Seventies Supermodel in broad white trousers and bandanna

It is an astro-cliche worth acknowledging that Leo/Leo Rising peeps are both insanely photogenic AND often gifted behind the camera; they take amazing pics. The camera loves Leo and Leo loves it right back.


Images:  Vogue, April 1972, by Gianni Penati.  Marion Cotillard by Bruno Dayan

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Multiple Leo and just spent weekend photographing around Melbourne CBD talk about photgenic. Me? nah! hate getting photo taken.

age of aquarius

I believe Johnny Depp has Leo rising……’nuff said! Sheesh! The definition of photogenic!

I’ve got loads of Leo and Leo rising friends and, yeah, I’d say they are all photogenic.

I’m an Aquarius and completely UN-photogenic. It’s really uncanny because I really don’t look bad in person, but I take awful photographs. I hate having my photo taken, as well, so I’m sure that makes it worse.
I wonder what it is that makes people photogenic, really, when it’s not the same as in-person attractiveness..


Ryan Lochte for Ralph Lauren. Leo: 8/3/1984. Young enough to be my son but handsome devil.

He may not have as much gold as Michael Phelps but bet he gets more female attention.

Hey and go the Auzzie gals Polo team…I watched…they made the finals…


water polo that is…


Oh, and said he likes his “bling” as in his “grill”….Very Leonic, no? (not to stereotype too much)


My only qualm with Ralph Lauren is that the Olympic uniforms were made in China…Big upset over here initially and agree it is disgraceful considering our jobless rate.


Well I have no Leo in my chart but I’ve been told throughout my life that I’m photogenic. I’m even better behind the camera.

Venus in Libra square Cap Asc.
Scorp Sun conjunct Neptune in 10th


The woman at the top. I had an outfit exactly the same, the same year.
Jeez i was hot waaay back then 🙂 always the bandana thing.
Wish you were there…lol.


My bestie at the time (still but we are estranged due to everything being about her) was a Leo, worked in fashion
sales between modelling gigs, STILL looks stunning in photos. Had beautiful patrician hands and was the top hand model of the era. Peeps STILL drawn to those long slim fingers and perfect nails. Unfortunatley a life time of heavy drinking has deteriorated her visage and liver, would have been better if she had smoked pot instead for damage control.


Pegs, this is a strange question, but I am looking into hand / foot modelling but not sure where to start. Is there any chance you know how that scene might (still) operate…?


Libra1Leo 4

Libra Sun, but Asc, Moon, Venus and Mars all in Leo,
I love having my photo taken, love taking photos, have tens of chronologically noted albums full of photos ….love an actual photgraph as opposed to storing on discs.
And when looking at photos, it takes me ages as I look at all the details..
I hate it when people skim over them with barely a sideways glance.

oh yes, Mercury in Virgo in 2nd. Attention to detail?


As an ex professional snapper, this is very true about Leos, but the most common sign amongst the pro’s that I knew were Aquarius, Pisces and Aries. Pisces was always the most artistic, although there was one Scorpio who had the most haunting appeal. Aries were very, very good with building a photography business, and quickly. Crabs were up there and very good with the obvious, kids and families. Then there was the other no-brainer, Taureans, exceptionally good, especially with food and details.


If you have the time take a peek at photographer Reza Deghati. Type National Geographic, then in the search; Reza Deghati. Find the title The Nomad and the Bearer of Light. The photographs and friendship of Ahmad Shah Massoud are profoundly moving.


Thank you!

catfish moon

leo moon in the 12th here….

I have a good eye, but am not very photogenic.


I love that first pic, hey that’s a Spectra Pro incident light meter, the old kind with an analog gauge. Oh how I wanted one of those. I just have an antiquated Metrastar. You can tell I love being behind the camera. But I hate being in front of the camera, even though I’m a Leo Ascendant. My dad was a camera geek, he loved taking family photos, but I hated being IN the photos, so I always volunteered to take the pics. That way I wouldn’t be in the pics. Somehow I ended up with the boxes full of… Read more »


I had a chuckle at your realization of more pics of you than anyone even though you’ve preferred to take photos to be away from the front of the lens. I’m Leo Ascendant too and lots of Virgo in my chart and I only got into photos the past two years, when I had some time available. But I have always taken photos and been fascinated with older-style cameras since a child. I wouldn’t say I’m photogenic, my Virgo Venus and Mercury renders me too shy even with a fire Ascendant to put me ‘out there’. And I recently bought… Read more »


Oh, I envy the handsome and gorgeous and outgoing Leos! I only have Uranus in Leo in the fourth house (with Cancer on the fourth house cusp), and it may or may not be intercepted depending on house system. I would love to have some of the Leo confidence and radiance.
Love the picture of Marion Cotillard – she is gorgeous, with great French style.


That is so true. Of the Leo women I know they are insanely photogenic and some are great photogs as well.


Same here!

Virgo Ellie

Yes, I have always heard / read that. I have a close friend who is a model. His birthday is 8/21 but I need to find out if he has a Leo rising. He is well educated, obviously adorable, dresses nice, has lots of money and into everything to keep him busy and successful. I can’t wait to find out.

Virgo Ellie

Now that I think of it… This Leo is very shy as he has said repeatedly. It is amazing when Leo’s like to be the center of photo attention.

