Astro-Beauty: The Low Maintenance Leo Of Legend

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Madonna’s Uranian nature has been explored here already but this is purely about her Leoness.

So shes flogging her new fragrance (Truth or Dare) and along with her schtick about how it is like Fracas etc etc, there is this interview that seems to have gone everywhere about her tres simple beauty routines. Madonna, who turned 54 a few days ago, said she simply splashes her face with cold water in the morning plus she uses these “Japanese eyedrops that burn.”ย  She also washes off her make-up at night. That’s it. No mention of botox, fillers or you know, any work.

Leaving aside the kinky-Virgo concept of exfoliating your eyeballs of a morning, is Madonna seriously expecting anyone to believe she’s low-maintenance? What’s weird is that not one journalist apparently questioned her re the cold-water & cleaning off make-up line.

Leos DO love to lie that they’re L.M but a low maintenance Leo is a contradiction.ย  Still, I’ve known Leos who arise at 5am to attend Pilates classes, live for weeks on lean protein & green veggies and maintain a skincare regime that would test the concentration of a Trappist monk but when you ask if they “do anything” they scoff; “Me? Oh god no, i’m lucky if i have time to even drag a brush through my hair and you know, i can never say no to a slice of brie…” Cue tinkly laugh.

Do you know any Low Maintenance Leos? Or just L.M.L.s who lie?

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82 thoughts on “Astro-Beauty: The Low Maintenance Leo Of Legend

  1. Oh TOTALLY! I know a Leo. We work in the same industry. Whenever I bump into her she brags non stop about her ‘totally annoying’ but mega rich clients, bitches about her staff and complains about how everyone else in the industry is COPYING her! In the next breath, she shrugs her shoulders casually and nonchalantly and tries to convince me that she is humble,relaxed and carefree about everything. Low maintenance. LOL

    • too funny!
      Drama is normalized for them. So in a way she may be “low maintenance” in her own mind compared to her friends!

    • So true!
      On the other side of the coin, there are people who spend a sh*t load of time with high maintenance personal grooming & getting ready routines to look real awful, yet, according to popular standards said look is considered ‘so hot right now’ at the nightclub. Lol

  2. I’m a Leo and this is 100% me – my beauty arsenal is extensive and a closely guarded secret. I’d hate people to know what I get up to “getting ready” – and would lie about it. The thing is, I don’t want them to think “you do ALL that and you only look like this?!” it’s a pride thing, probably.

    • One’s beauty routine is one’s business and people who ask you what it is had better be VERY close. You get enough shitty judgment without that kind of scrutiny. Mind you, if the beautiful souls who genuinely want to know because they would like assistance ask me, then i happily share some fave products. Other than that, yes i’ll also happily lie or shrug my shoulders. I’m not high maintenance or into time consuming stuff but i’m very particular, disciplined and Leo MC/Saturn in Taurus 6th (sq Venus). Like, I don’t brush or dye my hair but i get the best cuts i can and am willing to pay. People always ask who my hairdresser is and i usually send them to the one i don’t go to anymore. Only good souls go to hairdresser heaven, and she thanks me for the ones i send cos she likes their personalities. She doesn’t want to be dicked around by foo-foo people, either.

      • I agree. Madonna doesn’t have to tell us squat. It’s her life, her own privacy.
        Her trade secrets.
        I am not a fan, but I do stand up for her right for mystery and privacy regarding her beauty routine. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • I agree. It’s like asking if someone is gay. Or whatever. who cares? it’s not our business and makes no fundamental difference to anything.

  3. I have a tight Moon-Mars conjunction in Leo and this is definitely me. People say to me, “Hey, you lost weight this summer.” I respond, “Thanks to my new diet of frozen pizza and beer.” Not mentioned: hitting the gym at least four days a week for at least an hour and eating mostly yogurt, apples, and grilled chicken.

    And I love love love getting carded. I’m 31 and people still ask me what I’m studying in school. Does a Leo heart good ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Ha! Me too! Well at 37 I’m not getting carded but certainly asked what I’m studying in my 20’s!! I’m leo sun pisces rising and cancer moon ( that’s v big eyes and even bigger hair) I think the low maintenance things comes from the idea that its just all very practical.. You know just eat green walk the dog moisturize like your life depends on it and it’s all good!!!

  4. I have my Moon in Leo. Lately I have been switching my beauty routine. Going with a more natural approach. I amdire Leos. They are beautiful.

