She Lucid-Dreams Of Her Exes…Night After Night

1960s woman in evening gown looking in mirror bottle of wineDear Mystic,

Being an avid reader of Mystic (yes, I’ve exhausted the Oracle during my love zombie days until it ©øLOL©ös©÷ Me … ) . I have launched a voyage this year to totally revamp myself – ‘out with ye old and in with the fantastic new’.

But i have hit a boulder recently….

So I’ve been de-cluttering , feng shui’ng, musing on inspirational reads and icons, adopted crystals, bought a Himalayan salt lamp, meditation, positive affirmations, reactivated obsolete gym membership, gratitude journals, taking better care of my health via spirulina, acai, macca powder, LSA, chia seeds etccc… * Snore * hahaha ……..and whilst I write you – i sip on my noni , chlorophyll + ribenna concoction J …..( Albeit, seeming like a fully fledged hippie I still marvel at Vogue and enjoy my YSL pumps! )

Whilst trying to further amp up my awesome- I’ve been forging to sleep at 10.30-11;30 pm instead of my usual 1pm, so that I get 7-8 hours of blissful snooze time.

But “ever since” my new sleep routine has taken place…. my dreams have been inundated with dreams of: 2 of my past relationships- every single night for past week and a half. (In a nutshell: these are 2 relationships which I have been most devoted, & been cut the deepest) Weird thing is since both ex’s are now married, the dreams are usually of; me somehow re-united / getting back together with them, via an extra marital affair with them, etc. “hmmm….”

This is the first time I have written in, and I do not mean to impose on MM like a narcissistic brat asking for her dreams to be interpreted…. But, why I would like to seek guidance from MM and MM subscribers, as I do feel it’s wrecking havoc with my health, as I wake up feeling groggy ,emo, and sad, and sometimes I cry so hard in my dream – that I cry myself back into awakened consciousness, and it’s hard to shake off that negative, bitterness,,,, which sometimes I carry with me during the day.

Since the frequency of these dreams are so OTT and potent – I was trying to self diagnose myself;

· is this the universe trying to tell me something ?
· or I am just going crazy.
· Neptune in Pisces symptoms ?
· Is this Saturn – giving me one last lesson, since it’s about to finally ……….”leave me alone” in October (*phew* thank goodness )
· Bad karma L

Love+Rainbows ,

The Dreaming Pisces Fish.

Dear Dreaming Pisces Fish,

I get it, i really do – all of it. And obviously, I am thrilled at your grasp of The Law Of Awesome. This Lucid-Dreaming-of-The Ex (or two, in your case) often comes when you’re trying to Phoenix your way into a new life and out of a rut. It’s like their ghosts – some strange remnant of them – lives on in your psyche. It’s not them as such, it is like an echo of them and the unresolved issues or unsaid words linger on in your subliminal realms.

So you’re trying to get more sleep/better quality sleep (genius idea btw) and thus more REM sleep and voila – your subconscious mind goes for it, hitting you with hardcore psych stuff. It doesn’t mean you’re psychically linked to an Ex or should relapse into a Love Zombie lifestyle over anyone.

It’s not helpful to try to fuq around diagnosing karma i.m.o.  Neptune in Pisces is totes enhancing the dream and spiritual life of Pisceans, Saturn would prob prefer you to completely cleanse even psychic residue from defunct relationships, you don’t sound crazy and well, don’t spiral back down into Love Zombie Hell because you think this is an astral sign!

Solutions: You can hire a therapist and scream/whinge/emote to whichever Ex via Gestalt, drink some powerful herbal mint tea/Blue Devil Hoochie Juice before bed and then aim to ask the characters in the dream what they want, do some rad bodywork, write it all out in a diary or just relax and let the dreams run their course.  What I Was Told: All the characters in the dream ARE YOU.  Annoying but there are some possibilities there, yes?

What does everyone else think?


