Tuesday In New Atlantis City

“I feel my boots
trying to leave the ground,
I feel my heart
pumping hard. I want

to think again of dangerous and noble things.
I want to be light and frolicsome.
I want to be improbably beautiful and afraid of nothing,
as though I had wings.”

Mary Oliver

The Sun, Retro-Mercury and Isis-Transpluto are in Leo. The Moon is in Aries near Athene and rad Uranus, the Magician.  Asteroid Atlantis is in Aquarius near the Vertex, always a turning point for empires. Circe is in Kataka (to do – make  witchy potions or super-foodie enchanted meals?) and Eros with Prosperina in Scorpio. It’s Gemini Overload with Fire Goddess Vesta, Jupiter, Ceres, wild Pan and Venus all in the sign of the Trickster. How beautiful is this weird astro and this poem, above?  There are people who’re loathing this new era of the Zap Zone and wishing hard for it to be back to normal and then there are those of us who are (secretly) loving it.

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130 thoughts on “Tuesday In New Atlantis City

  1. I’m neither loving nor loathing the era – but more feel like I’m stuck in the customs area of the airport waiting for the ever delayed flight to leave. There’s no going back or forward – just shitty over priced food, uncomfortable seats, not very exciting consumer tat, no chinese massage places to a least offer a bit of shoulder massage comfort, and a feeling of waiting that seems like it’ll never end … and that inevitable airport dullness.

    It is a cool poem though

    • ha! yes indeed to the current sense of inhabiting a strange liminal space. i often enjoy the sense of being, as it is not quite the end of one thing and just before the beginning of another. that said i am super sag – sun and rising- go figure! my advice; stock up on $2 coins, enjoy the massage chairs and watch the planes while we get ready for the next leg of this wonderful journey.

    • Loving the poem too, but stuck in the same airport waiting too. Wanting to move forward, trying to push forward, but standing in the que, so restless and edgey, so many plans on hold. Startint to think i should just throw in the secure job and move where i want to live and trust in the universe to provide the resources to own my piece of dirt and start my own business and live a fuller life my own way.
      Goes against all my cap leanings, go the zap zone.

      • I’m a big fan of chucking in secure things and going to places one wants to be. That’s how I ended up in this twilight zone, now I’ve got a place I want to be and I’m now seeking a secure position from which to fully appreciate it. In many ways my life has been liminal for years. Time for some tangibility.
        Right now though it’s like the massage chairs have lost their novelty and I’m propped up at the window of some shitty airport bar drinking cheap Shiraz and watching the baggage charts go back and forth and pretending there’s something profound to be found in that. I wander off every now and again and something kinda fun but ultimately fleeting occurs, and seem to keep ending up in the same spot at the bar, staring at the Tarmac. Except I’m running out of $2 coins.

          • Baggage charts? :). Is that when you check your chart for things to let go of?

            Love your airport analogy. You are the star of some foreign existential art house movie or something like Jim Jarmusch’s ‘Stranger than Paradise’. I can see it so clearly. I hope your plane arrives soon to take you away from your ennui. :)

            • The fact that you are Scorpilicious again is a very welcome excellent distraction :)

              Yes I think that is exactly what baggage charts are – perhaps event charts run at specific moments.

    • I’m feeling the airport vibe too. Although for me its like I am walking around seeing who has a one way standing room last minute flight to anywhere. Consolation being, if its an airport, something has got to take off. I’ve gotten myself to the transit lounge. Now its all waiting.

      • I got word on travel plans! A job interview I had on a void moon almost two weeks ago. I got sprinkles all down my spine when I first connect with them. This could be the one. New job. New city. I’m trying to do Mars-Saturn on this situ, not go all Neptunian/12th house on it.

        With great intention, I threw away love zombie tendencies last night. I don’t want to come between a soul and their maker. I don’t want to pretend to manage the spritual health of another being. I accept I don’t know it all and I still want to fly. God willing.

    • This is me too! I’m stuck at the airport! I even had a DREAM about being in the airport. I’m ready to move on but dang i keep waiting in the line. :(

    • I am with you.. glad you started the thread. I just want to run, so what did i do is got onto the treadmill last night for the first time in a long time and now want to start running. I need to feel like I am getting somewhere. With everything on hold.. I am so stuck and frustrated! I want my spirit back. Flight Number 007 is ready to take me away!! Here I come! LOL!!

