Solar Virgo – The Secret To Perma-Serenity Is NOT What You Think

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Happy Sun into Virgo – think: new season cleanse, colonics (even if just of the soul lol) new policies being spun out and launched on-the-spot and in-the-moment, spinach-tofu-quinoa-paleo-super-foodie inspirations, farewell slacker, performance enhancing stationery fetish, exfoliating mitt benders, cleanliness as next to goddessliness, stealth genius,  and no mental clutter. “Hey” says Sun in Virgo, “you know what? Just don’t think it.”

Obviously, it’s got an edge because of the Moon in Scorp & the Zap Zone gathering force again. Hey the Moon in Scorpio is going to be Void for 25 hours soon!  Times on the Daily Scopes page + i will email them out in the next Daily Mystic – major, MAJOR Love Zombie & Qi Vampire alert, people. This is the sort of astro that sends them out trawling for, you know, validation. At least, that’s how they think of it.

Another Sun in Virgo Mantra: Sitting round on your arse trying to think about nothing won’t make you feel serene – that only comes via the quiet empowerment of being totally, supremely organized.

Image: Norman Jean Roy – US Vogue December 2007

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80 thoughts on “Solar Virgo – The Secret To Perma-Serenity Is NOT What You Think

  1. If I’ve already had a streak of OCD re household organisation and liver cleansing/ paleo eating, does this mean it’s about to intensify? Or is everyone else finally coming to the party? LOL

  2. Just too true…went to my classroom today and yesterday and did a whole flung sheui facelift and organized it like never before…now to just delete the vampires of my life! So funny I am usually a day ahead of most of the Astros you post but relish them just the same! Love you MM! You make my days soooo much better!

  3. For the record, I can’t think of a single Virgo who willingly eats Tofu. Unless it’s in that amazing Chinese dish, ma-po tofu. But yes I realise this was just an example that Mystic was spinning off.

    I’ll keep the only possible LZ & QV orbiting my life in check as required…

    Seem to be continually throwing out a lot of makeup. Liberating. Lecture and tute cancelled today, most excellent, allows me to catch up on both laundry and study, even if it is the sort of day when I should be sunbathing and doing laps.

  4. Ugh, stop, I already have a terrifying rep as the office super computer/font of legal wisdom. Scrub up too? I’d like to go with Moon in Virgo closet kink but frankly right now I’m distracted by the imaginary film of dust hovering on the glass surface.

    I shall however undertake the Just Do It spirit of this thing and subvert all my anxieties/desires/fears away in a spate of cleaning. Except. I’ve already cleaned everything (drumming fingers). Ah well.. as for the Love Zombie/Qi Vamp alert, here’s a handy little blog post I adore from Sexy Typewriter:

    It’s called Calling Bullshit on Peeps saying they ain’t ready for a relationship – which btw has become the standard byline of LA Men – you know, despite them being there All The Time. You know what people? There’ve been times I haven’t been ready too, but I’m sweet enough to treat you coldly like the piece of meat I think you are the rest of the time I’m not sleeping with you. Just to keep things less confused.

    Soz, but feeling a touch insouciant about the CCW waiting with bated breath for me to Go LZ on him. I think he’s a touch freaked by the change in script and is probably thinking I’ve just deployed a Jedi Mind Trick. No, just been busy cleaning. :)

    • ahahah that article is awesome. so true. I am sure I have used that on guys too, or kept it handy in case I needed to whip it out. Then I die laughing as I these (much more truthful) alternatives:

      “I want to date someone who isn’t you.”

      “Look, I just got out of a long-term relationship and I kind of need to slut it up for a while.”

      “Work’s been hell lately and I think I could probably bang somebody way hotter.”

