Happy Awesome New Moon In Leo!

Happy New Moon in Leo guys! How hot, awesome and snazzed up does this feel? Sextiled by Mars and Saturn in Libra & with the circuit-busting Mercury-Uranus trine for extra glitzy genius breakthroughs. Get your Sun on and there is nothing you can’t accomplish or overcome now. Nothing. And yes the Moon spends most of the weekend in VIRGO but the Sun in Leo is still sextile Mars till midweek, carrying on the Lunar Rejuvie vibe – Golden Renewal is the mantra of the moment.

Oh and yes, Pussy Riot got two years – it is still WAY too much time in jail but it’s probably a whole lot better than what they would have copped, had there not been such global attention. Viva la Zap Zone.


Image: retro-astro-book scans

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218 thoughts on “Happy Awesome New Moon In Leo!

  1. Yay! I’ve been waiting for this particular new moon for quite a while. Months actually. I can feel spring in the air and so many difficult aspects coming to an end. Phew. Happy new moon all you fine flakes.

  2. Happy New Moon everybody!

    I can feel it.

    And it’s funny the situations that occur just before a new moon.

    All the frustrations, angst and love zombieness came to a halt last night.

    It was like, that’s enough, acknowledge and move on.

    Crazy stuff.

    • I’m kind of disturbed by what you just wrote. That’s literally what happened to me last night, a weird love triangle that came to a weird climax. Horrible experience but at least I know where I stand. Christ, astrology freaks me out sometimes.

    • I’m feeling the new but it’s not a grand whoosh of golden sunshine. MM has been saying that this New Moon would bring career opportunities to Scorpios. And right on cue, today I was recommended for a job in my (fairly specialized) field that would come with a decent raise. There’s also the possibility of a position for me at another organization in this same field, half way across the country.

      This should all be positive and invigorating but to my Scorpio Sun it feels slightly out of control and brings out my brooding tendencies.

    • If that’s all there is, then let’s keep dancing. Let’s break out the booze and have a ball, if that’s all



      • OMG that song – haven’t thought of it in 25 years & it was one of my dad’s favorites too – yikes!

      • Yeah, and I love PJ Harvey’s rendition of it, too. It’s on her (+ John Parish) album Dance Hall at Louse Point (1996). Classic.

      • New moon in my 11th house, where my moon lives, but which is reality is empty. 15 years I spent trying to be, perhaps semi-succesfully at being, adopted by a Moroccan tribe. Zap zone came with a house full of guests I cannot stand to be around, forcing the realization that the friendship that brought them to me was based on a weak platform. Gnawing realizations that I have under valued myself continually, that you can’t base-line yourself by whoever happens to be in the room, but by your own ability and desire. Of course, you don’t fit in if you think you’re less than. Yet…how is there not something wrong with me that I can’t seem to keep relationships with anyone other than my child and pets? I collared my cat today. She likes to roam the night by herself and good neighbors want to “catch” her. My animals and my girl and me….we are happy together and, I swear, its certainly not because I like to tell them what to do. The larger community just doesn’t feel right to me – no shared interests, no creative expression, no pursuit of self dev. I’m sick of being dismissed as a PIAB for wanting art and soul in my life. Why shouldn’t those topics be sharable? I am waiting on a job offer, but done worrying about it. Because they need to make an offer or piss off at this point. Hours of phone interviews and no feedback on what they’re offering me yet. I just hope whatever offer I get leads me to a community that is more reflective of my values, which include freedom, expression, and nature. Rant, rant, rant. Its hard to be excited about the unknown, the space, the emptiness, with no signs of movement in the life outside of me except for more moving away – although my house really does look great for all the decluttering I’ve done.

        • “Gnawing realizations that I have under valued myself continually, that you can’t base-line yourself by whoever happens to be in the room… Of course, you don’t fit in if you think you’re less than.”

          Yes and yes and yes, 12HV. And if you find yourself suddenly surrounded by fuqwits, chances are your company counts on you to feel less-than, know what I mean?

          Once you really know and work your Worth, you’ll find that you don’t “fit in” in a lot of places, yeah? But, why would you want to? πŸ˜‰

          • I want to find people I fit with because I depend on society as a source of employment and collaboration and child care and – to a much lesser extent – entertainment. I have so often found myself waking up to a social group wondering “how the fuck did I get here?” And moving on to another and the same. Its a pattern I don’t know how to break. I want faithfulness and endurance and shared struggles and triumphs with others. But, yes, I find myself being used as a way to make them feel less than instead of a source of motivation and support to realize their own potentials. I don’t want to make others feel less than. But I don’t want to play a fool either. Certainly, there is another way. Certainly, I am not better than everyone else. But I only seem to find people sincerely trying for their best on this blog. Which is probs why I spend so much time here. Do you people exist in real life? lol :-)

            • :(

              funny how the online community factor is more kicking now than a lot of real life ones. I have noticed this shift too. Once I felt people put energy into others and their lives as a greater whole but who the fuck are these selfish MFs littering the planet with their hideous personalities? Its a world wide epidemic I’ve noticed.

        • :-(
          Not feeling new here either. Saturn bang on my sun, moon on top of my moon. Did my best to work Mars/Saturn all week – spent most of the day in bed today.

  3. Just had my hair cut by an amazing taurean hairdresser. Wow its the most amazing cut. So different WoW Iam a Taurean also.

      • I was just pondering …… is this good hair revamp astro and lo – it is answered :)

        • Had my hair done just after the new moon but then an hour later it went void.

          My hair is so terrible I have to get it redone.

          And this was the first hair coloring I dared to spend money on in two years.

          Trying not to burst into tears.

          • I really feel for you – I have had a few bad hair colour situations and in the end did just bite the bullet (and fork out the cash) and had it re-done.
            Good luck with the do-over!

    I hope Pussy Riot write a book in jail. Or like write enough material for songs to fill a couple of CD’s.

    • Yeah – I think it would be great if they can use it to their advantage – that would really get up some peoples noses
      …… two years sheeeeesh

  5. even though I thought the new moon in leo was tonight, I’ve been all up in its big moon face over it the past 24 hrs. I’m always in synch with the Moon’s patterns. I did typical leo hair turn-around in prep for a grand glam momentous week of creativity and artistic renewal!