    • *Hate* commercial flying. You should take the train: I did. Last week.

  2. …and I want to wear harem pants in the desert god damn it !

    Loving the new era, loving it. The Uranus sq Pluto shister was my turning point. One example ? the taxation dept sends a letter in January saying you owe us $15k !! pay up. Mounds of paperwork, months of fretting, 5 year audits, wife freaking etc….the day of the exact square…a letter from the dept. hey, we owe you $30k… !!!! hellooo stress relief and all the mars n virgo retro head down reading old receipts, filing etc. has paid off. Now I can finance my new venture instead of licking some bankers ass.

    • …and I want to wear harem pants in the desert god damn it !

      haha…will scrubs in the desert do davey? lol x

      (green scrubs as I speak at 10:16 pm Cali time…lol)

    • Oh and davey…way to go luv…wishing you the best and an earned vaykay, no?

      The NERVE of the fuqing bastards….

        • ~I feel the soft silk of your blouse~

          No wonder I was nearly incesstual with my Libran bro… 😕


          But not really funny cuz really… I loved him like no other…Over it now but you know…opposites attract and all…

          Shanananananaaaaha 😉

          • i had thoughts about my brother for awhile – thought he was the most exotic thing on earth. thankfully that passed…so taboo. apparently george gordon (lord byron) had a long time affair with his sister allegra.

    • Like your photo. From your name and posts showing smarts with heart, I had sort of pictured you like actor Thomas Gibson who plays unit chief on Criminal Minds. But the real you is way more Aries =)

  3. Love the poem, thanks. I have been loving this astro and zapping strides in career, backing self, creating new plans, supporting my crew, staying away from turkeys. Unfortunately, you still have to deal with turkeys, even in this astro. You’ve got to Zapp and Weave!

    I look forward to Venus and Mercury direct tomorrow . Till then …

    • ha the turkeys seem to be standing out a bit more than usual. altho i too am feeling this sense of being in-between things the astro vibe is great for self-nuture, putting the new look together, getting the administrivia done etc., this can put one ahead of the game when the ball starts rolling again. one will not only be on top of things but positively ‘swell’egant.

      • Shine on Jicky, you’re cool
        :) :)

        Totes agree about turkey’s rearing their heads more than usual, and self-nurture be the key. I’ve hair o’clock appointment tomorrow in preparation for the current and those upcoming perpetual life enhancing social experiences.

    • Yeah, the weirdness is a re-jig of plans due to sudden surprise but seems to benefit and there’s gold to mine there.

  4. Eagerly looking forward to the Venus movement into Cancer and Merc’s direct movement. Taking things fairly easy until then to be honest, y’know, stopping to smell roses and not care about intense things quite so intensely :p

  5. I am loving the ZZ. I was all ready to ride it like a pig-rooting pony but instead I’ve found it all very calm. I feel the most grounded I’ve ever felt, but I cant help but think that there’s no way I’d be in this possie if it wasn’t for all of Mystic’s ZZ prepping!



  6. 😯

    Love it Mystic! 😯

    Last night Dr Aqua said to me: ‘you look really strong… I can see it… physically… I know you are – I can see that… but mentally as well… I can really see this in you… you just look so strong… wow… do you feel it?’


    • Splendid….

      YES..you tell that Dr Aq that we here ALWAYS have felt it… 😉 lol


    • Sweetpea is right :-) Tell Dr Aqua you have a trail of people here believing in your power :-)

    • 😯

      😆 I will! 😆

      I am amongst some very amazing, resilient, beautiful and incredibly strong women here! I’m very lucky to be learning from you all! :) :)

      Oh and davidl – who I admire a lot and… who happens to have a very handsome new avatar! :)


    • Beautiful BaristaGemmiePie
      I picture you as a modern day, olympic bike riding, Athena type woman, complete with new green growth, shooting away from inside and out. You’re on a path i can’t imagine, and continue to blossom and grow like a true haute Gem xx mwa

  7. Loving it!
    It’s like knowing you swam out in really big surf thinking you can handle it, then realising it was much bigger than you originally thought. And then realising you ARE handling it – so far…
    There’s no being complacent – and the shore seems a loooong way away

  8. Loving the Zap Zone energy. Throwing some curveballs for sure, but overall things are moving forward. Finding strength, peace and inner contentment that has never been here before. Getting my mojo back. I still need to make a few fundamental changes to the way I live my life – the consequence between having my mojo back is the social life impedes fiscal responsibility. Something I need to really get on top of… but other than that, life is good and exciting right now.

