Aries Uranified

supermodel as alien with ray gun

Dear Aries/Aries Rising/Moon in Aries Peeps,

So, how you doing with Uranus in Aries? Are you more like an Aquarius now? Do you look different? Come out? More nervous energy? Less tolerance for stale societal paradigms? Altered sleep/thought patterns? Neo relationship policies? More media aware? Allergic to pastries? Can now understand cat language? Electric shocks off nearly everything? Desire to wear only white? Any other way in which you’re Uranified?

Do tellΒ  xxxMystic



Image: Steven Klein W Magazine September 2012

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103 thoughts on “Aries Uranified

  1. Yes, I wear a lot of white, always have, shirts of course, not shoes or pants. hehe. I’m currently living under uranus conj natal merc and MC in aries, it won’t hit my sun for a while, also my natal uranus has just started a six month trine with mr. Jupiter. I’m loving it. Today the mars saturn conj in my 4th house is my cue to the end of 2 years of saturn opposing my sun and sq my natal mars. My pluto conj natal saturn in my 7th (cap) also ends soon.
    Once thats done, I feel like Uranus can take over and run the show for the next few years. I have plans that if carried out correctly will have a big impact , and Uranus is right behind me. I can already speak dog and as far as nervous energy ? nope. This new uranian feels calm and collected, even on my new 6 hour a night sleep regime. Do aquas feel like this all the time ?

    • inspiring; lots of heavy aspects are ending and shifting while new uranian beginnings are on show!
      ..I only wear black or white these days (uranus opposing sun while trining ascendant).

      • Us cardinal types have been under the pump baby, for 2 years now.
        My natal aries sun, mars cancer, saturn in cap have all been plutonified/sqed/ opposed…you name it.
        Funny though, coming out of it has been weird. Anything good thats happening is still making me a little nervous, like waiting for a pluto or saturn slap in the back of the head. I nominate today that ends too.

        • Ha ha yes, I’m currently looking at offshore move for career/life enhancement. That’s intense.

          Me and my partner both have cardinal mars in cancer and saying to each other we are both on the cusp of awesome (LOL he getting awards for his work made in Australia that goes off shore and recognised by offshore but not so much here —international awards come in the post!).

    • Yes we do David its a hoot! Forever being zapped by cars, appliances, pets….

    • I have an aries stellium in the fourth. I used to wear alot of red – shirts, dresses, shoes! & my hair is partially dyed red .. but I’m in phoenix mode at the mo, re: my look! To a more practical (doesn’t mean bland) way of styling. I’m loving my navy overalls, & the khaki pair are getting a great run at the mo too! Lots of pockets for mobiles, pens, loose change, food! & I’ve just noticed that I I get lots of smiles when I where them out to the local shops, & people are very at ease and ready to chat when I dress like this .. as opposed to my business ‘attire’, when it’s alot harder to even gain eye contact with some.

      I’ve cut the 3 large coffees a day down to 2 small so as to counter the 3-phase current (sun.merc.saturn in aries conjunct) of nervous nrg … & nine weeks from now I’ll be totally zapped by saturn setting off my Yod!! (pointed at my Aries Sun) .. Yikes!

      Allergic to pastries .. tick!
      More media aware .. i’m a media junkie, anymore & i’d be fried!
      Can now understand cat language .. no, but yes to smooth re-paar-te with alpacas & chooks!
      Neo-relationship policies .. I’m cooking up some juicy scenarios to try with my partner some time soon!

      Re: work .. I can feel my project is ready to step it up to full phase power in the coming weeks .. the scorping couldn’t of come at a better time!!

  2. Chiron in Aries, 1st house (Asc @ 6d Pisces).

    Yes to altered energy, sleep, and thoughts. My son has surgery first thing in the a.m., and I’m beyond nervous. The hospital called last week to give me pre-op instructions and I totally broke down and cried on the phone! Gah!!

    I’ve spent the last four days cleaning the abode, the car, the dogs, the garage, etc etc as if Mars was still in Virgo– I have that much (nervous) energy. If somebody whispered “Boo,” behind me, I’d probably jump and hang from the ceiling by my nails.

    Speaking of Mars, I know that he and Saturn are joining forces in Libra right about now, too, in-between my Pluto-Moon and Uranus-Merc conjunctions, so, I really don’t know which is what to who and where but why or how!

    C’mon, New Moon!