  6. How come the dates for each sign vary – the one above is two days out for early Leos.

  7. Thank you for another awesome update. While I’m still learning what it all means, it makes for enjoyable learning. :)

    Two YEARS?Makes me want to light my AI candle I’ve had hiding in my closet. The real criminals probably get less than that. Punk Rock to the extreme however, demonstrating to the world political/social injustice in Russia(and the world) is still alive and well(or sick more like it). I recently saw a theatre troupe from Belarus perform a play about ‘disappearances’ so similar vein and one of the best plays I’ve ever seen. Makes me feel all ra ra.

  8. Something to do with the hadron collider. Early Leo’s are now late cancer. You know, time space continuum stuff.

  9. Too bad this Leo new moon demanded I be a Ramzilla, in the Godzilla mode:

    I’d met this Pisces guy, with moon in Gem, Ram Mars/Venus. Every phone conversation lasted at least three hours, every topic comes up, it’s fantastic. I can feel myself beginning the process of falling for him, my heart prepping for it.

    Today was supposed to be our first date. Because of sleep depro from long phone calls, he crashed as soon as he got home, didn’t think he should text me to let me know “Hey, let’s do it tomorrow, I’m sorry but I’m too tired.” No, he just texts me three hours later, like, “Well, whoops.” Then he asks if I’m mad? I tell him no, but he could have texted to say… basically the above. He, in his ambiguous Pisces way, tells me I’m being stupid. I suggest he’s being an ass and break it down as [paraphrased], “Look, I was looking forward to it, and seeing as you haven’t even TRIED to reschedule you clearly weren’t, so good luck with the shit you say you’re sulking/pouting over, and I’m going to bed. Good night.” Then, to get the last word (EVERY Pisces I’ve ever met is obsessed with getting the last word in, for some reason), just says, “Wow. Just wow.” But I’m like… Dude, you’re an ass. You SLEPT through our date, saw no reason to let me know that – even though I kind of figured it out – and even afterwards the best you could do was “If I had more energy I’d invite you over to hang out.” Fuq that noise.

    But looking at it, I’m thrilled in a way. I was planning on moving out of country in 6 months anyway so it wouldn’t have been able to last, and even though he turned out to be shit? My heart’s ready to love again. I’m essentially over my ex, my first love, because I nearly fell in love with this guy. He knew how to talk to me, where to stop me, all of the things I appreciate in someone. So I take him as something positive, even if he is to be avoided.

    (Also, I’d have had to give up some things in the bedroom. And we Ramzillas like getting what we want…)

    • Dear If you fall..Dive,
      You summed it up hun, being ready to love again, being over your ex, a move, and just the dickwit to reinforce it.
      Growth spurts xx
      You got clarity Ram, in matter of moments you have stated , 1. this shit happened 2. this is what that shit taught me… Perfection ! Good Luck Madamoiselle Ramzilla x

      • great you’re thinking of relocating etc – exciting! but I find a good rule of thumb is to imagine its a friend not a lover – would you accept their explanation/apology for falling asleep and missing the meet up? probably…food for thought… : )

    • It sounded like you guys had some awesome chemistry..

      Now I obviously don’t know the deets.

      But don’t you think you’re over reacting a little little teeny bit?
      It could be something great…

      Aries sun pisces rising and venus

      • Honestly, I would ordinarily agree with you. I mean: Gem Rising/Mars (in the 12th, so I’ve had to learn how to push myself to stand up for myself like that), Ramzilla Sun/Moon/Venus/Merc, I can be a total firebomb of [enter any emotion]. And the chemistry did seem really great. But to tell me my time is worth less than yours just because I’m finishing up my teaching certification really quick instead of working (I just got my Bachelor’s in May of this year and am early20s), to tell me, “Well it’s not like you can hang out now anyway since you have a curfew” which I DON’T, Jesus. I’ve moved out, I’ve lived with a man, it just bombed so I came back to heal in a supportive/loving environment a year ago while I finished school, dumbshit – so I come and go as I please, y’all. To make plans with someone and then blow them off, then act like it’s no big deal and they’re being “retarded” (his word), on top of the rest of it? Oh yeah, SO respectful. I’ve fucked better-connected individuals over the last year; in fact he would have been the “least” on the list. If he told himself I would wait for him to eventually come around because I can’t do better, I’ve already DONE better. :\ (The date wasn’t a big deal, but the lack of respect was.)

        Sorry for the length, I’ve just grown in the last year towards the conclusion of if I don’t want to put up with something, and I don’t HAVE to, guess what I’m not going to do?

  10. I had sex last night for the first time in months, and the first sex post-breakup with my ex of two years.

    It. Was. Amazing.
    And usually I HATE casual/one night stand sex.

    I moped around for months while my friends bitched at me to find someone to screw because I wasn’t ready to move on. Glad I waited, but wow. I feel like a new woman.

    • Oh my God, even when it sucks it’s still fuqing fantastic. It’s like, “HELL YES, WORLD. MY VAGINA IS MINE ONCE MORE. BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.”

      Then the NEXT time you have sex, it’ll poss be whilst living out some dirty fantasy as now you’ve come more into your own. Which makes it such the better. πŸ˜‰

      • YES! It’s almost kinda scary, taking back my vagina. Like I am taking back the reins of life in general in a way at the same time, acknowledging that nobody is helping me steer anymore.

      • Hells to the yes on the taking back the Vag!

        I just had sex for the first time after a pretty intense breakup. (We were together & happy for 10 months. Then he started having an existential crisis. Totes understand why it needed to happen, but still felt quite crumby).

        Anyway, meet this crazy, hyper-sexed, androgynous Saggo on the beach last week. We chat via FB, phone, we go out on a “date” last night …

        Take out, a glass of wine and he’s all over me. I resist at first, going through “what if, I shouldn’t, maybe I’m not emotionally ready, what will my friends think?” and then something shifts … and we go at it. It’s amazing sex (especially for the lack of “intimacy”) and literally just what I needed.

