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    I had a whole vision thing a while ago and there was a man in ye olde robes hovering in front of me and I asked him which way to go and he pointed at a sword that suddenly appeared lying on the ground in front of him and said it was pointing in X direction and I had no idea what to do with that information.

    this helps

    • Maybe he was telling you that you have baggage and things to be cleared in every direction. A sword can not be used if it’s lying on the floor.
      Also, the ‘X’ shape is one of the friendship runes.

        • I have an ‘installation’ of vintage suitcasesare you channelling my house? Can you see where the lock for the back gate is? i’m at work right now but itd be good if u could get back to me before tomorrow morning that’d be awesome x

      • OH! Hilarious I get what you meant – ‘x’ was in place of what he actually said because its for my ears only – but I do have vintage suitcases and a lost padlock – any ideas? my lifelong baggage is that i’m a smart ass and my mouth gets me into i-troubles

  2. I feel that Shamanism is very ‘now’ too, really because it is about understanding spirituality rather than a religion.
    People who have Near Death Experience’s start to be interested in spirituality – not religion generally too.

    Pluto in Capricorn is about the end of power structures such as the RCC and so on – but maybe it is also about reviving Earth Magic – Gaia Love in a structured way such as Shamanism provides. Capricorn is pragmatic & earthy as is Shamanism imo, it is really about action – no excuses or blathering. Evolve or evaporate?

    Spent most of today writing my website text: shamanism, reincarnation, karma, the holographic universe, etc. This was nice to see as I pack my computer up and leave the library!

  3. Would it be centuries and now? There is much to sanskrit that is along similar lines; I tried to learn it with my mother…a fantastic time of my life…

    I am as white as snow…but my skin quickly changes in the sun…and my mother is Sri Lankan…unfortunately named after the stolen princess Sita (Ramayana)…there were 7 tenses…we had a lovely teacher…his name was Hanuman…after the monkey king of the jungle who helped save her…it ended too quickly.

    I think I remember…God I am…I am God…such a wonderful mantra (?)…because everything is in you as much as it is around you….but my favourite, please forgive the poor grammar, (not literal) is religion (spirit) without science is like hope without knowledge. In sanskrit the grammar is more fluid; the words would not necessarily be ordered as such.

    Shamanic, esoteric japanese shinto…all fanastic places to visit. Think Ursula Le Guin wrote a piece about the importance of the “other-real”…the paradigm, duality of fantasy, spirit, tangible verus material, mundane and evident. Do you really have to know everything? I think sometimes it is just enough to sense it…

  4. There is a great little book called the Sacred Tree (by Bopp et al) which also describes this and more into this in a beautiful way.

    I often wonder about the directions in the southern hemisphere….sure, the north and south are north and south, but east and west confuse me… Has anyone resolved this in their own minds?

    • err, that doesn’t sound how i intended…. trying to say, wouldn’t the directions be reversed in the southern hemisphere? where the attributes of the directions are relative to the turning of the planet, the seasons?

    • You don’t need to worry about East and West because that is the direction of the sun’s movement.

      I personally feel that from a Shamanic point of view, certain things are associated with certain directions ie: the system I have learnt is that Jaguar is associated with the West, Hummingbrid with the North, Eagle with the East and Serpent with the South. These directions aren’t inverted in the Southern Hemisphere :)

      I DO know that most Southern Hemisphere Wiccans change the Equinoxes as they don’t make sense for the seasons here, done in the order of the Northern Hemisphere….

      And just to confuse things πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Feng Shui has a completely different set of direction associations πŸ˜€

      I also include MamaGaia (down) and the Star Nations (up)

      Why not try meditating or praying and asking for guidance on this matter ?

      • Did you find things changed when you went up down or did u always do it that way? I always used directions but when I added some up down and references to harmonious frequencies in other ‘dimensions’ everything changed. Like a power surge.

        • Yes I did notice a difference – both more grounded and more open to Universal energy. Its the difference between a circle and a sphere.

          I still have a lot of Journeying to do to discover the meanings of the Directions in my personal Medicine Wheel. But its very exciting and interesting πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

          • I’m not sure what a medicine wheel is! I’m a bit free range which has its benefits but I sometimes wish I was able to follow a defined path so I could in some way measure progress – that might be during saturn transits πŸ˜€

            I started working with my ancestors and then some extra words came to me in the middle of something so I started to integrate them into what was going on and after that a whole other world opened up. Then a few years later I found out that I was actually working within an established system but it’s not one that I’ve ever seen any books or anything about although I have found information relating to things around it – I stumbled into something that had a strong astrologically based link without knowing it. I don’t often talk about this stuff in detail – because I don’t have a ‘system’ I find it hard to find the words that can convey what I mean and I just end up sounding like a tripper. My friend who is ‘in touch’ with the maori ways always has the words while I stumble around trying to express it he will suddenly go ‘oh yeah, you’re talking about this…’ It’s a bit frustrating as an adult not to be able to define and quantify experiences. But I feel as though my connection to my ancestors is what I have and need to use so without words I travel. That helps when mercury is reprobate πŸ˜€

            I’m really interested to hear more about your- and anyone else’s – experiences with this stuff if there’s ever anything you have that you feel comfortable sharing here.

              • please don’t be bitter H – I was up the top but not down here – I thought you were taking the mickey in your post and I’m sorry about that – I thought it was pretty funny when I worked out what you really meant. If you do want to dwell on it by all means but I can’t say I’ll be joining you. I wish you all the best however you decide to deal with it. It was a misunderstanding.

              • Initially I thought you were someone else who I’d had a D&M with a few days ago. It was a case of mistaken identity.

          • this post was revelatory for me because I’d never considered the directions as being specific to certain purposes – in my workings I just turn to the direction that I’m drawn to for whatever it is that’s going on. So when I was considering the direction I was given I was considering it purely in a compass/navigational sense. Now I can go away and work with feeling out which directions are associated with certain things in my system. This is gold.

    • I agree with Dom Triff re East/West. When clients lie with head North my guides suggest the result is more powerful. Some practitioners say unless it is exact it doesn’t work so well, though I haven’t noticed that. I believe the earth’s grid has a natural flow and north to south remains constant regardless of hemisphere. I think it is confusing because the nthn air in the troposphere never touches air from the sth. That book sounds interesting (takes note)!

  5. In many traditions, including mine, you should face east to pray or meditate. This makes sense of that.
    Buddhism in Tibet was built on the original shamanic traditions and tho’ this is not my specific tradition I find it fascinating because of that.
    Praying & bowing to all directions & Prayer flags :-)
    Thanks Mystic

  6. Thunderbirds?! Pretty powerful (some same mythical) creatures by the sound of them… the Native Americans revere them on their totem poles, though whether they still exist is another thing.

      • very against petrochemicals but I have a weakness for things that go fast. Torn with cars on that. Thunderbirds and Mustangs. Purrrr.

  7. Interestingly I’ve had the head of my bed pointed either East or West no matter where I’ve lived.

    Wonder if I should try North/South for a while?

    I do think that organized religion is less and less appealing to the masses, and I think that it’s because there’s really not much meaning in it anymore. It’s all rote ceremony, if that makes any sense. All of the spirit has been crushed out of it.

  8. I so hope shamanism is ‘now’ since I am an apprentice shaman myself…I am studying under an amazing teacher who divides her time between Peru and Australia. I think the sign is about the 4 sacred directions, which is a big deal in shamanism, as are power animals, dream journeys, soul retrievals and the odd indulgence in power plants. It’s also so in tune with Astrology.