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  1. Lol!!! I like to read about leos natural star ability, queen like nature, charisma and that no man can resist her. I have read mystics haute leo but never the low leo bit – i KNOW my worst bits already, i do not need reminding but the positive ego boost is always fab.

    • Perplexed by the 12th house interpretations for Leo here, particularly old school (three of us in the home all have this) and I am always in dread that some horrid past life crime of a leo like nature or incarnation leads us into some fated obstacle course…

      Must say I really appreciated Mystics progressive ideas about this, and am yet to learn from the haute Leos gracious warmth and ample generous world view one could do with in mundane realities…

  2. As is our times, any new word given enough promotion and consistent meaning seems to become a new addition into the Oxford.

    I say go for it Mystic and get another string to your bow… lol.

    One of the recent’s in the last year or so was ‘matchy matchy’ .. yes, said to denote someone who is decidedly coordinated. Seriously!!

    I’m not so much into looking for all the wonderful things about me.. but admit to looking for the serendipitous moments when the transits get gnarly.. the optimisitc view or the glasses coloured rose?

  3. I don’t need no astro books to tell me that ? Confirmation ? No need, ….actually taking on the less positive stuff ? Never seen any.

    • Indeed. Something to balance out that Virgo Vision when it turns inwards (which is, you know, ALL THE TIME!).

  4. well, i’m still angry (after about 10 yrs ago)at liz greene’s book ‘astrology of love’ or smtg like that, because i think it does describe very well all the signs except mine (aqua)! in particular, i get angry everytime i read the femme-aqua things she said about us…
    it’s so boring and not at all right…tremendously superficial. sorry to say that :( , as i adored author liz greene for her insight, but hey liz…you never really spot really on about the La aqua deep core and awesome.

  5. Taurus never needed any external confirmation of his awesomeness. I am what I am. I stomp my hooves on the ground and vibrations spread through the Earth, declaring “here is awesome.”

    Yesterday at work, the company kicked off a campaign of self-improvement. I came in and there was a banner admonishing everyone to “improve yourself.” I noted it was phrased as an imperative, and wondered if this was an order. While I recognize my coworkers all have a vast need for self-improvement, I personally don’t have the time or inclination. My biggest problem is turning my inherent awesomeness into something personally useful and profitable. Right now, for this company, that means doing complex algebra and calculus for an hourly wage less than I’d get working at WalMart. The only improvement needed here is in my wage rate.

    So the whole company was assembled for a free bag lunch and a lecture that was the centerpiece of their self-improvement campaign. The speaker launched into a dreadful Powerpoint show about how their company’s marketing materials should look more like Apple’s. Oh give me a break. My only involvement with the company’s public image is wearing a name badge with their logo on it. But at least the message of the self-improvement campaign was revealed: ask not what this corporation can do for you, ask what you can do for this corporation.

    • It is seriously off-putting when corporations get on the ra-ra song and dance of self-improvement to disguise what is actually a serious case of psychopathic motivations. If they were serious, they’d get on the Maslow, pay their people what they’re worth so they can finally have time for self-improvement vs barely eking out a living.

      I also think a Power Point Detox should be instituted for people/companies that think it subs for real work. Please. Good for you for sauntering in there knowing you’re all that beyond the bs they try to sell.

      • We should make a club or something, mine is also in Pisces… and in square with Sun in Gemini hahaha :)


    • I have Saturn in 5th too! Which has led to late night reads about how screwy of a position it supposedly is.

      I also have Pluto in their stirring things up though.

        • You can really see how it affects you. I have younger sister and I’m so strict and controling (and I don’t know why, after all I’m a Gemini!)

          And I act like I’m always on a test, or like someone is always watching me, so I have to control myself and watch what I do :/

  6. Guilty as charged.

    There are few good things said about Katakas that don’t revolve around food or home, or us being moody whack jobs. Sometimes a girl needs to do a search to find something that applies.

    Yes, yes, fab boobs and a great sense of humor, who gets tired of hearing that?

    • Hey Gem Crab, i love how you put this – please can you expand it a bit and i will use as part of a Cancerian Brand Refresh initiative – pls email me – i have some ideas around this already xxx

    • Yeah, some Kataka’s will get tired of hearing about their great boobs. I remember my Kataka gf admitted me to that she had a tiny 3rd nipple, right underneath her boob. I always thought it was a mole or birthmark. But I took a close look and indeed, it was a tiny supernumerary nipple. I told her it was absolutely adorable. Oh you should have seen how mad she got.

  7. None of it matters though because its just someone elses interp of your energy. Unless you are living it out in your life its kind of pointless self flattery isnt it? like cosmic permission you brag about but don;t act out. That says more really no>?

    • Good point Ms…the potential. Scary as shit should we not reach that potential…

      Something like that…

      Okay, Saturn squares my Sun, Merc and Nodes…used to be scary as hell and not too long ago, told my inner teachers that “I’m not going to make it…I should have never left my teacher…I don’t know what I’m doing”…

      And then, it shifts and the light (inner realization..with no fanfare however…), comes…

      And that which we may have learned long ago..~clicks~..

      Can’t tell you how much gratitude I feel lately and that sometimes I just wanna lay down and cry… x

      • Still stuck on this…There is a greater power guiding us All..

        Why would it not if It is Us essentally..


        “When destiny calls, you gotta be strong..”

        How did Aqua Sun Moon Scorpio Phil C. know that?

        It was from a higher power from within his Being..

        So love and appreciate the inspriation…x

        • Teacher said that because of certain happenings (influences that sought more power at the expense of others..)..

          All Virtues were basically lost…..

          Except one…


          It cannot be taken away for it is the source of all Being..

          Love of Being..Just being…

          Teacher said “so just Be”


          • Read the thread that davidl and an other were talking about Peter Gabriel..

            Love this one too…

            “Wear your inside out”..

            • ~Lets take the boat out…wait until darkness~ may refer to how the ego is cast about on the waves of life and how something beyond us comes into those waves and saves us…From the depths of the Ocean

              • love Vid Pegs thanks. Will ponder that today. Nose to job app grinstone today so how to apply that to get the dream job mmm

  8. No. No one ever writes anything about Libra that doesn’t sound like it’s made of insincere pink fairy dust and cup cakes.

    • Thank you for pointing that out. I say it’s a good opportunity to make some changes to the usual “pink fairy dust and cup cakes” since it’s almost libra season (ok, month πŸ˜‰ )

      • scratch “almost” It IS libra season!

        I am going to start crossing each day out on the calendar to the moment saturn leaves libra and counting the ‘sleeps’… πŸ˜€

  9. I am a wanton & remorseless Astrobator. When your chart contains as many squares as mine does, sometimes you just need to sit under a lovely jupiter trine or two, you know? And by sometimes. I mean daily. And far as I know, it doesn’t give you hairy palms or make you go blind or anything πŸ˜€

    • love the imagery od sitting under a Jupiter trine starry sky nebula and zoning into to mmmmm. Im an Oraculator devotee myself – not extreme wihin respetful boundaries and it gave me vision last week that has meant another reuniting with 2 past friends on same night which lead to some peace of mind.

  10. Hilar πŸ˜† (and of course Jepzus gawd…lol)

    Lets be real…we all have an ego and quite frankly it’s (the ego) necessary in order to read the books!

  11. I think a consistent astrobatory practice is just par for the course for any happy, healthy astro fiend, non?

    As long as one is selective of which astrologer one reads of course.. :)

  12. Shit, when you got pluto raping your whole chart…how does one look at the postives,when there is no room for none! hah!