        I’m still processing the breakup (it’s been four weeks) but man, my body feels downright sprightly, and i am definitely in a different groove now.

        Mr. Saggo (in all his effeminate, Prince-like glory) was definitely different than my brooding Crab and apparently just what I needed.

        Gonna do his chart for the fun of it. So kudos to you Rache (and yes, Anonymous!)

        • Androgynous Saggo from the beach? That’s like god giving you permission to move the hell on in my mind (as I’m imagining you with some hottie Jim Morrison type. lol)

          Glad you had fun and are feeling better!

          • Perfect healing potion Astrogeek – loving how you just fuqed off the headmiles and went with the flow. Lesson in that :-) xx

        • What else do you need to know about his chart? A Saggo is all you need to know; they’re good for 48 hours.

    • this is what i NEED TO DO.
      But I won’t just sleep with anyone y’ano.

      I feel like my vagina is not owned by anyone atm not even me.

      It’s been 4 months since breakup/ex/any intimacy

        • Agreed. You may just need more time. Your body (and heart) will tell you when ready.

          Watched “Meet Joe Black” the other night and the sex scene almost had me in tears. I was like … no way I’m ready to be that intimate (gazing into each other’s eyes, deep, wet kisses, grabbing handfuls of skin, etc.) with someone. That said, all sex doesn’t have to be *that* intimate (oddly enough). Still, you’ll know when you’re ready. Hang in there!

  11. I’m not feeling the awesome at all. I’m just sitting here frying my neural circuits trying to work out which one of the two houses I’ve looked at will become the next Palace de Saturnalien… Bleh.

  12. I must’ve eaten a bowl of Frosties in my sleep cos I feel grrrrreeat!! Was looking forward to this moon for no reason other than intuition. So far, so good. Lining up a bunch of phone calls to make on monday plus spending some time on my websites this weekend.

  13. Leo sun Leo rising I have spent the day getting my brows done and all my bits waxed. Now I am off to do some clothes shopping, yay new moon in Leo!

  14. I am nervous excited and butterflies about this coming week. I recently had a lifestyle revamp. I ceased being someone’s girlfriend, I had my hair lightened, I audited my wardrobe (audit not clean out or throw aways), changed my beauty regime, checked out a couple of new places to live on-line, paid off my credit card debt, changed my daily routine so that I do not set the alarm clock to wake less than 8 hours after head falls on pillow, increased exercise and eating to regular. My photo shoot is this week with photographer who you cannot get into unless recommended from within the client group (who are impressive actors and musos or u r currently bright new star in film/T.V in Oz or O/seas.) So what am I doing in this crowd???? I guess I will soon find out.
    I am v thankful I have Leo Rising – if I didn’t, I don’t know what would push my Venus-Virgo, Mars-Cancer out of eternal shyness.

  15. Awooooo. Awoooo. Awooooo. Am very sick. Mr Triffid took yesterday off to look after me and then *slept the whole day*. Now he’s gone to a fencing competition, leaving me with the Squeakies and a killer headache that Panadol can’t touch. Awooooooooo.

    On the other hand, had an amazing insight into my love of ceramics while I was lying in bed feeling sorry for myself. Felt completely justified in ordering four books on the subject & am now wondering if ordering 20 kilos of porcelain clay and a raku kiln will a) End in Divorce and b) If that is A Bad Thing. Bloody men….Whinge….Mope…..

    In his favour, I have to say that he’s not usually so crap. There is a deep undercurrent with his Mum here, who was very badly injured when he was 2 and spent 9 months in hospital, so he FREAKS if I get sick. But still !!

    • bless Triff – rest up and hope you are better soon – can the squeakies go into a hamster cage for a few hours??

    • ooooo. If you order it, you could deny all knowledge and say you must have been high on Panadeine Forte or valium or Mersyndol or something. And it was a special import so you can’t sent it back… and he should have been keeping a closer eye on you in your frail state mwahahaha

  16. I liked today very much! Got up at the cracka and the day just rolled on from there.. lots of work and lots of fun. Bring it!

  17. Sadly I can’t feel the new moon. I’ve had a week of insomnia… : ( i was happy to follow as i recognized it for cathartic purge and release that is .. Unfortunatly I’m not holidays as I don’t believe in pharmaceuticals….I have a hugely responsible job… So desperate for sleep I went and found some phernergan …. Now I’m drugged
    And unsafe… Lol plus of course a emotional basket case. I know I will be fine.. I was just so looking forward to this moon. Dark moon huge growth… It’s just a pity now I can’t really trust my assimilation of it. I’m just going to live vicariously through you guys for abit. : ) do keep coming with the new exciting happiness!!!!!
    Ps do not give your children phernergan! ( unless for the ongoing treatment of anaphylaxis of course) it’s an evil drug!

  18. 😯

    Yaaaay! New Moon is conjunct my Leo True Node 5th house… 😯

    Here is a track that I listened to on my run today – Leo New Moon themed perhaps… πŸ˜‰

  19. very pissed about pussy riot, I really hope this brings a hell of a lot more international attention to current Russia. Disgusting. I hope they use their angst well.

  20. Dear Universe. I hate my job so much.
    Please help me get out of there and something with an actual paycheck
    This is my now 24/7 resolution

      • I have lost my home and family. Fourth house Leo. I feel so sad.

        Thank you for asking.

        I am at such a loss.

            • have you got someone you can be with – a friend? sounds very very painful and perhaps being with someone in person will help a tiny bit? would it help to ring a counseling line? you will rebuild but it sounds like right now you need immediate support

        • Bless you in your raw state. Sending lots of love and warmth. Amazing strength already showing in that you know you need people for support and have reached out. May you find true hearts and capable hands xx

        • Anon, I hope you can find the help you need. Are you safe? Have you had to leave an unsafe situation? Sending you support x

  21. someone tell me this. Is it true that Librans or heavily-libran-influenced people are incapable of asking a direct question or giving a direct answer? As in, when they want someone to do something for them? It is my suspicion that they paint you into a conversational corner, oh so easily, up to the point where you somehow ‘suggest’ that you do something for the Libran [who has been emitting vibes of ‘this would please me immensely OR ELSE i’ll turn into an unbearable troll but no one will know except for you] – or how you can help them in some way, and oh, look at that! Libra is *so* pleased that you offered and would be delighted to take you up on the idea, aren’t you kind? etc.

    forgive me, I am having an anti-libran moment.

