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God i am SO annoyed – just seriously wasted an hour stuffing around on Constant Contact trying to get it to send the Daily Mystic for Fri-Sat-Sun – i want it out early so can alert you to the Void Moon etc. ANYWAY they are stuffed and so i am going to cut/paste it here for you…sorry.

Hi Guys!
Here is an early Daily Mystic because….we have a 25 hour Void Moon in Scorpio!   

See The Forever Moons for more on these lengthy Void Moon woo-woo zones.  

So the Moon Void starts a la below and it ends when the Moon is in Sagittarius. 
Void Moons in Scorpio are super-magic, sexy, perceptive and intense – monitor your dreams! 
But they are also strong triggers for Love Zombie crap (stalkery, vengeful, irrational) and Qi  
Vampires get to thinking you might have a little something they could use…like your LIFE-FORCE.  
So it’s up to you to balance the potential of heightened orgasms/tantric insights with the tempers 
running high and possibly crazy-bats peeps.  
Don’t let yourself get too intense – modulate...

Magic can happen during a Void Moon in Scorpio but not if you blight it with the crazies…Remain
in the light, stay awesome and have a fab weekend…

After the Moon is in restless, athletic, brave Saggo – there is a few days of pure raw awesome with Mars in positive aspect to visionary Neptune – enchanted for art, creativity, mind-power enhancement and general Awesome.

Get your attitude right for the Zap Zone – more about that in the next Daily Msytic… 


L.A. ­ Thursday – 02:34 
NEW YORK ­ Thursday – 05:34 
LONDON ­ Thursday – 10:34 
SYDNEY ­ Thursday – 19:34 


L.A. ­ Friday – 03:50 
NEW YORK ­ Friday – 06:50 
LONDON ­ Friday – 11:50 
SYDNEY ­ Friday – 20:50

PS The Get Scorped consults are nearly all done and if you ordered one but have not got it yet, it will totes be with you by the time Mars gets into Scorpio later this week – Friday AM Sydney Time/Thurs PM London/LA/New York

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79 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Fri-Sat-Sun

  1. Fark me, I needed that. You know wobbly tendencies coming up to surface and suddenly going, oh THAT’S where my heart is. Grrr. Modulation is the Mantra yes, got it.

    Force fields UP!

  2. Drinking wine and talking to the cat it is then!

    Oh … do I have to wait till tomorrow night to do that?

  3. So excited – Moon is in Saggitarius in perfect timing – I’m off to an outdoor fancy dress party all day on Saturday!

  4. Ahhh, Constant Contact. It is the bain of my colleagues existence. They feel your pain. Cut and run Mystic!

  5. I have a theory that companies name themselves according to their aspirational identities, hence Constant Contact means exactly the opposite. We wish we were in Constant Contact but actually, we are anything else…Hence any form of government is inherently not governing, etc

  6. How apt? I have just seen the image of the heart and valves for the Friday daily horoscope – doctors have discovered I have a heart murmur – have had blood tests, ECG scan and now off to see the heart specialist tomorrow plus its a Scorpio void moon – way too much!

    • Best wishes. Heart specialists are pretty cool people, and i’m sure they’ll help you feel calm. If you’ve got changes to make, embrace them and maybe try to love them. Cardiology is advanced and brilliant these days. You will be supported.

      • Thank you – funny enough though I feel calm, so am seeing that as a positive.

  7. I just want to hide.. LOL! It’s gonna be an interesting day / week / month. I wrote someone up yesterday, it got sent to the head of the group so something might happen. But the person I wrote also wrote me up so it is ridiculous when she is writing me up because I was upset that she didn’t back me up when she was suppose to. What is going to say “xxxx kept asking me what the status was on an email”… This company is really struggling and I think the owner is about to lose it. I am lucky to have a job but I guess I need to go through this until something else comes up.

    I am waiting to hear about a job oppt. that is ideal. The manager got married last w/e so I am thinking I won’t hear any response to application until the first week in September.

    • I’m waiting on job feedback too. After the last interview, I realized they need to line up work – the entire team they are hiring is new. Its frustrating to spend two hours on the phone with people who have yet to give me any feedback. At least I know they’ve invested as much time as I have into our “relationship.” Sorry to hear about your current work dramas, but it sounds like an opportunity to realize how much you’ve grown. Good luck!

      • Good Luck to you 12th. Thanks for the support! I look forward to your posts! xo!!

  8. Interesting read. Fri 24th is my 24th birthday/solar return…wondering how this is all going to go down hahaha. Also getting a venus return, Uranus pretty close to conjunt my natal Mars, Pluto on my natal Neptune (which is currently opposing my sun…), Chiron trining my natal Chrion, Saturn sextiling my natal Saturn, etc… Fair few interesting things going on for me, quite happy about it seeming there’s an immense amount of progress in all most areas of life at the moment..

  9. ooo. I have an art class all day Friday. Let’s see how void moon across my 5th works out then.