Image: Twiggy – Bert Stern

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St. Pisces

This has happened to me twice in the past week, with two different exes, even though I am very happily married. But actually for me the dream was different – it was more like a chance to apologize (which I have always wanted to do) and to truly be “just friends” as the old break-up line goes. I still loved them, but I only wanted to have a pleasant lunch at a restaurant. And then last night I had a dream in which I actually died – by accidental electrocution via fallen powerline – and I was only slightly frightened… Read more »


Buy / borrow Mugwort and smudge self and home on a waning moon phase, right before the New Moon. Have a change of scenery / activity in your life and focus on something that actually excites you or makes you feel optimistic / enjoyment. Accept that you are having a clear-out on the psychic level. Accept that these men are out of your life. Accept that your dreams are a kind of wish-fulfillment. Fill the void in your life with something that is real and gives you a definite, tangible reward. Avoid lusting/ daydreaming like a recovering heroin addict would… Read more »


much great advice here. i used to dream about the ex all the time even wake up next to him after I’d just dreamt about hmi. freeeky! I used to think that we were deeply connected because f this now i know he was a symbol but there were also blonde woman in those early dreams too and funny thang….. im going to meet one next weekend. Not by choice she is part of a festival I’m working on. I tried to purge her out of his bedroom by scrubbing it one day but nope I could always feel her… Read more »


Hey, good on your for staking your claim on your awesome. Also, ouchy, waking up from sad dreams 🙁 my thinking is maybe it’s about you starting to reclaiming for yourself what was *good* in the relationships? the connection, care, love, yummy ‘us-ness’ of the thing. At this point maybe you perceive the sense of that connection only in the context of old partners, therefore via “illegitimate” (wrong word but you know what I mean?) means. Could you consciously – maybe a meditation or pre-sleep creative visualisation, go into all those feelings of being re-united – what you personally are… Read more »


A week and a half?!! I’ve been dreaming almost every night for the last two years about my ex of twelve years ago. Prior to all the years before that , that is for ten years, I would dream I am back with him, and horrified at myself, two or three nights a week. In my case, I gather it’s trauma related. But man am I sick up to the back teeth of it.

Dreaming Pisces Fish

Thanking everyone immensely for Your words of wisdom , Love and kindness>>> xxXX THANK YOU XXxx

I shall re-read all your saavy advice again……. and again and again :>

Im en route to Phoenixing ….
Sending my Love + blessings to you All.


I’ve had the same thing for the last three nights running and I don’t usually remember dreams (unless they are super nightmares). I have dreamt of ‘almost’ loves though.


PS. although they say you should never send the letter you write to an ex, it can be the most cathartic way of purging them forever. It worked for me after repeating dreams of 10 years… ending after about 3 months since sending the letter. We spoke and all was healed. We can both smile.


OH MY. Major flashpoint re the dream characters ARE YOU. Although I identified with Jung and believe this – I never applied this to dreams of ex-lovers… WOW…. the elusive lover is ME not staying present, not fully accepting or loving myself enough to….. PFFFT !



Before I scrolled down, I knew she had to be a Pisces. I’ve always had lucid and intense dreams but they have been so upsettingly so lately, that I just announced it to my friends today at work. I have been having full on conversations and very emotional dreams about an ex and a significant affair. What is up with this? It better not be the neptune thing since that’s the long haul. I’ll take Saturn leaving my 8th house (and opposite my Venus in Aries) as the best reason-because its over soon!!! lol


Love you title ‘sick of Saturn’ gold.

Fuck up and die already!


Oh gosh, I’m a Pisces too and I have been having some crazy lucid (and crazy sexy lucid) dreams for the last week. Sunday’s included a girl I used to love and then some hot dude randomly joining in the fun and I was like YES HERE FOR THIS DEFINITELY and then the ceiling creaked from a temperature change (lol~) and I woke up.

Leo Princess

It’s always darkest just before dawn. The dreams will pass; stay true to your own course of transformation. Soon you will be healed of the exes and it won’t hurt any more.


😯 Dreams, for me, are all about processing what I can’t do consciously by day. So here is my advice… The awesome/ good part is that you’re reconnecting with the past re two prominent relationships. The grief part you experience by day, is understandable – you’re only human. Obviously if you feel that it is affecting you and is disrupting your life, yes of course see someone. But if you can find a glimpse of hope, strength etc in amongst the grief, grab hold of it. If you’re not at that stage yet, keep your eyes opened. – like this…… Read more »

Dreaming Pisces Fish

Thank you for injecting your lovely humour…. i will keep my pisces fish eyes opened @[email protected]


Hypnotherapy works….

I did it 2 years ago, I was taken to a camp fire where I had a conversation with my exes- they revealed their deepest inner most thoughts about me. BEST form of catharsis.


