Nostalgia For Eclipses

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Hey Sexy Subscriber Peeps – the Weekly Horoscopes from August 25 are posted.

The Daily Horoscopes for Thursday are too – longer than usual because i decided the astro warranted it.

Heaps of us are going to be having weird flashbacks, echoes and relevant psychological resonance moments to do with the Eclipses of August-September 2007. Remember that one when the Moon turned Red? It’s linked back into the Now…but that particular Season of Eclipses was when everything ended and then begun again only the real new beginning was delayed.

What else is up? Oh yes, the Scheduler for September...month of the Zap Zone showing some form.


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86 thoughts on “Nostalgia For Eclipses

  1. Thank you Mystic. Odd, I talked about what happened in Aug/Sep 2007 several days ago. Then I was so hurt, I threw away photographs of the last 10 years – nothing spared, no sentiments, no attachments.

  2. Aug/Sept. 2007 was a terrible time. The second major blow from Sewerage, a time when I understood his first “mistake” wasn’t a mistake at all, but a veritable web of lies.

    I was 3 months out from the first blow, but that time was the time I started dying in earnest. I dwindled, physically, mentally, in every way till I felt like a walking raw nerve. I would eat nothing and go for runs. Too much sleep or none at all. It was my Inanna on a meat hook time.

    Not a pleasant thought at all. Shudder.

    • F.A, i first stumbled across MM in the mid to second half of 2007. I was going through my own crazy time. Too crazy for words but amazing learning with hindsight (Thank you Universe, but of course πŸ˜‰ ). My point being F.A, i vivdly remember your posts and thinking OMG!!!!!! I laughed and i shuddered as your experience was so very mine yet so very not mine. You words drew me in and i waited with an almost ghoulish anticipation and dread for your next installment. You write very well and i respect that. The eclipse season of 2007 was an amazing time and for me it is indelibly linked in some strange way with MM and your intriguing self. Blessings.

    • Ohmigosh, thanks Me (I mean you named me, not me-me). “Ghoulish anticipation” sounds about right haha..I think I started posting my saga right after I got trapped in a tower overnight during a military coup d’etat, they’d started rolling tanks in the lobby – point being that I was in said tower and said beleaguered country having fled the Sewer in the US. Ah, good times..

      Thanks for sharing that, somehow your reminiscing aerated the choking thickness of that memory, as you know it’s now something shoved way behind in rooms kept under ever lock and unfortunately prone to causing a wave of nausea if the door is so much cracked a hair open..sigh. I was well supported here and MM was right, writing about it help saved my life. So I’m just as thankful to anyone who read it and glad that my time provided a bit of company to yours. Hail the Phoenix and I wish you all the bliss you deserve.

      • Ha, ah, ha. There you go, your written word of time in a tower as the tanks roll in filled me with a giddy nostalgia and an almost smug tip of my hat to times gone by.

        Wow F.A. Keep aerating…. stagnant spaces that invoke nausea need to be freed and allowed to be what they should be……….you know best what they should be i think.

        Please do take the time to thank you for you.

        Hail the Phoenix indeed x

  3. The only thing I can recall about that eclipse is that there were two horny wombats chasing each other around in my backyard (resulting in uber cute mum and baby wombat regularly trucking around not long after). Weird, I was just telling a random motel guest about this momentous back yard wildlife event this morning.

  4. 2007 – 2008 was the beginning of a terrible work situation. I battled with it for almost a year. I was being bullied by a lady “Director”… I ended up filing a harassment claim against her and she eventually left. It was a mess. It also got me thinking about leaving the company to change my career path. THEN, it was shortly after (February 2008) my company notified us that they were going to lay us off by 2010. The Universe was setting me up for where I am now. :)

    I don’t know what happened during August / Sept. 2007 but I am researching my files that I took with me to see if I can be reminded of certain issues. I just know that this “bad boss” participated in my performance review for the 2007 year so the energies to move her to be my boss was in play.

    • Yup, it’s about that time Aug / Sept 2007 that I started the proceedings of a harassment claim. It was tuff and actually lasted for almost 2 years.