    • Actually, Mars-Saturn is considered to be an excellent time for surgery. I am not surprised you’re emotional about it – it IS an emotional situation, I get it. But there are people out there who would nominate Mars-Saturn for surgery – there is a whole long reason as to why but short version – mars = knife/laser/focus/cut-through and Saturn is sagacious – whatever is happening, this astro says they get it all, they do it right and there is a good result, recovery.

      • That’s so fantastic, the surgery-Mars-Saturn info! Thank You, Mystic.

        I see that the transiting Mars-Saturn conj is in my son’s 4th house, where he also has natal Jupiter (in Scorp). He’s only 6 years old, so it fits, then: Mars-Saturn in his 4th, having surgery as a child…

        The woman from the hospital that phoned me, when I broke down she said, “Oh, honey, this is going to be so much harder on you than it will be on your son,” and I said, “I hope you’re right!” Haha! That poor woman.

        *practicing deep breathing for the next 12 hours*

        • Trust everything will go well with your boy Scorp, I know what your going through. It will be fine honey x

        • Hey, Scorporation, you guys have totally good stars for this…there’s also the New Moon for the healing process! Awesome! It’s almost like you got Mystic to help you arrange it or something, like those old school royals with their astro-ssistants πŸ˜€

          Not to bring too much levity into an emotional situation, you gorgeous worried mum, but he will do well. Best wishes to your son, and to you for soothing. Love xx

        • What an adventure, parenthood! Love to you and your lil Squeaks. Thank you, Molly xo

        • I’m happy to report that everyone was so right about the surgery: it was way harder on me than it was my son! All was on-time and flawlessly executed. Thank Goddess, and thank all who prayed/sent light & love/physically stayed with us yesterday.

          While the surgery was roughest on me, the recovery is proving to be roughest on my lil one πŸ™ . But, one day at a time. I know we’re both on the Good Foot, and that it won’t be long now πŸ˜‰

          Totally spending the rest of this Dark Moon doing rejuvie– I have nothing left to tidy! haha Rejuvie & Recovery… Love to you all xoxo

      • Good to know,…
        my kid sis went in to theatre a few days ago and is recovering well.
        Heres to the Patron star of brain surgeons.

        • feel with you scorp. It is harder on parents. kids are so invincible you will be rejoicing instead of crying soon in his recovery moment by moment. {{{{{hugs}}}}} for you.

  3. Def neo relationship policies. New horizons to conquer that kind of thing. Breakthrough as opposed to a breadkdown! My man and I have moved through whats expected of us as a couple and I no longer feel guilty about having a raging Aries moon fire that wants to do it all.

  4. I’ve never felt quite normal which I attribute to aqua moon + 8th house sun, but with Uranus in the mix, I am actually embracing who I am. No longer am I swayed this way and that by the will of others. Fuq it, I’m just following my heart and leaving behind anything and everything that no longer serves, including old paradigms, outmoded patterns of fearful thoughts, and self-judgement. Each day is a new awakening, cultivating awareness, and rethinking what is possible for myself and the world. Also, less tolerance for mainstream media, qi vampires, and anything that is out of alignment with my personal truth. Total and complete transformation in progress.

  5. This image could perfectly describe our current situation! Uranus is on my saturn which is unbelievably positively changing my approach in dealing with adversaries…

    A maverick method is really needed here…we still have a tricky test with a troubled family in our neighbourhood…it is impacting on a few of us in the street; multigenerational issues (Capricorn Pluto) here of individual/ self expression (Aries) denied or suppressed by addiction (Neptune), conservative approaches that are outdated, envy & glamour misplaced (retrograde Leo), and the law as a backdrop to mobilising community mediation…

    Though these traditionally minded older folk who I think will eventually implode are doing everything to maintain control including manipulating truth, hiding vital facts that would be in the best interests of everyone…mostly in the name of pride and an attempt to keep power.

    Needless to say I am concerned about my daughter being anywhere these folks who are also an ugly presence of the retired elderley, yet appeal to a little child’s curiosity with their adoration of young children.
    They don’t like however the youths that are old enough to rebel! They complain and then drink themselves into oblivion, and verbally abuse.
    Then there is this refusal to acknowledge where trouble comes from!

    Even though we are in the line of fire I am also an observer here as there is enough going on to help the long arm of the law (Mars Saturn Libra) without our direct action. It is the expansiveness / progressive elements (Gemini) of the community that are going to have to unite to end the bullying and arrogance of group of dangerous hypocritical people.

