When Mayans Were Chic

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Another spike in the number of emails re the impending alleged Ancient Mayan apocalypse. People, honestly w.t.f – worrying about what the Ancient Mayans said or did is no longer chic. It’s like having acrylic nails and going to Ramtha channelling sessions where the organizers think peppermint tea is radical. It’s like thinking fist pumping in cardio class counts as empowering or sun-dried tomatoes.

Can we please just forget it already?

Besides how come we don’t listen to the Mayans in any other regard?  Just the end of the world? I am not seeing Mayan Beauty Tips or Mayan Cookbooks out there happening. Ritual Human Sacrifice because (for instance) the tears of the children about to be murdered would help bring on the rains? It’s not likely to catch on anytime soon. Even Quinoa is NOT Mayan.

It’s not just the Mayans. There is a general New Age Vibrational Juju sort of a thing, that says we’re all vibrating better and better, aliens, harmonic resonances and so on. It’s like the Rapture only for people who go to Reiki – not church.  You know?

What if Pluto in Capricorn just meant there was no simple Rapture/Vibrational Juju/Mayan Weirding but we’ve all got to stay here, sort out what ails the world and do our best to be fabulous and evolved even as the planet gets painstakingly saved. And like sorting out crap in your own life, it’s complex and you have to work through stuff?  Obviously it is nicer to think of angelic Vibrational Juju or some hot benevolent alien you can learn to channel.

Anyway, i check the alleged Mayan End of the Calender date and it’s Aries Moon with the Sun in Capricorn that day – we’ll be at the gym or have our snout in a spreadsheet already. We will be too busy getting our awesome on to end a thing.

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93 thoughts on “When Mayans Were Chic

    • Me too! Sundried tomatoes – yum!

      I think people are hardwired with a “take your medicine” attitude. They have to have some neg sh*t hanging over their head.

  1. So, where is quinoa from ?

    I know I have to work out complex shit but without some angelic vibrational ju ju, I ain’t gonna make it to the the next phase.

    I’ve just begun to let myself ask for divine help. I’ve just begun to believe I deserve it. (The Divine Source willing)

    Ya, I know it’s not just like the rapture for Reiki heads only but…
    some people still want to blame their husbands/wives/bosses/dogs for their problems when there’s so much help out there in whatever form.
    Something for everybody. Not everybody wants it. I’m turning on some ruthless compassion for myself for a change.

    • You go Lucy! But don’t make your self-compassion ruthless, make it all soft and friendly like a great big cuddly doona :)

      • Thank you yes. A friend said she needed to become ruthless and I was worried about her.

        I meant “lots and lots” of soft and cuddly compassion.

  2. ( not really to the topic) but just to let you know that i did not wash my hair for the last 8 days and only did so today because starting a new job tomorrow. i really enjoyed the texture of my hair unwashed. might have been easier because my hair is fairly long and can be pinned back and ponied – short hair could be tougher to do. i’ll definitely be shampooing a lot less now, maybe once per week rather than three. and of course it feels gorgeous now having all that natural oil in it during the week. thanks for that mystic. it will save me a bucket too $$

  3. *warning! rant ahead!*



    BESIDES, THE DATES ARE OUT ANYWAY!! (I read somewhere)

    And even if you are right – whaddaya going to do about it!!! by crikey.

    signed, annoyed Pisces who gets Incredibly Pissed Off at people who don’t think for themselves.

    • It’s the ZZZs.

      The Zap Zone Zombies.

      Instead of self actualising, soul searching, streamlining and feng shui-ing their wallets, they have been running around crying out, “Want braaaaains!” They’ve short sheeted their own beds and now have to lie in them.

      Unprepared for the Zapping, they’re hoping for an Apocalypse to simply end it all.