    • As a multi-libran, like any person (I don’t think this is a sun-sign thing), I can ask direct questions and give direct answers if I so desire. If I want something I would not need to back a person into a conversational corner, I simply use ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and take an interest in details about the person who is, for e.g, cutting your hair, making your coffee or sandwich, co-working with you on something that has a deadline. Very sorry but Librans cannot be controlled.

      • Hmm, OK. It’s not about controlling a Libran though, that’s not quite where I am coming from (ugh, trying to control someone! So tacky.). I don’t know how else to express what I am trying to say, so I might sleep on it for now… thank you for the reply..

    • I know a few Lbrarian women who fit this description. one in particular who has problems communicating directly. If she wants to hang out she drops hints but, won’t ask me directly if I want to hang out. If I don’t pick u the subtle hints she gets her feelings really hurt.
      She sends cryptic messages and wants me to initiate an invitation.
      I’d love it if she would just be fore-right and say Hey, let’s hang out! What day night works for you? I want to go see this ___wanna come?
      I almost need a handbook on how to talk to each person and their language. She is the hardest friend to read though.

      • I’ve got 4 planets in Libra. I guess I do this sometimes. Libra stellum plus 12th house planets mean I like beauty and grace and nuance. I *think* I speak plainly, but perhaps not in the fashion others would like.

        • Sometimes I am so like that it is cringingly embarrassing – and sometimes I’m not! – but then that is sooo typically Libran, it’s usually when I’m trying too hard ( virgo stellium) to be diplomatic. But with an Arian OH and saturn there opp my sun and Scorpio rising I am more often brutally blunt in my mission to be direct.
          These days tho’ I’m quite well balanced and I either get it right or I don’t care if I get it wrong :-)

        • I love cryptic and mystical poems, lyrics and writing, it’s just hard to make plans! πŸ˜‰

          • mars in libra makes me feel like Bridget Jones sometimes. i can be a social complete klutz but seem to get away with it in the right company.

    • Got a Libra stellium and I’m evasive as f**k in love matter. Everything else, I say it as it is (Scorp/Aries) but romantic stuff, hell no I’m a slippery Libra. If it makes you feel better I get on my own nerves.

    • Multi-Librans can ask direct questions/give direct answers but will be aware of dynamics of situations that others may miss + will try to be as tactful as possible (whilst being true to themselves). Sometimes this results in appearing to be evasive or non-committal when it’s not actually the case.

      On the other hand, manipulative people exist in all signs.

      • Mars-Pluto-Merc in Libra here. Sometimes I think I can’t help but be pass-ag. Example – a friend of a friend of a friend rented my room for a few months this summer. I got the room sparkly clean, even reno’ed my bathroom in time for her visit. These things matter to Libra. She’s an intern, so I cut the rent in half of market value and showed her around town etc. Virgo service. She’s so miserable she actually got angry with me for saying the moon looked amazing one particular night. I told her I could feel her childhood pain and her Mother issues weren’t going to get worked out in our relationship. I wasn’t going to kill spiders for her and make sure she drinks enough water (long story). Anyway, I gave her a book her last night here, (she said she wanted it) I wrote her a note in it, and then came home to find she’d left it quite intentionally behind on the nightstand. So, here’s where I feel I perhaps went pass-ag: I wrote her a note saying I learned two things from her 1) you can’t give someone a sense of belonging, they have to give it to themselves first and 2) I will charge full rent next time so as to not be so bitter when cleaning someone else’s scum off my bathroom. I should have just told her to pay full rent and clean the fucking bathroom before.

  22. This new moon has been so lovely , I got a bunch of new clothes and some fancy bras. My awesome friend in Wisconsin lost a bunch of weight and gave me loads plus I cleaned my kitchen, dusted everything and ate tomatoes ( we are in a harvest here in Michigan)..Everything is fresh.. cozy and clean..
    I love that image Mystic! I makes me feel really happy and golden.

  23. So much has happened in my life so fast since t Neptune conjt’ed my Asc simultaneously as t Pluto opposed my Moon and t Uranus is both squaring my Moon and approaching a trine to my Leo Sun. Moved to Gold Coast (something unthinkable 6 months ago). So many men in my life – lovers and friends (my Libra love is so totally gone, mental illness and alcoholism with no desire to stay in rehab so had to let him go), new Taurus Sun/Pisces Moon/Virgo rising lover/friend who is a total vegan, fascinating and surprisingly energising company yet I detect a sadness or discontent beneath his surface, need to dig deeper. Moved in with my amazing Gemini gay BF over a month ago which is total bliss (we are both fish rising and Gem Venus’s at 29 deg conj in the 4th house AND we both have Cancer Moons conj Cancer Mars in our 5th house) – never felt such a harmony in living with someone – we both take care of each other equally and my kids adore him and he adores them. Lots of new (since April) male friends, some of whom I know want more from me but I am learning how to set boundaries; something my Gem BFF is amazing at helping me with. We (he) is psychic with me, he just knows. Just had the best long weekend with my son down: Movie World, eating out and cooking together and much hilarity with my friends. He said he so wants to live here (GC) and teleport to school in Brisbane. Life landscape has totes transformed beyond my wildest dreams. Neptune??? Mystic told me this would happen last year – Mystic you are amazing. xxxx

    • Go FF! wow, what a transformation. I know everyone rolls their eyes at the words “Gold Coast” but I just love that strip of coastline, from northern NSW up. Yes the bimbos and glitz and the surf and the Indy (is that still there?) and the tropics and the permanent warm weather and the everything.

      Everything sounds so amazing for you and I know it will only get even better . xx

      • I live close to the GC and it is the best place beaches, festivals, FNC, byron hinterland, great national parks. its got it all

        • I agree leogroover, I think I was just a Sunshine Coast snob before… hadn’t done CG since the ’80s – I’m finding it all very cool and everything is so easy.