      “Please leave me alone, you terribly clueless doting weirdo.”

      thanks FA :)

    • Hah! The funny thing is that I’ve actually NEVER used that line before, mine are more like:

      To the Well Hung Uranian: “Ah, you know it’s not like that between us, useless feelings blah blah aren’t you glad it’s just pure raw unencumbered sex? Besides you totes couldn’t hack fidelity.” Response is usually some type of protest with how challenging I am to him (well, yes) plus the caveat that apparently HIS fidelity relies on meeting the right person i.e. me. Wow but no.

      To Kentucky: “I’m not fooling around with you until you get some manners in bed and break that 45 minute mark from the last time. Besides aren’t you like ready to have kids or something like that?” He’ll quip back with a “reassurance” that indeed he only foresees progeny with me, while I raise a brow and go, “reference the 45 minute limit.”

      BUT I usually detest the line/question, “are you looking for a relationship cos I’m not?” so much that my usual reply is, I don’t work from that paradigm homes. Or I don’t answer at all. It just annoys the crap out of me.

      • oh, very nice work with the “back-burning” approach, ie burn the ground he was going to use so now it’s not an option … or maybe it’s in the challenge he now must surmount / meet “you could never … ” etc 😀

        ‘are you looking for a relationship cos I’m not” .. yes that’s all a bit teenage isn’t it? It kind of takes the fun out of the situation. I’d probably throw some kind of PIAB line at them, then disappear.

        Speaking of relationships, I have an elderly family friend who is attempting to matchmake me GOD HELP ME her heart is in the right place, really, but *gag*

      • OMG yes. The worst thing is when they try to match make you and you think, THIS is your idea of who I’d like???! Cue dry heave.

        Thankfully (or not?) none of my peeps have ever tried to set me up. Oh except for once when my Capp Grifter sister sent me on an errand to pick something up from her colleague (she’s overseas and he just came back from there) who “happened” to be at a restaurant. He then had to inform me it was actually a date. Oh.

        Other than that I just get the peripheral attractions, like the Control Top Leo’s panic after finding out her Outdoorsy Scorp Son was emailing me – hee hee

        • ohh, the trickery.

          I mean, at least the family friend was honest with me, she’s a nice lady, but can’t fathom why I don’t just shack up with someone already. try everything once including marriage, there;s always divorce! etc lol.

          Someone’s outdoorsy Scorp son, oh excellent. I don’t know how you do it FA :)

          Also, I am curious about the Control Top Leo. Tell me, if you wish (no offence taken if you don’t care to divulge) did you spy a hint of “shapewear” one day as she was straining for the photocopy paper? or have you surmised that she *must* be wearing it given some other factor(s). I am not normally this morbidly curious but she crops up every now and then and I am feeling deliriously tired / slightly evil enough to want to know.

          • If you answer, FA, you might disabuse me of my imagined wild maned slightly-glam, slightly-harried woman who wears her control tops on the outside, much like a superhero wears his full briefs outside his tights.

        • haha…alas no, both your and mill’s imaginings are wildly creative and massively entertaining, I would LOVE for her to have appeared at work granny panties over tights. Actually she’s classically stylish and a generally sweet lady save for when her control issues (hence the name) make her blow her top.

          Naturally, she has a terrible time articulating what she needs/wants and between her and the Sagg Boss, the only way it’s worked so far has been a credit to my mind reading abilities. Sigh.

  5. Um, spelling mistake, I think it should be ‘spinach’ above.

    Sorry, Sun-Mercury in Virgo.

  6. Just started a shrine to Bast. Also decided that balance can be achieved by eating chocolate in moderation.

    • Ah yes, sounds like a good combo. But, one bar of chocolate a week is a whopping ten pounds of body fat in a year. Horrified myself recently with that calculation.

  7. Gorgeous weather here, been doing loads of yard work. Nothing like dirt, sun, lush trees, and the lingering threat of ticks to invigorate the senses! *inhaling* Ahh…

    Was tending to my St Virgo shrine in the yard– she had collected some dust and stray helicopter seeds– when I realized she isn’t stepping on a snake: the snake is carrying her on its back! St Virgo, riding on a green whisper of Wisdom…

    Then I heard the (Catholic) church bells ring in the distance, and I jumped cuz I thought I saw a tick scrambling up my leg– but there was no parasite creeping on me at second glance. False alarm.