      PS: Mystic of LOVE the spell check feature in your Blog! :)

        • Your Blog allows for spell check. I was typing “proceding” and spell check told me it was incorrect and gave me options. I can be so anal when it comes to that stuff (Sun in Virgo).

          Yes, that episode prepared me for what I am dealing with now at my job. I can handle the situation much better than the 2007 time. Also, it was the sign that my life was gonna change dramatically. I took the steps towards making a life decision to start my life over. It took 3 years to finally come to that life change conclusion but those lessons were needed for me now. Looking back they were signs that “yes” I had no idea why I was going through it. :)

      • Well, I guess Aug / Sept 2007 is repeating itself. I had to write someone up at work today for their lack of professionalism towards my responsibilities that they were asked to be my backup while I was away. Small company, no HR and some people get away with murder.. so, I can’t let this one go.

        It is a mess. Please let there be a new job coming my way.. Please!! :)

    • I went through something similar, but the HR department where I worked did not take it seriously and would not allow me to proceed with any legal filings. she was close friends with the bully and basically made my life living hell. I am glad I quit.
      Good for you for filing a claim.

      • Sorry that you went through that Scorprising.. it sucks!! I am glad you had the opportunity to leave. It was such a tedious task to file a claim. And this “director” is still getting jobs. She has been moving around a lot so I am not sure if she is treating people that way and having to move around because the Company catches on. :(

  5. I remember the red eclipse well. It was like a whole new work, social worlds had begun but I never realised how big in my life it was really to become. Transformation transition phase….just like now. Kataka moon & rising here.

    • Yes i had something new that i was excited about…little did i know what was really in store.

        • Sorry, i thought it was relatively boring.

          Was asked then to apply for permanent position at a workplace i’d been casual at for a few months. Hadn’t even crossed my mind but i gave it a burl as it was a totally diff style of applying for work (bit of a hoop jumping exercise) and got it.

          After almost a year new people came in and by the end of the year the shit started, then turned into bullying once another old tarantula came on board.

          Also around this blood eclipse i farewelled the older blues jammers and joined a new band much more performance oriented. Learned heaps: songs, costumes, stagey stuff then suffered the jealousy of one of the managers (possibly over my affair with drummer, which i wouldn’t admit to) plus various professional bitcherel, but not from the gorgeous band at large – it was a ten piece. I pointed out how differently i was being treated and asked for equal treatment. No dice. Joined a new band.

          Partying led me also to some minor arrests and other misadventures (undetected) and i had no idea i was somehow on a downward spiral, and that it wasn’t business as usual. After the drummer went into highly unsuitable territory to the point where even i began to worry about myself and a psychic i didn’t plan to visit (but was taken to) warned me and i had a close escape, with police assistance.

          Multiple fracture then rehab (physio – was still drinking like a fish, but no class a’s – thought that was ‘clean’). Then i got some really unusual illness for two years. Still there but lifestyle adjustments…including no liquor, no late nights, blah blah oh how i love being a healthy nana freaking blah.

          There’s probably other stuff in there but mostly it was about work, which has only JUST got to a gooooood place, and creativity/performance – must find new ways to get it out of my soul… now there ain’t no FUNKIN SOUL (or even a side math metal foray, which was thoroughly enjoyable and def saw me with a wild turkey drinkin crew from the other side of town. Them bogans took me in :) )

          I appreciate my health and sanity. But man do i get bored. Living with myself is like having a teenager around the house. I keep one eye open in my sleep even – on myself :)

          • Before this I got into far deeper sh* and far riskier places in life but i ALWAYS got away clean and came up looking like a babe in the woods.

            It was a real eye opener to have so many dealijngs with police and emergency workers. I felt like a little crim. I didn’t know i was in crisis until i got fully slapped in the face, i just thought it was bad luck. NOW I KNOW

            • Thanks for sharing your story, wow it certainly wasn’t boring lol. I know about the living fantastically boringly clean but the last 12 months I’ve slid buuuuut loving it I give myself til next Jan then back to being a good girl.