  9. Thankyou Mystic, most apt as ever.
    Loving it with a touch of trepidation. The revolutions between changes are quickening. When Mars is in anything im amped up and armed with lists. My energy yoyos, im feeling like a wise child, left field becoming a median point, courage is a new tool, creativity is for communication. Visions and memories appearing like a slide show, id rather double declutch than put the brakes on xx

  10. There are many changes I am deeply afraid of, more deeply than I’ve been able to admit to myself. Something tells me I need to leave a certain someone, yet what do I do if I have nowhere else to go and nobody else to really turn to?

    • Krysten you”ll look after yourself! As it should be. Trust in the process and jump!

      • You know why you jump out of the frying pan into the fire Krystan ? It’s called phoenixing..I agree with Ainslie, get out of a bad situation and get on with your life, good luck.

        • So great to see ya Davey! x

          Hey Krystan, last night, was just listening to something from circa mid to late 90’s when I was in my 30’s and going thru one of the most emo challenging periods of my life..

          Anyway, Martina McBride, she’s country but give the song a chance…it’s very like david said “phoenixing”…

          Back then, I listened to it over and over again and sang along too..

          Simultaneously, “Little Women” had come out and I remember sitting in the audiance of the movie theatre and Jo writing in her journal “I long for transformation”…

          And it did come in a way I would have never dreamed of…x


    • Hey Krysten – your comment resonated with me. I was in this situation about six months ago. Head under the doona knowing what I wanted / needed to do but wishing it would all go away because it looked too big to deal with.
      First I got honest with my trusted friends about what was really going on in my life, and found the most brilliant support. They have saved me more than once. Then I did a LOT of to-ing and fro-ing, will I stay/will I go, which, looking back, was probably a process of grieving and acceptance. And I’ve wailed here a lot too, because this community is pretty fuquing awesome.
      Then I made a plan… I actually spreadsheeted everything: money, career, fitness, escape. And now I’m just doing the plan. And it is slow going but I WILL get there. I put the smallest actions on my plan because to do them reminds me I am moving forward and I do have choices and some control. Yes, trust the universe but give the cosmos a kick-arse plan to work with. Blessings and good luck – you can change things! x

      • ..sorry to bang on… but actually it’s been more like a year since I knew what needed to go but only in the last few months that I’ve been able to accept it and make plans. I’d love to chuck a match in and run away but I am playing the long game on this. Saturn’s on my team :)

    • If you have to leave because of a destructive situation then leave. Otherwise I’d caution you to use time to your advantage and coast a bit more in order to take a full accounting of yourself, your fears, your challenges, your strengths, your gifts – achieve a higher level of clarity before burning bridges and building the same relationship on even less solid ground elsewhere.

    • I stayed in my marriage for six years after I knew it was over – in part because I was afraid of what he’d do, but mostly because I was afraid that I’d be alone and be unable to survive by myself. Leaving let me see how strong I am (not in the act itself, but in being able to make a good life afterwards). But more importantly it showed me how strong and special my friends are – people who were hanging back because of him came forward with support and love. Take your time, but know that you’ve got the strength and resilience to make it on your own … possibly even the same strength you’re drawing on to survive in a relationship that’s not as nourishing as you deserve.

      • This is a really good point. I hadn’t thought about how much strength it is taking to stay in my situation until I set things up so I am able to leave. Had usually seen it as a ‘weakness’ that I am still here, so thanks for this perspective, GLR.
        I totes agree about friends. Mine have got me through, I’ve ditched those who aren’t completely onside and am meeting new, more simpatico peeps. (Pluto in 5th)

    • Thank all of you so much for your encouraging comments! I have some major thinking to do…

    • I was in that situation once, I really had outgrown the situation. I did leave, and the next several years were actually extremely hard but also extremely rewarding. Although I didn’t have conventional support structures at all when I left, I notice that the Universe made sure I had the support I needed at every turn. Be aware, I did ‘man up’ and face all the challenges. But I got the support I needed. Not always in a predictable way or from people who stayed in my life. Taught me a lot. When things stabilised I had and still have the opportunity to be there for others. All very good.

  11. Well, I can relate to standing alone and obscured in shadow in the harsh open desert. But it’s more of an inner state …. relentlessly isolated and feeling anonymous.