      • and scorpiorising it WAS that day. ideas out of nowhere. page full of cool things to try out. Excited, committed to ze art process.

        sort of related: (am telling you as you are a scorp rising and might get where I am coming from) When I was getting dressed this morning, my usual drive to look completely out-there, splashy bright colour and look-at-me outfit was totally absent, in contrast to the past, like, 6 months. I wanted ‘invisible clothes’. (ie clothes that would make me invisible, not naked, if you know what I mean!) My staple cardigan and long black skirt. Shoes that I have worn holes in but love my feet. hair scraped back. I just wanted to nail this day and have no mess, no fuss. I mean I was deliriously tired on 4 hours sleep and anticipating a v busy day, so that might have helped.

  10. Hah! Just done with a talk a Qi Vampire initiated. Am bunking in until this Void is over.

    • i have to be at work but am wondering whether i can get away with all day ear plugs and a smile.

      • I wish… Just bumped into No.2 online… I am not only bunking in, am unplugging.

        This is the first time I am under a Qi Vamp rain… Usually, they appear… one here, one there..

  11. I’m taking a sick day today. I’ve felt sooo run down lately, low energy. Still can’t sleep well. Anyone else noticed people seem to be really amped and conflict prone lately? Yesterday, I went to a client meeting and they had my car towed. Idiots. At least, I get to bill them and got out of the meeting. Unrelated, but my colleague witnessed a huge accident on the highway and had to get involved. Stay safe out there, people! Hope the void moon lets me recharge.

    • Have been fatigued as well. Sleeping loads and ever so slightly nauseous. Hoping Moon into Sagg is the cure!

  12. The sun is almost conjunct to my ascendant, and jupiter (12th house) but it is opposite my mercury in pisces RX…so opposite neptune in pisces…everything is being considered, pondered, assessed but remains in a cloud…quandary multiplied.

    The dilemma of the day is kindergarten selection, but maybe not next year, maybe the year after…as I have been told sound reasons to delay it…and its strange but I cannot decide where we will be located, or how long we will endure our current house…and all that really matters is that everyone’s sanity / security is preserved.

    Void scorpio moon; with mars entering scorpio…is this good for purposes of a sleuth agenda? Or sloth? Because I just get the impression I should be responsive with positive opportunities, detecting signs here and there yet am dreadfully tired, enjoying the serenity of a calm low key lifestyle.

    • Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet is a lovely way to restore hope and enjoy beautiful words of wisdom.

      Things relatively serene b/c Moon in cancer early degrees in harmonious aspect to neptune, mars scorpio…

  13. hey i sent it out -t he daily mystic i mean – so subscribers will have it in their in box as usual. It was not actually late BUT i wanted to get in before the Void moon began

    And 12House Virgo – it is the Zap Zone roaring into life

    also u know my theory if you feel like this it is like when the snake feels like hell before the skin shedding begins. They often lose even their venom. I did a big rant about it on facebook

    • I like the analogy of a snake shedding a skin. My work is a bit like that, everyone is on edge, we know that jobs are going, but it is the waiting….. For me it is also a renewal, one of those times that you are forced to re-evaluate and are ready for the unknown in a positive way. The zap zone is going to be a cracker!

  14. OK – so I know MM’s Virgo scopes say “don’t go all morbid about your love life” but seriously?!? I suspect my natal Venus and Sun in the 12th house making a Yod with Jupiter in 6th Pisces is a curse. Fat old Jupiter pulls in wounded lover types. Even when I tried online dating I pulled in an ER nurse recovering from a nervous breakdown. I went from one soul connection hell directly into a much milder version of the same scenario. And when I met a wounded lover I like, suddenly behind-the-scenes Venus and Sun in Virgo work to develop a path-to-healing plan for the patient. Meanwhile, wounded dude in 6th is unawares, uninvolved. Its all 12th house – collective consciousness crap. Meaning, I feel like I am not allowed to take anything personally – like that’s my astro signature- and for reasons of past life karma, I will never ever get to have sex again. And, I don’t care if its mystical – it sucks to work off a life that isn’t here. Where’s the address I can send that astro complaint? Ha!

    • PS – My daughter is a permanent 8th house transit on my Chiron. Ha! I’ve got to make us Mommy and Me “Nuns of Anarchy” costumes. Perhaps repurposing girl scout costumes scenery that gives vague reference to “Sound of Music” themes.

        • Thanks! I’ve been google hunting for khaki shirt dresses and nothing is in stock. Its irritating. Aren’t khaki shirt dresses a persistent optional uniform of sorts – always available in all sizes of being? Feeling a bit disillusioned by fashion. I’m going to have to find a seamstress/tailor if I don’t find one soon. Its like an itch I must scratch.

          • It’s been many moons since even I have seen a khaki shirt dress. I don’t know what to tell you.

            Mmm: a seamstress… I need one of those, myself…

            • I’ve never had any luck with the tailors in the local dry cleaning places. The one I knew who was good was such an arrogant prick, I ranted about him on yelp and promised to never return. I think I’ll ask people who work at the fabric store if they freelance.

