Underestimating Pisceans

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Big whale under a boat

Don’t underestimate Pisces.Β  It is not recommended. That doesn’t stop it being a relatively frequent occurrence.

The Tao of Pisces is to act relatively mild when gimped, put upon or patronized.

They are the classic witch in sheep’s clothing. Then, of course, they go charging off to turn their opponent into a dithering dolt, all the whilst keeping a placid, other worldly smirk on their face and claiming to be interested only in their latest ‘it’ vitamin supplement, ambient music or power-scent.

But the boat gets over-turned whilst Pisces is at physio or the Pub, pontificating about Tantra.


Photo credit: Shawn Heinrichs / Wild Aid

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89 thoughts on “Underestimating Pisceans

  1. I’ve consistently had Piscean friends in my life (and a brother!) and what I love about them (and vice versa) is that together, we can get so over-the-top goofy and ridiculous and it’s tons of fun!
    And on a more serious note, it’s really fun and enriching to discuss anything spiritual or occult with them. I see their slipperiness and it just amuses me. I never take it personally.

    • My Pisces is a ghostie magnet. He is glad I get it, and he is very comfortable with them. A woman ghostie in Tasmania would fuss over him when I was working away. He would smell her perfume first, the dog would leave, and she would always caress his forehead with a cool hand. If I was there, he would smell her perfume, but she wouldn’t stay or touch him. Spot on with arsehole detection too. Never wrong. Under-estimation of the week – Boss “give me one good reason why I shouldn’t sack you” Himself, as he got up and stood up to him ” You give me one good reason why I shouldn’t walk out that gate right now” Given that the workplace is sacking everyone, pretty good come-back in a merciless intimidating environment.

  2. Neptune rising fractionally in 12th ( scorpio) – I’m only just learning how Piscean I am………………. & the cap fits πŸ˜‰

  3. true…
    but my pisces son, the men here already respect him. He has mars conjunct pluto . He has a limp, multiple scars on his head, serious focus. So there are exceptions.

    I am that way too….lol. My moon in the 12th.

  4. Just been reading the posts from my fellow Pisceans, how true. I used to be very frustrated at being underestimated so I doubted myself and my instinct as a result. I have learnt to stop doing that. My instincts are always right, so too are my dreams. I am currently doing the silent, smile and nod with a work fiend.(yes fiend). His frustration at my stance will lead him to do something stupid in due course. Should never have messed with me. My scorp mars will not have it.

          • Once I made a comment in a discussion with two friends, one suddenly jumped in “you never told me this before”.

            Ever happened to you?

            Potential irk-irkers πŸ™‚
            Anything that can’t be pinned down, or controlled easily…

            • that happens quite a lot, now that you mention it! I had always put it down to strong influences from multi-track gemini & mercury and always doing or planning or contemplating about 10 things at once. So, I would tell a few friends about a few things and then assume I would be getting boring or repetitive (to myself more than anyone else maybe), and vague off to the next interesting topic of conversation or whatever. then naturally there were always a few people who I never get around to telling one thing or the other for whatever reason. So, yes, “hang on, when did that happen, you never told me that!!” etc lol

  5. 😯

    Love this Mystic and remember you mentioning this to me in a consult!

    Great pic too!! 😯

    Also a nice post to coincide with an unreal dream I had last night – a visit from my Pisces dad! 😯

  6. My Bro is Pisces. He is geeky and very sensitive, and was therefore terribly bullied and pummelled regularly at school as a child.
    He worked his ass off, and is now doing research for The Genome Project at Cambridge University and travels the world lecturing. He also has the most drop dead sexy wife you have ever seen.
    Success really is the best form of revenge…
    and no, I would not try it on with a Fish – cause ultimately, you’re the one who’s gonna end up gutted.

  7. Pisces Asc, Venus, Chiron.
    I’m generally not competitive. “Winning” just isn’t a big deal to me. However, when in a significant situation someone is going to do the whole chest beating bit or try to feed me a bowl of aggravation I will focus whatever skills and gifts I have to come out the victor – and I will never forget that I was cornered in that way.