  6. Hmm, changed jobs then… was going thru v healthy happy phase. Nice pay-rise too :) I remember watching the red moon from my balcony, it was amazing. I was living on the beach. The new job and that abode are now far in my past. I hadn’t met the Damaged Toro yet, that was a few months afterwards. So….. well if the eclipses mean a period of smooth sailing via happy living, good health, and increased money in the bank, then Yes Please.

  7. Yea, my daughter got a DUI in So CA, and has a court date coming up in Oct. soon. Same time my Dad was recovering from surgery, asked to come live with me, did so, and passed away a few months later. Now the rest of my family won’t talk to me anymore because they wanted his money, and I was frank with him about certain people’s drug use….
    So on the May 20th eclipse my daughter OD’d, and not one miserable member of my family called to see how I was doing while she was in a coma- or afterwards. They were in contact with my ex, though. I’m writing letters one by one addressing each family member’s disappointing show and then washing my hands of them all…

    • This is all sad. I hope this Scorping brings you phoenixing in time.

      Recently a lovely fam friend passed, wealthy, and as she was dying people actually came to visit her to take things.

        • She had aggressive and quick cancer so couldn’t do a lot.

          She was also a Libra, and extremely sociable and generous in life. So she wouldn’t have caused a scene, i guess.

          They just selected things and asked her as they waltzed out. Husband is Libra, too. No scenes, no comments, just resigned detachment. He’s superintell so always been close to few though known by many.

      • This happened when my 22 year old Cappie cousin drowned in the bath, i was 23 at the time.
        Before any of the family got a chance to go and smell her clothes one more time, and then pack her things away, it was like her home was ransacked, even her wardrobe was taken out – can you believe it ? i have a gold sleeper earring of hers and that’s it. It seems the peole closest are not the vultures, the vultures are circling on the periphery, ready to pounce.
        This event, and losing things in a fire and then a flood seriously made me re-evalute being attached to inanimate objects…i used to be rather sentimental, and a collector of things, but no more, not blue about it, just how it is.
        Instead i guess i have surrounded myself with Katakans who are sentimental, and put time into making them beautiful things for them to treasure, the enjoyment more from the giving… x
        Apologies for so many words on this on the thread.

    • Wow. I thought I had a tale to tell. I will never understand how some people can be so resilient and others are knocked down by disappointment. I’m amazed at your ability to bring closure to all of that.

    • Far Out Susan,
      I can’t imagine. I admire your way of addressing the dissappoinment and hurt, and plan to wash your hands of them and start afresh.
      I’m sorry too, that all this awfulness has happened to you, your daugther and father.
      blessings beautiful one,
      I’m glad you posted here and hope you come back to share your phoenixing story in the future !
      PS – What’s your astro ? Such a kind heart, and noble way of dealing with pain .. x blessings

      • So awful Susan, i don’t have words.. What things people can do when they have forgotten what is important. Blessings.

  8. Ahhhhh. I had a bifurcation in my personal Universe – Vegan chef, with friends, for not very much money, but a great job


    a job I knew I hated for muchacho moola

    AND I chose the wrong one :(

    If that happens again, I will choose: not to work. Because I don’t have to (and didn’t then !) and the Squeakies are more important than a few hundred extra dollars in the bank. And I am Blessed that I have this choice at all.

    Godde I am getting the cold shivers just thinking about it. SO many things went wrong because of that decision. I honestly think that’s the unhappiest I have been in my adult life bar the depression I had as a result of the Hashimotos….

    • Hey DT, it’s funny that feeling one has in their insides when going to the “money for work I can’t stand” job. It’s a lesson we only need learn once I think. I decided when I quit my “spinning career wheels for what?!” job, whenever I was reading job advertisements after that, if I started to get the sinking feeling or die of boredom part-way through reading the position description, Bam, onto the next one. I know too many people who hate their lives because they hate their job, not gonna be that guy. I always go to the “deathbed” scenario – what will I regret more? Pouring years down the drain… or Living?

  9. Finally i feel i have no nostalgia. Can look back with fondness, awe and surprise in hindsight, also genuine healthy anger at some situs, enough to fuel a resolution to be different. Don’t feel as closely wrapped in others’ lives and energies, which i initially missed. But now i see my ups and downs are much more my own.

