A Virgo Being Scorped?

Am i high or is this actually a Scorpio (Gemma Ward) stepping on the dress of a Virgo (Blake Lively)?

Worse still, the Scorpio is upstaging, posing and clearly immune to whatever climate extreme prompted pink dress to wear her coat.

Virgos are more sensitive than most signs of the Zodiac to having their clothing damaged (as opposed to Saggo, who’ll rip it themselves, should the occasion feel right).  Scorpios, well, it’s hard to imagine them doing anything that is not deliberate. Mind, you peeps get paranoid about Scorpio, purely due to the super hi-Qi of the sign.


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The 8th

My Virgo Stellium would have kindly caught Ms. Scorpio’s attention with an “Ahem!” and then let her know how tacky she is for not having proper etiquette and trampling on others. Wasted or not…

1st house venus

If you look closely, the Scorpio model is actually standing on her own gown as well. A Virgo would notice that kinda detail, non?


Virgo in Saturn took away my Freedom..to Choose the Life I wanted…Not having a Choice makes me Angry…My Virgo Younger Brother scared my mother into not helping me out when I needed it. HE also poisoned my family against the woman i was in love with..and he scared my mother into putting the money from her will into a trust fund that my Virgo brother in charge of it. Then I was forced to live in my Car for 2 and a half Years. Since I did not take his Advice, He told me I was a Piece of Shit… Read more »


Hahaha I’m not even sure what to think as I’m Scorp with Virgo rising, sharing a birthday with Gemma actually. I’m very picky about my clothes being in good shape but purposefully stepping on someone’s clothes is way too obvious for a Scorp…amateur move!


They both look pretty wasted.

The only time I’ve done something like that on purpose was when I ‘accidentally’ bumped into this chick who was a total meanie to me at university about 5 years after I left. She’s was wearing white and holding a glass of red wine at the time, sweet revenge. Otherwise never. To be honest most Scorps I know like to seethe and brood and plot hideous paybacks but rarely go through with them. We’re more sensitive than we get credit for FYI!

Scorporation, Inc.

It is not our issue, the limits of others’ imaginations. I say, Try Harder.

Neptune conjunct North Node in Sagg/9th house; Pisces rising. Sure I’m 95% Scorp, but my other shiz makes certain that not all I do is consciously intentional.


Electric Eel Libran

Gemma must be part Saggo because she’s stepping on her own dress and seconds away from ripping it off herself or at least doing fabric damage.

As a Saggo rising i must say i consider clothing to be a transitory layer shedding off as needed! or randomly!


Hey I take offense as a Scorpio some of us are really that oblivious….I know I am. Total tunnel vision.

Little Joey

I agree….. having been surrounded by Scorps all my life I think some are TOTAL calculation and manipulation all covered up with a smooth, silky veneer. Howeve, some are just doing their own thing in their own world and they won’t go out of their way to step on your tail (unless you step on theirs). I actually think many Scorps are incredibly sweet and humble and hate the thought they hurt someone and worry themselves sick over things like that… (I won’t go into the scary, creepy f*ckers that I would RUN a thousand miles to get away from… Read more »


“However, some are just doing their own thing in their own world and they won’t go out of their way to step on your tail (unless you step on theirs). I actually think many Scorps are incredibly sweet and humble and hate the thought they hurt someone and worry themselves sick over things like that…Thank you.”

Thank YOU.


Gemma is beautiful, and I can’t stand Blakey but that’s not her


I agree… it’s hard to imagine Scorpios doing anything that is not deliberate.


Exactly, Artemis 😀


; )


that doesn’t look like blake at all…


it’s kind of funny, cause she’s also standing on her own frock… it’s like those times when you’re standing there thinking how great everything is and then someone stops to tell you you’ve got toilette paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe or parsley stuck on your teeth…


Haha, oh yes, trailing toilet paper/gunge in teeth/swimming-snot-dangling from nose/skirt-tucked-in-pants moments – *shudder*


I don’t think that’s blake lively. And both dresses are ugly so who cares.

