You Are Your Own Personal Magician

“The Magician is about making higher and better use of all of one’s power. Spiritual, emotional, and otherwise. This is a very powerful, positive omen in a reading. This card reminds us that we have the power to make a difference, in our lives and in the greater world, if we simply make a point to try.

Awesomeness. The brilliant and very Leo artist Kathleen Lolley just sent me this and it is perfect to ponder during this lengthy Void Moon in Scorp.Β  (See K.L’s version of The Fool here.)

Some say the Tarot’s Magician is Mercury, others say Thoth – they are arguably the same thing. The Magician is also linked to Aries. Personally, i think it’s Mercurial – when this card comes up, you work your Mercury. It’s the power of the mind; you make it all happen.

You are the magic. Our BRAINS are magical instruments: enchanted, electric and hot-wired into the Cosmos.


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56 thoughts on “You Are Your Own Personal Magician

  1. Are you your own personal magician? Yes, I try my best to be and I think I am.
    I try to be someone who is standing in their power everyday. I have pulled strength out of myself from I don’t know where. I reinvent myself. I do things because I am trying to set up the right structure for my future. I understand myself and how I work. I know why I feel the way I have felt. I know things change, I change everyday.

  2. Timely MM – how do you do it? I’ve pulled the High Priestess (the spiritual/goddessy version of the Magician card) and the Moon card (again, similar theme) three times this week. There’s magic afoot….

  3. yes me too, the magician has come up in every spread I do for myself for the last 2 weeks. Im feeling it! Mastery, bring it on!

  4. “You are the magic. Our BRAINS are magical instruments: enchanted, electric and hot-wired into the Cosmos.” I love that description! (and the Lolley illo is awesome too!)

    (I’ve always linked the Magician to Mercury, and Aries to The Emperor – Linking the Magician with Aries link sounds like some new age style attribution or an occult blind.)

  5. I pulled the Magician as my overarching theme today. I guess I had best be getting down to making magic.

    (Oddly enough, I lost my job and dropped my summer classes, so I suddenly have a month and a half of NOTHING. Blank canvas? Where do you keep the paints?”

    • Funny, I read your name as Bright On. Hmm, a signal from the Universe?? Light it up, babe.

      Of course I’m sad to hear about the job loss, but you’re obviously in the spirit of magic making already. Hugs!

      • I go back and forth. I’m scared because I have enough money to float for just a month and not more, but at the same time, sleeping in and pilates sounds good for a few weeks.

          • I’m using my sleep and exercise times to practice magic & raise power!

            Winner winner chicken dinner πŸ˜‰

            • Finding that perfect stretch after sleep can be magical!

              Trust, though: offerings to Ganesha, lighting candles, and incense will be something that happens quite a bit. I had the urge to wear a key around my neck the other day.

        • i lost my job this week too. although this was a shock i have lawyered up and now, like you, have this time on my hands. it is lovely to lie in bed and go for walks etc. it kinda feels a bit glam as well to have time for personal care. i can feel and see spring too – nice time of year in australia.

            • thank you mystic. i truly believe that i will move on to bigger and better things. as daunting as it is being ‘between jobs’ i have already learnt so much in the last week and have such a strong feeling of my self-worth and my human and legal rights. also brings up who is truly with me and who is not. a very valuable thing to know.

            • Thanks, MM! I was considering going into emerg mode and taking the first job I could find, but I think I’m going to take a little time out. Watch the Olympics, go for walks through the park, eat kale, etc.

              I had this moment of extreme calm today. Haven’t had that in a few years (and that was in a float tank!) Have to invite that feeling in again.

      • Suddenly hungry for oysters! Mm. And the ocean. Oh god, I just want to be by the ocean.

    • If you have time up you sleeve winter is a good time to join a community garden, if you go help with weeding etc now when everyone else is reluctant to go outside you’ll probably have a plot by spring in which to grow some free food. Or just go dig up your verge and make it your supermarket.

        • oh – but you have dirt there right? πŸ˜€

          enjoy your sunshine and downtime – something good will grow out of this I just know it x

          • Yes, dirt! I have a nice little porch garden growing right now – first time in years they haven’t all died a week after I put them in the pot. Actually, I planted them the day before my birthday (in March) and they’re growing STRONG! Here’s hoping that is a good sign!