    It’s not easy astro – i think of how Phaeton lost control of his father’s SunChariot horses – and approach with respect. But it’s still awesome! And i have a cool crew of people around me, though there’s more space.

  10. Aug 2007 I finished a year long work secondment in London. I’d gone across thinking I’d never return home to Oz, had serious dark night of the soul while there, did my year (amazing highs as well as lows) and then came home.
    After the initial doom feeling upon realising I was leaving London, I knew that I was going back to salvage my family relationships and recreate them anew. As well as the rest of my life.
    So it felt quite powerful.
    On the way home I spent a month in Thailand and while at a retreat there got some answers from the English monk (who looked like Rodin’s The Thinker!) about experiences I’d had years before in 10 day silent retreat. It was like the penny dropped on my understanding of my whole existence.
    Powerful stuff. I could use a dose of it now lol

  11. I remember quitting my first professional job in August 2007, a very toxic workplace and feeling like I was starting afresh. It’s when I started writing about music as well, which has dominated my life in varying degrees ever since. It was a time of great creative promise, and I remember feeling quite content and excited at that time. Looking back, I almost feel that way now – free, settled, comfortable with where I am and who I am surrounded with. In September 2007 I also met my first love who I split from in March this year. The way I feel now parallels how I felt when I met him – completely okay with being on my own, and it was such a wonderful surprise when he came into my life. It does feel good to be back in this frame of mind – it’s been a while :-)

  12. God I must have brain effected by trauma I just can’t rememberwhat I was doing at this time, I think a while ago mm you were referring to a past date and I had to get my friends on fb to tell me where I was and what I was doing, v. Helpful really…. But not helpful for me now to try and look back to then and remember to understand now…. But I don’t need it, I don’t think, now is making itself zap zap obvious, I’ve hit the pre-40, just ain’t gonna put up with shit time, and be empowered about it and make a voice not just respond, I feel a volcano in me tonight and am about to do a meditation retreat, woah!
    G…. Is this mars going into scorp energy, I feel like kick boxing and I’m in bed w sedatives just to go to sleep… Fark…..Bring on the Zen…

  13. Spooky nostalgia indeed : remember THAT Red Moon – a day I’ll never forget. Two days after I found out about my ex-hb’s affair with by BF and I crashed my car on the way to collect kids from school – minorish , drove it home, just. I was in state of shock and grief. It was also my son’s bf’s b’day party and remember my girlfriend bringing my son home and all of us out in the front yard/street watching the moon.- it was a Monday night.

    That time in my life feels so unreal, like another lifetime, things have transformed so much. For the best I should add. But it does bring an ache to my heart as my kids are with my ex-hb atm for most of the school term – I’m doing weekends/holidays when their sport doesn’t impede. Just had my son for 5 days – so precious, yet so painful, I miss them so much and they me, but it’s just as it is for now, not permanent. ZapZone and Pluto opposing my 5th house Moon. x

  14. I’d just left a job I hated to go to a situation I’d dreamed about and worked towards for two years, and promptly fell into a deep depression. I felt like a battery chicken suddenly let out into a field, standing on one spot not knowing what to do. It was awful, and I couldn’t explain it to anyone, least of all myself. I now understand what all that was about.
    In this past five years I reckon I’ve done more growth than just about any other time. I’ve had just about all my illusions about love, work and creative practice dismantled one by one. In many ways I feel like I’m back to the bare bones of myself and am now starting from the beginning. Scary as fuq, but SO liberating.

  15. Wow! linked to August/SEpt 2007?!?
    this was the time I met the Love of my life – him playing drums at a concert, me filming. this saturday, the 25th, he will play his last concert with this band, i will be filming;) (I m glad he quit cause they were qi-vampires to the max and almost destroyed him and us.)

    • I was searching this blog for this kind of experience and this was mine also. Mid Aug 2007 met the second man to excite me in 25 years and then in turn disappoint me. However, I connected at this time. Let myself go. Experienced unexpected happiness. It was like a portal opened up and I entered. Interesting. Shame the door on the other side of that room slammed shut and left me a prisoner. Perhaps the door I entered by has just reopened? Rewind.