    I have some compassion for the parents (cancer) who have their child currently tied up with mental health service for addiction and personality problems, but the fall out from the whole families aggression has hurt people locally, they have little remorse or ability to engage with people outside and they use intimidation to keep their own under their influence and to threaten others in the community who question, who have witnesses violence and had enough.

  6. Whilst Uranus has yet to hit my sun, I’m a completely different person since the great awakener first peeped into Aries back in 2010 (along with his’ signature earthquakes – we’ve all have changed and had to evolve here in Christchurch). I’ve gone through a long and arduous process of rebirth, which has included ending my marriage, being a single mum, moving house and a total career reinvenion. It hasn’t been easy but I feel wiser, more mature, philosophical and happier by following my bliss and being self-reliant.

  7. I always feel Uranified… hehe.
    Natal Aries Sun Trine Leo Uranus πŸ™‚
    Progressed Ascendant has been in Aquarius for a while now… nearly another 20 years to go πŸ™‚
    Aquarius rules 3rd house too.
    Guess there’s more to come.

    • Have that trine too suzi..My Leo in 3rd…

      For some of us, like davidl, maybe you too, we have trans Uranus trine Uranus and Neptune trine Neptune..Not exact-exact yet but close enough…I feel like back when they both were conj. my Moon in 8th and went thru emo trials and tribulations, now alot of that understanding is coming to fruition and I finally get to do something with it because I’ve matured and who I’ve always wanted to be will be because it’s coming natural and I’m ready.

      All in all new revelations lately and so grateful for it sometimes I feel like I wanna cry…I’m calling this the summer I ‘woke up’ (again….comes in stages…)

      • Hey Mystic, yes, been thinking of wearing only white esp here in the desert (gotta “represent” Palm Springs (joke) and have been getting a tan too)..but the white has definitely been crossing my mind just as I like the vibe anyhow.

        Did a workshop with Don Miguel Ruiz years ago and he had us wear white only.

        • One of the most “partile” (exact) aspects I have is Point of Fortune 12 degrees, 11th… trine Uranus 12 degrees, 3rd..

          Feel Uranus is going to be most advantageous for my future.

  8. Aries Moon & Rising – Uranus hasn’t hit exact but the day it went into Aries both times, I went thru massive energy surges which woke me up into major panic mode. My nervous system was a wreck, my senses became supersonic, extrasensory, particularly my hearing. Had to wear earplugs as every little noise woke me up. What is really amazing is that I am able to clearly hear my own inner voice & guidance. These periods lasted a month or 2 and transformed my life as Uranus and Pluto continue to do so. Relationships, of all kinds, and my attachments to them, are changing, especially my relationship to myself. Saturn and Mars are opposing my Moon right now, Mercury opposing my Mars, Venus opposing my Venus & conjoining my natal Uranus. Quite an amazing time.

    • Interesting. I’m way more noise intolerant than usual, I live in a shared house and every little movement sounds enormous and massively annoying. I wear earplugs all the time and have a programmed ‘sleep’ white noise playlist on my iPod so i can block it all out. Deffo with you on the anxious, jittery feelings too, like internally can’t relax no matter how much Damiana tea I knock back. Going to have to find some better anti Uranian coping strategies!!

  9. So many big shifts it’s hard to keep up with it all! Dropping massive old family dramas, seeing ‘brutal clarity’ in everything. Sleeping lots to integrate it all.

  10. I know now where I have/am hemorrhaging energy and I’m plugging up the holes. Whoo feels good to have some power back. Easier making plans and sticking to in these times.

    Love those houses in the BG of the photo. Are they arts & crafts style ?
    Would love to live in a house like that. Check that. BUY/OWN a house like that, and maybe the one beside it too ?
    With a nice car in the driveway.

  11. Aries sun, aqua rising merc, venus, mars intercepted in first in picses.
    I talk more and don’t give a s**t if some likes it or not…
    My scorpio moon in 8th and the memory it is capable of is also speaking up about the past and tht has been very interesting for a few folks.
    Overall I feel freer than any other time in my life—YES!!!

  12. well i know an aries who has changed her look completely – she was always into that ladylike look, skirts, prada, shoes – she is now more like erin wasson style, she got a tatt and has taken up surfing, meditates a lot. retail is in mourning for this girls custom but she GLOWS like she has new source of oxygen

  13. Uranus is about to be conj my aries moon and then MC. Trining my asc.

    Definitely neo relationship policies, I feel the most detached I’ve ever been.

