Bruce Springsteen Models Libran Ambiguity

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Bruce Springsteen astrology“Open your ears, open your hearts. Don’t take yourselves too seriously and take yourself as seriously as death itself. Don’t worry. Worry your ass off. Have iron clad confidence. But doubt! It keeps you awake and alert. Believe you are the baddest ass in town and you suck. It keeps you honest. Be able to keep two completely contradictory ideas alive and well in your heart and head at all times. If it does not drive you crazy it will make you strong. Stay hard, stay hungry and stay alive.”


Bruce Springsteen.

You know how they say Librans are indecisive and that they can always see both sides to everything, forever trying to balance their scales? This dude knows his Libra. He is Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune all in Libra…Of course, the statement above could also be expressing the Mutability of his Gemini Rising. It’s kinda cool though, yes?

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44 thoughts on “Bruce Springsteen Models Libran Ambiguity

  1. More often than not, ambiguity chaps my arse. lol It’s true that I have ample Libra (and Pisces) areas in my chart, but I’m def more Scorp than anything– and all the fixedness that implies.

    I would say that a large part of my Saturn in Libra experience had much to do with learning how to tolerate ambiguity: it’s a fact of life and of people, ambiguity, and there is strength is knowing how to mediate the in-between, and how to live simultaneously at all points along a spectrum. Tolerating ambiguity was not an ability I was born with, for sure, but one I’ve had to assimilate for my own sanity and longevity.

  2. Pretty cool! But it might be a bit tough having him as a life coach? I think I’d get too confused, lol.

  3. There’s ambiguity and then there’s vagueness, indecisiveness that drives me NUTS! Knowing the difference for our Libra friends is, I’m sure, an art for, 🙂 (Scorp Sun, Cap Asc here.)

    • Good point, George: Ambiguity vs. Vagueness! There *is* a difference 😉

      • And then there is just plain flakey….

        A capture of whatever is being flogged at the time

        • You’re Taurus-Scorp, stinging bull?

          I don’t know squat about my mother’s chart except that she’s Taurus sun, and we have a good relationship– but when we have butted heads, it was ugly! Sometimes I wondered if our uglier moments had anything to do with the whole Taurus is opposite Scorp situation… ?

          If you are Taurus-Scorp, what’s it like? Is it fixed to the Max? An earthy Scorp? A dark Bull?

          • Outside looking in is difficult,

            Opinionated, Controversial, darkly introspective, harder on ourselves than others, low tolerance for bullshiters,

            And then

            Compassionate, loyal ( to those that deserve it) , horny, mostly considered in things said, willing to help if asked

            • I am Scorp/Taurus/Leo. Very decisive. I can’t really understand when people take a long time to decide on things. Low tolerance for bullshitters is true too!

    • Indecisiveness is to ambiguity as stubbornness is to certainty. It depends on what mood one is in at the time, and who is paying attention or who is holding the expectation(s)… perhaps?

      • I certainly (or stubbornly) agree!
        Acknowledging of course that it can not only be either or, but also both. I’m all for continuums …

  4. Ambiguity? Can you be worth $200 Million and still pretend you are the voice of the working man?

    • good point but i guess he still works his arse off and has to deal with the same human problems that we all struggle with. just not those related to $$

  5. I am glad that you mentioned the Gemini mutability in there too, Mystic… my perspective on life / anything varies wildly depending on what colour undies I am wearing, which mag I am flicking through at that time, the weather, etc etc so I did rather identify with elements of Brucey’s quote. It’s like as soon as I “decide” ‘Yes!! THIS is what I think. Ah, finally I have a direction.’ Then like the two positive or negative ends of a magnet repelling each other, voom! My mind then accelerates away from such certainty until it is out of the field of influence…. and also I have a sensation of “But there is ALWAYS something else, always another opinion, ALWAYS more information to come to light!! How can you be so sure? Do you know what That person thinks? What does this book have to say about it? How about that research institution? Who am I to presume I know this so well? How arrogant! Maybe I’ll just wait a bit and see what else is out there, but *for now* I’ll think this, more or less, until someone challenges me and then I’ll re-think the thinking..”

    • pi, i’m exactly the same. makes life decisions rather difficult to say the least! i’m gem sun & rising. at least we can see everyone’s perspectives, and are fully informed from all angles 🙂

      • 🙂 I should add that I can still be an opinionated brat, but I am starting to learn to hold my counsel, sometimes, ish.

      • And yes doublegem… it’s probably why academia appeals to me so much, sharing and conversation and learning, without that pesky biz / industry “make this decision by 4.17pm AEDST or we lose $50 million ” or some such crap. But I could do that if I had to (and I would have sound grounds for doing so, having considered – very rapidly – all the angles 😉 )

  6. I’d sure hate to be stuck in a grocery store with the guy, particularly without a list, a firm budget to stick to, or a specific time frame for that matter. All that Libra would be nebulous. Librans can talk themselves into and out of anything, given they dwell on meaning. I’d say his statement is an example of the Libran tendency to call it whatever he thinks at the time…

    I like to call upon my earthy planets to ground the Libran sensitive and prone to ambiguity nature. I hate it when I space out like that.