    I have no idea what do do other than push through this crap feeling an trust that there will be an upswing at some stage.. Ridiculously emotionally fragile in uncertain social situations; it makes no sense. Desire to “put myself out there” is at an all time low, like the all-ordinaries during a prolonged stock market slump, bumping along the x-axis.

    • Sweatheart, that’s no good, better days ahead for you I’m sure, all power to you pisces princess x

      • hey, thanks davel :) .. just sort of going with the stay-at-home energy atm and revving up my study space. astro.com’s short report forecast shed some light on the vibe, which was quite helpful. Mainly saturn opp venus. It also mentioned , among other things a Jupiter-Neptune opposition upcoming. Was that you who was trying to get your head around that in your own chart? I can paste the text in if that was the case. If not, no dramas…

        • Yes, Jupiter in Taurus in the 11th opposing my natal Neptune in scorp 5th. Went on for months back and forth , I think Mille has this aspect natally. Strange weirdness that led me down new paths in all my relationships. I did find it isolating but that was the whole point, i think, isolating me from me ! A bit dream like. The isolation from my persona allowed other people into my life . They were attracted to a different ‘me’. surprise and relief was the outcome. Excellent transit all up, weird but good.

          • Oh hey no of all my er ‘growth’ aspects i’ve got jupiter conjunct neptune in Sag in 12th on horizon, with Moon. It’s actually kind of lucky, after getting whomped by the hard yards. Seems to always save the day..you hit rock bottom and something opportune lifts you back up.

            Must be some other astro soul… sorry i can’t shed some thoughts on it.

          • cool, that sounds interesting DL, do you mean that you were in different places
            which brought out different aspects of yourself..? hence the isolation from persona thing? I could do with new people and testing out some different flavours of “Pi”, lol. For me it will be Jupiter in Gemini 12th opposing natal Neptune in sagg 6th.

    • Hey Pi, that can be a bit of Piscean low, but i think the astro is also causing people to kind of stutter back into their own resources and energies for a bit, too. So for a sociable soul there’s not a great deal pinging back at you, possibly.

      If there’s fragile feelings in social settings, just hang tight and stay in safe mode til your energy returns. As it will :) This energetic astro has Uranian voltage as part of it and i note that energy highs and zapped out lows come with it. Been through some swings physically and emotionally just in the last seven days. One of my ever steady Scorp/Leo/Tau mates has admitted to exhaustion and if you knew her schedule you’d be amazed. She usu keeps up in steady beautiful style. I’ve been a bit hard on myself for what i see as backward steps, but really i need to ride the winds of change, like a manga character. Safe journey to you too :)

      • Thanks Mille. Yes it’s like a rollercoaster, don’t quite know what’s going on! Yesterday was utter bliss, today not bad at all then *smash* went to a little gallery thing this eve and my social skills completely deserted me, usual OK confidence going to these little gatherings on my own went thru through the floor, so I decide to leave and am practically in tears at my self imposed isolation and ineptitude, WTF!?! I think because there was more at stake in this case than just an exhibition opening, this was my art college and everyone knew each other and here I am after months and months still with no real pals on campus, I mean that’s just not my style! I’m the chick who says hi and loves chatting to everyone, but not at this place… :( Then I couldn’t work out if it was because I wasn’t trying hard enough, or maybe I am not cool enough, maybe I am just an old bag (read: Over 25) who no one can be f’ed to get to know… flashbacks to high school GAWD…. BLA BLA whatever anyway. Just letting off steam here I guess. Going to keep head down and do the easy stuff that I will feel good about and take it from there. xx

        • Pi, not everyone would have the guts to go out to a gallery opening on their own. Pls give yourself some credit for the effort of participating, and going out with the intention of interacting. It is always uncomfortable going to a ‘do’ on your own, especially if you are expecting interaction.
          Seems you put a lot of pressure on yourself to have a certain kind of night and started losing confidence quickly when that did not eventuate. There will be more gallery openings for you by the sound of it and you can roll it out differently (with most situations that i fuq up i say to myself you will get another chance to play that part again and you can do that better – they are joyous moments). Maybe check your expectations before you leave the house next time and have a game plan.

          • Totally agree with jicky. It takes a strong individual to go out solo … many can’t … and have to live a smaller life because of it. And you’re not the only one responsible for making a social situation work … others have to be in tune too. Sounds like you were fully there and they just weren’t up to it.