      • No Indy anymore Pi but loving the area – very much multicultural where I live. Not the GC I remember as a teen (but I keep away from the nightclub areas :-)

      • Thanks I agree scorpiorising. He’s like family – coming home is truly coming home. And I can watch tv in his bed (he’s introduced me to the revenge series) without it being weird (sexual) in any way.

    • Brilliant! Wondered how the ex-dependency issues would play out for you and hoped for good… happy!

      • Thank u mille. And wherever Prowlin is I have to say she was so on the money. Thank you lovely mille! xx

    • Mars-Pluto regeneration moments are great. Clean slate things. You know Bjork said kill it at the end of the day and start again in the morning. Start your plans for a new job, move house, new attitude with the new moon and watch for some results at the full. xxxx

      • You’re right you know. Mars pluto has been internally very cool. I love the energy around and I feel like I am kicking arse on the health front and maturity wise as a woman etc but peeps wise it’s just useless. I feel awesome but I can’t put it anywhere right now that is going to lift my rut. I’ve been let down by just about everyone I know. Can’t get a break. I’m no victim, I’m only into solutions. As a one man band I am, I do need other people occasionally, currently I’m just a magnet for Qi vamps and users. I have a lifetime worth of anger and disappointment in my liver I need to positively dispose of and start something really awesome I can sink my teeth into/grow into. I’m ready. My several backup plans all died due to others not coming to the table when I needed it. I’m working so far under my capacity it’s just scraping to scrape. Have to shift this resentment and rage first. Rage is actually a fantastic motivator, I just need to turn it around and positively invest it.

        • Marilyn Monroe said you get hurt so that you eventually learn to trust only yourself. xxx

          • as much as I love her, I am not sure I want to take value calls on trust from the woman who ‘candle in the wind’ was written about and fell to her death by a CIA coverup from banging a married president who told his mistress everything. xx

    • Hey Ms, whoa! Is this related to job money chaos thing yeah? What happened to the man, is he still around or is he on the bonfire as well? Be cool. We can all chip in with some TNT if you really do need it. What you said strikes me as you experiencing a Low Point… one of those ‘no end in sight and FML’ kind of low points. This is the part where you could perhaps try for a (very) brief change of scenery, even if it’s just across the city to a different cafe, or a .. visit to a friend you don’t see very often? hit a different gym? Slap your boss across the face? (ok, last one was joke sorry.) I’m not sure. Change of scenery tends to help shake up my thinking but it might not do the same for all. … there’s a turning point ahead for you I just know it.

      • dealt with boy. I must be the only person on here that does not think that having lover is the end game. I’m not stuck in routine, none of it will shift the big things. It’s all big things right now. I’m too bored and tired to care about making a living I don’t love. Bin it.

        • Well nobody here ever said having a lover was the end game but gee it’d be nice!

          It’s kinda arrogant of you to toss it aside like it means nothing when it means an awful lot to some people.

          • of course it means something to me, I love him to death, I just have more pressing issues in my life. Don’t be a dick

          • FFS. Can a person vent here without someone making it about themselves?? Can someone vent here without you passing judgment on them??

            And what’s with the “‘kinda’ arrogant”? Does using “kinda” make you nice? LOL The only arrogance in this thread is Yours, anon. Ovum-up and use a moniker, why don’t ya?


          • Um, for the record, that comment was not me as Anonymous. Have only just seen these comments now.

          • Also I don’t think that having a lover is the end game. But everyone has their own priorities.

      • matches ready Ms just say the word. i love a good bab boy bonfire to dance around

        • I understand your desire for detonation lovely, I get that too. In fact currently talking one down by reading this instead – reach for the Tindersticks not the lighter.
          I can’t offer any advice cause a – drunk again, b – in the same fucked up stalled believing you are doing all you can to change your world but feeling like its just not happening, or not happening fast enough, or not happening easily or without you having to do other shit things you thought you were beyond in the meantime or some other goddam thing.
          So, I feel you doll. that’s all I can say. xxo shell

          • LOL. Drunk again. ah babes. I know. I don’t know if at this stage it can be advice apart from people who know you as it’s such a character thing. For me, it’s better quality people all around. Probably why I spend so much time on here. The good news is I’m up for the binning of everything that is not working. I think when you loose steam to support unsupportive systems/people/jobs whatever that’s when you really get focused to make changes. Giving handjosb on the side of the road would be slightly less degrading and useful than how I’m treated at work. I’m pretty good at dealing with Fwits but if it’s this many at once, I get burned out. We all do. That’s why we have to make enough money to have holidays and nice things occasionally. Otherwise you are just fuel in the rat race.

          • love you shell. you are tops xx

            I’m just going to beg the universe for some kind of F**ing sign and direction. Person. cat. whatever.

              • Maybe we should start a sisters of mercy church of between awesome selves.

                We sit in elevator music writing notes to higher powers about wtf is going on in a safe space. You get a bowl of quinoa/spinach/tofu and a massage once a day then mediate and a guaranteed higher power will get back to you within 48 hours if your own guides seem to have gone on holiday or abandon you for some other venture.

            • Yep… I too understand your frustration, Ms. Hard to ‘trust the process’ and all that crap when the solutions seem to depend on others.
              You’re right, rage is an excellent motivator. It brings brute clarity. I love the Julia Cameron quote, “anger points the way not the finger”.

              Hope the universe gets its act together and brings something useful very soon.

            • love you too.

              I think demand might work better than beg. Well begging hasn’t worked for me anyway. *sigh*

          • ha! clink! but god i have to go i can actually feel the hangover kicking in and it’s not wearing ballet flats

        • so, quite drunk on bubbles and various other effervescent things are happening to render me incapable of being of any more use than to say i recognise the tyler durden rhetoric and I know I’ve met you at a really strange time in your life, but i know you can deal with this. For real. Walk, run, punch it out and then sleep on it. Don’t do anything drastic when you’re feeling this way hon. Far better to plan the dismantling and relish it piece-by-piece than take random swings and have to deal with collateral damage later on. But whatever, I’ll still love you in the morning… FYI setting an aquarian free is not drastic. It’s a pre-emptive strike. that’s a little uranian joke. maybe that’s inappropriate. I’m so rabidly thirsty and I have to go but hang in there OK? Seriously. This anger is useful, you’ve just gotta pace yourself.

          have you heard my saturn anthem?