I’m sure there’s plenty of excellent advice in the above – however I’ll just add – I had a crazy dream period when Neptune was square my Venus – featuring specific people and all sorts of deeply meaningful symbolic stuff that to be honest made a somewhat distressing situation even worse ’cause it all meant something man’. I even premptively dreamed the whole situation before I met one of the key people and that took about 2 years to play out in real life. My pragmatic hindsight conclusions from that experience – don’t try to hard to analyse them –… Read more »


Give it time, it will go away. Until then, remember: It’s just a dream! Like Mystic says, it’s a sign that your subconsious is processing things and getting over them. You’ve been doing the conscious work, now the unconsious has to work things out, process stuff and work through it all. I think it’s a sign of letting go. To let go, you need to embrace feelings, not block them out or bury them. Embrace it—then let it go. That’s what your subconscious is doing–exploring shit, so that it can eventually let it go. Keep sleeping, keep dreaming and keep… Read more »

Dreaming Pisces Fish

“Embrace it—then let it go”….. I will endeavour to do this.
Thank you 🙂 Much Love X


We are often so heaving with effort to push our own reset buttons, get on with our awesome and forge ahead with our new lives that we forget the emotional self takes more time, and wants to actually go through the painful layers of process. Staying Stuck in the Fuqd is just SOOO tiresome, yes? But there you have it. While you’re powering ahead with spirulina and YSL devil-may-care another little part of you is spiritually grabbing your hand: Waaa-ait, mummy, i hurt my knee-eee! This part needs time and patience and care, plus a big kiss. Have you seen… Read more »


*unravel your OWN secret* …sudden dyslexia since yesterday 🙂 ftw


I thought the idea of unravelling a “won” secret sounded, well, wonderful 🙂

Dreaming Pisces Fish

Thank you very much for your kind loving words . I will keep your words of wisdom close to my heart.

Sending you much too – from Pisces 10th House :>

Dreaming Pisces Fish

*sending you much *LOVE*

haha…. if your words utter dyslexia ~ then mine amnesia. 🙂


Spiritual hypnotherapy? Past Life Regression? Shamanism?
Soz, it’s my stock answer for everything!


PLR is great for relationship stuff. Best part is there isn’t all this having to grieve or be in it. One session and you are done most of the time.
The various stages of grief have no validity in that context.


Been down this road myself. It’s just processing old residual stuff in a in your face way. Keep dreaming, keep crying (release), keep up the self care and before you know it. Shiny new you! Wiser, clean & sober of past relationships lol. Ready for the future, better than it was ever in the past :).

Dreaming Pisces Fish

Thank you for your encouraging words, may we all ascertain further enlightment and Love. X


ah! this is all so brilliant! good timing too. i’m in the same place, phoenixing yet ex-nightmares creep back in. i think it goes back to MM’s snake shedding the skin – not pretty but part of the new start. (*side note, I lived in the rainforest for 1 1/2 yrs and ran into waaay too many snakes and snake skins, the ones I saw they actually shed the skin by crawling out their own mouth. Even the skin over the eyes was intact.) Also, after the relationship ended I gave “the” mattress to family. Now when I stay there… Read more »

Dreaming Pisces Fish

All the best with your Phoenixing. 🙂
(maybe try sage’ing the mattresses to rid any residual energy from its previous owner ie: (you?)

Dreaming Pisces Fish

PS: Love MM’s snake analogy ! Perfect

Dreaming Pisces Fish

Love MM’s snake analogy. it works perfect here 🙂


Wow- can I relate to this and here is my take: 1. your detoxing- crazy dreams impode during detox periods, its weird, but its true- all that chlorophyll probably and well everything else hippie you are doing to cleanse and bring about a higher vibration. 2. during your conscious hours you are consciously trying to bring about this higher vibration, this new self, better self, higher self.. whatever you tag it… but in your unconscious mind is where you need to get to the grit of cleaning up- so think of your dreams as telling you what is holding you… Read more »

Dreaming Pisces Fish

Thank you Holly. Blessings to you too :> X

fallen angel

I also think dreaming is an unfinished conversation – NOT with said exes, but it’s a bridge from the past to the future. It’s a bit like mucking about the loam trying to figure out what is yet to bloom in thine garden sort of thing. Preparatory? You betcha. I was Sewered (evil ex named thusly) and for a year and a half, I was you. One time even having a nightmare so real where my finger was cut off that I woke up shaking cold, sobbing and in shock. I couldn’t even go to work, and chattered my teeth… Read more »


Good stuff fallen.. thanks for sharing that.


Well said… words to meditate on as I get my Mars on!

