Reign Of The Zodiac

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Reign Of The Zodiac was a DC comic series launched in 2003 – that i only just heard about and i love comics – does anyone know any more? Presumably they were not ravingly successful but cool concept, no?

Why do the Gemini Twins in the top pic have Ram horns?  Also, what is this Scorpion doing to the guy with the Aries tatt on his hand? Or do i have this totally wrong?

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21 thoughts on “Reign Of The Zodiac

  1. These look great – that top cover has some kind of an Art Nouveau feel to me.

    I don’t know what that Scorpion is doing …. but it looks painful

  2. “House Aries, I patterned it after Sparta,” Giffen said. “The government is a Senate-run democracy. They’re basically a warrior race. That doesn’t mean that everyone’s a warrior, but they’ve got a culture that comes from their militaristic past.”

    “Aries is very classical,” Doran said. “Their clothes are very simple and Greco-Roman influenced. The architecture is all Greco-Roman.
    “Aries being the sign of the ram, the sides of the heads of the adult are often shaved, to indicate the horns on the head. … Interestingly, although we associate the symbol with being warlike, it’s a feminine sign, so it’s a matriarchy.”

    – from interview of the creators. They also made house Virgo middle eastern with lots of kaftan pants.

    I’m starting to see why it lasted for 8 issues….

  3. I read that the Spartan men only had ‘ enjoyable’ relationships with other men, but they were expected to marry women, for the creation of children only.
    The woman’s role was solely as childminder and on the wedding night, the woman’s head was shaved and she was dressed like a man , presumably because that’s the only way their ‘husbands’ could have sexual relations with them !

  4. the coolest zodiac themed comic book thingie was a comic book arc on secret warriors, some sort of secret agent stuff entrenched in the SHIELD mythos, nick fury was the gemini, I forget the rest

  5. although not zodiac sam kieth who worked on sandman comics did some great tarot cards in an exhibition with some other comic artists – i’ve googled but i can’t find any decent sam kieth pics to link to but he did the wheel of fortune and strength card and then burned them as part of some kind of public phoenixing event. not sure what that was about and he’s kind of creepy in some of the themes he works with so i never wanted to delve any further. His queens of swords contained the words ‘somebody’s had to much to think’ which always makes me laugh when i see that card in a spread now.

    • ironic that it was considered too ‘confusing’ for it to be read once a month! the detail in that first pic is mad.

  6. Those aren’t Gemini twins on the top. They are warrior women from House Aries, twin sisters. I read the series. I’m sure other people have twins, not just Gemini’s.

    I liked it a lot and wish it had lasted longer. Very interesting book.

      • Can’t quite remember, but I know that’s not a tat. I think each house of the Zodiac was in opposition to another house. Scorpio was behind a lot of shenanigans which gave Aries a lot of trouble. There wasn’t really a lot of actual war in the book, it was more political. I think the cover art was an overall illustration of Scorpio screws Aries. I have to dig them out and give them another look.

  7. “I’m starting to see why it lasted for 8 issues…” I tend to withhold judgement from something until I’ve read it. I read it and liked it. Your mileage may vary, but then, you haven’t read it. Thought it was cool and well-developed.

    • You’re having a snipe over me having an opinion? Well, I shall consider my hand thoroughly slapped and go to my room.

      • No. I’m saying I read it and liked it. You read an interview, and decided you wouldn’t like it. Touchy much?

        • Ahhh, so you needed to quote me in order to do that?
          And then bait again with your last comment. Nice.

  8. My boyfriend is obsessed with collecting the books and DVD’s for this anime called Knights of the Zodiac. Doesn’t have a lot to do with the western zodiac…more about Greek mythology. Always loved Sailor Moon myself…I felt like the girls really represented their planets!