    • PS: if you have a hidden universe of Uber-Libran within you don’t need to sing about it or say shit out loud. Express it silently by channeling it toward your latest floral arrangements thoughtfully placed all over your house. Let your inner Libran out with flowers and scent, then invite people over for a sea of flowers party and hand each guest a boquet as they leave. Then start your floral project over again the next day and wow out at yourself!

  7. Wow, a lot of people dissing the Boss. I’m not the most typical Libra (no flowery parties, thanks) but I get what he says AND it is a great example of the Libran goal/mind. This aiming for balance thing is not about finding a happy medium, or choosing one over the other, it’s about being all at the same time. The challenge is in achieving that without going mental – that is the Boss’ point.

    And the Boss is beautiful, he even ages beautifully 🙂

  8. You could email this to Wayne Swan: Brucey’s Guidelines for AAA Fiscal Management

    • Swan no doubt already has an appreciation of ambiguity thanks to the Neptune in Libra that he shares with Bruce S. In his chart, Neptune in libra actually squares his Mercury and Uranus. Natally, his chart also suggests that he has an in-built capacity to keep two contradictory views in his head and heart at all times, thanks to a life dealing with a chart in which Cancer Sun, Moon, Jupiter are opposed by Mars in Cap.

      I just checked this and amazing to note that his Cap Mars (which is also exactly sextile his very determined and indominatable Lilith/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio that trines his uber stellium in Cancer) was being crossed exact by Pluto in Cap when the GFC hit.

      Pluto crossing one’s natal Mars and opposing one’s Sun and Moon at the same time must be a doozy that not too many experience. (Thankfully, his Libra Neptune is at 23 degrees, whereas his Mars et al are in very early degrees, so it didn’t complicate decision making too much) I shiver just thinking about a transit like that. I bet he was worrying his ass off. Yet he emerges from it with international nominations as world’s best treasurer/being lauded by the IMF for his quick decisions that kept Australia out of recession.

      Funnily enough, Saturn is on his Libra Neptune now. Hence the ideals of equality (Neptune/Libra) taking on the plutocrat mining magnates, perhaps?

      • Now now Pegs! (That Anon was me, above – as usual, I forgot to login). Whatever you think about this government, Swan himself, and his outspoken attacks on the attempts of rich mining magnates to buy even greater political influence through media ownership and Parliament, the context in which he referenced specific Springsteen lyrics was absolutely faithful – rather than blasphemous -to themes that run through the latter’s music. And I heard an interview with Swan’s daughter – a talented and rising musician in her own right – a few months ago in which she noted how much her father’s egalitarian values and the music he drew inspiration and strength from had influenced her growing up.

        Nebraska -the whole album – is an indirect attachk on the effect of Reagan’s “give-to-the-rich-and-the corporations-and-take-from-the-poor-and-low-paid-workers” policies on the ordinary working man. The Boss himself has said as much, and has been known to give money to strike funds for unions striking against crap pay and conditions and job losses (in addition to donations to homeless shelters, food banks etc). So no mystery why Swan is such a big fan.

        • soz pegs, i meant that was me, Fi. Sometimes my name just doesn’t come up, even if logged in, and/or typing it in manually.

  9. No way is he typical Libran.

    He is so ambiguous and confused because he has Neptune near Mercury and his Sun!!!!! In his communication he’d be a bit of Pisces-Gemini-Libran – a ball of bewildering muddleness.


  10. Err, are you sure about that? Bruce has been my idol all my6 life as we are from the same town in NJ. I’ve always heard that B. is a Cancer sun.

  11. This man has aged brilliantly. His dedication & professionalism is seriously excellent and he is loved by his musicians. Of course like many he did the gorgeous model marriage before his true love Patti who was in the same biz as he.
    Apparently when he starts singing at home his kids tell him to shut up!
    He, along with Cohen & Dylan write the most beautiful love songs, particularly Bruce Baby. The Boss, yup the boss of my heart with his words.
    He has retained his shape and fine good looks unlike many Oz musicians from the past who are unrecognisable now.
    Love this MAN, a LIBRA, now i know why the love songs like no other.

    • I gather he was actually doing Patti who was touring with him in his band for quite a while still married…Neptune in Libra?
      but love lyrics of many of his songs, and his voice is to die for.

      • Agree Anon, that could be possible, but still, he is an artist of beauty and doubt it was as …I can’t even think of a word right now…

        “Aint no Angel gonna greet me”..

        He is not as Libran deluded as one might think…x

        • It wasn’t Glory Days I loved but Thunder Road..

          ~The screen door slams…Mary’s dress waves~..

          It was the subtle nuance of those words that this NN in Libra loved…

          I mean it really just gets down to how something makes us feel, how we imagine it that makes it our dream and momentary reality..

  12. ‘Indecisive’ is NOT the right term. All the libras around me is far from ‘indecisive’. It was very confusing in the beginning but in the end it hit me that they are just taking so much time as an opposite sign of Aries, which is careless and impulsive. As a CEREBRAL sign, the scale bearers tend to take time weighing things over and over again.

    Often the terms that peeps using for astrology mis-define the sign of energy. I haven’t seen libran indecisive unless they are indifferent in the matters that make them viewed indecisive. In the same way, I have seen many Scorps who are disinterested in sex but stupidly faithful-damn stupid. Wrong terms, wrong guide.