  4. people have phony beliefs because it misplaces responsibilityy away from them. they hide the fact that free will exists. any belief that takes blame off of living individuals and places it solely onto something you [by definition] cannot control… IS NOT A SPIRITUAL BELIEF. OR AN INTELLECTUAL BELIEF. it is, at best, a poor excuse to go along with the crowd. any belief worth having should have integrity by being doubted and questioned. not lackadaisically accepted as “fate”

    • Bravo bravo. This sort of stuff drives me banana’s! It is all pass the buck drivel and it is exhausting, and often believed by Qi vamps who use it to ‘prove’ they are more spiritual and in tune than everyone else. Gives me the shudders. Thanks MM for the awesome rant. It is like it came from my own brain, only more succinct and less martian (aggro)! I usually end up having a Basil Faulty fit when people bang on about this stuff. Of course the irony is that I love astrology and mythology and fairies and sh*t like that. I guess I just don’t think that being into basic witchcraft is going to save my arse when things go to pot. Telling people you don’t know on facebook that you love them and think they are beautiful and posting pictures of weird ‘nerve ending’ skeleton guys with spastic aura’s is NOT going to improve our vibrations, it is just creepy new age cyber stalking and freaked out art that is psycho.

      Yep, step up, do the hard work. Right on.

  5. When you think about the whole Doomsday/Fifth Dimension/Ascension crap and all that sort of stuff, it’s pretty egotistical, isn’t it? We are so damned special that of all the millions of years Earth has existed, of all the millions of people who’ve inhabited this planet, we are the chosen ones. it’s no different to any other religious sect that thinks it’s going to be the only one to go to heaven. Ever heard that joke?

    A Catholic enters heaven and looks around. Then asks God if Catholics really are the chosen ones as there are no Protestants in heaven. And God asks her to be quiet and keep her voice down, because the Protestants are behind the high wall and think they’re the chosen ones. And behind all the other walls littering heaven are Buddhists, atheists, Mormons, Hindus, and so on and so on.

    We’re in this together and as MM says, it’s hard yakka building a new future, but it’ll be GREAT FUN! What an ADVENTURE!

    • so true. And what about the billions of people who don’t have access to the internet, so they are clearly out of the loop and doomed to suffer whatever ‘fate’ arises when some such Big Day arrives? I think egotistical is a good word.

      there are other more existential and predictable threats, like meteors, exploding volcanoes and whatever, but that’s not what we’re really on about here perhaps..

  6. No, but maybe spontaneous evolution.

    Where does quinoa come from then? The last packet I bought said ‘imported from Peru’.

      • Good question. I am open. It seems perfectly logical that there would be intelligent life other than us blatting around out there AND i saw a UFO when i was age 6…Like absolutely the classic flying saucer, broad daylight…

        But i think those people who go around saying this hunky seven foot one appears in their bedroom and “makes love” to them (he has a name, i forget what) and says they’re spesh need to lay off drinking gin out of the cat bowl.

        • by golly you make me laugh. the cat bowl thing, not the flying saucer thing (at which point I say NO WAY! crazy, tell us more!! pleeeze)

        • Cat bowl? What about the CAT FOOD remnants ?
          I’ve always thought the stuff was kinda suss and about 10 minutes ago just saw this excellent Scifi film where the poor ghettoised ayleens marooned in Joh-berg get Totally hooked on Cat food.
          AT the SAME time I’m watching this, my daughters guinea pigs started REALLY carrying on for CARROTS…
          I’m keeping half a suspicious eye on them again.
          Not 7 foot tall but hypnotizingly cute.

            • :).I miss Douglas Adams.
              Which reminds me of Dolphins (so long, and thx 4 all the fish) and the end of the world.
              If the food chain in the ocean collapses this year there might be a few smug ‘told-ya-so s’ from around Panama. We’ve been doing a great job with whales but the little guys are really getting pounded now.(see greenpeace /trawler)
              Dont forget,cats don’t naturally eat fish .:)

              • marine life have a rough road with all the contaminents in the water. was just reading bluevoice(dot)org Inuits are most contaminated peoples because the amount of marine animals in diet. It is one thing for marine life to die because of natural food chain – quite another to die from slow poison in the environs and/or over harvest. Way to go Panama – Save the whales !

                • Good point Rox.
                  land and sea are SO more interconnected than people realise.

        • I saw one too. Here in Phoenix. It was HUGE! So big it would have dwarfed a 747 to the size of a peanut. News media lame excuse that didn’t even come close to matching what everyone actually saw. Anyway, changes the way you see life forever. We are NOT alone. Seriously.
          On another note, I recently read “The second Coming is happening from within.”

