Pisceans Are From Neptune

Beautiful model in the water with scales

Or maybe from Atlantis. The sexy and always surreal on a Tuesday 22nd Dimension? Anyway, Pisceans it is time to tell all. Neptune was in Pisces from April to August 2011 and then again from early Feb 2012. This time around it is until 2027. Neptune RULES Pisces. Having your ruling planet in your sign for untold years is obviously epic.

So some questions:  Pisces – have you become more ethereal? Less interested in sex but more into Art-Spirituality? Feeling more guided by Angels/Abraxas/Pick your God/Goddess/Spirit/Totem?

Pisces RIsing/Moon in Pisces peeps?

Also, in the area of your chart dominated by Pisces (the ‘house’ with Pisces on the cusp – you can figure all this out with ease via one of my Astral DNA birth chart reports. are you feeling more witchy, psychic and lucid dreamy there?  More faith based but guess what – it’s working?

Or has it been, you know, non-stop Blue Devil Hoochie Juice and lower Neptunian couplings?  Thoughts?

mermaid relaxing sunbathing


Image: Veruschka – the First Supermodel. She was actually a Uranian. But Taurus, Venus-ruled, like Libra.

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Pisces Sun and Merc 7th House, Pisces Pallas, Eros, and Pscyhe, 8th house. Since 2011, I’ve definitely been falling deeper into the Blue Devil Hootchie Juice, less interested in real sex and more interested in fantasy (despite my Aries Venus and Mars), but also getting back in touch with my more mystical side, reading Tarot again, learning about Astrology. I used to say I never dreamed, i.e. could not remember dreams, and that’s still largely the case (though mostly because I’m probably too drunk-sleep to have lucid dreams or remember them) but when I do, they are intense and mine… Read more »

Aishah Macgill

Feel llike I am about to fly… or is that swim?

catfish moon

well….my 7th is ruled by Pisces. Neptune has been dancing back and forth over my descendant.

I fell in love with my darling Taurus, who is Irish and Blackfoot Indian. So yes, He drinks alot. He also has some interesting psychic and energetic characteristics.
I am drinking and smoking pot more now.
Have had some interesting dreams.


Neptune rules my second house, Mystic dis is non good for moneys saving (dis)abilities. Been transiting my 4th house and yes the question permiating my psyche is “where is my home”, seeing as I am a Crab, this has been tres stressful pour moi. But lately I have developed philosophy that the world is my home, its no one specific place, just a feeling that comes and goes… I think that is since Neptune has began to trine my Sun and Pluto, and sextiling my Neptune. before when it was in Aqua, it was hard. Who knows where I might… Read more »



Since Neptune went into Pisces I can’t help but notice how kind people are, I feel really sensitive to it. I also find myself helping others more, as in complete strangers. I also feel inspired, more so than before. 😯

Pisces Rising


lovely Gem – yes its always a good thing, to be nice and to look for niceness! pisces moon + rising


It’s been all shamanism, psychoactives and karmic conncetions. Gettin’ philosphical as in “Whatever is meant to be is meant to be…the universe will take care of everything…follow your bliss, listen to your heart etc etc. Witchy woo woo stuff as well, worshiping all sorts of new deities (Voudon? Yes! Egyptian? Why not?) Trance dancing, reconnecting with my heritage/cultural background in magical ways…..Discovering that certain “princes on pedestals” I’d idolised are really just high functioning flakes and also getting really creative in new and exciting ways. It’s GREAT!!!!


Pisces rising btw


Sun Pisces 7th Moon 12th house Definitely low neptune here. Started out so full of hope, then had routine wisdom tooth surgery and ended up with permanent nerve damage. Way too much Hoochie Juice, pain meds, etc, etc. Slight upturn when I thought I too had finally found my soulmate. Major fated love connection from 25 years ago, reconnected and BAM instant relationship. Now he’s turning out to be a not so highly functioning flake and lazy loser. My finances are in ruin, everytime I think I’m ahead something else crops up that puts me further behind. Still in constant… Read more »


oh that sounds truly aweful – can you totally prioritise sorting out the nerve damage? can an alternative practitioner or ultra modern dentist help? chronic pain will undermine any efforts whatsoever. I hope things trend up x


it’s drained all my financial resources so now i’m just working through the pain and trying to be the best mom i can. its like pulling a load of bricks by my neck. thanks for the kind words and sorry for the negativity…

upstream fish…


It’s like that cool song. “Somebody That I Used to Know.”
If your date has all these people floating around in his/her consciousness,
unprocessed, unfinished business, real or imagined, don’t stick around for dessert.