          • thanks, jicky and gemleo. Yes, I think although I didn’t have “big” expectations, I was anticipating a slightly smaller crowd and hoping to have a catch up and a “so how did all this work for you?” kind of conversation with one of the artists there, who I don’t know very well but I think is just adorable. It really was nice to be there, honestly – very buzzy and some beautiful work – and I could have stuck it out a bit longer and eventually caught someone’s eye I guess. You’re right, taking moments like this as a lesson and being a bit less emo about it .. some sort of game plan… should help if this (god forbid) happens again.

            If it helps, I’ve always felt a bit like a lone ranger, ever since I was a kid, maybe started because I was shy around people and then going solo developed further for a few other reasons. So going wherever on my own is no biggie, but I still don’t always necessarily connect with people once I am there. I think it depends on whether there are others on the same page as me, who are sort of looking around and say ‘hey, so what brings you here” to the person standing near them or whatever..

            thanks for your thoughtful words xx

        • oh it’s weird i think i know where you went and there ARE weird vibes around that place – it’s not just you – there is a VIBE and it’s not pleasant. you are simply being sensitive to the overriding feeling of the place there’s something not quite right about it, please don’t feel as though it’s just you lovely. It’s an energy suck for sure xxx

          • lol clued up wolf! you reckon? I wasn’t so sure, but it does have a sort of masonic-hall sacrificing-virgins-backstage kind of atmosphere, but then again could be my imagination 😀

            • no – obviously its touching a nerve with you but there is a definite energy there that I’ve never been able to put my finger on. i can’t go in there and it would be much harder to pinpoint with a lot of people around as well. It’d feel like a bit of a whirlwind I’m sure. i think with all the ‘new’ that’s going on it’s going to be busy as all hell for the next few years so a game plan is def the go on your next sweep of the place.

              • quite perceptive that you seem to recognise where I am talking about… hahaha! Maybe they’ll renovate that venue too… might need to get Mystic’s space clearing bloke in there.

        • Pi, maybe check out where saturn is grinching in your chart? I vaguely remember we have some similar placements and its bound to be messing with your foundations in some way.

          • oh and yes. It is. Exact on my NN and exact opposite Venus. breathe, breathe, breathe, persevere… like the last 1km of a 10km run lol

            • So that’s def part of your experience – and more to the point would saturn staring down the south node be bringing up feelings from your previous encounters with similar venusian organisations / events? Plus venus turning direct and mercury still being a bit bung? A matrix of energy not exactly made for an easy time 😀

              i have the grinch on my venus mercury conjunction in the 5th house of fun opposing natal saturn in the 10th and it’s really good for getting the referencing just so but not so good for exuding joie de vivre and communing with the daemons.

              I think saturn is quite good in this current phase with pluto and uranus of jamming a pillar of salt into old wounds suddenly and sometimes you need some space to work through things without throwing the baby out with the bath water. In that vein maybe it could be helpful to consider checking out some more austere/trad venues/openings as a way of keeping your hand in until this cloud lifts? I hope you feel better soon. This energy you’re wrangling is heavy. Remember you’re not alone x

              and the T square at the last new moon was HUGE.

              • thanks CUW. wow, you really are clued up. Yes. Saturn is also transiting my 4th so you were correct there, so it’s also a 4th house opposing 10th house Venus-South Node energy. Not only that! But the moon in aries was also conjunct Venus & SN. Very much private vs outer worlds, with Saturn and Moon opposing in those houses. Merc being a bit bung… lol. Yes. I think more sedate Saturn-y things until I can build up the psyche a bit more… “what doesn’t kill me can only make me stronger” etc.. thank you very much wolf xx

                • no wuz cuz

                  i read your comment as pirates vs outer worlds :LOL:

                  saturn’s way tough I’ve had an energetically similar sitch as yours lately example: encountered some followers of Deleuze who normally would’ve rocked my world or at least my boat yet all I could think was fuq off you flakey trippers and I suddenly felt out of step with those on a similar path as me – came entirely out of the blue and in a few different forms – so I changed up my locales / plans accordingly – some may say I’ve gone off the rails cos it made no logical sense – and found treasure awaits thee in unexpected places… then i later realised it was in many ways the embodiment of deleuzian thought as opposed to just the thinking/discussing of it. blah blah someones had too much to think 😀

                  It’s gonna be ok pi.