  5. Is it Leos or Saggitarians / Geminis (pisceans?) who do this for study regimes too: walking into an exam saying “omg I have BARELY studied for this .. stress! I know nothing… only opened the text book last night!!” when we know it’s rubbish and they’ve been hitting the books 12 hours a day for 4 weeks :)

    my approach probably belies my Aries influence which is straight-up: Clearly the poor creatures need help if they’re asking ME what my routine is. So I tell them, this takes WORK baby (first checking that I have not suddenly had a breakout and they are taking the mickey) lololol

    • In my student days this Piscean/Sag had been hitting the booze and blokes hard 12 hours a day for weeks so making it to an exam was often a surprise encounter with someone from my course who walked me to the venue. Noone ever asked me if i’d studied. Some mentioned that they thought i’d unenrolled. It’s kind of funnny i guess but also painful to recall how trashed i was during some exams. Post grad was infinitely better!

      • A Gemini and guilty. In my defense, what was, in retrospect a lot of studying seemed like not enough at the time.

  6. Guilty as charged your honour! i feign amazement if someone says i have good skin, say that it must be all the coffee and stress, don’t have time for all the ‘fuss’ of beauticians, just comb a bit of lemon juice through my hair, use whatever cream i can get at the supermarket HA HAH HAH, that is meant to be sardonic laughter as i weave back down the stairs into my vault.

    i think madonna would work with a derm and a plastic surgeon and a nutritionist, she would have a whole team, a low gi diet and scheduled maintenance. there would be a plan there. but hey i am going to take my cue from her and say that i too just have whacky japanese eyedrops, splash my face with cold water if i have time in the morning (like she is not up at dawn doing leg lifts with some hot trainer) and use cold cream.

    • A former yoga teacher trains her one on one. He’s not that hot, more cute in a geeky way. What stuck in my mind about what he said about her is her discipline and determination; she will practice through painful injuries regardless.

      I have a lovely Leo friend who is also incredibly disciplined and focused, but is so not glam or interested in attracting attention to herself. But she’s demanding on herself and I suppose in that way, not LM.

  7. god wasn’t she amazing in her youth?
    I wish she’d take the high road with her maturity, seeing her dressed like a teenager just doesn’t befit her right now. she could really OWN it if she, well, owned it.

    • Yes absolutely! IMAGINE how cool she would be! I’m all for primping but its just a little tooooooooooooo much botox/fillers that smells of insecurity & seems quite un-badass of her! Also I think its unfair that the world kinda misses out on Madonna becoming a Cool Old Lady.

      • Absolutely Sagifairyus – the world (and all of us) need some role models of Cool Old Ladies – what a pity she is not taking that on.

    • Yes, the woman is FIT as. I’m pro-bucking the trend, however having seen her in concert in fishnets and not much else, yes her energy was amazing but it was distracting and felt out of place. I’m sure there are sexier outfits that even if it weren’t age-appropriate per se, would have enough of a nod towards that than the “insistence” of leotards and fishnets.

      Having said that, she’s done a good job of preservation considering she’s reported to have an insane exercise regimen rumored to have broken up her prior marriage. Also, I don’t think anyone questioned her water and eye drop regimen as it’s tacit that such simple measures in the industry is pretty much not true.

      • It’s standard chatter on the press box I think. I’ve seen Madonna on interviews and I never quite like her in it. She’s guarded in some fashion and I wonder if the answers are manufactured..but then maybe that’s part of the Enigma Factory.

        As Leos go, I’d take Sandra Bullock over her any day. She quietly gives millions to her causes, she exemplifies Leonine dignity in the most painful and distressing circumstances, she’s actually very cultured without making a meal of it, and she has that playful sense of humor/sun viewing side of her that’s quintessentially Leo.

  8. Depends what she has in Virgo – is it Rising and Mercury? Leo Fixed = routine. The industry she is in basically requires or demands people look a certain way. I’d say if Madonna devotes serious effort and amount of time and energy to her biceps and physical training, then of course her beauty regime is *state of the art*. Her two husband’s have been Pisces and Virgo – these are pretty picky (aesthetically) signs. So as far as I can tell, from the outside as I haven’t yet met her, she doesn’t go for anything that is Low Maintenace Lolol.

  9. Leo rising (venus in virgo) here and I have a minimalist beauty routine, I have a hair routine, health, teeth, diet, sleep, exercise, spiritual-gardening routine. I also have a bit of a routine for how I treat my close, best friends. I always show up with a bunch of flowers for my Scorpy Gal best buddy – because she’s worth it, she’s been there for me, I’m there for her, she’s my best friend and I adore her, she has leo Moon and Scorpy Sun and is the best.

    • If you don’t mind me asking, what does spiritual gardening involve? It sounds lovely.