          • burnt out on fwits here too Ms.
            It’s relentless. Like some sort of horror movie too many peeps are succumbng to fwittery :-)

          • Im still with him I just re set the power dynamic and demoted him from being a fwit and a vampire. there is love but im not/cant fix anyone’s life for them.

            love the anthem.

            Jebus. If I feel like this now saturn is going to bury me. for real :/

            is trying not enough>>?

            • You describe my life as a natal Mars square Pluto square Uranus to a tee. I can’t advise, but i can empathise. Just experienced the full psychic smackdown from someone very close to me, and it was hard to dust off but it seems i’ve found warrior support. They don’t pick me up, i have to do that, but they are there. Last weekend i asked some new friends for help (illness crap) and they were just so brilliant i could cry later on. I hate that when i am ill and very vulnerable one person eats my soul, and tries to tell me i am ill because i’m mentally broken. Aries Counsellor actually said: I have the degree in this; i have the piece of paper. If you’re nuts, I will tell you!

              Not many people can be trusted to do that. Being crazy is my biggest fear, eating my own mind unknowingly is the worst i could be.

              Independent units are not the same as isolationists. As a Sag influenced person i truly miss the company and socialisation i used to enjoy. I have more distant (or let’s say independent and busy) friends now but they are true and they rock: i very much wish the same for you Ms. I hope you find friends equal to your inner strength, and i know that your strength is rare and it will not be an instant and easy journey.

              Now Pluto is separating from natal Mars, Mars/Saturn have come off natal Uranus and Uranus is on natal Merc and Chiron. I can’t explain it brilliantly but somehow my Mars Warrior Rage that has helped me survive has had to learn to channel into a kind of self mothering. Kali is also a mother. I visualise Artemis hunting and her own child by her side with her hound. Pallas, Sekhmet and my own rising Zerkhet (Antares on Asc cusp). Just visualisations but i need them to stand guard around me. They are me.

              Sorry this is long and it isn’t that we are the same, but i hope you read in this that you not alone in your style of being alone. Lots of love xxx

              • thanks Mille. Not alone at all, lots of us with lots of stuff going on. I locked myself in this eve to watch awesome docos and plan a super vanity health love beauty routine. I’m the only vamp in the nest πŸ˜‰

                  • Boredom = huge chance for revelations… I’m not religious per say but I do go with the thing “praying is talking to God/Goddess and meditation is listening to your God/Goddess.” It works for me in times of dis-ease.

          • I wasn’t in any state to deliver anything of use about degrees and squares etc. last night but I’m pretty sure the new moon was conjunct your mars and the warrior general regulus. Maybe go check that out and see what you can do with it with the current uranus mercury etc. in mind and also have a look at where transiting jupiter is in your chart and think back to the recent gemini eclipses and if you can remember back to 19-21 years ago for a big picture look at ongoing themes in your life – sometimes it’s not about everyone else. Sometimes it’s about your patterns and the ways you were conditioned or learned to respond to stimulus. Transiting Jupiter is activating the points of those eclipses. They’re somewhere round your 12th house / ascendant.

            I’ve also noticed interesting parallels in the last few weeks when venus went direct to the time when it was retro in scorpio a few years ago. Maybe something there?

            Have you ever considered method acting?

            That’s a legitimate question – no covert meaning intended.

            I once had a shit job I wore a costume to. It wasn’t outlandish like an animal suit but it was not ‘normal’ clothing πŸ˜€ it was a godsend.

            • Was that eclipse all those years ago at 13ish degrees Wattie?

              I’ve seen you mention it a couple of times and I well, that period of life was one of significant change – though pluto had a big role in that too.
              But I’ve had some weird nostalgia shit going on, along with all the other weird shit of late. Not sure that explains it though. Nor pays the bills.
              Plus my fucking intuition is back with it’s useful flashes about running into people in places that serve to do little more than make me a bumbling pile of nerves. Awesome.
              Maybe I need another drink. I wonder if the full on dreams will start again as well. Maybe alcohol can block those too.

              I forgot, is your Sun at 1 ish libra?

            • so I tried to look for the eclipse degrees but get a little confused about it, in relation to the aspect to the node.

              Anyway. I also remembered that Jupiter in Gemini is opposite my Neptune is Sagg and square my Moon in Pisces. Plus Neptune in Pisces is square my Sun. Which is surely enough of a justification for weirdness, and booze.

    • I feel that way about my life at least once a month.Natal Mars-Pluto-Mercury conjunction in the first house. Regenerate or die. I get so bored without that. I fantasize about burning my house down almost daily. What would I do, what would I do? Its fun to think of it. Boredom is killer and life is full of the mundane and social life – its baseline that people fear change. I create as much as I can, but my house is so lovely and painted and done, I feel like I have to leave it for new space. Nothing moves as fast outside as it does inside, but fuck all I’ll find something to move :-) Pluto does not play.

  24. What a cool community this site has become. More and more of us are actually communicating with each otherand spreading guidence, matched stories and inspiration. I have been trying to urge a friend of mine who is really stuck – and constantly wingey, a woe-is-me Virgo who really would benefit – to make contact. Certainly for the ‘scopes and the skies, but also so she can know it’s not just her!
    This post is a classic. I know she would be uplifted by all your efforts to deal with life and be in control and prosper – indivisually and globally. Wish her aboard!
    And cheers to all you lovelies who are ,making it work!
    Love, PIsces sun, Leo moon, Scorp rising, zapping in this zap zone!

      • “high 5″ And I love the ‘woe is me Virgo” comment – love my Virgos but that just nails them to a T :-)
        (at their worst I add in respect)

  25. how does this moon affect some one with leo in the twelfth? I havent done too much yet but going to Ikea last night was hell. I felt anxious and very alone from others and kind of feeling an aversion to humanity too? thats bad isnt it

    • Ikea is hellish enough to make one averse to humanity no matter what sign the moon is in.