  8. I have Pisces both sun and moon and I can definitely relate to the underestimation bit. When people say I can’t do something, because my plans aren’t well thought out or whatever, because seriously it is whatever, I just shrug and say “Oh yeahh, you’re probably right”, but inside the little seedling plan turns into “MUST DO THIS NOW, PROVE EVERYONE WRONG AND THE WORLD WILL BE MINE. RESISITANCE IS FUTILE”
    I think my Pisces moon does the same thing, but in a much more emotional way, like sulky and reclusive.
    Still, damn Gemini rising is like “Yes, plan, wait floating plastic bag, wait make-up tutorials, no wait oceanography, hold up guitar, ok plan.”

    • HAHAHA i love you. this is all true. I particularly relate to the gemini rising part and the “screw you guys, this is how wrong y’all are, if you insist on insisting some sort of bla bla crap about me and my MO”. cap moon probably beefs up my determination.

  9. I love pisces woman. For me I’ve always fallen for pisceans or katakas. There is a level of trust there that always seems to manifest pretty quickly. Pisces is my 9th house, that prob helps. My favourite attribute of piscean friends. Their ability to hold me enthralled by totally outrageous stories. I’m not sure if most of the stories are true but who cares.
    2 of my best friends are pisces we grew up together and I couldn’t have asked for more interesting and loyal friends.

    • Not only are those stories probably true, there’s probably also more to the stories πŸ™‚

      And thank you for the love! (from all us Piscean women)

      • Yes, I know they are usually true, just stirring. One of those fish is now the Head coach of both the Israeli and Palestinian national karate teams. He has to cross the west bank border on a bi weekly basis to train them. Sometimes when the heat is on, they transport him in a tank. While training in Japan in his earlier years he was plucked off the streets to act in a Japanese Starsky and Hutch type TV program. Oh, he also married the daughter of a multi billionaire. His stories are luscious.

        • Oh delightful! The whole thing! But the Starsky and Hutch bit has especially warmed my heart πŸ™‚ It’s kind of very piscean to be able to coach warring sides and move between warring zones.

          ..er, does he drink like a fish, too? He must be grand company!

  10. My wee boy is a Pisces, w/ scorp rising who I’ve mentioned before is a Pisces of the Great White variety. When he goes off we all run for cover, those little fish swim both ways.

  11. Have you ever actually tried to answer honestly how it is you “know” what you know? Or even the extent of some particular experience you’ve had? It truly fries people’s brains. They do have a very hard time coming to grips. They feel it’s not possible or that one is exaggerating when in fact i’m usually understating. The few who do get it have that special and rare empathy, which requires no explanations on your part.

    Thus, it is far easier to let people think whatever they are most comfortable with, even if that’s something neg about you, and it usually is because otherwise it exposes their limitations. Not that i don’t have limitations, i’m quite painfully aware of them but it’s not such a matter of personal pride to me. For others it seems quite confronting.

    Neptune rules gas ( πŸ˜€ my Sag selves have a real hard time taking this metaphysically! They’re so immature! :D) which in simple physics can not be confined. True freedom even of the spirit is essential to Pisceans and may not have the revolutionary zing of say Aqua or fight of Aries. But i’d say it’s absolutely impossible for a Piscean not to be free. And that in itself, when we realise it, is extremely powerful for survival of the soul.

    • Amen to that, Millie. I described my current sitch in almost those exact terms to a friend the other day. I absolutely have to get out and it has become my only priority. It feels like a matter of life and death to my actual soul. Have rearranged plans and priorities accordingly, and to some people it looks like I am making even more, and flakier, decisions and “mistakes”. Well, fuq ’em. Like I said, my soul is at stake here.

      Currently doing Neptune/Chiron transits to my Sun/Merc/Saturn. It’s now or never for me.