  7. The thing is, in ANY of these scenarios (“ascension,” evolution, raising vibration & consciousness, etc), life is going to feel worse for a long time, not better. It doesn’t matter whether the Earth is moving toward enlightenment or destruction; they are both the same, for our purposes. Just like the ego needs to be destroyed in order to become enlightened, the Earth may need to be destroyed so that she can recreate herself – so she can start over with a new, more enlightened energy.

    And yes, as Mystic said, DO THE WORK. The HARD work. Enlightenment, destruction, recreating… ain’t none of these gonna be easy when the time comes, so you might as well work as hard as you can right now. Be prepared. Even if nothing changes in the world at large, YOU don’t have to stay the same.

    • This is the only comment I’ve read thus far that doesnt reek with self-rightiousness. Kudos! Live and let live I say.

  8. The meek shall inherit the Earth. I do believe it actually. The ascension etc blah blah is an extremely effective way of actually getting rid of quite a lot of messy energy and people from this planet. Let them go I say , the sooner the better. Behind the many modalities of planetary ascension one theme is common, a whole lot of death, murder by prediction , they will of course live forever.
    So be it, anyone who wants to leave and go to a better place should , and those that want a more peaceful planet should help them in whatever way they can.
    There is a fifth dimensional consciousness and probably beings that reside at that level, they have no need for spacecraft or mass murder ?

    • Yeah, I like this. I feel I chose to be here. That makes all the difference for me. If people want to stop their experience and go elsewhere, that’s fine.

      The most lovely energy worker I know does not prepare or stock pile as he feels that manifests that reality. He simply says, if something happens my job will be to care for the people around me, to be with them in their losses and show them how to live with that.

      So humble & sweet, he has already made his peace with his destiny, however it transpires. In the meanwhile, he does his bit with cool determination.

    • thank you dl, for mentioning something that used to bother me a bit [when i was many yrs ago learning tiny bits about the mayan calemdar, pleiades, ascended masters etc ec etc,] before i just dropped a lot of that for many reasons: Why did everyone seem to be trying to hard to get *off* planet Earth? It’s really nice here. I might have missed the substance of your comment, but I am a ‘heaven on earth’ kind of girl, and to think that I ‘must’ ‘evolve’ to a higher plane or dimension, otherwise I am some kind of pitiable earth-bound 3-D life form, didn’t ring true with me. Perhaps something was lost in translation for me back then.

      My life experiences in youth also included a lot of struggle around ‘fitting in’ and being part of a ‘group’, and now as soon as I get the sense that I must conform to a set of beliefs, or a certain social / cultural movement, or even perform some ritual in order to attain some kind of benefit or sense of communion, I instantly am suspicious. If I can’t go there one on one, then I see a problem. I don’t want or need an ‘agent’ as such to help me … at that point there is a power dynamic involved which makes me itchy and rebellious.

      Anyway. So I know you have spent much time on a spiritual journey and have gone to places (for want of a better word) that I can’t begin to imagine.

      Maybe my opinion is also tinted with my rejection of a ‘denial of the flesh’ Catholic upbringing too (particularly easy to reject, as a female.) – ie ‘what’s so bad about having a body with feet on the ground and everything that entails?’

      so, yes. the end.

  9. People need to chill already with the end of the world b.s. Gah..

    But I’m almost certain this is an Aztec warrior not Mayan. I have it hanging in my kitchen along with a pic of a Spaniard and what seems like Marina La Malinche (Cortez and his native guide/love). It looks like the stuff of fantasies but I love the art because they represent what I came from (Indigenous and European peoples).

  10. Layers, layers, layers. The Mayans were kind of chic in their day, weren’t they! Lots of gorgeous jade and gold.. :) .

    Actually I really like the calendar and it is said that if you live by it’s tide and observe the times of quiet and action as the Mayans did, that you can really get a lot of power behind your actions – get more done. I know some peeps that lived it for a year. They said for all the observing of ritual and being still, the days you are meant to act it was like everything got done in super quick time, no agonising or hesitation as you had done the meditation already.
    I try to observe the Moon in the same way if I can.

    The main thing I observe about the hysteria re end of times, tangled time lines, possible futures and our place in which thread of the multiverse we inhabit, the bilderbergs, the illuminati, the parasitical alien overlords, the drinkers of gin from cat bowls and the schizotypal intellectuals who think up a storm but don’t-do-the-work is that they all emit a vibe of HOPELESSNESS. To me this really is the worst thing.

