Uranian Hyperweirding

woman in black negiglee screaming at grapefruit for breakfast in bed

Yes, it’s a Full Moon and yes in Aquarius with heavy action from Uranus-Athena in Aries to give it that extra zap.

This sort of Uranian hyperweirding is awesome if you are actively innovating and/or you love Uranian energy. You’ll be breaking through all over the place. Non-stop Nowness, Hotness & Genius.Β  How so? Check your Horoscopes.

If you’ve been repressing your Aquarius/Uranian aspects or dutifully trying to do the ‘right thing’ but actually it’s the wrong thing for you, brace for a batshit crazy few days. Drastic seeming solutions may make more sense than the sensible ones.

Peeps please be careful as whilst YOU may be wafting around all inspired and emancipated, Uranian Hyperweirding Full Moons sets off the genuine lunatics like nothing else.

Image: Miles Aldridge

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65 thoughts on “Uranian Hyperweirding

  1. Had the luxury of organising to move before Merc turned retrograde and arranging that nothing would happen until after Merc turned direct.

    Spent some of yesterday evening celebrating the ex/housemate/bf/s daughter’s 14th at her Mum’s house, i.e, the exes –ex. Saw the flrty, happy vibe between them and wondered whether I would feel particularly hurt if they got back together. I should I suppose. But do I? Slip into the oracle for advice on any future with ex?

    “Definitely if you want to be a handmaiden forever” .

    THANK YOU. Of course I don’t! Have spent the last 18 months in the role of household drudge/disciplinarian/only responsible adult and as some sort of ‘symbol’ of motherhood and domesticity–frankly it wouldn’t have mattered who I was just as long as I was female and willing to play the above roles.

    So looking forward to getting my life back. Who am I again?

    He has a yod pointing to his Aries, DC, 6th house, N.Node, Lilith, Saturn and Chiron. His Saturn regularly stomping on my Venus so has a special gift for making me feell special–not.. A very odd yod. Which he can now take & shove up his Virgo derriere!

  2. The moon is opposite my natal moon which is in the 12th. I am so tired. I am fretting over a conversation the lover and I had a few days ago. Have tried letting it go, but it keeps coming back. I feel the need to clarify with him but wonder if I should wait till mercury goes direct. By then I may be crazy.

  3. Natal Uranus in Libra in my 11th House. I’ve always been told I am “way too weird” by “normies”, so I gravitate to even weirder friends and eccentric artists. Never been happy being stuck in a room of boring people.
    I have friends in freak sideshows, and in the Guinness World Records. The freakier the better.
    Uranus is transiting my 5th House in Aries so, it’s time to let me freak flag unfurl without apologies.
    Aqua reigns over my 3rd/4th House and IC.
    I have an eccentric family lineage too. So, being surrounded by artists, musicians and rare exotic animals is my norm. πŸ™‚
    Father is also an Aqua.
    I really dig Aquarians and their ideas. Enjoying this energy atm.

  4. Any thoughts whether this could have anything to do with me losing my job today? :'( (Is a lousy feeling to be sure.) I’ve felt for awhile now it’s just not the right fit but have kept the ‘just keep plugging along’ habit going out of well, habit. Or would it have more to do with the Mercury Retro or maybe I’m looking for reasons and answers to an unfortunate event? I am an Aries although often people find that surprising or say they don’t see it. Thank you for the place to at least share my thoughts. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Scarlet, it’s always hard at the end of any job in my experience, no matter if you left of your own accord or were asked to. I’m Aries and going through lots of change on the work front. Hope you find a new income soon, here’s your chance to try something new ? The world is your oyster.
      Good luck x

      • Mr David, Thanks for your insight/encouragment. πŸ™‚ It probably is time for a change but somehow I always seem to end up doing the same things.. as I hear the plovers calling about their nest being destroyed again. πŸ˜› Maybe I need something to open the oyster with? πŸ™‚ OR perhaps some Sponge Bob slippers? ;P Good luck with the changes with your work as well. o

  5. Weird, I thought I posted this before! But, what I did write was about yesterday and my near Love Zombie attack.. phew, I got over it without a txt being sent. WTHeck. I had been good.. not want to reach out at all then I was sitting at my desk, thought of something and I wanted to txt him. I wrote it up.. then put the phone down. Refocus and I deleted it. I was doing so well. Transitional phase.. I guess. I keep telling myself to look at it like a game of Clue. Who done it. Was it Professor Plum in the Library with the Candle Stick.. Mystery at its best so that I don’t take things personally. I still don’t understand how guys can be so immature… even as a friend. But as I have posted before this no existent relationship is pointing me to my relationship with my brothers. One of my brothers will not speak to me, ignores my txt’s because he screwed up. It pisses me off and I also want to send an email to say “WTHeck… you are my brother”… ugh. Well, let’s see what happens. I know there is more coming!

  6. I have Uranus still wafting around on my ASC and limbering up for an opposition with pretty much everything (hello Venus) so I’m not feeling it, weird is my world. My relationship with Uranus is strained, I prefer Saturn but cannot deny my inherently Uranian core (Sun conj Uranus), I attract these hyper Uranian men who just get on my tits.