  16. In 2007 my daughter turned two and could go to a full day care program. My Leo husband made me feel like a waste of resources and emotions. I have (had?) a condition where I’d cough blood. I was afraid I’d die in my sleep with my daughter at home, alone because he was out night clubbing all the time. I got a job that I absolutely hated. There were cockroaches falling from the ceiling tiles in the office and my colleagues were cold toward me. My sister got diagnosed with cancer that year…I can’t believe I’d be nostalgic for any of that…although, I do feel old Mommy-guilt rising to the surface. And pain of failure.

    Last night, I sold my girl’s super-duper-princess-bed-low-loft-with-slide thing. It had been an emotional purchase the night my sister died. I thought there’d be more girl sleep overs at my house. One night, I hid under that bed holding her while my husband knocked on the locked bedroom door saying he’d take her from me forever. We both remember that. Its odd how much emotion was on that bed, and how tied I am to the commitment and pain of it.

    Anyway…is is normal to want to get rid of just about everything you own when Saturn hits your second house? I have no idea what I want to replace any of it with yet. I’m enjoying the space. Saturn has been pushing on my natal Uranus.

    I hope this cycle ends with healing for us all.

    • Wishing so much healing for you too! If your daughter wants to get rid of the bed yes, maybe its a safe space for her though, ? Check in w her and yes I think Saturn austere goes w the territory : ) blessings

      • Thanks. I talked to her about selling the bed before I listed it. We agreed that we missed the slide bed, but its gone to a pregnant woman who already has two small kids – we both like the idea of the bed having a continued life of keeping small children entertained.

    • I’ve got the urge to get rid of almost everything I own right now too. Yesterday I met a woman who was staying at the same motel as me, she was on her way to start a new life in another state and had reduced her belongings to what she could fit in the back seat of her tiny car. Strangely inspiring…

      It was quite a bizarre conversation we had, as we were both born in Australia but grew up in NZ, both moved back to Austalia but lived in different states to where we were born, and now both packing up and making major moves back to the places we were born – even though we haven’t set foot in them since we were children. I’m kicking myself for not getting her birth data and staying in touch with her.

      I’m putting my urge to purge and start afresh with fuck only knows what down to general Zap Zoning…

      • Perhaps it is the ZZ. It is kind of morbid to say – when I get stuck on a “do I need to keep this” for any sentimental reason, I just let it go. And realize -in doing so – I saved my loved ones the burden of sorting through my emotions if/when I pass. I mean, that’s not why I am down-sizing, but – on every level – stuff – anything you keep at all that you’re not into/using – is so over rated, burdensome even.

        • I don’t find that morbid at all (Mercury in Capricorn in 8th so I’m quite comfotable with morbid). Actually, I’ve been thinking along similar lines since my sister and I were left to sift through our dad’s stuff after he passed away last year. I kept a few of his belongings for sentimental reasons, but have since discarded them, as it’s just more useless stuff to lug around. Tangible’s are a practical burden – heart and memories are sufficient for sentimental purposes.

          I’m definitely planning to exit this planet as a minimalist.

          • I do think minimalist is my new look. Its a lot of work to achieve. Wonder if it will out last Saturn in my 2nd? All I know is I don’t want to hold on to things around here.

    • while all of it has so obviously been an arduous journey (using a euphemism because I’m not even going to entertain the thought of labelling your slices of a life once lived stories in any way) I have so much respect for you and the way you’re handling laying the foundations of the new life xxx

      saturn through the 2nd was all about culling everything unnecessary in order to be free from debt and material encumbrances for me.

      • Thanks for the support! The more stuff I get rid of right now, the better I feel. Its easier to move and I actually have cash in my wallet from selling stuff on craigslist. I generally buy everything on credit cards and pay off each month because I earn “points” for all the transactions, pay no interest and get paid back for using credit. Cash seems so devalued, credit is such a mind-game. I can leverage my mortgage debt to finance my whatever-I-want debt. Its like a hall of mirrors and those without the “right” kind of debt don’t get to play the game. More and more I realize material wealth is just a matter of perception. No one fully ever owns anything in life. We’re all borrows on this planet, using what we need, loving what we want, while we’re here. I suppose finding the balance is going to be a continued theme for me in the next Saturn transit. I’d certainly rather work with my Saturn than have him smack me around.