                • pirates and outer worlds, oh, i love that! lol..
                  I had not idea who Deleuze was, I had to look him up. Fascinating. I am rubbish with my philosophers but wld like to learn more.. in some lifetime. I would go on except the reply-space is getting kinda narrow!

                  Also, saturn opposite a 5th house Venus-Merc must be seriously hard work. I’m guessing you are way into a creative field of some sort…how fun. Except maybe not so fun with all that 10th house energy bearing down on you?!

                  • natal saturn opposes venus emrcury so having saturn conjunct them is just like having a really dreary relation who smells musty come over – familiar but unwelcome.

        • Or it could just be – everybody in the room hates the beautiful girl. True. I have a friend who is a cross between Penelope Cruz and Audrey Hepburn, yet as tall and graceful as a gazelle. Strength of character/integrity can also be beautiful and a threat. Plus everybody is being a weird arse with the Mercury bizzo. I think the cluey wolf below is onto it, it does happen.

          • Now that *is* a strange concept, isn’t it!? That snakey jealousy. Can’t stand it, so small minded. I hope your beautiful friend doesn’t cop flak from haters… can lead to a major complex, that whole business… The room was full of elegant cool artistic student-y & academic types far easier on the eye than me, so I don’t think that played a part at all! phew. x

        • Kudos, Pi, for turning up solo to anything but particularly something that is obvs so close to your heart. I’m like this with similar events…. Sometimes it taps into my terrible insecurities about my lack of progress with my own creative practice compared to others. Not suggesting that’s the case for you but your story reminded me of this aspect of my own psyche.
          Funny, cos I’ve been thinking lately about how when I’m single again I will have to start going to stuff solo if friends aren’t available, and it freaks me out… so you’ve inspired me.

          • Hey chrysalis, I could go on about some of this, re others progress etc…recently I started to decide to just keep my head down and focused on my own creative stuff, and enjoy others work as I see it, and try not to feel the pang of “If only I’d started 10 years ago, I could .. etc ” by reminding myself that you never know what’s around the corner and to have faith in my ideas / trust the process, etc.. that kind of thing! It really is fun to bust out and do new things. Still finding my feet in this new environment but gradually gathering lovely new people from here and there like a building collection of seashells on the windowsill :) and your existing friends will still love you, I am quite sure xxoo

          • oh and the other thing is, I always have a reason for going to something – a musician I love, a certain artist’s work or a new thing to learn, that way I come away with an experience that is not just about ‘meeting people’ but you know, we’re all different..

  12. I *am* loving it on a very technical level, I just wish I had a map or a bit of a net. I am not thriving off the no net vibe. Too many years of no net. Saturn in the 4th is aching for a bit of security, what ever that looks like

    • You need a good earthing Ms. Get out of the city and get your feet on the earth. Plug and play ?

      • very correct. I would love to but I am not cashed enough to move out of current straight jacket. Trying to get more money so I can have a holiday and re charge. I am doing the little things I can but what I really need is a fair wack of time out and healing

        • I’ve been arting it up of late and I must admit its been a huge relief. Momentary unfortunately.
          Fucking money is the pits.

          • Not quite sure what to think of it all. The moon rises all week have been ahhmazing, however. :) Slightly hypnotic even. Whee.

            • Aand I posted in the wrong spot (again) sorry. :( Never a good look. I was actually going to post a reply here originally to say I hope money matters sort themselves out for you all, as mentioned, can be the pits indeed. Hairy biker type ones, in fact? 😛

    • I remember you talking about the Kataka part of your chart. When cash and health move you beyond the obvious panaceae, i’m sure you can still find what you need for healing somehow. But it does sound like the lady needs more rest and nurture. I know i cannot find solace in art or travel when i don’t have the health or ready money/time to do it. Then when you have some of those things, the need doesn’t seem as intense. Wishing you peace and recovery xx

    • sorry to hear things are not ideal lovely. saturn likes a fine grind and mars is getting close too. these are heavy energies to work with whilst also managing a uranian scenario – the T-Square a few weeks ago was game changing in so many ways. Take it easy on yourself ok?

      • I don’t know how much of it is astro but I am doing the best I can. Running the empire from bed today.

  13. ^ That is how it felt as a young teen to have finally thrust myself back into life after more than a year of unchecked depression after the loss of my best friend.

    If only it could be bottled.