  7. Could these alignments explain how weird have these Olympics been? Athletes who are favourites aren’t winning, Kazakstan is in the top five of the medal tally, someone lost the keys to Wembley Stadium and now there’s been a badminton scandal!!

    • I recommend anyone who has Jupiter crossing an axis in their chart to look back 12 years and see the parallels. But this time saturn’s in a better place and the foundations are laid differently. YES!

      • Yes.
        I was doing that when Jupiter crossed my MC (also Jupiter returnish) and yes similar echoes, and yes, fucking saturn was screwing with me hard core that time (in taurus right? got mega ill) and then ran away to another country, I guess Jupiter came to the rescue in the end.
        Similar ‘transition’ experience this time. Waiting for the rescue vehicle.

  8. Seven of Nine……days working straight – kinda worth it just so I could drop that Star Trek geek bomb on y’all – hahaha.
    So tired I’m pretty much tripping. Fun with-out drugs!
    I work in retail and peeps have been….well, you do the maths.
    I even free-styled on the microphone today and didn’t give a sh*t – we were rolling with laughter.
    Two more days to go, but while it’s all fun and games now – there is absolutely no PC filter on my mouth any-more…. so for your own good – don’t piss me off.

    • ha thanks for the lol honey – take it easy on the customers – most of them are just trying to pay your wages.

      • that sounds patronising but it isn’t meant that way – i always feel really sad when i encounter retail peeps who’ve gone borg because I’ve been that girl and I know how it feels. Why the hell do you have that roster? It’s inhumane. Or is it a goal thing and you chose it?

        • The goal of paying off my legal fees, with a little left ova for some well deserved retail therapy.
          I am seldom rude – “Oh, Wow….” is a personal favourite. Two little words that imply so much…

          • πŸ˜€ make sure you’re getting your breaks and hydrated/eating properly lovely – sounds like you’ve got it under control but that’s a punishing schedule. Enjoy your splurge when you get there – I love that wave of feeling affluent when you’ve been working your ass off and poor for ages.

    • You’ve been converted to Arianism ! Congratulations.
      As the current monthly monitor for the AriesClub I’d like to offer you a 12 month subscription to Aries Monthly….Would you like that mailed or emailed………. Quick…I haven’t got all day !! Mailed, fine. Welcome.

      I always treat my customers with the respect of being myself. Thats not always pretty, but its me.

      • Fuq yeah!
        My Aries rising has kicked in, and hard.
        I’m usually uber polite (Canadian up-bringing/ex-air hostie and all) but…. just because I’m wearing a uniform honey doesn’t give you the right to be an a-hole and speak to me like I’m a piece of pooh.
        The customer ain’t always right, and in fact, a lot of them lately have just been acting plain WRONG!
        *practices the Scorpion one eyebrow raised, ‘I am not amused,’ laser-beam death-ray look of Doom*

        • Go Zaiborg!
          I love your description of the Scorpio death stare. I recognised it immediately.. my uber Scorp 14yo niece discovered it at about age seven and it serves her very well indeed.

  9. Great moon. Fantastic insights.
    re the photo above….
    Atta-girl sister !!!
    I LOVE grapefruit and I’d do the same if someone gave me one cut in half, not segmented and a fkn glace cherry on top.

  10. This morning I got a call from my real estate agent giving me 60 days notice to get out of the ghetto pad I’ve been renting, (this is after assuring me a few weeks ago that I could stay in this shit heap as long as it took me to find a new place to live). I was planning to move anyway but waiting until Mercury goes direct, then travelling interstate to find, buy, and settle a house contract with 60 day limit is cutting it fine…

    • you know how the next hit oif the Zap Zone – Uranus sq Pluto – is in sept? And this is a full moon in aqua, ruled by and aspecting uranus? Long story but i feel like a lot of stuff people thought would happen “a bit later” is suddenly occurring now…Don’t sign till merc retro BUT this mars-saturn vibe is fab for decisive action – clearly there is a rad new pad out there with your name on it!!!

      • I can’t travel until mid August anyway (I need the parental units to feed my kitty and they’re on holiday until then) so no chance of any Mercury Rx bingles at least.

        Despite getting kicked out of my ghetto sooner than anticipated, I’m still fuqing glad I didn’t rush off just before Mercury went Rx like I was tempted to do, as I realised on the weekend that the house I had my eye on is a Feng Shui dud.

        I’ve recently spotted three potential runners for the next Palace de Saturnalien. Fingers crossed that my bank will come to the party & help partially fund one of them (they’re all slightly pricier than what I was planning to spend, but still affordable so hopefully I can convince my bank to lend me a little bit more than what I originally applied for).

        The zap zone has brought me nothing but pure fuqing awesome (ok, some pain as well, but totally worth it) so bring on the rad pad with my name on it!