  17. Aug-Sept 07 hey? Well that was the beginning of me not being a complete mental case.

    Obviously it’s been a slow moving work in progress! :mrgreen:

    • Well I reckon, not being a ‘complete’ mental case makes you saner than about 90% of the population. (Who are complete and utter mental cases.)

  18. my beautiful Sag love was in a head-on collision july 1st of 2007….an awful, painful time indeed.

  19. What?! Fuq Aug-Sept 2007: a hugely disappointing, painful time in my history. A complete and total drag, and I refuse to give it more than a nano-second of my reflection.

  20. i came back to life and wrote my first poem in 20 years:

    The Drought
    The larger portion of what has grown this season, I have offered up.
    Each morning, I search among the dry and crackling bindweed,
    Gleaning herbs and flowers that might please you.
    The wax flowing from candles I have burned to you
    Could shape a new stream bed; my sweat as I forage
    Along your sluggish river could fill that stream.
    Blood has flowed, too. I don’t need
    To say more about that here. No tears, though; this time,
    Desire has consumed despair.

    I am willing to kneel, I am willing to wrestle
    I am willing to reach, I am willing to throw my head back and close my eyes,
    I am willing to plunge, and I am willing to dance.
    I am not willing to wait.

    sorry about long post, but it was too acute not to! what’s next? i’ll have to subscribe out of curiousity alone…

  21. That eclipse coincided with the death of my grandfather, who was like a father to me. A major emotional milestone. It ushered in a new job for me that I enjoyed immensely and put me on the path to my career in life. I also met two friends who I have strong karmic ties with.

    Now I’m ready to move on from this workplace, and am seeking a new job. But writing this post reminds me of all that I’ve learned here and although I’ve outgrown the position, I need to remember to be grateful for the great things it’s given me.

  22. wow i was fairly happy back in those days. I just dredged up some journal entries to see what i was thinking back then.
    But there was the sudden move from one living space into another and the subsequent destruction of what felt like temporary stability. 2007 was like a mini-oasis in a shit storm that started in 2005 to now.

    • oh yes lunar eclipse on 4-5 deg Virgo-Pisces. That’d be on my IC and on my venus. no wonder stuff began to stink in those area within a year. It’s like the rat died but didn’t start to decay and stink until the next year.

  23. Well the remnants of 2007 were all binned during Mars in Virgo :-) – so don’t have exact dates lol.
    But I had a major breakthrough – an amazing opportunity that really changed my life. It was a time of such synchronicity for me, but was soured by one person, who was simply a bully. But it was more complex than that.
    At the time I couldn’t see or find a way to break out of the rut/circumstances that we were in at all – which is not like me. I think it was a lesson in faith & spiritual endurance. As soon as I accepted things the way they were rather than just resigned myself to them, things changed in a way I could never have imagined.
    My challenge since then has been the bully – I have met him in so many forms since then, as soon as I have dealt with one, another manifests. Always the situation seems puzzlingly futile and trivial and of someone else’s twisted mind manifestations – this used to make me feel so despairingly helpless, as it reminded me of my mothers controlling manipulations to back me into a corner just to prove some of her madness was factual – but now I am so much stronger and better armed to deal with them.

  24. “weird flashbacks, echoes”—–I used these EXACT words talking to a friend last night to describe my night!!! Uncanny.

    And the echoes were so resonant it’s like a hole to another dimension had opened up. It was more like a dream than reality. So strange.

  25. Relevant to the Aries astro, it’s true. Just told my dad yesterday about “a dirty little secret”…Good job Mystic!

  26. 2007 was awful. I got kicked out of Univ. Due to poor performance. My parents had just split, and my mum was dating a new man, my boyfriend and I at the time were rapidly growing apart. Gosh, it was so awful I barely remember it, let alone have flashbacks. I seriously pushed it into the corners of my mind. I feel like tearing up just thinking about it.