  10. oo – the stare looks a bit Miss Haversham in the upper photo. Looks like Bananarama in the bottom one, and good for her!

  11. Ha….LML?…sure :) I’m leo rising and don’t have time for any beauty routine….what’s that? Lucky if I manage a bit of face cream…. when I remember…..and most times hack and dye my own hair…..(partly ’cause I do a better job than the hairdressers) Between being a mother of four, masters degree p/t and full time work….what time for beauty? Ha….. I say again! Do have a bit of leo pride tho…despite too much time in the Oz sun as a kid….I get told I am holding up well for my age….think DNA might have more to do with that than cream or any other kind of cosmetics…..thanks mum & dad!

  12. nothing in leo but a twelfth house!……I do have my sun in the first house though….but my feeling is thats a bit more arian than Leo. I always feel shameful when my pride starts to kick in, it makes me shake with nerves lol and I just want to hide but yeah maybe thats old twelfth house issues arisin for a good ol cleanse.

    As to beauty simplicity is key, maybe thats the virgo rise. I believe in health and an inside out beauty look and loathe the look of a costumey full-face of makeup, that is never beautiful in my opinion! a little bit goes a long way tho, and showing that you care can be beautiful in itself because it gives off a vibe that you are worth it (ugh pardon the commercialized slogan i just threw in there lol)

    Also I think Leos are super beautful because they have some of the most joyous hearts out there and super huge bouncy & bright auras, and that is so attractive to me.

  13. Well, I’m a Scorpio w/a Leo Rising. So imagine Leo coupled with the intensity of Scorpio. I have a beauty closet with about 12 zillion different eye shadows and products. I can’t say I can afford the best of the best but my products give me a lot of happiness and are very high quality. I love essential oils and take a lot of thought into what I put on my face. All my DVDs are exercise videos. I think I own maybe two “entertainment” DVDs (and one of which is Spinal Tap).

  14. With abit old old toro ( sorry Leo’s) influence I find most Leo’s tacky and try hard cool… They may have all the right gear/ know the right whatever … But it’s the over promotion… Lol they just never quite cut it. Relax Leo’s show us your heart

  15. I’ve got a Leo Rising and I’ll tell people what I do but truefully what I tell them is only a tiny bit of what I really do.

  16. Ps lol I’ve had no sleep since forever so I’m sure I’m going to regret the Leo jibe . Zz but I promise you this …If the queen / king of Leo entered my lair right now I would consume every fucking, tachy, toxic, trendy, neon lighting,gold pass VIP wannabe, plastic titted, chicken hormone injection, everybody’s doing it, chemically enhanced, tested on everything, special secret sleep brew ( no not having ago at kiwis) I’d take it and praise the sun god!

  17. Dont worry Leo’s : ) if I don’t sleep soon I’m going to die : )..
    And all my piscean universal love etc whatever is going to be mortified… Kinda : )

  18. Am afraid I am with Madge here. Makeup off at night water and QV face cream in the morn b4 slap application. Leo Sun/2nd, Venus in Cancer.
    (only use Hauschka, or QV stuff – mainly the latter due to price point).

    But I have Marilyn Monroe dreams of fluffy white robes, gold powder compacts and expensive surgeons who burn my face smooth, whereupon I recover in snowy Swiss spas, smothered in Eidelweiss & sipping alkaline spring water.

    • mmm snowy swiss spas and hunky germanic type pool boys. Book me in creatix. and we can swan about in flowly numbers

  19. I exist. It is true. I am low maintenance. I can get up, shower, breakfast, see to the 3 cats, dress, make up on and out in 30 minutes. 25 if I really push it. Haven’t dyed my hair for years – hair dyd is so bad for you especially the dark colours – do get it cut when Mystic advises (normally twice a year max). Use eye cream and face cream (day or night) and warm water. Don’t do foundation or blusher. Tried a filler once years ago but could feel it in my face so never bothered again.

    • ah, filler.. really? l was reading about that randomly last night, thinking, hmm, maybe later if I care enough… then the au naturel aries venus / freewheeling pisces sun part of me walked up and shook me hard and said “you’ve got to be f-ing kidding”

      Did it really feel strange?

    • 30min!!!! That’s impressive. Does that include a cup of tea? Because I can’t leave the house without toast & tea.
      My record is an hour and I don’t have cats! :)

  20. No, i don’t know any. But i do know they are super-secret about their secret potions used for their hair or beauty crap.

    If there are low maintenence Leos, they probably have some other Asc or placements that chill them out more.