  14. Feeling trapped every day like Alice and the looking glass or worse like Star Wars and the Ewoks Battle for Endor where the boy falls in the pond and the top of the pond freezes over in- he can’t get out and can’t breathe.

    I know change is good but I can’t get comfortable for five minutes. I’m so restless, upset, mentally and physically exhausted, feeling guilt and just keep getting interruptions. Not to mention extreme physical pain. It’s just as bad as growing pains- when you’re tall you really feel growing pains in your joints. I keep trying to do exercise to keep some momentum and trying to get rid of old stuff- clearing clutter as this is also some form of forward momentum. I keep visualising aspects of the future but am not privy to what will be, exactly. I have no idea how things will unfold. I do know though that I can only trust and rely on self at the moment. I also feel better knowing that zap zone favours bold self-reliance and change. It helps me to trust myself more.

    Wishing for more sleep and no bad dreams!

  15. I’m happy with big changes afoot.
    I am taking my very aqua with neptune conjunct sun son to live with a host family so he can attend a prestigious school on a full scholorship 5 hours away. …..He is leaving home 4 years earlier than I planned, but this is a once in a life oppurtunity.
    Neptune in pisces, zap zone… I ache just thinking of how much I will miss him.

    The light has been the lover and his daughter moving in and the lovely family we have now.
    He totally got his mercury leo, moon in aries day on yesterday by shaving his head(he never has hair but had let it grow out).

    I just keep moving along, amazed.

  16. this is weird. but what isn’t? good weird. this is good. i like this. i like it a lot.

    • Do hafta say though, clued up wolf, that in spite of my saturn-moon inspired spazz up there, the wierdness is generally good.

      • hey robotnik, yup, he is one of my all time favourites but with men like that and in days like these you gotta know they lived it well and maybe it was just time. everything’s speeding up. the decks are clearing. Who knew he was related to the only liberal who could ever come close to turning me into an ex-greens supporter though?

        How good are these days? Glorious.

  17. Love the Zap Zone.
    Just discovered argan/white grape oil for the hair.
    Turned my dirty, dry summer hair into supermodelish.
    The scent is good too.

    “Turning point for empires ?”
    Hope it’s a good time to start one because it’s too late to turn back now.
    (The empire all starts on the inside doesn’t it ?)

  18. There’s no secret for me about loving this astro. Since Neptune went fully into Pisces and my Jupiter Return in April my life has transformed to the max. Living in a new city (Gold Coast) where I would never have thought I’d live; met my Libra love and more importantly a whole new group of amazing people (Pluto trans my 11th house trining my 7th house Uranus/Merc/Pluto conj and Jupiter return in Toro (3rd conj IC). My new gay Gem flatmate bff has saved my sanity after the dramas I’ve been through with my Libra love’s illness. He’s away getting better now and whatever happens I know I did the right thing, even though my rescue capabilities were almost used up. Gem and I share Pisces rising, Kataka moon conj mars and our Venuses are exact conj @ 29 Gem. On our composite chart we have Jupiter/POF conj our Asc which makes total sense. Last night was our annual Venus return (both 4th house) and we celebrated in true style. I’ve had the best extended birthday ever and living with someone who takes care of me as much as I take care of my own is something I am grateful for everyday. Living with him is true bliss and the best part is there’s no sexual tension bullshit and we can share everything. He’s a true Gemmy trickster and I love it; but he also has a lot of common sense which helps keep me grounded and sane. Love love this astro life :-)

  19. I’d like to be at Shell’s airport … at least it seems I’d have good company. Instead I can totally relate to the pic … lost in the desert, partially in the dark, with Kataka man turning on and off and back again …. totally doing my head in! So tempting to turn to the hoochie juice, but heading for the exercise bike instead!

    • Good for you Gem, with the bike. Just started on the treadmill last night and thought about running. I need to build myself up to that point but I took my first step. I need to get it out of me somehow.. LOL!!

    • the toughest decision we ever make in times like these. devil with pitchfork on one shoulder hissing “drink iiitt”, robed angelic whispering “do the right thing, sweat it out” on the other .

  20. The poem describes how I feel. It was like that in my twenties (for everyone I guess) and realistically or not I’ve been wanting aspects of it again – The lightness, the beauty, the noble and dangerous things.. This last cycle has been all hard slog but all in very good causes (career, self growth etc)

    But lately I feel like my eyes and heart have opened again, as if I’ve come above ground from the coal mine…