So sorry to be fuqed to really read comments so far as in take them in. Neptune is transiting my Pisces 1.54 ASC which is conj my natal Saturn at 3 deg Pisces. Just r-read MM’s Mars consult (or should that read onslaught for me). So accurate. Met my soulmate, though he’s gone to hell atm but he’ll be back. But so much has changed in my life and it seems all my besties are men atm. BFF is my gay flatmate, plus heaps of new male friends since April. Feel such an affinity with the boys atm but natally… Read more »


Pisces sun/Saturn/Merc conjunct in 7th plus Chiron loosely conj and Psyche in Pisces both in the 8th. Neptune in Pisces last year was truly magic. Rented a place on the beachfront to do some research. I could have happily lived there forever. Began writing music again for the first time in 20 years. I’ve become vegetarian, ditched chemicals and a lot of mainstream ideas/habits. Psychically I’ve always been pretty in tune but it’s been off the scale the last few months. The only negative side effect of the anti-ds I am taking is that I can’t remember my dreams very… Read more »


lovely inspiring post Chrysalis – and thanks for comments the other day! I’ve actually had to go on antiDs too – just too many meltdowns per day. Creative work going well but day job yuckies with a colleague making mischief. Have been out with new friend 3 times but on an outing yesterday he just seemed arrogant, inflexible and patronising! Hope you got your new bed! (Pisces moon + pisces rising both in the 1st H)


Congratulations on being courageous enough to take care of yourself, re the anti-ds. I too was having so many meltdown days and actually couldn’t function. To get my script, I drove to a chemist in an unfamiliar part of town, at night, so nobody I knew would see me. I sat in my car and sobbed for the sense of defeat I felt. One of the things I’m writing about is societal constructions of madness in women so I secretly didn’t ‘believe in’ depression. I was able to be compassionate with others but not myself. The meds have saved me.… Read more »


Thanks C – wise and empathetic words indeed, and exactly what my saggo bestie said! I was on an ssri in 2003 after the death of my mum and various other issues, for 1 year and they really helped – as you say – get my fight back. I too felt devo at having to resort to that. This time, a prolonged series of stresses at every front have depleted my ability to see clearly and have an ego – everything seemed to be my fault. I only started 6 days ago and its taking a while to balance out,… Read more »


Im absolutely flying! Ethereal and psychic awareness ten fold. Alot of hard work paying off.


Pisces rising.

Yes to all even Hoochie Juice, but no to lower Neptunian couplings.

Need my love mate to vibe with me spiritually and value wise or else nada.


Pisces rising, Neptune conj Jupiter oppose Saturn conj Venus.

The best advice I read on a web site has been to let Neptune express itself where Saturn rules the boundaries.


Pisces in the first house and pisces rising.
It’s been all low pisces for me in the last month
I’ve been kicking myself and feeling too damn sorry for myself!

I’m over it! I would rather dream then do any real hard work.
Which pisses off my aries sun and capricorn moon

Scorporation, Inc.

Pisces rising; natal Neptune conjunct True Node in Sagg/9th house.

Yes to all of Mystic’s questions above. Except for the lower Neptunian couplings bit: have not and will not have any of that mess, courtesy of Saturn’s tour in Libra/my 7th house, where my moon lies conjunct Pluto.