      • What resonates for me is how your feeling about your own decisions is impacted by those close to you, because you truly do care for them. I think this is the part that is Piscean, how you can’t just dismiss their views because you have a very deep understanding of the person those views come from.

        My own fam love me very much, i know, but just when i get frustrated at their treating me as a flake, i also tend to get a bit flakey or wild, when i know they subconsciously expect my compassion. So, they have it. My own Ma has only acknowledged my tremendous strength in the past year. But i know she can’t go too far because to do that would be to admit a particular raw failing. For a number of reasons, that would undo her. It hurts me but it doesn’t undo me, so i take that hurt rather than watch a great lady unravel. The years have proved that even an Aqua can shift, though glacially slowly, and it has to happen in her own time. As frustrating as she is i love her for that πŸ˜€ Don’t get me wrong i have a lot of fight in me and i’m not passive – i clashed bravely to hold my truth in her face a number of times (how crazy are we when we’re teens?!) But it works best when i’m Piscean about it; no Archer’s arrow can hold to a thunderous Aqua’s lightning bolt.

        Taking your leave does not mean saying goodbye to those close to you. It just means you’re leaving on your own adventure. Wish them well in your heart, smile (through your tears) when you go and know you’ll return some day xx

        • What a lovely description of your relationship w your mum.. reading it I see an image of a beautiful burnished metal being honed into a unique shape, enduring and warm, over time. xx

          You nailed it as usual here, Mille, I dread inflicting pain on my man because I care deeply for him but we are not supposed to be husband and wife. His denial is painful to watch. I hope we can stay friends.

          As you say re Neptune, maybe we Pisceans have permeable edges, and we learn over time what/who is good to let in and what is not, and this changes also as we evolve.

          Perhaps that’s how some of us see and feel stuff that others think isn’t there. We literally take it in.

          • Oh you have to leave..him. Wow what a journey. Mm it’s terrible watching and holding while someone takes time to let a truth sink in..or not, as the case may be. It’s going to be rather shredding on the heart, Chrysalis. Lots of warmth to you, lady xx

            Yes i still work on the principle of denial (keeps me sharp) but i have to accept that what i perceive really does exist, not that i’m crazy. I know this because over the years i keep popping in to no nonsense shrinks to double check! πŸ˜€

            And i love that metal imagery. I’m really missing silversmithing and i’ve only been to one workshop. It resonates x

          • Oh btw i was with a Kataka for nine years. Dissolving the marriage was exceptionally difficult and he made a loyalty call on our friends. I let him say the most slanderous things about me without correction because he was without family support, and i thought he might need my friends (they should have been our friends but he ran them down so badly in our privacy) more than i did.

            Over time, you know, those friends returned. Or they never really went anywhere, i was just in my own world.

            I hope you find your amazing strength, your right to loyalty, the quiet faith you give to others returned. I hope that there is more beauty in this sad affair than ugliness. Living your truth is already very beautiful.

            • Oh wow about the silversmithing, but that’s the image I saw πŸ™‚

              Yep, this is the road ahead of me. No wonder I can’t finish my fuqing thesis and spend all day on blogs talking to interesting peeps πŸ™‚ I could bang on about it for pages and pages, but the short version: his denial is mostly about his, ah, orientation. When we split I will keep his secret, that is his stuff. I hope the split will be amicable but he is Scorp rising so I am under no illusion. Hence the manic scenario planning. My Pisces stellium has done the creative visualisation but my Cap moon-Lilith/grand earth trine is doing the heavy lifting.