    Seriously questioning the amount of time and energy ( if any at the moment ) I can set aside for a potential relationship.

    I have noticed that I now look at an interesting man and think – you are one of my kind, but all the things that are cool about you I can find in myself. I don’t need to possess anyone, I only need to reach my own potential. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t want another cool person in my life at some point πŸ˜‰

    Not sure if that’s uranus or saturn finishing it’s journey through 4 planets in my 4th house ( including sun ). I guess it’s all of that.

    ALSO – currently mars conj saturn conj my natal pluto.

    And yes to electric shocks off everything and a lot of nervous energy ( although this is related to a specific event 6 months ago and is now hopefully settling down ).

    • oh and I’m in the thick of full-time study,full-time single parenting, part-time volunteering and looking for a part-time job. And loving it.

  14. I’m fuqing reeling with the energy. My Aries Sun/moon/Venus/Merc are ALL CONJUNCT EACH OTHER, and Uranus is almost exact on my Moon right now. In another year, year and a half max, Uranus will be conjunct ALL of this in my 10th house. I’m currently working on a teaching contract overseas right now that would start early next year.

    Relationships are now shit. Having weird hookups, handling my sex life like a stereotypical guy would. I’m so emotionally unavailable right now it’s a joke. My sleep patterns are all wonked out. I’m getting more into a hippy dress mode, with Ramzilla big-hair and makeup; I think fake eyelashes are amazing.

    Oh, and I looked up the possibilities of a Uranus transit when it conjuncts sun/moon/venus/merc. And in 10th house I imagine my professional reputation will be set – probably as a little eccentric, but who cares as long as “dependable” and “awesome” are in there as well. With everything conjunct in the 10th house… I see a VERY important and busy 5 years in my future, and I can sense it a little, too. Kinda excited about the Big Love coming, though in a “Jesus H. Christ, I can’t handle you” sort of way. Ooooohhhhh, I’m dreading and yearning and dreading and yearning, and because it’s in Aries I find myself just DOING it. I guess I’ll figure it out as I go and decide if I can handle it when it’s too late to back down, right? πŸ˜›

      • You have similar astro, I’m aries merc, sun, mc in the 10th ..and gem asc, moon …life is never boring, never.

        • Now I just need to stay away from the leechy Katakas, who I’m more prone to as they’re in my 1st house of self (working on my dependency vs laziness issues to further avoid the same dramas). Even though Cap is in my 7th, Cap guys rub me the wrong way. If I were looking for JUST a husband, I’d go Cap or Toro, all the way. But my Uranus in 7th is calling my naaaaame!

  15. God yes. I am Aries rising, partner is Aries Sun and son is Aries moon…totally revamped media awareness – am now studying media and communications, blogging and social media addict, do not buy newspapers anymore either after reading them religiously for 15 years. In the last month have revamped my social/relationships standards (and they were pretty strict to begin with). Stale social paradigms? Get fuqed πŸ™‚ Spot on Mystic!

  16. Well as i was reading this my triple aries boyfriend announced that he’d like to start dressing in drag…then we heard something i can only describe as the sound of a small dinosaur/large bird being killed in the backyard downstairs (we live in brooklyn). We’re both uranian an i can only say…good times. He refuses to have a boss even though he’s 21, and is definitely odd.

    • ??? is this the same guy trawling through craigslist ‘women for men’ classifieds ??? Now that is soytenly a very interesting turn of affairs ? Do you think he may have been ummm, advertising as the ‘woman’ in those ads ?? Yep, he is a little odd.

  17. I just feel tired and listless at the moment – I don’t know whether I feel more Aquarian or not given I am an Aqua Sun, so I sometimes tune into my inner replicant anyway.

    Uranus has already been over my Aries ascendant a couple of times and it’s now conjunct my Moon – and since mid 2010, my life has undergone some massive changes (all of which have been great, so I’m not complaining). Maybe I’ve just got change fatigue?

  18. Not doing well at. all.

    I don’t even recognize the person in front of the mirror anymore. Every aspect of me is morphing…it’s very Kafka-esque..and equally terrifying. I went to my acupuncturist today and was told that my spleen qi is fuxed. I’ve lost a good 20 pounds due to stress, meds and not eating, my hair fell out as soon as leo went retrograde and my skin is shedding like a snake…nope, not doing this transit well at all..