    Terrible time!

  27. Wow. That was actually in some ways, good for me. Hard, I was a bit mental :) frightened and weird, but it was also the early days of a relationship that lasted a very up and down almost 4 years. Now I am grieving the end of the relationship that followed it. Ouch. Not sure of the next cycle..with the endings and beginnings that did not really end ect.

  28. Aug/Sept of 2007 was when my husband first started to show signs of cancer, but we didn’t realize it until Nov of that year. Then my whole life fell apart for about 18 mo. I was pregnant with our 4th at the time. He spent 8 mo in the hospital, and nearly died 5 times. Crow used to sit outside his hospital window on the sill. Just sitting there. Waiting. For life? For death? I don’t know.

    I seriously don’t need repeats of that. Horrid horrid time of my life.

    Positive silver lining? I found out exactly how strong this Cappy Sun/Taurus moon is.

  29. AH! that old turning point? πŸ˜€

    the august one was conjunct my mars in the third, trine my saturn in the tenth and square my neptune in the 6th. I’m all about the work. I successfully took my ex-employer to a tribunal by presenting all the emails I’d collected over the time I was swindled which made them look BAD – criminal and got my wages owed awarded to me in that time. When the government couldn’t find the guy with the money I did some detective work, found him and gave them his deets – he is related to a catholic papal whatever who presides over a state so the shame factor for that weasel was SO relevant and I got paid within days of the september eclipse.

  30. That time was a prelude that led to an amazing journey in November that year. I was unexpectedly sent on a trade mission to the middle east with a whole bunch of big shots I had never met before, them doing serious business, me having a ball !!! The incredible opportunities that seemed to initially come out of this adventure came to nought ? fizzled ?

  31. oh man. really? Had a huge family blow up with my step-monster. It made me want to walk away from them and their craziness, but I didn’t. Am really really ready to do it now. As they are just as nutty as ever.

  32. You would think as a triple Kataka I would be feeling nostalgic but no I’m not.

    Made a decision around that time to leave my job and do more corporate manager stuff. It worked for me. Am feeling a little dissatisfied with my current employer but nothing like where I was five years ago.

    Nothing major in my love life around that time. I went on a date or two with my life drawing tutor, he was utterly boring. Just wanted to tell me what authors he’d read and kept on telling me his opinion on books i’d never read and wanted me to say how clever he was for reading them. And then wanted to sleep with me because he’d missed the last tram home. Was horrified that I said no. “What? are you seriously saying no? But i have to come up, i’ve missed the last tram home.” Followed by an attempt to pash me. Think he was a cap but I can’t remember.

    Am curently dating a lovely leo. Quadruple Leo I think maybe I need a strong leo to balance my triple Kataka? My moon to his Sun? dunno. It’s early days……

  33. I’m definitely not feeling nostalgic for that period of time. Particularly given I currently find myself in very similar circumstances, with reduced stocks of blind faith … blerk …

  34. Hmmm.. interesting. My horoscope for today has this “Happy Sun into your sign and note how, like cousin Crab, this evokes bitter-poignant-sweet memories of Aug-Sept 2007″…(Virgo) It makes reference to romance. I wasn’t seeing anyone at that time. Didn’t have my heart opened up again until 2009. I was going thru major career challenges. I will take this as something relating to my career and work through the “emo” I am going through right now to prepare for the attack. I am so anal and wish things were direct… that ain’t gonna happen. I guess right now because I am in “defense” mode I am looking for support and/or encouragement that I did the right thing (writing someone up when some members of the clique are against me). ugh!!

  35. That was a time when i was dating a number of men at once and met my Saggo Friend. I was busy finishing the runining/fleeing of my abusive marriage. The Saggo and I on one of our first dates discussed how much money we had at the time and what we were going to do with it. He was talking about starting a company, as I recall. Then the bottom fell out of the economy. LOLOL :) We both made it out alive, but broke. Now the money doesn’t quit flowing in and we spend our time discussing investments. It’s nice to look at boats and not be merely window shopping but discussing what features we want in one before we order. We both have Pluto moving through our second houses working on the wealth building, after the smashing of it to bits.