      • Agreed. I am growing more and more into my introversion. I am not shy or afraid, but lines and crowds totally drain me. Ikea is a model of all that is horrible about retail shopping experiences. I shop online almost exclusively these days.

        • CIVF: Advice, never do public stuff (espesh going to fuqing Ikea! whilst the Moon is in yr 12th house! Moon in 12th house by transit = retreat, let alone New Moon in Leo which in my limited astro experience would mean retreat and plan/dream about a glamorous reentry Virgo style next New Moon in your 1st house :-)

          PS Ikea on a weekend – shudder/cringe. If you have to do it (and I do sometimes) do it on a weekday…

    • Fuq, mate! Ikea is a transit in itself. I will never ever go there again. Ever. I’m 12th house rich, shall we say, and even being in a supermarket or airport or just a pavement is quite zingy. The things incoming can make you hate humanity – in crowds people can be petty and selfish and they practically moo in Ikea. At live music venues and festivals i have alwys had a crew who look out. 12th House fire – you love people but the warmth you send out doesn’t reflect back in a faceless crowd. Take it easy.

  26. Even though I was born on a new moon, I am NOT vibing with this one. Super melancholy, paycheck is now 18 days late, have to move but now don’t have the money to do so, facing a gigantic work transition that’s going to eat me alive. Ended my most recent relationship — on very good terms — but endings always sit painfully with this Ms. Venus in Pisces.

    BLAH! I say, blah. *hides under covers*

    • bless HC! Hopefully things will start trending up – can you leverage ANYTHING/ANYONE to get your pay – bloody frustrating to be owed money. A pro bono solicitor (we have these in Oz called Legal Aid) maybe?

      • Thanks for your kind words, quintile!

        I shouldn’t be so down; I know I have some potentially amazing stuff on the horizon (dream job that I’ve been working towards for years, home ownership in a place I’ve always wanted to live, etc.), but I’m fighting tool and nail for any teeny piece of headway right now.

        My transits mostly seem to point towards positive things: venus transiting 7th house, jupiter conjunct DC, sun and moon adventuring through my 9th house, mars and saturn revving my 10th, but disruptive Uranus in Aries is in my 4th house — I can’t seem to stop moving house recently!

        Mars headed into Scorpio should be interesting for me… I’m of the Pluto in Scorp generation!

        Like a typical Cap sun, I’m doing what I do best: getting BACK TO WORK! πŸ˜‰

      • Also: Yes, I think I have about a 75% chance of collecting the pay without a lawsuit and a kerfuffle, but when you’re a contracted worker, these things are much more difficult to sort.

        • Maybe you can get a hunk o’ muscle on the job. Or have a friend with an authoritative voice call as your “solicitor” to follow up…

          • LOL Pi… trust me, this particular multi-billion dollar corporation is way too skeezy to be intimidated by anyone’s “solicitor.” Good thing I DO have a laywer in the family. I knew that would come in handy for something!

  27. Well, this new moon was not great for me, though probably necessary. It was right on my 4th house cusp. I socialized (is that ever a good idea for a Scorpio?) and in the process ate too much, drank too much, spent too much, said too much, as I found myself having to discuss and confront something that happened at the beginning of June and that I thought I’d handled successfully. Not quite. But I got up this morning, did 15 miles on my exercise bike, am headed for the yoga mat, will get through. And reminding myself that even if no one else in the world likes me, I don’t have to agree with them or join in.

  28. I celebrated the Leo new moon by hanging out with a Leo guy who’s birthday is today! It wasn’t really a date. He’s someone I know through a large network of people I know who are all fans of the same rock band. He just moved to my city and I was showing him around and we went out, ate sushi, drank whiskey and chatted. I don’t go out much in general, so it was nice to just get out and have a good time and socialize. I had had quite a hectic day at work and needed to leave the day behind and relax and feel joyful.
    I’m an Aqua Sun, so maybe that new moon in opposition had a good effect on me!

    Still going through the ‘revolution’ of housemates. People moving in and out. Can’t find the right folks to live here. Bit depressing….. maybe the new moon will bring some resolve? ….maybe not applicable so directly since the new moon was happening in my 2nd house oppose Sun in the 8th. Not much to do with house and housemate stuff, I wouldn’t think…
    I think it’s more to do with ZZ stuff……I have Pluto in the 4th, natally, so I think I need to live alone, but can’t afford to right now, and I’ve got ZZ stuff happening with Uranus/Pluto transit heating up my natal Saturn in early Aries square Kataka rising at 10 degrees, and square Venus in early Cap……THAT is what’s dominating my life right now, I think, and the ‘open’ space opposite that t-square falls in my 4th house where all this crap is going on…..natal Uranus at 28 Virgo ‘sort of’ gets pulled into this but doesn’t really make a tight grand cross by degree…….Uranus in the 4th in general, though, could make housing unstable, I would imagine….I have moved a lot in my lifetime.
    My household has just been crazy unstable for a long, long time…..lots and lots of trouble…. god, I hope it resolves soon!!!!

  29. Work. Work. Work. How it pays emotionally but not financially, why did I choose to be an artist, it’s all I ever wanted but it’s breaking every other aspect of my life and I need to kick it up a gear or I’ll sink New career moon, yes. Opportunities? No. A breakthrough in my process, yes. Usually that’s enough but I think Uranus is making me itchy, bored, antsy and restless in my inner core. I don’t like it, I feel destabilized but not in the fun gung-ho way I’m used to. Just gotta change it all up I guess but it’s hard to know where to start.

    Do know that everything else can wait, if I make this area work everything else will be easier. I’ve known this for years but it’s just become imperative.

    • With income you CAN be creative, make a plan, or a plan B. But, first, stop believing you have to suffer financially to pay for being an artist. That’s not cool or sustainable. Expect to thrive. When you expect to thrive, you don’t feel compromised by making it happen (ie perhaps doing things that make money as opposed to making pure Art) . Just an idea.