Little Joey

I don’t think it is her….
Then again at the time this pic was taken she probably still had her original nose so maybe that’s why she looks different


Doesn’t look purposeful, Blake looks cold and grabbed a coat for off camera post them posing together or the like. Haute Leos forgive but I’ve seen more the bitchy diva card pulled more spotlight aggression challenged astro and extreme insecurity than anything.

Scorpio is more likely to confront you than stand on your dress.

Virgo Ellie

Agree.. Virgos are sensitive about fashion. I get SO upset when my cat wants to show some love with his… CLAWS on my clothes.. drives me crazy. Not to mention that if something is not fitting properly I will have a meltdown and rip it off of me. However, I am feeling a little down because I can’t spend money on a new wardrobe. I am making friends with my clothes so I think things are getting better.

All I know is that Scorpios are tuff. My Mom is one.. enough said!


this photo has me perturbed. i don’t get it altho i should being Moon in scorp i like gems complete ambivalence to the stitch but she has a very deep creepy voice – soz gem but …


paranoid? why?
everbody has scorpio in his/her chart…
my moon-pluto-uranus-conjunction in virgo understands that pic completly. 😉


Blake looks quite a bit more daggy than usual?! bad hair. I looked her up out of curiosity recently, as I liked her sense of style, & I thought she was a Leo sun? But, given the Virgo propensity for good fashion/eye for detail – then that wouldn’t suprise me. But def has not got the upper hand here.


Actually, both dresses are hideous. Probably an old pic, as Gemma is well & truly out of the model scene now?

Little Joey

It is old I think from 7th On Sale Online’ Gala November 10, 2005


Maybe Gemma is high, she’s stepping on her own dress as well…


Yes! My Virgo Sun was going, now hang on, just lookit! — I reckon this is just blithe unawareness on behalf of lovely Scorp. Goddess, I step on my own bloody trouser and skirt ends often enough, despite that Virgo sun. Also, I am hypersensitive to media attempts to artificially create situations of rivalry/meanness between women. It’s so deliberate, cos if we once ever get our shit together and act en masse, we’ll like destroy the joint : )


Yes, I agree on the blithe unawareness theory. Apart from the fact she is standing on her own dress, this photo is very badly composed and her pose is obviously directed towards a photographer standing in a direct line behind her – which would indicate to me that this is just a just a candid opportunity shot taken by a second photographer. I don’t sense any shit going down between the two women.


Thank you.

Stop blaming Scorpios for shit they’re not doing, man!

fallen angel

Soz, my Virgo Rising makes torn clothing akin to hearing a friend’s been maimed. Yes, dramatic hence my tight knit relationship with my tailor. In fact, I’m so distracted by seeing that pink chiffon silk possibly tearing it makes me slightly incoherent.

However, my next competing thought is that her (not sure if that’s Blake but Pink Girl) overcoat is hideous over that dress, and red carpets are meant to be endured in the same manner postal workers deliver through rain, sleet or snow. Really, a little effort??


The coat is irking me too Someone get this girl a decent stylist already.


I agree on both counts FA. If you damage my clothes, consider the friendship over, unless there are extenuating circumstances or you are my virgo BFF and even then (are you reading this Missy, you know who you are) it took me a couple of weeks to you know, feel OK about things again, and that was just a singlet (note, a second-hand, perfect shade of baby blue, very soft fine rib cotton knit, made-in-USA). and yes red carpet means if it’s winter you plan your outfit accordingly so hotness remains but then again maybe Ward has a frump coat… Read more »


Yes, Pinkie rather drags the affair to Kelvin with the coat (similar to someone juggling ‘bothersome’ strappy sandals in one hand at the end of the night), and despite Ms. Ward seemingly unawares of puncturing her own early 80s prom throwback, the added indignity of Ms. Coat being walked all over on the red carpet…rueful sigh. Thankfully ram-mama equipped me with years of sewing technique for emergencies such as these. And the Virgo-Scorp paranoia is too true. Virgo sun 11th house, I had a Scorp-frenemy growing up with high Qi-wattage and a ‘female of the species’ nature, every “oops” at… Read more »


that’s funny and I couldn’t agree more, esp re hideous coat and more effort 😉


What do you mean by “super hi-Qi of the sign” ?

fallen angel

I think she means “intense life force”..

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