        P.S. I love your take on the Mars/Saturn conjunction, it’s the first positive take I’ve heard on it! (I will be driving half way up Australia as that gets close to exact so I shall be vibing decisive action rather than travel tragedy like other people have suggested!) xxx

  11. Today I was unexpectedly asked out on the weirdest invitation-date, that came about in the most original way LOL. I’m already going to the opening of a show that I expect will be uranian – hoping in a good way (inspiring) and not off the cuff bonkers, I’m sure I’ll meet some interesting people there.

    • This also explains my feeling of calm restlessness, yesterday and today. In a word: boredom. A telling sign for me: looking for jobs in countries where the people are bilingual and the scenery is a beautiful escape. I want to fall in love with a place.

  12. Apparently I should have lots of weirding but I don’t see it. The recent Mercury-Sun conjunction was right on my natal Uranus. Now the Sun and Mercury are playing around right on my ascendant.

  13. I’m probably the happiest today than I have been in a long time, which is kind of mind-blowing. I went to the store and didn’t glare at anyone once – amazing!

  14. Although I used to think of myself as a calm, cool Scorp/Cappy creature, I’ve come to accept that my being dinged by 9 different aspects to Uranus has sort of blown that delusion to bits. And so, I can’t wait for the weirding to begin πŸ™‚

  15. Ugh… so I work in the complaints department of a bank… I’ve decied that for the rest of the day there will be no customer contact. I’ve spent my entire morning speaking to two customers (yes only two!) who were completely bonkers/mad & were total self-absorbed energy vampires.

    I’ve decided that the rest of the day will be soul feeding music while I get in to the zone of alone investigative work. This evening will I’ll be cooking and gyming – two activities that bring me great pleasure.

    • Banks are the epitome of an energy vampire.

      Anyone who says the 8th house rules taxes and are unaviodable. Hasnt met me.

      The Fed Reserve can take a long walk off a short pier.

      • Well yes, I work in a bank and I love what I do and I love helping customers out.

        I don’t like how people jump on the band wagon of bank bashing as the government tends to use us as scapregoats for their monetary policy botch ups.

        Unfortunately your sweeping statement about my choice of profession is more of an energy vampire than any abusive disgruntled customer.

        • Thers no band wagon only the truth

          You got some chioces, my statement isint robbing your paycheck blind.

          If you actually studied international cabbal. And monetary policy than your own little patch of grass… Youd have more energy…

          • Haha self-righteous reply if there was any.

            International cabal? *eyeroll* Yeah I’m just gonna leave this alone. lolI can see this becoming a thing and I respect Mystic enough not engage in an internet geek/bitch fight on her blog.

  16. Natal Uranus in second house here. I want to sell the majority of what I own. Stuff I thought I was attached to, turns out I’m not. Weird. I want clean, empty space and options.

    • agree… am currently spending some time working out how and why i am so attached to the contents of my wardrobe, and what I can or ‘should’ do about that, if anything.

      • Do you ever notice garb at the end of long transits shows trends in colours, textures, styles etc. Saturn over the ascendant was a wardrobe killer for me.

      • it was all really well made and good quality but I would never wear any of it again – crap colours – ‘invisible’ clothing. And not in a 1950s russian spy femme fatale / temptress kind of way.

    • I’m feeling the same way re getting rid of everything only I am doing it because i’ve been planning an escape for a couple of years now but more urgent in past six months. This is transformation to the max and it’s painfully slow but slowly getting rid of as much stuff that I own as possible is helping right now. It’s the only thing that helps me to see visible change towards moving away from where I am now. As I lighten my load I feel that it’s easier to get to where I want to be. I also want new things to start a new chapter. I feel that bad fang shui can follow your stuff wherever you move to. I have uranus-jupiter in 4th house, natally. I also feel the detachment to things that I once felt i’d never be able to part with. I just wish I was being more brave with my clean out. I’m only doing a bit at a time and wish I could just pick up everything I know I won’t use and let it go.

      • Hey WP, I too am planning an escape, I’m just a few months in to my plan. Today was a down day, frustrating, wishing I could leave this minute. But I’ve just read Mystic’s daily email and she makes an excellent point, I paraphrase here, about if a change is worth your transformation it’s going to take time. Your declutter sounds like it’s having a great effect. A bit at a time is how you’ll get it done.

        • I had made my escape May 1, but was called back to the states May 21 due to a family hyper emergency.Luckily I had left enough furniture, cars, and pots and pans scattered about to be able to rent an apartment and live in it for a while. I think I jumped the gun. Oh well I get a redo…

  17. Today in my small town. (well it’s not mine and if it were I would just give it to somebody) we got a heavy rain in this heat wave weather but just before it poured, the wind started to blow gently and I could just feel something was up in my solar plexus.

    Sirens went off and I later found out an suv drove into the local fitness place, the mall was evacuated, the beer store was vandalized and while crossing the street I had to yell at a teenage driver who while making a left turn didn’t see me walking, hello.

    The lunatics will give me a reason to practice white lighting myself as long as I don’t become one but I won’t.

    I am feeling my Hotness, Genius and Emancipation.
    How did you know ?

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