    Moon, mars, north node in my first house…

  19. Not sure if Uranified, but definitely experiencing an evolution of sorts.

    Wanting to be alone more often; wanting to surround myself with colours of turquoise, teal, violet, mauve and mint; craving tofu and vegetables and turning away from meat; enjoying communing with animals; needing more sleep than usual; not being sure whether to tame my hair or continue to let it grow wild.

    I feel very un-Leo-like at the moment but even that is not really bothering me like it normally would.

  20. if that’s a tafe course you should get on it before they cut funding – the knives are poised for non-industry oriented vocational study although I suspect your state will be last because yours is where all the money is coming from. Victoria’s been massacred.

  21. that’s my saturn in aries talkin – let’s make sensible sudden moves πŸ˜€

  22. So last night i was a body guard to a female tightrope performer, she had a gold costume on, and skin coloured fishnets and i was helping her on the ropes, and discussing with a male the escape route to aviod the paparazzi ( i was genuinely protective of her and her gentleness).

    Last week i was running through cobbled streets, the sunlight was beautiful. i looked down at my feet (ive been trying to get myself to do this, you know how in past life regression thats one of the things they get you to do first) roman sandals (booyah – i knew it) ! light coloured tunic- and ace long legs, golden brown no less (im quite pale this life), my best friend was with me, we were sprinting to a performance, i had dragged her away from meeting’ Mystic, in the flesh, who i got a glance of – she looked like Pam from true blood but bronzed … and long gold locks, however i didnt want to stare and spoil knowing recognising her. It was fabulous ! (Oh and Mystic was tres Leo-esque in posture and with so many people at her feet.)

    • Looking fwd to wearing white linen shirts again in Summer, Have dropped down to 2 decent coffees a day instead of three, this may be the nervous energy on overload, i have felt flighty as f**k, thought it was anxiety, but shrugged that off, am happy to chalk it up to nervous energy. yes to electric shocks/zaps.
      Never taken to pastries, too sickly.
      Altered sleep more to do with the young aqua-naut waking at 2am – 4am on with frequencies these past 2 weeks.
      New look … hmmm bright blue / lapiz electric blue added to the wardrobe of mostly olive and army greens …. would love to join Garland above in Hot Pink Hair … maybe for geminis sisters wedding in October.

      • All kinds of wow!! Mystic sounds powerful! Excellent exercise – I am working on my dreaming atm but have trouble controlling the jump from falling into sleep..

        • try it at another time of the day maybe. There are definitely times of the day that are more suitable for lengthening the space between falling and sleep.

          • Will notify my toddlers that they will have to look after themselves at 2pm hereon in.. sigh!!

            Actually I have started a different sleep pattern: segmented sleep.

            According to Ekirch’s Segmented Sleep is a historical norm: typically individuals slept in two distinct phases, bridged by an intervening period of wakefulness of up to an hour or more. Peasant couples, who were often too tired after field labor to do much more than eat and go to sleep, awakened later to have sex.[People also used this time to pray and reflect,and to interpret dreams, which were more vivid at that hour than upon waking in the morning. This was also a favorite time for scholars and poets to write uninterrupted, whereas still others visited neighbors, or engaged in petty crime. πŸ™‚

    • You’ve reminded me of a past life memory I had under hypnosis 25 years ago. I was first aware of just running, in the heat, then looked at my feet running barefoot in the sand, long black feet. I then noticed I was chained by the neck to a chariot racing through this rocky desert. Chasing a lion ? with my owner. I was a large nubian slave. As with most past life regression, that was the moment of my death, in that life. My only other memory of that life was that one of the owners daughters cared for me during my enslavement.
      I remember her now.

      • Neat-o. Just reminded me of a reoccurring dream I used to have about a lion except, he was chasing me, often through long stringy grass. Used to get it from a very young age to up until a few years ago. Haven’t had it since then so I figure it might have been some kind of running from fear theme. Fear of long stringy grass? πŸ˜›

  23. Yeah. All up over my Aries ASC, has been for months, I’ve been plagued with health probs and exhausted the whole time. I have a fairly wide orb Sun/Uranus conjunction but I’m still not entirely used to the energy, I do Saturn well it’s my comfort zone, this is a bit all over the place for me. It’s also been opposing some of my Libra stuff, soon to hit my Venus at the same time Pluto starts to Square it. Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow. Give up now?

    Most noticeable is the amount of Uranian men I’ve been attracting, cannot deal with them AT ALL, what the hell are they all about?? I need to spend more time with my Aqua sister and monitor her for tips.