Pisces 7th.
Ugh if this is Neptune in Pisces , please leave. house sitting for a friend, set off on a beautiful run and ran, yes ran, smack into saggie ex, the one who broke my heart. I tried to be light and funny, given that it’s a wound that’s still raw; it felt clear that he could barely say hello to me. Wtf? Funny or not so funny thing is that I’d told a few friends I felt sure he lived nearby. Some super power. Can I also get the one where I turn him into flames?


ayayay Pisces intercepted in the 6th… Since Neptune crossed the 6th house cusp in 2008, work has been uncomfortable…issues re work came to a head mid last year when Neptune into Pisces, and since Feb have been working in a non english speaking city (no english speakers around) where my grasp of the language is not great…so much of the time I have no idea what is going on. Need to work out how to make friends with Neptune…dont want to feel this level fo discomfort in my daily life until Neptune leaves it in the early degrees of Aries…


I think i’m travelling in my sleep again. This time i was in the same place in two shifts of time. Every time i do this, i ‘m beginning to think i leave an imprint, and i can be seen or sensed. but not by the living. There are places haunted, alive with ghosts and i roam quietly watching the past stories, even becoming a couple of them, then i’m walking through a rundown place knowing that even the wallpaper is haunted. I try to clear the energies for real estate purposes with the modern living but it’s not working… Read more »


Sun conjunct Neptune, Moon in the 12th house. Neptune is trining my Mercury in Scorpio and my intuition has been really on since about February or March. From big Life Question stuff to little everyday decisions.


I have a Pisces moon in the 8th, (which is nataly square my neptune). Neptune is still in my 7th. It has been squaring my sun since it entered Pisces (I’m working small orbs on this slippery sucker). I would overall describe the period of Neptune in Pisces and associated square as completely crap. Yes, there have been moments of a real feeling of faith that things will be good/great/wonderful/there is a whole world out there waiting to open up etc etc. And yes, I have some strange psychic thing going on with some folk, with contacts to my Moon… Read more »


mine is all negative too, see my depressing post below. not trying to give your misery any company, but it’s comforting at least to see that I’m not the only one suffering through what was supposed to be the end all be all neptune transit.

sun pisces 7th
moon 12th

Mystic… HELP! what’s the deal???


Ah, sorry to read your story FuzzieFishie, chronic pain is shit. I have luckily avoided such issues, some weird health scares, but at least like everything else they have also turned out to be nothing. I think the deal is how you balance the belief with the practicality. Whilst my past few years have been rough, there have also been a lot of good moments in there, as well as amazing things turning up at times I really need them to, to get me out of holes. I am all for the believing it’ll all be okay thing – but… Read more »

fallen angel

Shell babe, not to make light of it..ok well, a little but in the best way possible, your comment about Saturn getting sick of hippy dippy shit instantly made me think of a somewhat stern yet handsome man wearing a suit jacket and tie up top, derisively snarling at the fact that he’s had to don a sarong on the bottom, prayer beads hung on the hip and beautiful dress shoes. Like Where the Fuq are my pants?? I gots to get going. 🙂 Sorry but it was a pretty strong visual and I hope one that bolsters positive currents… Read more »


thanks gorgeous xxo


thanks for the re.

word up on the tangible results.

12th house = moon in kataka = constantly toggling between enjoying the darkness and fighting to overcome it.

hope things look up for you too…


Hi… I don’t really consciously do psychic-lucid dreaming-talk to ghosts-dream life path stuff. I just sort of daydream a lot and things drift in. At least, if I am left to my own devices and not in some hellish work environment! Sometimes I decide that I will pay attention to ‘the little voice’ and then lots of little things work out. Control-freaking my environment has never felt very nice for me. When I have blissed-out moments and fantastic days/nights, I try to remember to say “thank you” to everything and to any angels working up there or just to the… Read more »

Fire Fish

Hey Lily, hope for your sake there isnt a third but from personal experience there is a high likely hood! 10 year marriage dissolved at the end of 09 when Saturn went Libra (?)and now its almost done, (along with 3 ‘soul mates) My Pisces rising long term witchyness and general physic superpowers can no longer be suppressed! Tantra and celibacy here I come! Lets see how that pans out! lol 🙂


Im soooo glad theres an explanation for why I have been so uninterested in sex!!! I was kind of worrying if there was something wrong, it was such a massive 180 – suddenly all the dudes in my life just didnt seem worthy of me, it was like a light came on and I could see all the ways I was mistreating myself and letting others mistreat me where before all i could see was low down hedonistic fun. I was struggling through life before… now Im gliding and I like it!!!! Also I seem to be a kind of… Read more »

Fire Fish

Oh serisouly!! I think we may have just had the exact same epiphany…. efishany?! 🙂 So all over the mistreating and SO sick of being she who brings on the catalyst!