              I appreciate your thoughtful words Mille, specially about the friends. He and I seem already to have divided them up. I am ok with it. Let the cards fall wherever. Those who are true and good for me will stay, the rest will make way for the new. x

            • I am in this situation right now, so your story gives me faith. Bad breakup with an ex….I mostly disassociated myself from all our mutual friends becuase they were connected to his job and it was a very dysfunctional scene.
              Only problem is, he also became friends with friends of MINE from 15 years back. He moved closer to them and now sees them more often than I do. I only get invited to the big stuff…birthdays and weddings, and am consistently left out of casual get-togethers. I’ve even tried asking THEM to do stuff, only to get flaked on. My new philosophy is “don’t spend a second of time worrying about people who don’t value my friendship” but it still hurts. And I don’t understand it.
              Still trying to find a way to process it. Would love any advice you can share from your experience.

              • sad to hear that double mutable. I can only tell you what I might do if I were you, and I also guess it’s more complex than you can describe in one little blog comment. I would contact the friend whom I was closest to before the break up and tell him/her I wanted to meet for a coffee (or whatever) to have a chat. I would take a deep breath and be upfront and say that these / my friends were very dear to me and i have noticed that since the breakup, things have changed and give a few clear examples. I would ask if they could be up front with me too, and let me know if something had changed for them too? Because it stings to see the ex have a closer relationship with them. ..

                I would also take a look at myself to check for any zombie-psycho moments during the breakup that may have caused the friends to cool off a little. So if that was the case, I would also acknowledge that in my conversation. I’d try not to be too intense or needy, just relaxed and concerned for the health of my friendships and let my people know that I truly missed them and could we see a way to re-gain the connections?

                I suppose the other alternative is to start amassing some new friends. I mean, if your old friends don’t seem to make any effort…. in spite of yours…are they really worth it?

                good luck.. x

  12. This is a terrific post. For years, I was annoyed and frustrated by those who underestimated and patronised me – until the light went on. Now I stand back, smile and enjoy. A few gently judicious questions, and off they go, merrily down the garden path. Got a Scorpio moon, too, so sometimes I just come out with a comment, and walk off. They’re all nodding, and then someones says “Hey! …” Heh, heh, heh.

    It amazes me that I can see a dodgy dude from miles away, especially in the business realm, and everyone ignores my warnings. Then he hits the headlines – literally – but by then I’m laughing and sitting on the beach. Maybe businesses should employ a Pisces to spot the b**s. Nah, that’d be too imaginative.

    • It often takes years for others to see the dark side of someone you spotted from the get go. And people often try to bring you round to a better view of that person in the meantime. Yes, so patronising, but.. *shrug*.

      • Pisceswoman and Milleunanotte, it’s so heartening to hear you both echo what I mentioned earlier about spotting suspect types long before others. Us Pisceans have such sharp intuition – but the challenge can be, for me at least, to trust it!!

  13. I think there’s been a similar thread in the past.
    Never underestimate a Pisces .
    I always found something very magical about them.
    They can be erratic seeming, which I guess accounts for the flake misconception. Could be they just don’t follow straight lines between a and b or they bypass b altogether because they’ve already seen how irrelevant it is while the rest of us quibble over getting to it.
    And you know underneath, there’s an energy source so efficient and strong it could keep the planet running….

  14. I think mutables are generally underestimated. The back and forth nature is misleading- we are all capable of exacting a strategy nobody saw coming. Pisceans are great at seeing all and revealing little!

  15. Pisces mother, moon in kataka….never underestimate, never attempt to convince. Opinion will do a complete 360 depending on the angle of the moon or the fridge door anyway.

  16. Bahahahaha! Welcome to my world! Currently raising a Piscean w/ Scorp moon who is additionally a redhead and has been telling me what to do since she could talk and at 17, is now 2 inches taller than I!

    The whale under the boat – perfect – yeah, I got that treatment again today.

    Her Aries sister is a piece o’ cake in comparison…!:)

  17. I get a kick and enjoy it when someone underestimates me. It immediately puts me at an advantage where I allow and watch them play the fool. It’s the beginning of a show they star in called ‘My self-undoing’. I just stand back and watch them come undone. They play the fool and do it so well, I can count on that. Not realizing they are automatically handing me a double Ace up my sleeve.