  6. I just have to stand up for Aries – I can definitely see how the Magician can be linked. Aries has the drive to make it happen and the general positive belief that creates the manifestation.

    Also not long ago there was a post doubting that Buddha was an Aries and there were loads of reasons, but let’s all remember the strong will and determination that Aries has on it’s side. Amazing things happen.

  7. Kathleen Lolleys work is beautifully subtle, delicate, fragile, soft and symbolic, like a gentle hug from a treasured friend . I wonder if she is ‘bird-like” in her manner.
    Thankyou Mystic for introducing us to her.
    Hope Ms Lolley puts a print of it in her Etsy shop soon.

  8. WOW.
    As usual your timing is impeccable Mystic.
    I tried.
    I failed.
    But I take solace in the fact that I at least had the balls to stand up, and didn’t go down without a fight.
    Scorpio/Aries rising.

    • Respect to you DS,
      Good on you for backing yourself .
      Proud of you Warrior Wonder Woman !

    • The inhabitants of the realm of your soul know you stood up for what was right, what you felt so strongly about.

      Is this the end? nothing more, no appeals?

  9. “Our BRAINS are magical instruments” …YES!!
    Righton, feeling something magical at the mo’…

    I am rereading This Is Your Brain On Music at the moment because my sense of rhythm is so hyper sensitive at the moment I just had to find out what it was about…great read.. reckon mercury retro has something to do with it… Anyhow, it sure saves on post production sound editing.

    Jupiter is right on my Mercury in Gemini at the moment too, which could explain some good, clean accuracy in communicating and expressing sound through percussiveness as percussion is as much about size as it is about pattern.. the sizes of the spaces, the length of the sustains and the length between syncopated notes.. ..perhaps? Certainly not sounding as scatterful as usual… least, not musically lol.

  10. I wish you could do my Tarot mystic! I love your so-attuned and honest interpretations of the cards you talk about.

      • Am doing little Tarot readings with the Get Scorped consults…They work really well.

        Re the Tarot App – i am still thinking about it but the prob is that there are specialist tarot sites that do like dozens of different spreads and you can choose from dozens of different card decks so i am not sure what i can add to the space…you know?

        • …as per Greenwith’s comment below, Magic isn’t what you do, it’s who you are.
          Mystic, I am sure I would not be alone here in saying that whatever you have given and continue to give to “the space” that you touch with your genius is tremendously rich, unique, spot on and accurate and needs nothing more than your brilliance.

        • Speaking as someone who has (ahem) 20 tarot apps and at least as many hard copies (with duplicates in electronic/hard copy form. Not that I am obsessive or anything) …

          I think that firstly there is your awesome Mystic-perspective: your take on things is unique.

          The second thing is access to amazing Australian artists.

          Some of the Tarot apps out there are little jewel boxes – I use the Beautiful Tarot on a daily basis, at least partly because its beautiful.

          The Legacy of the Divine Tarot app is GORGEOUS and has animated videos for each of the cards, as well as complete control over positioning of the cards.

          There are no Australian tarot apps out there that I know of at the moment, but Blue Angel is publishing some amazing artwork in hard copy – maybe a collaboration with them ?

          You can provide the words and ideas and they provide the access to artists/ marketing/ app developers.

          The same thing applies for Ocean Media who app-i-vate all of Hay House’s oracles. It may be worth approaching them for a collaboration….

          You have a unique perspective and a unique voice. Even thought I have more tarot stuff than I know what to do with, I still check in here every day and read my horoscopes every day :)

  11. Lolly rocks. If I had money I would defo buy a tonne of her work. I intend to one day. Maybe for christmas. I love this pic and I loved the fool. Thanks for putting us onto her work, and that of so many other wonderful artists.

  12. what does it mean if someone keeps coming uo as the reversed magician? squandering powers?

    • I used to pay attention to reversed cards, and then I just thought, nup. Not gonna. If the cards want to tell me something then there is enough of everything to get the message across. Reversed cards (lol almost wrote reversed ‘cads’) just double the interpretations to think about. Plus the book I used to use had interpretations that just confused me really. That was prob a contributing factor. But really I don’t think it made any difference.