Efishany – LOVE IT!!


Pisces near the DC cusp: 8 year marriage dissolved. So far 2 “soulmates” – the first was actually a vile womanizer, the second was an inconsistent flake. Prepping for a third lol


haha “inconsistent flake”. I can relate. 7th – 8th house ruled by pisces.


I totally thought that Atlantis was run by Aquarians…


Sooo glad you posted about this! I have Pisces intercepted in the 7th house and I really don’t know much about how intercepted signs work. But clearly I have Aqua on the cusp of the 7th so I have had plenty of Neptune gear going on plus I have Neptune conjunct my Sun natally. Is there anyone out there who could anyone explain a little more about Neptune intercepted?


I have Pisces intercepted in the 6th, and Jupiter there. And of course Pices intercepted in the 6th means that Virgo is intercepted in the 12th, and that is where my sun and saturn both live. I understand intercepted signs to be more difficult to access, more hidden, where things are not as they seem. As Mystic once said, like finding a closet in a room you thought you knew. Never very clearly written about, IMO, as I guess things that are hidden are difficult to explain…


I don’t remember where I got it from, maybe..just my personal thoughts and experience about it, but I think the fact with intercepted signs is that if you don’t have a cusp on the sign you somehow lack the link with the earthly experience of the energy and myth to that particular sign, since I think houses cusps are sort of “doors”, ideal places where we attempt to live the meaning and the experience of that current energy each signs brings. Intercepted signs would perhaps be lived as very much on the unconsciuos side, like for example when we deal… Read more »


Please don’t apologise your english is great and a really interesting answer as I do feel that I am learning some “lessons” perhaps.


Thanks, yes I have Virgo intercepted in the 1st house. I have done a little research but as you said not a lot is easily found. Mmm. thanks for your insights!


Well my MC is witchy, psychic and lucid dreamy by nature and practice. It’s been so much fun doing extra study & writing. I come across things that fit perfectly just opening a book.

Will make a point of doing as much writing as possible this week!


Pisces on the cusp of my 8th, and Mercury in it with Neptune right on it these period. I’m in a period of self-discoveries…lots of them have to do with “energies”, the power of prayers, mantras, and other dimensions stuff. there’s also a lot of synchronicity going around. I feel like I’m more ‘open’ …and can see and feel more…and this is absolute brilliant, but I had a former period of feeling scared by all this at the beginning, so I took some Aspen, and it worked a lot. Also, since this all is happening in my 8th house, I’m… Read more »


what a lovely description of your time with your grandmother, and no wonder you are so sad. Hold her hand whenever you can.


thank you virgotigress! xxx I’ll do..


Pisces on 6th house cusp – witchy all the way,all natural,wanting the best for the body,the recipes are well guarded secret,my organism is in tune with surroundings,very autosuggestion and therefore healing kinda of deal.
My skin is magical,and I had quite a few ladies telling me I must be practicing witchcraft for having such a smooth skin.


It has definitely put me on ice between insane lower and higher pisces scenarios… so def forcing awareness, but wouldnt have it any other way 🙂


Pisces rising here – getting my Art and artfulness ON & loving it. Shaping and steering my creative path, feels awesome! In the medium of photography, no less. Thanks for the help, Neptune.


Lol am totally running on faith, hands off the steering wheel and letting higher forces smooth the road. FINALLY listening to the guidance that’s been flowing in, and it is paying off. Plus, my beautiful child arrive in Feb and parenting by intuition really sharpens your awareness and opens your heart. Life is very groovy.

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