  8. I’m really feeling the obsession and brooding of this Moon in Scorpio, and I’m having to work hard at not falling back into old LZ tendencies, especially after the progress (?) I’ve made over the past couple of months.

    Thanks, Mystic, for the heads-up to watch out for this.

  9. Ah Gemma. Come & dyson my shoes in your powder blue suit my honey.
    I have been doing DIY salt scrubs & other various potions, have upped protein & probiotics and think I will get back on the chlorella for a real snazzy spring clean-out.

  10. Ugh, I can’t even tell you how much I’m itching to get home to uber clean my apartment, mix up a new batch of bircher and EAT SOME GREENS,but being stuck in design validation workshops with only giant cans of energy drinks and Fruit Tingles to sustain everyone is not helping.

  11. Yay! Time to organize, revamp the routines for efficiency. Cap Moon loves this :-) Perhaps my work discipline will come back once the desk is cleared out. — ps: I really need to prop myself up, managed to get a stiff neck, thanks to work stress (as if what I do is not enough, guilting to the max) — Saturn obviously.

  12. Am actually eating a HUGE bowl of vegetables covered in a vegan cheese sauce (isn’t nutritional yeast awesome ?) while booking in a coffee machine service….

    Also plotting creative 90 degree turn…. as one does….

    Feng Shuied my wallet & did an abundance spell yesterday.

    Will declutter crap in order to let commissions and creative types flood into my life 😀

  13. Totally on a cleaning, unclutter, organizing and minimalizing spree already and it barely dipped in …

  14. I love the Virgo time of year, so close to my heart, I have Venus-Mercury in Virgo on 1st-2nd cusps and my Husband’s sun is right my my Mercury.

    Happy Sun in Virgo everyone

  15. Lol… Reading this while stuffing my face with tofu and broccoli after coming home from personal training and grocery shopping, done the laundry and now the first to do list I have written in aages taking shape next to me.

    Thank Christ… was worried I was getting lazy!

  16. Ms. Sun in early Virgo here… I am loving these days!! It is like a warm, sunny day on the beach except in my soul!! It’s similar to when Mars took its sweet old time coursing over my sun! I may be Ms. Virgo Organization (and a librarian to boot, furreal!), but I also feel like Wonder Woman!! Or maybe I should say BatGirl because she was a librarian?

    • In an uncharacteristically Virgo move, I had a donut for breakfast, lol!! What is going on here 😀

    • Quinoa is kind of fun. It’s not rice or cous-cous. Or rolled oats. It’s different from buckwheat.
      But the only problem is that it’s a staple food of many south american countries (I understand) and since world demand went up, locals are being priced out of the market. I won’t buy it unless it is grown locally .

      • You are in luck. It is grown locally and you can even buy it online ???? google Australian grown quinoa

  17. 78 year old Leo patient just said today that she is going for a colonic…

    “Oh honey, it will be awful”…lol

    I had never massaged her before. She is sweet but it did take oodles of patience as she is an ex massage therapist too….”dear God help me” (I said in my

  18. Am feeling freaked by state of house but too tired to do anything about it… Am Mars in Virgo natally and with Scorpio Moon conjoining my own I may yet get a little screwy by day’s end..

      • But that like, costs money…
        No worries live-in mother-in-law back next week.

        She doesn’t clean but she is a super gourmand, can’t get her out of the kitchen. But she cooks meat for Brekky, lunch, tea, dinner.. She doesn’t like dessert but I think it’s because there is no animal flesh it. :)

        • I don’t know why but this site loves my old name, I have to type in Creatrix but Andromeda is always there.
          …oMg is a sign!??

  19. thank goodness – things already feel better – (sun, merc, venus and pluto in virgo) – key thing – mental declutter “juts DON’T think it” – yay!!