  21. Leo sun / Virgo Asc / Libra moon here – I feel I am somewhat into the routine of my somewhat low maintenance beauty efforts. For instance, its not just the stuff you put on your body / face / hair that makes up a person’s beauty routine (I wear almost no make-up btw, some blush usually does it) – its the lifestyle. My routine, getting enough sleep, having enough time to chill out and relax once I get up before bolting out the door for work, keeping a simple and elegant house and wardrobe to exist in (it doesn’t have to cost a lot of $, trust me, I am not exactly flush), having fun, walking (at dusk, try and stay out of the sun) – anyway, its about how you live that makes a difference. If anything, I think my Leo inspiration is more Jackie O, less Ms Madge though I have always identified w/Madonna’s outspokeness and individuality – and feminism. I dye my hair, but I do it myself. I use face and body cream, but one good one of each is enough, I go for classic cuts and styles in clothes – I’m ok sticking w/my routine

  22. Im on the Aries Pisces cusp with Mercury and in Pisces and Neptune squaring it and the sun.

    I was very impressed by madonna’s Japanese eye drops and washing her makeup off. But now that you mention it, she is probably keeping her secrets.

    I dig madonna, as a cultural archetype. She was my childhood hero, and I was a child after her peak, when she was embarrassing the public with her sex book, etc. I was very timid, an unlikely fan, probably unconsciously trying to learn from her resilient armor of confidence.

    Now I take note of her not freely giving away her secrets. I have tended to tell almost anyone who cares almost everything about anything, i think because my whacked out inner child compulsively seeks support.

    However, maybe ill experiment with madonnastyle discernment. Progressed moon is passing through leo … Problem is, I find that my almost self deprecating self disclosure disarms people. They do not find me a threat. I even sometimes find myself exagerating pridelessness in this way (eg “you’re so thin” “oh it’s because I don’t eat.”) in order to maintain harmony with “acquaintances”. So, maybe I am tricky? But my defense has been to appear harmless, not so lionesque. Til now.

    Ill always be gullible though, and i still want some japanese eye drops that burn.

  23. Well as a Feline all I’m admitting to is I have very close relationships with my hairdresser, beautician and my doctors (note the plural). I’m into nutrition and I have always passed for at least 10 years younger or more than my age – put it down to Pisces rising/Gemini Venus, amazing hair and/or Dutch genes. And of course the younger men in my life :-)

    • And there’s no such thing as a LML – it’s BS and a cover story fosho.

  24. maybe i am an exception or its my taurus rising but my fiance is constantly telling me i am grubby and honestly, other than looking after my health and general fitness I tend to go most days no effort, once a week if once a month I’ll get dressed up and even put on some make up. I have an array of inherited beauty products that i rarely use.

  25. My sistor, omg a Leo…ya I see how she says she’s low maintenance in her regime but by looking at her I’d say no. She used to lie a lot as a child and that turned into joking, pulling your leg stories as she got older. She still drives me insane, like when she asked to borrow my forest green yoga mat a couple years ago that I wasn’t using and I said go ahead. When I wanted to use it recently she insisted it was one she bought and even had a detail of when and with whom she purchased it, made excuses as to why it wasn’t any good to use anymore, told me my mat was blue and that it wasn’t mine. Well, the thing is how many forest green yoga mats are there out there past the year 2000? She does stuff like this often and makes me doubt my sanity.

    • I do not think us Leos lie as a group. I am too honest. I think those traits would be from Merc aspects either from Neptune or Saturn.

  26. Oh, this is so my Leo ex, with whom I’ve since forged a wonderful friendship. He works for a band, so when touring…can’t always indulge in his “grooming routine”. He insists he doesn’t care about his hair, but I know how obsessed he is with it, lol. Only washes it every other day so it won’t be dry or frizzy, always air-dry, etc. So, when I went to see the band and hang out with him in June, his first question: “Did you bring any good conditioner with you? I only have the cheap stuff with me.” Because he knows, his Libra friend totally gets it, lol, and of course I had enough of our fave curly-hair conditioner to share. He’s always downplaying his grooming habits, but his “get ready” routine is like a secret military op, lol.

  27. Me actually! In fairness however I have moon and rising in Capricorn, beauty routine is goat’s milk soap and body lotion after every shower. Oh and dry brushing when I remember.

  28. I’ve got 4 shots of Leo in me. Anyone that has a chart that’s lead or dominated by Leo always chooses their pride over being modest.

    She just wants people to believe that she’s wholesome as a cheap method to continue idolizing her.