    • Ah yes read my Uranus-Venus Club posts in the archives here – Uranian men are the poster boys for treat them mean to keep them keen

      • Thanks MM, I scoured it for advice when in full LZ mode last month! He seemed like such a nice sensible Cap with a jolly Sag ASC but then bammmm Venus dead conjunct Uranus in Scorpio in the 11th house. Good lord!! I’m sure it totally works for some people but I have Venus conj Saturn so it was too much. The other two in orbit both have Venus/Uranus contacts but a Sextile and a Trine in fairly wide orb, lots of other Uranian activity though, 11th house etc. Interestingly my prog Moon is now in Aqua along with all the Uranus stuff so perhaps that has more to do with it. Time to learn!

  24. my aries venus/mars is at 24/25 degrees so for now l feel more saturnian ghm ghm πŸ™‚ Uranus is about to enter my 8th h. so l am curious how that will play out πŸ™‚ l hope for the best by the time Uranus will near the late degrees yay! for now l’m taking a break at Saturnalia hotel (and l like it by now)

  25. i’m getting over an illness but still being productive as hell. everything is accelerating. the air is good. i do get up and walk around the house for no reason a lot though.

  26. Restless, sleepy, bored, recently vegetarian, intolerant of other people’s noise and energies, taking action to take control and use skills.
    Almost incapable of cooking, hard to settle, looking to the future.

  27. so preoccupied I was with pluto/mars transit, I had forgotten uranus …

    and the saggi traveller has an aries moon
    conjunct my aries personal planets

    our email communication is dwindling … it triggers my rage to call him on faffing about, be straight, but i haven’t, i sort of understand it, what is there to push? nothing, because we never put in place boundaries … so who knows? Am I being too libran moon diplomatic/passive … ?

    i think we’ve just reached our mutual limits of abstraction (I am saggi rising so …). Will have to wait till October to see what’s real.

    • be patient and wait it out … it’s worth it!
      Remember Mystic saying mercury is not out of retrograde shadow until end of August and you can’t count anyone in or out until then.
      Libran Moon’s are patient souls if ever there are; distract thyself with art making and appreciation?
      I’m a Libran Sun, Taurus Moon and can be very patient if i want someone v special to stay in my life.

      • Anonymous, thank you for your words – they were timely and soothing! (Interestingly, I am taurus sun .. we have a bit of a mirror going on.)

        And that Libran moon patience … I agree, altho I have tipped it into dangerously long, ill placed territory before. Eventually, I explode … leaving that long diplomacy in tatters.

        Am so busy tho, and on art projects, so relatively sane. Thanks again.

        • Wow, we do have mirroring. I don’t need to tell you about patience being a moo cow sun – us taurus-libras like to take things slow and thorough i guess

          and me too on the busy front. i can’t believe myself atm. looking forward to saturn getting off my sun, my moon would like and deserves a saturn recovery rest holiday on the couch, preferably in a new house with a cat, maybe not a cat (**libra change of mind** example no. 3million)!

          • … made me laugh – just collapsed in front of heater, pondering this old house that urges me to move on, whilst the two new cats chase and bombard each other around me …

            confession: nervous about losing my saturn-spine … post-Libra

  28. Electric shocks off everything, altered sleep this week, specifically feeling like I’m not when I am or am I? A higher level of dream madness and spirit weirding on all levels. Allergic to pastries.. well maybe as similar foods are causing skin irritation I think. Definitely low tolerance for fwits but attempting to be kind and accepting for all states of being. Not sure I look different but I feel different. Not inclined to wear a lot of white. Pondering other things… there is a huge shift at the mo. It’s all dark moon linked as well, out with old paradigms &c πŸ™‚

    • Ooh i do like your ampersand πŸ˜€

      I also first read ” huge shit at the mo”.

      Sag best not to wear white.

      I tried a couple of things: one was evening exercise but i have to time it cos it can wake me up before i get tuckered out later. Another is meditation, but sometimes this is a bit crunchy. If i’m amped on nervous energy trying to meditate makes me irritable. Yet another is certain kinds of classical, ambient or acoustic on while i’m pottering about closing down the household rituals.

      Never look at the clock when you wake during the night. White light as often as you remember, from self to room to house to perimeter. DId you do the lavendar washing? Scorchy, i know you’re a big girl but these visits get me wooried about you xx

      • Am clearing, lighting, protecting, clearing, salting etc. Haven’t done the lavender wash yet (sheepish look) as life’s chaos has left me a little weary and time poor.