  18. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this post! Love the image of the whale underneath the boat. Says it all!! I’m kinda with Chrysalis on this – I’m a Pisces Sun, Chiron, Venus, Mars and I forget what else is crowded in there!! We are as deep as the ocean, and yes, as unpredictable. And I do feel too often underestimated. This is on top of the characteristic self-doubt, and push-pull over meeting our needs vs those of others that plagues Pisces. Oh yes, many of us are the ‘psychic sponges’ of the zodiac too – something that those who are not just don’t understand. Consequently, we can be sharp judges of character (so many people have told me I was spot-on about someone before their true colours emerged). Yet my Capricorn ascendant means I am no flake – au contraire! – I am conscientious to my own detriment. Which can make it hard to live in this “everyone for themselves” world. However, I do have a nasty habit of being quick to judge and slow to forgive (including self-forgiveness)… ehem… Oh – and I don’t do small talk. πŸ˜‰

  19. Pisces rising.

    My fave is the patronizing. Come at me like I’m an idiot, like it was my mistake and not yours, don’t apologize, wag your finger at me– and dig your own hole!

      • Look at you 2 scorp lovelies, turning yourselves on with fantasies of people ‘doing your piscean persona wrong’ so you have an excuse to transform into roboscorp and show them who’s REALLY the boss.
        Is Clint Eastwood a Pisces ?

        • When people who’ve really wronged me have nasty accidents or sudden misfortune, it’s completely proper when people run to tell me of it, to express surprise and sympathy. No matter what you have called upon in the universe, it is not the done Piscean thing to publicly gloat.

          A Scorp and a Virgo lovely, here, i think. But Scorporation has Pisces Rising so woe betide the unsuspecting patronisers who fall for that Ascendant showing! πŸ™‚

          • It is especially amusing when the patronizers don’t realize that the unassuming Pisces is the one who is responsible for the foundation of the work they are congratulating themselves for. Sort of “Standing on a whale, fishing for minnows” like the painting here:

            I have Scorpio sun, conjunct Neptune, in the 12th house. I am usually amused, not aggravated, by this sort of thing. Besides, it can often be really useful to have people underestimate you.

            • Ugh– I am usually aggravated by that sort of thing! Had it happen just this past Spring, as a matter of fact, when my work on the foundation was not mentioned at the 1st meeting by those congrat’ing themselves for the end product. I must have shot some serious ass daggers out of my eyes at the time, because at our subsequent meeting and formal ceremony, my work *was* credited– haha!

              I can make people’s underestimation of me useful– hell, I can make any old bullshit useful– but I’d rather not have to practice such alchemy in the 1st place, you know?

              I suppose our work will never be done, Sagitta! Enjoy your fishing trip πŸ™‚

          • “… completely proper… to express surprise and sympathy.”

            HA! You know it, mille. And it’s not hard to feign, because you have that energy swell when you hear of the (mis)fortune, so you put on your best surprised face: “Oh no– that’s terrible!” It’s never a surprise to you, though.

            You know, you just know: what goes around comes around, period. And it’s not that you revel in others’ (mis)fortune; instead, you’re satisfied and encouraged by witnessing cosmic and karmic forces in action.

            I have never practiced magic or attempted to force my psychic will regarding an offender. Has never felt like my place. There are forces and wisdom beyond me, and I trust that they have my back– because they always have πŸ˜‰

        • Aren’t we just wicked?

