Weekly Horoscopes From August 18 Are Up!

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The Weekly Horoscopes from August 18 are now posted…the New Moon in Leo will help all of us pick up our story yet again, even if we do have to embellish it a bit lol. Content all killer, no filler & f.y.i. we are a month off the next hit of the Zap Zone…Uranus & Pluto are getting set for another stoush…the 2nd half of Sept will be tres indicative for world events. Guess who may have run out of Quantitative Easing and similar tricks to pull? Keep your biz-work model authentic, no tricks, no Ponzi, no totally fake existence…independence is the new symbol of status & luxury.

Images: Yana Moskaluk – Taurus and Gemini + Capricorn

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17 thoughts on “Weekly Horoscopes From August 18 Are Up!

      • Is there such a thing as not being independent, but in a good way? Forgive me, I’m Neptune-sun-uranus in cap, as well as Saturn-Venus-north node also in cap. I fit mystic’s description of a ghost-bolter rather well; the concept of the love zombie leaves me shuddering.

        Just the thought of depending on anybody has me feeling nauseated. Maybe I’ve just been let down a few too many times?

          • That could be it! This is what I get for checking the net before my coffee. I’m which case- I think my question still stands. My instinct is to be as independent fiscally as poss.

        • Hi. No. I have always been resolutely independent in my relationships, both financially and “emotionally”, whatever that means. In this case I think I am talking a general sense, not simply financially.

          I have a cap moon and a history / phobia / inherited values of not wanting to lean on / share / join forces / “sponge off” / be reliant upon / be screwed over by / someone else who may or may not necessarily stick around or who may resent the situation.

          However recently I am coming to realise that conflating all the terms I just used there could be deleterious to my future – love, romance, career genius, etc. I have realised (I mean, duh, Pi, finally, but anyway) that is a difference between a genuine team effort with an eye on the mutual gains, versus a real-politik approach to relationships. Don’t get me wrong I wholly advocate an eyes-wide-open approach to joint ventures of any variety. My current financial sitch means that I am in fact temporarily dependent on someone else but this is not what I am referring to. I mean a general team ethos, “with our powers combined…”, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts etc.

          It could be Mars zinging up my Libran north node and with Sautrn, trining my Cap moon in my 7th house, or pluto making headway in my 7th house. I don’t know. All I know is this “resolutely independent” thing is getting a bit boring. It’s isolated me in the past. Want more, want change.

          • I hear you, I hear you, on all points. I have Cap Asc. Have always been super independent. I felt the same about it being isolating at one stage but I’m happy being single for now. It’s been SUCH a long time, feels like a lifetime (since 1998!!) I’ve completely given up hope. I just can’t see it ever happening. And all those once in a lifetime Venusian voodoo amazing love planetary alignments have passed me by.

            Anyhoo, Im waffling… if you have Cap moon, wouldn’t Saturn be squaring your moon not trining?

  1. Bring it.
    Bring the no fake existence,only authentic people need apply, all makes sense like a joke that nobody gets

  2. My horoscope for Virgo (Sun) and Libra (Rising) have been so right on. Virgo is what I am really excited about. My progress with my career is moving along nicely. I am member of a professional group and I interact on a community blog when questions are posted. Lately I have had members reaching out to me to connect. I even receive a “Thank you” from someone I commented on her question and my comment was used that gave her good results. She sent me an email Thanking me.. WOW!! It was so please to receive that. Still waiting to hear about a possible interview with a fantastic opportunity… patience!

    Thanks Mystic and all!! xo!

    • I read Leo (Rising), Virgo (1st-2nd), Libra (sun) and Taurus (Moon, MC), but mainly Leo, Virgo, Libra and they have been spot on.
      I’m so glad I have more earthy-Virgo personal planets (and earth Moon as well) than Libra so I can make decisions, Leo can take control, make decisions and lead too.
      Too much Libra is not for me.

      • Anon.. just curious. Why did you read the sign for the 1st and 2nd house and the moon / MC?

  3. The coming week sounds promising: social activities, love-lust and popularity is a welcome change to warm the soul. Re-set intentions and focus with the new moon and go for it. Check.
    A coincidence opportunity has taken place in my life timed for next week.
    I really want to work with books. Turning the light back on myself. Seriously had the best sound sleep last night thank goddess that mars Saturn intensity ebbing away.

  4. Zap Zone FTW! I may have a different opinion next month, but right now, I’m sitting in my car, in the middle of fling nowhere, caffeinated to the eyeballs, rocking out to some mad tunes, & getting ready to go forth and conquer… Saturn/Mars rocked my world last night.

    P.S. I Love,,love,love, that Capricorn illo!