Aphrodite Rising

My husband’s a Leo and very photogenic. But as for taking photos – he is absolutely god-awful. Has no idea whatsoever, including working the zoom function. I’ve tried to get him to take photos on the odd occasion and it’s an absolute nightmare. And yet he can have a vision of a garden and create the most beautiful space because he can see how it will look in a few months or years. I guess we all have our gifts and talents operating in different ways, be a funny old world if we were all the same.


Leo moon here, and I studied photography at uni. I also am highly photogenic. Guess it could go for the Leo Moon peeps too?

The Leo Socialite

Aquasunbird i adore you. Can u write a whole book like this please? Or come over and read this sort of thing to me while i go to sleep? Also who was the woman?

Leo: photogenic – YES!!! And i love taking pictures. Instagram obsessive but i still have actual physical photo albums that i lovingly curate.

thank you for finally doing a post about leos mystic


Thanks but I am hardly adorable, loaded with virgo, cap, scorpio – and then all this pisces…a bit of confusion to add to the obsessive side & love of efficiency, machinery and perfection… You know what? I just adored this boss, she reminded me so much of my mother; fighting to be creative and free, unfortunately she hung out with so many questionable and shadowy people… and I have to shut up b/c she really has had such an awful time…but maybe her daughters will can really capture and preserve her dream…I really hope so. That topic ended I’ll just… Read more »


That is nice to know (forgetful tip) when I have tricky times with domineering types. I have strong Venus, weak Mars, Leo Ascendant, 12th house, heavy Moon and Venus, lots of Virgo. I am interested in machinery too. I like what you wrote about magnetism vulnerability above.


Your Piscean is onto something. It kind of links into the idea about not engaging… the pushy assertive types will always(?) ‘win’ the skirmish if a Pisces type makes the mistake of attempting to step into the ring / territory / turf of the pushy types. Best to swim away and regroup, rethink, re-strategise, or thereabouts. i think.


I am sun in Leo, Leo rising and a Libran moon and yet utterly and totally unphotogenic. That is a lot for my enormous Leo ego to take. Big sigh!


Can I say I worked in fashion for years…I had a tragically beautiful boss…she is electric…her clothes designs are still sought after…she is naturally beautiful but very uncomfortable in front of film, cameras…funny thing is she had a fear of flying and I often wondered if she knew a part of her soul (etheric double?) disagreed with it…nothing could restrict her, her timing was perverse, almost counter cyclical, genius and yet her contradictory spirit could not be caught in photography…she might have seemed frozen but she just intuitively did not like the medium. There are so many parasites in fashion,… Read more »


This comment totally validates certain ideas I have about some things that are really important to me. thanks, Aquasunbird xxx


Thanks, I was a witness for a while, an observer to the charismatic club, periphal & yet trusted so serving but happy to do so, until the scene imploded, as I’m sure you could foresee.


Word! Enjoyed reading that Aquasunbird. It all sounds very 12th house. Do you have anything in the 12th?


Thank you, I have jupiter virgo 12th conjunct ascendant in 12th…It’s karmic I suppose…I’m guessing…’m always out of time or odd with replies as I have an toddler…the rest of the virgo is in 1st house shared with libra south node…saturn is giving it a good workout, and the pisces is being blasted a bit too…the revolution is really with the cap / libra/ aries…:-)


That is beautiful. Thank you.

The Ancestral Cabbage

Hmm, perhaps it is a cliche after all. I have Leo rising and am completely and utterly non-photogenic, and just as bad behind the lens. I do have great hair though 🙂


I’m a Leo moon and I’m a photographer… when I was a child I used to do modelling.

Leo in pictures

I simply love taking photos. I get inspired by my Virgo boyfriend. I love his view of try this angle, that angle. It always works.

Leo rising


and virgo would love that you’re taking his advice 🙂 everyone wins!


My Leo/Leo bestfriend is very photogenic and always has a camera (iphone?) in hand. Impressive Instagram 😉 haha.


Great behind the camera works for me, not so photogenic myself, (occasionally a brill pic of me pops out, usually looking very Neptunish). But behind a camera I’m a freak (as I unashamedly blow my own trumpet). Leo Sun square Neptune AND Fish rising with stellium in Kataka in the 5th house. Plus my Virgo Uranus/Merc/Pluto tight conj makes me a detective with details.


same same ff! I’m also sun square neptune leo & yes I am very elusive when it comes to capturing a good pic of me- if I have to pose & smile its doomed. Yet I am also an awesome photographer of other peeps…& proud of it!
You know how there is the whole grammar nazi thing with apostrophes? Nothing bats me out more than holiday/ landscape snaps by photo nuts with sloping horizons…I just can’t cope lol


lol, Just spent my b’day weekend with my Aqua-girl and other fav peeps, Aquagirl is both shocking and reminding me wth her nazi grammar. We have to admit society has basically lost it when it comes to grammar, espesh apostrophies, When I said I sometimes look Neptunian in pics I meant otherworldly etc, not drunk or wasted, lol. Those days (pics) were taken in my late teens/early 20s. I am a Saturn conj Asc; although Neptune is sittiing there right now and my life is truly most thoroughly fuqing great. Fuq off Saturn – for the next year or more!!!!!… Read more »


apostrophes ffs lol


Oh dear earthmonkey I meant to say I have the gift of somehow capturing people – known or unknown – in my pics even when I don’t mean to.


Does this apply to Venus/Mars Leo too, I wonder??


Perhaps Venus/Mars is more that you desire (to be)/go in hot pursuit of photogenicism. Rising signs are appearance or manner.

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