          Ha! Wow, davidl: I was literally thinking of Clint Eastwood earlier today (as director, not actor). Spot on, my Aries friend. πŸ˜‰

      • lol Ruthless, we are! It’s our Scorp bits, locked and loaded. My tail is a registered lethal weapon haha

  20. Yes! This is so true. As a multi-Pisces I am routinely underestimated by others, and considered a naive flake, particularly by the Cap Collective that populates my life. It’s become a bit of a thing to make patronising jokes about my flakiness when they all get together. I’ve thought about this lately, for various reasons, tectonic plates shifting in what I thought were stable relationships. Cap sis has stellium incl Sun and Saturn in 6th, so you can imagine πŸ™‚ I’ve taken to saying, ‘well nope, I have no plan’ and it totes freaks them all out.
    Weirdly, my bestie is a bit the same at the mo. I noticed recently that she is far more comfortable with me when I’m in the depths of self-doubt hell than when I’m positive, upbeat and making change.
    But I am doing this astro far better than any of them. I’m breathing it in. No angsty letting go rituals for me. I seem to be just getting up in the morning and saying, ‘y’know, this doesn’t work for me anymore, I’m not doing it’. And that’s it, gone in a puff of smoke like I’ve got a magic wand or something.

    • If your friend is more comfy with you when you have bouts of self-doubt than when positive, as a Libran, I would send thy friend to my personal Siberia = Ice them out! But be real friendly to them that it wreaks of cold and of ‘not letting you in my inner circle’. I have ZERO time for people who like it when bad stuff happens or you’re having a hard time of it because it makes them feel better about their self and predicament. I only have Saggitarian besties now!

      • Hey Lib, good advice, I have kind of done that, in a fluid, Piscean sort of way. Been giving her the benefit of the doubt for months because it’s never black and white for me… then after the last get-together I waved the magic wand, voila, instant new boundaries, no pain, no drama, keep moving.

        • .. and see, being a Piscean I can totally see her point of view, so I defend her now: my most recent bout of self-doubt lasted about five years, so she was probably just being a good and patient friend while I have been annoying and self-absorbed. She’s a good person with challenges of her own.

        • As a Libran I like to keep doors wide open, but with this astro you gotta keep your head above water and have boundaries, know where you are going, which way will lead you there, who is and is not in your corner that you feel comfortable and safe being yourself around.

    • oh, god, exactly chrysalis. “Don’t fucking judge me!” Just because we don’t go on and ON and OONNNN about what we’re doing or what we think or how much we “can’t stand” someone or judgey this or condemnation that.?!?!?!?. Even the virgo BFF (mercury Leo, don’t get me started) is incredibly patronising about an artistic choice i have made. not a lot, as we don’t talk about it too much but it’s a bit like the Aries lawyer, she .. oh I can’t be f’ed even going on about it. Although when I have my first exhibition in this medium she looks down on so much, no invite will be coming her way…

      I It’s ridiculous – especially considering that I have (I hope / think) never behaved the same way towards her.

      anyway, whatever. Yes.

  21. I have One African American Neighbor from the Era of racism.
    Since Scorpio rules my 4th yea people will always come on to me sexually where I live. I get it, through the astrology. But when you look out at the person, or situation sometimes you forget the astrology. This guy is like 76 now and coming on to me when hes way to old to be doing that number one. And its always in the most manipulative manner.

    I was like 21 at the time also he was like 60, I just have more respect for a drunk aggressive direct guy than a sober calculating creepy old dude that knows im way out of his age range.. Anyway he seen my scorpio moon that day and knew to keep back like 40 feet. for a few years. Once I forgave him in about 5 years my (Venus is in Pisces ) I even gave him a nice art piece he commented on that he liked. Because I read in Brazil that is what they do for people if someone comment to give away sometimes. I Let him pet my dog, but hes always looking down at my croch to this day so blatantly so makes me very disturbed by this.

    Then he has the nerve to subtley communicate to me that I didnt go see him in the Hospital like a few other neighbors did. Im like dued u practically molest me with your eyes for 10 years.. sod off…subtley of course..

    He may be piscean but highly I doubt he has his Venus in Pisces at the exalted degree. so hes underestimating becasue all that guilting aint doing a thing. But Im still trying to pinn the men down once I meet them.. the women especially are so nice.. But the men most of the time are just wired and too undirect for my scorpio moon to handle…

    Saturn And mars Transiting Libra In the Third House. Issues with Neighbors you bet…

    • But just to balance there is one woman I met at a place I have to go to yearly to manipulate the governement out of what it can never repay me anyway. She understands everything, we speak exactly the same language from mayors to everything turning into facism and she does it with a grace and happiness I can never express. But she just lets me be mad doesnt try and change me or make me fit into what she finds comfortable.