Dreaming Pisces Fish

A big Thank you Fallen. I shall re-read and digest this tonight . X

Scorpio Sun/Rising

Exact same thing happening here. It’s annoying when you’re in the middle of Phoenixing isn’t it?! . :/ I don’t have any answers. I’ve been told it’s part of the Psyche releasing things that I’m unwilling or incapable of releasing during my waking moments. I’m hoping with the shift of the Moons Nodes… the page will turn. Yes!


Whenever I dream about an ex-or anyone I used to know, I realize it’s not really them you should focus on, but the period of time in which you were with them. What kind of person were you? What were you going through? It’s like a message from your past self. Think less Love Zombie and more Time Traveler.


exorcising the demons.




Me too!! I’m also pisces, also trying to revamp my life in as many ways possible, eliminating any habits that aren’t supportive (bring on the awesome, I’m ready for it!!!), and also been dreaming of my exes (also 2 of them!) sveral nights in a row. However, my dreams have been MUCH more mellow than yours, as in I have not brought myself back to consciousness by crying (!!), but in one particular dream (with the most significant relationshop of the 2) I woke up upset and felling kinda yucky. This ex actually contacted me in real life very recently,… Read more »

Dreaming Pisces Fish

Thank you ,,,,, yes, this forum and the lovely MM subscribers are all lovely.

If i could ~ i would make everyone some ‘gluten free -chia seed muffins’ 🙂 …. to spread all the love that i felt today.


This is so crazy… I had to write even if this post is from a million years ago. My name is also Sonia, I am also a pisces, at the time you wrote this I was also revamping my life (I had moved to India and was doing the whole meditation/yoga/ finding myself thing). My ex at the time had also reached out to me in early August after we had decided to definitely end things by not contacting each other during one year. Much like yourself I did not want to get back together with my ex, so I… Read more »


What about a sleepy time meditation?
I used Doreen virtue’s past life regression with the angels-it instructs one at the beginning to ask a Question 3 times -perhaps there’s some muck to clear out….or it could be” why am I dreaming about these guys all the time?”
It’s like 6$ on an iTunes app-or 9$ on amazon


Sounds like the run up to the full moon in Pisces in a few days time, conjunct CHIRON.

Imo, grok it all, feel it, and release it. I think you’ll feel much better after this wet full moon has waned.

Maybe a trip to the ocean would be nice.

Dreaming Pisces Fish

Indeed! …. my amethyst and Aquamarine crystals too, may enjoy some of that ocean therapy X


Sometimes talking with a competent therapist can help make sense of complicated emotions in a way that no amount of journaling or meditation can. As someone with strong Neptune in my chart, it helps ground me to talk about these things with a person who can shed a practical light on them. Otherwise it all stays in my head and goes round and round with no way out.

I don’t know if seeing a therapist for the short term is practical in terms of money, time, etc., but maybe it’s an option worth exploring.


that happened to me in a dream once, I was arguing with someone for hours, and then I realized I was just technically arguing with myself, aha, now I dont even feel the need to argue whatsoever


LSA? As in, Lysergic Acid Amide? If so, tripping on acid on the regular definitely triggers old memories. It also depletes your seratonin levels and can make you depressed. …unless there is something else that LSA stands for??

Here I Virgo Again

Umm… think that’s likely to be LSA as in Linseed Sunflower Almonds. Heck, hadn’t even heard of the other LSA. I’ve got a tub labeled “LSA” from my local health food store in the fridge, definitely non psychedelic variety!

Good luck on the phoenixing DPF. Keep processing and give it time. Congratulations – Sounds like you’re doing all the right things.

Dreaming Pisces Fish

Thank you for your lovely words HIVA 🙂
Enjoy your LSA …. I blend my LSA goodness into smoothies every morning :p

Much Love


It’s LSD – the trippy drug that is lol. Not that I can remember what it stands for exactly, but I thought the same when reading it 🙂


the D stands for Diethylamide.


It’s a drug. Herbal based yet still a drug.

Electric Eel Libran

I usually go with the most basic interpretation of what sex means in a dream. It usually means you admire something about the person regardless of what sex they are. So maybe there is a quality about your exes you wish to assimilate into yourself? Figure out what that is and how to make it part of your life. When you do, you’ll find those dreams go away.


12th house virgo

I sometimes write down a question before I go to sleep and ask for the answer in the dream. So, ask your dream why its there. Results may vary.

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