  15. Comms mayhem here this past week, and Mercury is supposed to be out of shadow. Optus Mobile Broadband down all Monday with bullshit excuse from ISP. Black screen of death on the Mac yesterday but thankfully rebooted ok, disappearing emails, TV channels on and off the blink, a Phantom Piscean lover wafting on and off the grid…

    Ok, the Piscean is down to a Neptune transit, but the rest — Uranus Pluto?


  16. I’ve purged so much I now have an empty room. Can’t get much more organized than that – so its becoming my favorite room. But, there is always more to do – redesigning my filing system now that I’ve purged expired tax years. Detailed inventory of every thing in every drawer in my home…that sort of thing.

    • I also want bare minimalism! I let myself have one corner or area to have artistic, inspirational clutter like books, paint and toys not bills, crap newspapers and junk mail.

      • I want to create an art room. My daughter took me on a tour of the art room in her school and said how happy it made her. But – I am also hoping to move so I don’t want to invest in anything space-specific for this house just yet. Its strange…I have an empty space and plan to keep it empty. Its like a spiritual practice. Maybe I’ll make it a meditation room.

  17. mystic does this have anything at all to do with electronic/tech fuqery??
    also, any explanations for sun-in-virgo phase starting off with supreme disorganization, impatience, and a general phased-out-ness??

  18. Thanks for this! I am in Europe (not my usual abode) and Microsoft d**kheads who are now running hotmail have kicked me out of my email account due to my mysteriously logging in from two different countries in three days. Losers. Have they not heard of TRAVEL? I am leaving hotmail forever as soon as I can tell all my contacts etc.

    I can’t prove who I am til I get home as I supplied my mobile as security for them to send me a reset code but the mobile doesn’t work over here.

    ANYWAYS. Have had no access to my Daily Mystic until the above. Thankyou!

  19. Saggo Moon on Saturday should be super fun for my Saggo Moon-Kataka Sun daughter’s bridal shower. Gem daughter Moon in Saggo too so maybe there will be dancing on the table tops at the restaurant even tho neither of them drinks (esp the Gem), and me, I will be on my best behavior as never met her future Mother in law yet and my ex’s Persian wife and her daughter will be there…No margarita afterall perhaps…

    • Oooh, sounds intense! Am sure you will be your most gorgeous & smooth on the happy day. Best of luck navigating the sea of relationships!

    • I’d go the margarita Sweets. They are a Sagg kinda fun.

      I miss the amount of tabletop dancing that goes on in the States.
      I reckon theres more of it there than anywhere I’ve been to for some reason.

      Theres a bar in SF called Zeitgeist that used to have half the bar ON the bar every friday night without fail by about 11.30
      The place would slowly rev like a tachometer. fantastic

    • Sounds like fun to me Sweets, your a guest , non ? Have fun, they will all be much more nervous than you . I reckon situations like this can bring a lot of answers to unspoken questions. Take the higher ground. x Congratulations Sweets.

  20. Okay, I need help and don’t know where else to put this…

    I’ve a neighbor, a female sea goat to my ramzilla, lesbian, who I get on so well with. Astro we’re insane-compatible, and aside from that we just automatically click. I’m not sure what to do. I could be making too much of it, but it just FEELS like such this huge gray area. It’s like hanging out with a guy friend who says things like, “Hey! I’ve been trying to run into you so we could switch numbers!” and proceeds to get giggle-tipsy at your house later that night. It’s like meeting a soulmate without the sex.

    So I guess this is like an astro question, and lifestyle. I mean, wtf?

    (side note? I don’t see myself as gay, or bi.)

    • I don’t think you have to see yourself as anything, but do what you want. I have a friend who swore she was the straightest woman on earth, who is now happily in a relationship with a woman and a man. Sexuality is generally way more flexible than the two buckets we’ve been taught to sort ourselves into. In any case, nice to hear you have a good friend in the neighborhood.

  21. I was born with a void moon in Scorpio. Even when I was a child I remembered my dreams in the morning. Still do.

  22. Well, 25 hr VOC in Scorp (my 10th house) – that explains everything!
    Been trying to write dissertation survey. Couldn’t get my head around it, hitting the non-liquid Ju Ju Juice and failing to escape from family madness.
    However, the Nuns of Anarchy have saved me!
    That line alone brought a light at the end of a tunnel.
    Thank you!

    • Oh good – and thanks for sharing that it did! I’ll be sure to share the Nuns of Anarchy Back to School photo once its done – waiting on costumes to arrive. Good luck with your dissertation. :-)

  23. Totally rabbit-hole afternoon Thursday during……had afternoon drinks and bumped into a whole variety of friends around the neighborhood, which never happens…..more drinks…….then couldn’t sleep at all Thurs. night, which also never happens. All on a background of being super stressed because a legal issue I thought was done reared its head again receiving idiotic lawyer letter in mail Thurs. afternoon before the impromptu socializing started…..that was good therapy after receiving that letter, but still kept me up all night worrying…… I just don’t get how these things keep coming back to bite me in the a$$….. Sometime, it’s just gotta stop!

    Had to work all day today after no sleep….totally surreal, but a fairly smooth day at work, thankfully!

    Yep, it’s been a surreal 24 hour period!