      She knows I have every right to be angry. I didnt even explain to her my whole life. Some how she just knows. We talked about colors and her kids a bit and she just every year that I see her is one of the nicest people i know. Im scheduled to see her the 7th of this year actually. More 3rd house local stuff I hope shes still there for the 4th year but I hope she moved on to because she deserves way better.

    • I am seriously beginning to build a fairly Lilithian revolt about the shameless transgressions of respect by EYES. This is something we have been conditioned to tolerate because it is like shadowboxing since we were all very very small. I remember first becoming aware of these disgusting rapey looks since i was about three.

      Two weeks ago i noticed it happening in fairly skank fashion with some dodgy leg shaking going on. I was just building up to call him out on it loudly across the carriage and with some pretty righteous indignation i can promise. His face changed, he stopped abruptly and looked away. In future i have decided to also have my mob video function at the ready.

      I’m taking the hand of my three-year old self and we’re both gonna be wearing Uranus in Libra shake-em-up super capes. Piscean or whatever, it’s TIME. I have to add, the dirty ol’ man types on trains got nothing over the veneer of respectability on the dirty ol’ man types you work etc with. That not many others see that side of them makes it harder to deal with, and they subconsciously know it.

      And yes you and i know that the colour factor adds to this for some screwed up predator types, and that attitude is often generational. Though not confined to it. Yik. More power to you, ALSM and may more respect come your way. I feel it in the astro and how it’s pinging in both myself and cyberspace… times are definitely ripe to call this out.

        • I mean its just wierd since its like 30 more degrees down he has to look. And it has been everytime if if i hop out of my apartment to take out the trash, if hes there he will glance. Sometimes if i see him out i will wait till he goes inside… then he talks so nice to me like nothing happend.

          He had a blood clot in his leg over the weekend. But i knew hed be home in time to do his Space dust. Everything was so dramatically critical. But he can rush home to keep Neptuning out. I dont know where hes drawing his entitlement cues from. But my reactions are about to become not so subtle.

          • Keep cool while mars and saturn is in the 3rd keep cool. Keeping cool…

            I might take in the attractiveness of someone, but i never go crotch stalking with my eyes .. My mars in virgo just dont get it. people need to start teaching there kids of this unspoken creapy eye crap. Eye agree.

            • Awesome parenting, wouldn’t it be:
              “Children, gather round the fire and listen closely to this warning tale, The Legend of the Creepy Eye Crap. There lived an old old man, not far from where you sit now, and for many years, noone knew where he drew his entitlement cues from.”

              The older children shudder and hold tight to the hands of the little ones…

              • Lol you would make the best bedtime story teller. But i think id laugh too much and never get to sleep. Thanks for the early morning abdomen rumble. Great way to start the day.

    • I got a love letter from a 50 year old guy when I was 23. I’d chatted to him at a party and it had never once crossed my mind (because of the age gap) that he’d think it was anything more than a polite, friendly chat.

      When I freaked out about the letter and quickly ran it by my Dad he laughed. Saying, “Oh Mel, what you don’t realize is, as Men, in our minds we’re still strapping 21 year olds”

      I think you need to treat your elderly neighbor as if he was any 21 year old you’re not interested in dating. As in his mind he’s certainly no Grandfather figure.

      Ha ha ha! πŸ™‚

      • My Venus in Pisces at the exalted degree, says this he is wrong. Im also leaving out that at 21 he was showing me pictures of a dirty magazine. I dont read porn and I certianly dont enjoy going over it with strangers. Did he think that would turn me on?

