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Hey Mystic,

This is L, otherwise known as Aries Virgo Rising in your comments section :) I read your blog daily and I cannot thank you enough for being seriously amazing, rad, and ultra cool for keeping us in the loop re the zap zone and all the crazy things going on. I am learning so much about astrology and myself! Also, I am in San Francisco and I found an awesome piece of graffiti art I think you will enjoy.

Light and love,


WOW – i love this…Reminds me of Promethea – I think, as with Promethea, the white eyes here symbolize a trance state, yes?

Anyway, the Daily Horoscopes are up for Monday – v.sexy for some peeps with the Grand Water Trine between Venus-Circe, Neptune-Chiron & Eros. But of course the Mars-Saturn situ is keeping our cute little snouts to the grindstone lol.

So there is a raging typhoon or something outside but i am warm inside listening to Cafe Del Mar volume something or rather, doing Get Scorped consults & Google-Image-Searching Channing Tatum, no complaints here.

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8 thoughts on “Daily Nowness

  1. V striking graffiti art. V awesome Monday scopes. Thank you Mystic, I agree with L / AriesVirgoRising – you are wonderful for keeping us up to date with the zap zone details. xxx

  2. I couldn’t agree more with you more Aries Virgo rising – Mystic you truly are a goddess who walks amongst us – I.m coming San Fran in October from London – After London it,s the coolest place on earth. :) xxxxx

  3. When I build my dream home, I am going to have my fave street-art friends come over and do a few murals for me. because that would be awesome. no beige gyprock / plasterboard here, nosiree! πŸ˜€

  4. This is superb art, I love it.

    Was with a psychic who worked with eyes like this – it was freaky.
    When I observed her energetically her white eyes emitted a blue light.
    Also freaky!