        Will get onto that this w/end hopefully. Have a gig and have to get the deck undercoated and finish the sanding so it’s been a bit full on.

        There is still some stuff but not quite the same. This is a male I don’t recognise. Mum felt something when she was here the night he revealed himself by dream and energy was palpable. Don’t recognise him but at least it’s a human form lol.. less angsty to roll with.

        So the most interesting evolvement was the fridge. It was turned to warm.. and it can’t be knocked due to how firm it is and placement. Well it trashed everything including the fridge. When it was turned to cold it began cooling the outside and continued to heat the inside. I suspect meddling. Actually it was more than interesting, it was frustrating and costly in a a few ways.

        Am doing ok overall and working through it. I’m not frightened, just a little drained and perplexed at the elusive nature of it all.

        I walk past the clock on the oven in the kitchen so I do see it. I do not look in mirrors at night.

        I have taken to trying an epsom salt foot bath of an eve and a nice serenity type tea.

        Thanks lovely xxx

        • Oh darlin they’ve got you/your house in their sights these days!


          Er, hope that’s not embarrassing, but i think you need heaps support. Bloody hell about the fridge. Meddling in the house stuff, esp costly is just not on. There are some good energy people here who may know some tips for safety of space, intrusion repellent. The Lady Mystic herself? And don’t feel sheepish, you know lavender alone isn’t enough. But your energy and rest come first xxx

          • You’re an angel xx


            Yes this reminds me of a long time ago but different, as am I also.

            Any help appreciated.

  29. Uranus tapped my 8Aries AC on the shoulder this summer.
    Pluto demolished my career a couple years ago when it passed over my 4Cap MC.
    And Saturn has been doing a number on my 0Libra Sun + 4-planet Libra stellium for the past couple years. It’s finally on the last one (which will be Saturn/Mars on my natal Mercury).

    I don’t feel strong, liberated, or energized. I’m freaking exhausted. And frustrated! Can’t a Cardinal girl get a break??

  30. Scorp with Aries rising – I feel like my world is falling apart, haven’t been able to stomach much food over the past week thanks to some parasites I picked up a month ago…. must admit thought its proved a more effective weight loss technique than my PT and controlling what I eat has for the past 8 months.

    My body aches more than I can ever remember… I’ve started a new job over the last week and nothing about it feels right- I can’t seem to put a foot right – is it what I really want to be doing no, but I do need this job on a financial front.

    Had the strangest falling out with an aries on the weekend – we had a couple of fuq’d up dates and then for some reason stayed friend – it always felt strange and weird – like so much unsaid but then I went a little bat crazy and had a go at him for comments said in jest on friday night.

    I feel like the world I know is falling apart – its not , just transformation – maybe aligning me with who I need to be but seriously I’m drained – felt amazing after coming back from Cuba but 4 weeks on its like I never went away

    Have been listening to The Work – by Byron Katie in a effort to fight the urge to curl into a ball and cry my heart out and find some inner peace

    I know its all good, its bringing up all those issues of rejection and loss that I have buried for so many years – but really all at once…
    oh and no desire what so ever to wear white…..

    • Wow. May be you do need a big cry! But, once you’re over all this you’re going to feel so insanely amazing! To be fair on you though, starting a new job straight back from such a big trip and on top of that not being well is a lot to take. Give yourself lots of love, be kind and gentle and know that once you’re through this tough patch your life is going to be the best yet πŸ™‚ x

  31. Staying up late reading about astrology on the internet. Getting up early to write reflections. Letting go of lots of physical and emotional stuff. Reading books with titles like ‘Not Buying It’ and ‘Radical Homemakers’. Not just dreaming about retreats, travel plans, study, but taking action. Feels like I’m starting to make sense of some of the unfinished stories in my life with Uranian themes…

  32. I’m definitely feeling uranus in my world. I absolutely love it even if it’s tough squared at times. I’m only aries MC but I’m feeling every inch of this. It’s 2 degrees off exact heading back towards ceres dancing in the end of the 9th house, interesting to note (for me anyway) I started my vegan GF baking revolution on the first starts of uranus conjunct ceres at 5 degrees.

  33. OMG SO TRUE. My mother the Aries has slimmed down and is dressing more modern. She recently got the Samsung S3 after protesting that she would rather stick to non-smartphones because then she doesn’t need to learn new technology. And she’s a general technophobe but she’s now embracing technology. I mean WHAT.