        Since I was already molested Once as a child by a black man at 4 which caused my subseqent sexual acting out upon my sister and a second wrongful accusation at 12 of my new one. I want to start being respected sexually.. This caused the rest of my childhood to be raised in violent grouphome to violent grouphome, you can only imagine the untold pain and Chironic suffering, of caryring the adult molesters punishments down to me at 7 and 12 years old. Which my boss who is a Libra judge, says they do not do anymore. Some women molested thmeselves, had there untoward anger directed at me. Including the most important woman and only parent I knew My own mother. for what happened to me as a CHILD.

        then once by my sisters fathers brother when I was 17, He couldnt even wait 24 full hours for me to be off the bus in Philidelphia… Let me get one night of fucking sleep after running away for almost being stabbed for being gay trying to find a safe gay place to stay siters father suspected as such, told me he was the first time he was there… my neighbor looks very much like him, Its just getting a tad bit old.

        I am happy for you that whatever moon you carry is a easy moon full of light flirting and moderate struggle. People need to respect proper boundaries. Since you never know what a persons been through. These are the men that get there nuts wacked off through a careless remark later down the road because we, the onces made of scars people are too scared to see, just get tired of the shit.

        I dont care if hes a 21 year old in a old mans body.
        If he was an evolved PIscean he would read what the hell I been though and maybe even have the atten span to actually listen and learn something instead of use someone. That is what porn is for, I wasnt made in some dark room in california for peoples sexual pleasure and mass consumption.

        Im a human whos been through immense pain with loosing my entire childhood very quickly with this PLUTO in the 3rd Uranus in and moon in the 4.. CHiron on the MC. Also BML in virgo is known to carry this signature.

        Everyone has alot of opnions here but doesnt back it up with any astrology of why I should be considering there point. This is one of the reasons I come here. If you have no astro that is coming from as much struggle as I or placements full of pain and intution that you can fit into a astrological case of why I should do something diffrent. i respect your point but it is just opnion..

        • Mel Sorry If I came off a little intense, for me its an intense subject that I cant lighten. Everyone is diff, but I know for me this Scorpio 4th house IC rules intense home experiences, and childhood. Pluto Uranus and moon there means intenstly intense violent sexual emtional and shocking. even more. that was my actual childhood. Is the way I do things and even though my childhood is grating to most. I still should be able to say where I come from. And am getting the intuition to do so. if anyone is confused about boundaries hell I am. I have Neptune in the 8th transitioning this area. Neptune wants me to channel mine to other people. What are my boundaries. What are appropriate?

          I will be asking him soon to keep his eyes up here and if he cannot then there is no reason for any further contact once agian.
          and If my venus in pisces kicks in It will be from a distance and not with any interactions…

  22. Like this. PIsceans are so diffuse. Try to convince them of something!
    They throw everything at you verbally in a mish mash, confirm nothing and then go do what they want.
    They sometimes absorb what you say like a flavour in a meal.
    They are so good at absorbing stuff and transmuting it into something unique – whether it is an opinion, a piece or art or magic.

        • I LOVE THAT EPISODE! The way those characters were so well crafted, you were lulled into your comfort zone, rambling along and then BANG! It flips.

          Did you notice there were moments when there was a feeling of X-files to the opening scenes? Just the camera angles or something really ephemeral kept reminding me of the X-files and then I discovered there were X-Files peeps working on it. I haven’t seen the season after the one you’re referencing so please don’t go spoiler on me :mrgreen:

          That scene by the pool at the cartel house was INTENSE. And where the hell did Mike go after that? (don’t tell me) He was one of my favourites. I can’t wait to see Skyler turn.

          • that scene were walter is laughing maniacally in the crawlspace is the best scene of anything ever ha,
            but no I never watched x-files but i was aware vince gilligan the guy who makes breaking bad did a few really good episodes for x-files supposedly, and dont worry season 5 starts off as a sort of breather, still really good, but more of a ramifications episode than more crazy, which is what makes it good, if something crazy happens they have to DEAL with it

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