      • This 2nd house Cap sun is totally on board with you, 12 house virgo — building a career with sustainable income can be sexy, creative, and amazing.

        Being a starving artist? Not sexy, sustainable or fun at all. I know because I’ve BEEN that person, and I’ve dated those people. I thought I had to suffer for my art, live off of pasta everyday, live in poverty with dysfunctional roommates — I’ve run the gamut of Starving Artist incarnations.

        The common thread of all “starving artist” types I know? We get stuck in an “us vs. them” mindset, which blocks any real opportunities for financial success. I’ve done this without even realizing it, because I surrounded myself with a bunch of other people in the same stuck mindset!

        All I mean to say is that I have SO been there and feel your pain.

        • Very good words both, thank you!

          I’m actually surrounded by people who are successful (some very) at all forms of creative work. Mostly as artists. It’s obviously very inspiring and I no don’t think that suffering has to come, it’s more that I don’t see a way for it to be a viable living OR I don’t have enough confidence to see how I can personally make it so. I don’t know, it’s hard. Very hard, if I could do anything else I would in a heartbeat.

  30. Heavy stuff….Leo is my 12th house.
    The cordinator for my son wants to move him from the family he is with. sigh. He told me the evening before the new moon. After the new moon he told my son and the family he is living with now.

    IT is all so much having him gone and so far away. What a huge change and now they want to move him again and he hasn’t even been there a week.

    • If the move is for the better, then it is best done before he truly settles in. I hope the coordinator has been clear about the reasons, and that you’re happy with those?

      Of course you worry as his caring mum, CM, but if you can be satsified that this move is right then i hope you can come to terms with it. If not, i wonder if you can discuss it more until you are. It should all be in his best interests, so i hope he settles in well.

      • good advice Mille! Catfish dear – do the due diligence – ask for full explanation as to the move; ask what happens if this next household doesn’t suit either; find out what checks they have in place because there must be some reason for him to move; find out how you can get status reports; get feedback from your child; if you feel trust and respect for the co-ordinator’s decision, reinforce that for your child. good luck!

        • Thanks.
          Going to meet the other family first, then we decide. I do feel it is for the best.
          Poor planning in haste….
          But first family are good, nice people. Nothing bad has occured.
          Then he called me so homesick. bummer.
          Then today I had a feeling that all would be alright.

    • How’s he feeling? Sometimes I get a moment of clarity with my girl where I realize things don’t feel nearly as bad for her as I fear. Just talk to him about how he’s doing and don’t fear changes on his behalf, you know? If he needs help, talk to him and you’ll know what to do. Otherwise, you’re just eating your own heart out, dear.

  31. On the new moon’s eve i was taught at a demo about how a hot stone massage works and cupping. It’s an art! To watch a maestro bodyworker perform his genius was an joy like watching a ballet where the body emits emotions transferrable to the audience.
    My Venus in Cap (and rising) wants the best quality there is and Lo, i have found it with a Cap employer. He did his dream, his vision and i’m putting in the finishing touches. Does it help that he is from a country that respects older women where they never lose their usefulness (India). Maybe he just misses his mother..lol, nevertheless to be told how valuable i am is to bring out the best in me (in all of us, yes?).
    Am taking a fraction of what i used to earn but have never been so extraordinarily happy-content after years in my cave studying the body mind in isolation except for client contact.
    There is nothing happier than a happy Sagg who’s Jupiterian energy has
    no reigns to restrict them. The Pegasus has been set free.

      • O hello my darlings, so busy at the studio doing split shifts now making my vision a Holistic Healing Temple come about given all the requirements are there and coming in faster than quick and the promotional phrase of ‘be the master of your own body’ having an impact readying for Spring, it’s go go go. Feel 10 years younger in 6 weeks, life’s done a 360 degree swirl.
        Even doing… dum de dum…..Facebook! Remember Scorpalicious saying it reaches peeps when she was doing her photography, the little red riding hood was it?
        Just invited Alchemist for a catch up in the sauna and hi-tech, almost better than human, massage chair, as we are so busy being career woman, planners of the future and careful nurturers that there has been no time to do a face to face. Mystic has gathered a brilliant team, hasn’t she?
        We have all helped each other if not in words in thoughts.
        Watching over you and sending you all health, wealth & happiness
        Namaste x

  32. morning southern hemisphere peeps – have to report that I had a zombie dream last night – no, it was an actual nightmare, a horrible man-zombie persecuting a female becoming-one (me?) – the usual series of dream ‘tasks’ and the ever present knowing fear that the male-zombie will kill. And I actually dreamed it twice – woke up in horror, then fell asleep and dreamed it shot by shot again. If the dream location had been IKEA it would have been even more trope-busting :) Thank goodness for a clear sunny morning, all of you chippin’ in and a chance to post (hopefully) comforting things to others x x

      • great idea! there is a webisode project which is about zombies in IKEA, all shot without permission – in fact another IKEA project was by Western Front in Vancouver, I think, where you moved through IKEA and listened to either a comedy soundtrack or – if you started at the other end of the maze – a tragedy. The performers were staggered round the space doing actions that could be interpreted from either perspective.

  33. Last night I had the craziest dream that two radically coloured snakes were writhing on my naked torso and then they turned into salamanders with legs. They glistened all wet and slimy. It was horrific and scary to start with but then it became kind of peaceful. Now I’m intrigued over the salamanders and their links to transformation and fire at time of leo moon.

    • immediate thoughts without analysis is transformation of the loveliest kind… beautiful dreaming.

  34. had the most awesome new moon in Leo birthday yesterday. With friends and family and music and good food and french champagne and a trip to tthe beauty salon and EVERYTHING!

    • lovely – many happies and well done – hope you can extend it a few more days too :)

      • Thx quinny its been on for the last week. Tonight last champers and then recovery week

    • Happy happy birthday Leogroover!!! How cool to have your b’day on a new moon – auspicious new beginnings for you lovely. xx

  35. Well, my experience was a pretty significant one for me. I’ve had the ‘flower of soulmating’ begin to bloom, after a very long and patient wait. Flower isn’t open yet, for want of a better analogy, but it smells gorgeous… πŸ˜€