  29. Is the lying really just a product of her being a Leo? To be fair I think it’s rare for any female celeb, Leo or not, to admit she’s had work done. I can only recall seeing one celeb admitting proudly that she was into botox, and I can’t even remember who it was!

    The thing is, as women we’ve been dealt a double-edged sword. We’re brought up to think that as women we’re meant to take care of ourselves and look pretty, yet at the same time we’re often ridiculed for vanity. Either way a woman can’t win because she’s either too vain, too concerned with her appearance, or she’s a slob and not concerned enough.

    So why wouldn’t the celebs be covert about their beauty regimes? Women struggle to appear beautiful while seeming effortless, because beauty is desirable but vanity isn’t.

    I know I’d appreciate it if Madge was honest about all the work she’s had done, but I guarantee if she was the media would eat her up. Oh, she’s just trying too hard. She should grow old gracefully. But then if she actually did, she’d still be under fire for not maintaining a youthful appearance.

    • Absolutely right. The press would be so cruel. It is about time we went back to knitting patterns and stories about dogs. Celebrity gossip lies are out of hand.

  30. This Leo is proud of my low maintenance…let the inner beauty shine through I say as I dash out the door with wild hair & natural skin… woah there, don’t forget the dark eyeliner,mascara & post-shower slathering in almond oil. I file my nails while sitting in traffic, thanks Venus in Virgo efficiency for my regime!

  31. I have always remembered reading that Madonna would get up and plunge her face into a basin full of ice cubes and Evian lol

  32. this is out of context, but Clued Up Wolf are you out there? Ever since you mentioned Deleuze, his name has been popping up EVERYWHERE. I mean it had never even registered for me before, surely with the amount of reading I’ve been doing, plus my fishing-net mercury mind remembering random things, you’d think I’d have some awareness. But noo. And yet now there is no escaping. I see that you must have been a herald signifying that I need to learn more about this fella. Somehow, for some reason. Thanks, I think? :)

  33. Wait! Stop everything! I just remembered an interview with Jane Fonda, where the interviewer actually had the nerve to ask her if she had undergone any cosmetic surgery. Ms Fonda handled it very gracefully and with perfect candour – obvs as she is a Sadge extraordinaire – and said yes, I did, I was looking at photos of myself and I just looked older than I felt, and bags under the eyes are hereditary in my family so I wanted to deal with that [paraphrasing]. So it can happen, some stars do lay it out for the drooling masses. She was so matter of fact. I think Jane Fonda is tops.

    • If you love that, you’ll love Dolly Parton’s uber honest admission on how she modeled herself after the town tart as well as being nipped and tucked to oblivion, I mean I love her obviousness about it. And how she really does it to please herself.

  34. Huh I never used makeup all my life and I am a Leo. Albeit it was cos when I tried it it did more harm than good such as scarring my eyelids and making me get spotty. But I do watch weight. I am not planning WORK as I scar easily and would end up looking frightening. But I do a lot of acupresure type stuff on myself.

  35. I do know a low-maintenance Leo! Kind of. He used to have a foot-high Mohawk in high school (in the late โ€˜80โ€™s, early โ€˜90โ€™s, this was extreme), but never wore it up, so really simple, if extreme (hair by Bic). Then he buzzed it off for, like, decades. Now he has a shaggy Leo mane of hair entirely due to his wifeโ€™s begging, and while it looks good, I can see the impatience building already. Heโ€™s going to snap buzz it again any day now.

    Shower, soap, jeans & t-shirt. If that much. Honestly. He & his wife are my best friends, so Iโ€™m pretty sure about this.

    I will admit, though, she is successfully getting him to keep the longer hair so far by talking up how good it looks to everybody. Heโ€™s not used to being complimented on his looks, & is kind of enjoying it!

    • Oh, and I’m a Capricorn (Virgo Moon, Cancer rising) with NOTHING in Leo, and my beauty routine is ridiculous. It’s 90% grooming (e.g. cleaning, creaming, filing), so I LOOK relatively low-maintenance, but wow, not really.

      I’d blame it all on my very high-maintenance skin, but truth is, I got used to all the creams & now it’s all so comforting. At least they’re all natural.

      I’d help somebody if they had a beauty question/problem if they asked, but I’m embarrassed to admit to the whole routine. It’s PRIVATE.

  36. I always think I am a ‘low maintenance’ Leo but that’s just because I compare myself to people er… like Madonna .. and think I could always be doing more. Truth be known even on my CENTERLINK INCOME I manage to get my hair cut every 4 weeks, go to the barber for regular shaves and ‘manscaping’ and use eye creams like they’re going out of fashion…