    And just now she touched my arm and said that she could feel the electric current from the computer through my arm since I’m now using my com. I was like what? and she was like “I just felt the electric current”.

  34. Lots of nervous energy although that isn’t completely out of the ordinary, nor is the electric shock once got to the point of mild electrocution although perhaps that was just bad luck with shoddy appliance at my then workplace.. explains a lot..anyway :)Sleep is minimal and almost on a different time zone as per my waking vs. sleep hours. Been restless as all get out though, yet on the flip side strange sense of calm at the same time.

    • Ok OK so not sure if this is the right spot, beginning and all, so if it Uranian or what the heck. Went into my old work place today to pick up my last pay and whatnot and my one boss gave me the biggest bear hug I may have ever recieved from a not quite complete stranger (and would rival that of my now almost ex spouse.) Squish. Personal Bubble defense destruction. Part of me was kinda freaking out..this is a bit weird and awkward the other part of me saying – I had forgotten about this hug thing and boy did I need a hug! The whole thing has been a bit strange.. hiriing their friend, next day letting me go, then phoning me to ask if I can work.. then asking me if I still worked there. Now this hug. It’s all very odd to me! Two advancements for finding income: although I mainly applied for more hospo work being the paper says I can do, I branched out and applied to florists, print shops and photo labs.(the worst that can happen is they laugh at my resume wondering why I bothered, right? :)) Well, anyway, one of the hospitality jobs I applied for today called me back for an interview tomorrow.

  35. i got nothing, but last week with uranus on his mars and mars transiting his uranus, mr. crab went full on manic. could feel the electricity from 5 miles away, and how many freaking silly facebook pages can one make in a day?! then he promptly fell off the face of the earth as soon as mars went on.

  36. Dig the photo!
    I do not have heavy Aries in my chart.
    Aries 5th/6th House
    Chiron is the only asteroid (that I am aware of) in Aries 5th House.
    It’s supposed to give me that brooding Beethoven type of intenstity. Sometimes, it’s too much and just want Uranian/outer spacey Aqua energy around instead.
    I do have Uranus in Libra in my 11th House so, I enjoy eccentric friends.

  37. Uranus @8 degrees Aries… my Moon is at @9 Aries.

    I’m trying to pace myself. Yep! Good Luck with that, eh? =D

  38. Aries Moon, Libra Rising – No time for art, busy letting tween son grow more independent. Difficult year. SOOOO tired of this Saturn, BUT am now seeing interest in my art and possibilities for more work.
    Major difference? Noticing how I need to be more diplomatic with my children. Much more diplomatic (NN Libra- ya know?) Looks? I feel I look older, too old or perhaps is Saturn first in Virgo, now in Libra.
    White? ADORE white, always have. Have noticed summer fav time for it.
    Aquarius-like? Mom was Aquarian, Chiron in 5th Aquarius, so children again? Different ways of communicating. Stretching my artistic mind to encircle comic artists as per Mystic a few days ago posting. Really amped up NOT caring what an eccentric I am. :0)

  39. Aries Sun
    Has not aspect my Sun yet.

    But in the mean time
    sextile Asc
    opposing Jupiter house 2
    square Uranus house 8
    opposing Chiron house 2
    square Ishtar house 8

    No I have not been wearing more white…but I notice Uranus is opposing my asteroid Ivory house 5.
    I experiment more with make up looks. Put more effort into my looks. Style my hair almost everyday. Try different things with my hair. Thanks to work, I dress more casual. Yes gluten makes my stomach inflamed, and makes me look preggers when I’m not. I go on and off of gluten.Back on it again, since someone asked me when my baby is due. Learning how to say no to people at work. Neo? Hmm…Well I’ve finally learned not to jump into relationships, and rush them. With a guy now that respects me more than anyone ever has. He doesn’t like relationship status labels…I’m fine with that for now…but down the road?…???…Ever since the SOPA PIPA b()llsh!t (and yeah I signed the online petition) That was a huge wake up for me, that the gov does not like the people exposing them and the internet is a great way to do that. And they want the people to be unaware and dumb. Seriously trust, pretty much no one running this country since then.
    Other Uranian Aries moments include going to church with my mom and shaking my head and walking out of there, cause the where talking about how wrong it is to be gay. And more likely to tell off people that I don’t know well if they are rude to me. Or just let them know they are rude.