not – press my avatar to go to my site – you can email me from there and I will email the links to you πŸ˜€

  5. Holy moly! ^_^ I just did a reading for myself and I both of them united with 2 of swords between them.

    Tres psychic!!!

    Good to know all systems go.

  6. So quickly if anyone knows – is it true that you must be given tarot cards than outright purchase them yourself? This is what La Leo tells me, but perhaps he’s hinting. :)

    • I do not know … for me, I got my Thoth-Deck after intending to buy/wishing a Thoth Deck and in close timeframe going to a flea-market, the deck laying there in the middle of a table with not much other stuff around and the vendor asking only 2 Bucks for Deck and Booklet.

      As far as it goes, that’s just like having it being gifted.

    • Ah ok, good to know, the being drawn to it or vice versa makes more sense to me. I mean, you can’t be deckless just because no one’s had the generosity to land one on you no?

      • So agree FA! I have several decks, a nice gold rimmed Rider-Waite was gifted but the rest not. I totally believe if you are a clean channel the you could throw stick, stones, whatevs!

    • No you can purchase them yourself! That other rumor i think came up because people needed to avoid being known as witches.

    • I prefer to choose my own. All the energy is mine, all the card learning is mine. But once an old friend encouraged me to buy a new deck because she said she felt my deck was ‘sad’. She accompanied me, but even though she was tres bossy (quadruple Sag) and opinionated, she always always had respect in those realms with me, and i chose for myself. We aren’t friends any longer because she lost her mind and ate her friendships. But that deck is always true and has some of the best of what she was to me. And that is the closest anyone has ever got to me and my deck of cards.

  7. Mystic are you exclusively privy to these wonderful interpretations from chance and the arrow? I’ve searched around their site to no avail!

      • had the consultation with her though. she seems good. I don’t really want to talk about it here too much but i went in with specific goal list etc. have a good feeling about this. she is very experienced and witch friendly.

        • Well good luck anyway, hope you can get some good guidance and goal satisfaction. I am focusing on Life between Life stuff at the mo’ it’s awesome.

  8. I would like to like them more but i also have to say they’re very blonde/euro/anglo and many are static somehow. Like Dom Triff, they don’t speak to me and the words at the bottom make them even less communicative (why? words in my mouth?) The Death and the Heirophant cards are fantastic, rich and textured, but still more like fashion shoots than occult teachers. The colours and artwork are good and I do like Benjamin Portas’ work. It’s just something cultural about the model(s?) that doesn’t resonate i guess.