      Once though, when I was still reading reversed cards, I asked a question about the future of a little enterprise I was involved in. Castle upside down – I figured that this meant things would end, but it would not be dramatic or catastrophic. So, yes.

      Perhaps the more adept tarot people will weigh in with a different opinion.

      • Hmm… Yes, I used to read reversed cards in the conventional sense, but then it made more sense to me to read them as one might read squares in astrology.

        But other times, I find myself reading reversed as if they’re right-side-up. Like you, Pi: “Nope, you will be interpreted as you are called, regardless of your orientation.”

        Just depends on what I’m feeling when I do a spread, I guess. Stead-fast rules regarding Tarot seem defeating to the intuitive power that is a reading.

    • Or you can read the card as weakened, misplaced, blocked, distant in time, misused, in its early stages or just leaving, incomplete or unavailable.

      The energy is there, but not fully free to express itself.

      I don’t read them except in my 5 Card Yes/No, simply because they add W-A-Y too much extra data to a reading for my comfort. The Tarot has many ways to express itself and so reversals aren’t necessary. I’ve heard that its a relatively recent interpretation.

      What I’m working with at the moment is multiple pulls – ie: for a Celtic Cross, shuffle cut and pull from the entire deck for each position. This makes the entire deck available for each position and really helps to highlight themes and issues running through your life.

      Its even more powerful with one of the big spreads like an astrological or Horseshoe. A LOT of work though !!

      • Very cool! Thanks for the tips. A new thing I’ve been doing to pull out hidden feelings from a client or situation is after I’ve read the cards pulled…is look at the last card at the bottom of the deck. Tis amazing results so far.

  13. Gee i always thought of Aries as The Fool…they just dive right in

    • I totally get what you mean with the fools rush in angle but I think because of the ruled by fire cardinal nature of aries, the fool is not so apt. The fool is traditionally a metaphor for the alchemical process of sublimation between the world and the magician. It symbolises the everything and nothing depending on whether you look inside the 0 which is the card’s number or outside it – it’s about how one views or interprets the world around them and to me has always seemed relatively free of dogma which I don’t feel is inherently a trait of a cardinal astrological sign. Although the way of the fool is a path of initiation in western hermetic occult schools so the aries being at the beginning of the zodiac at the beginning of a journey does have parallels. They say the path chooses the fool and not vice versa which in some ways backs up my feeling about the lack of dogma. Whereas the magician to me seems more about being in the drivers seat which seems to play into the aries theory a bit more.

      The fool is my favourite card πŸ˜€ I have pisces MC at 28 degrees so the fool being the point of sublimation between aries and pisces resonates – Pisces MC is often seen as a fool who people don’t take it seriously (which can be a useful tool). Something akin to dumb blonde syndrome.

  14. Fool = 0
    No sign, no planet, the pure canvas of the psyche, with the need to quest. Shaman is led, not blind leading blind. Map is on his clothing. Trust higher order.

    Magician = 1 Mercury
    Before the quest is to occur there must be energetic shift, change. Communication, shapeshifting, divine message, urge to connect…

    High Priestess and Empress are archetypes (energies/dynamic) beyond human (and astrological sign), thus Moon and Venus.

    Only then you have Mastery, Ego, Will to Power, Aries in card 4, the number of form, structure, matter. You might notice no humanity in the prime integers, just universal precepts, which is where things begin in 0, 1, 2, 3.

    • Have had The Magician come up over three weeks until about a week ago. This insane urge to refocus the energies, the body’s call, the mind shift.

      Of course the battle now is get the will, the structure of a new discipline into the days. I’m wobbly with this and i’m frustrating myself. Now i get it: the intercepted Aries in my chart? It houses Mercury.

      I tell you what the cards, the synchronous signs, the random songs and snatches of conversation could not be more patterned nor more loud these last few weeks. I even had something in my house. Thought, well, get a grip and don’t believe in any of it, all the while knowing.


  15. This art was so Aural for me. I could hear it..
    tis the ol Merc in Pisces…

  16. initiation into hermetics by franz bardon. Must have super human patience. If you do you can become one of the greatest magicians ever. hope this help any aspiring magicians