    It’s so important to remain upbeat in the face of everything, because really it doesn’t matter if you get blown up or prosper on another level, what lives on and echoes throughout time, rippling through the multiverse is how you handled yourself, every minute right up to the perceived end.
    Like that crystalinks Ellie says, it’s an emotional program, explore the emotion, locate the problem and move on.

    Where do you move on from Ascension and the world ending? It’s too abstract for me and the next thing you know is you feel …hopeless. Victimised.
    Stuff that! Work on yourself and your needs, be happy and love those around you.
    Like those above I think you evade responsibility for yourself when you act like a victim. Especially a narcissistic victim!

    Love the tone you set MM, it’s proactive and abundant.

  11. I find it no coincidence that the alleged “end/(rebirth)” coincides with Saturn’s move into Scorpio…..I’m just saying …..

    What am I saying…..? Um…

    I JUST realized Saturn is transiting(has been) my 12th House! WTF?
    This thing is heading towards my scorp asc…..I’ve got Uranus in Scorpio in the first…Pluto in libra in the 12th…how did I not see this?!???

    Oh right -the blind. Spot.

    But I digresss….I’m thinking zap zone meeting Saturn in scorp coupled with this Pluto in Capricorn is a mutual reception of some sort-

    Or maybe that’s just me…with Saturn nataly in the 10th-
    I am quite the amateur when it comes to deciphering this stuff..
    I’m thinking I need a consult with mystic to work this Saturn in scorpio thing…on my ascendant? Really Saturn? Sigh***

    But this 12 house transit explains….EVERYTHING

  12. Mayans replaced the Nostrodamus end of the world trend too i noticed.

  13. I’m so clueless in a good way that I do not even know when the supposed Mayan End of the World date is other than in 2012. But I do love Reiki, Sun dried Tomatoes and have been working on my intuition with excellent results. Just like my boycotting the Recession that worked very well for me, I am boycotting the End of the World!

    • I am so boycotting the recession AND the end of the world…..
      Oooh delicious….

      Just like PIAB’s!!!!

    • The date is down as 22/12/2012 southern hemisphere solstice and it’s supposed to be about moving from fear and separation and into connection with ‘all that is’. That’s from my Moon Calendar.
      December is very busy astro- wise Mars into Aqua, Venus into Sagg, Mercury into Sagg, Uranus direct, all very positive it seems.

  14. did you know the mayan calender is used as a complex “astrological reading” tool, that people who study the mayan calender do not believe in armegeddon but personal and global evolution, much like this astro really, its a shame you don’t really know about it, I think it compliments your astride perfectly ; ) pg

  15. Well, my ancestors are Mayan and I believe that the people that came up with the concept of zero and knew about black holes before anyone in Europe had any concept beyond that the earth was flat, were extremely advanced and way ahead of their time. So if they predicted it, which really what they predicted was the beginning of the end not necessarily a complete wipe out on that date in December of this year, then I believe it. Seems like people don’t like to do their research. You’ll research everything else, but not what could possibly lead to the end of life as you know it. Sad. Good luck to everyone that is not preparing.

    • How you you suggest one prepares for ‘the end of life as you know it?’ Just curious.

      • ‘How DO you’ not ‘How YOU you’

        … although the second options sort of sounds like a pidgin english greeting .
        – “How you you?”
        – “Good good. And you you?”

        • 1.Brown paper bag on the head.
          2.hide under the table.
          3.Hope your god/guru is the right one.

        • or the brilliant Roger Hargreaves (Mr men/Little Miss…) Little Miss Gemini from Twoland.
          Never tire reading them and very Sagg.

    • I agree, I do think it is kind of sad that people on this site (and MM to a degree) can have such limited vision and are somewhat ignorant of what the Mayans actually believe. The end of the world may not be nigh but something is shifting and it seems you are the ones with the paper bags over ze heads… or heads up arses…

      (sorry, but all the replies thus far have been very narrowminded, concdecending and nasty – I’m just giving a little of what is going around – I know some very well-rounded, lovely, open hearted and sensible people that are curious about what Dec 21st will bring – I would never look down on them for this).

      Whats it to you if people believe the world is coming to an end? Get on with you days as you wish and let them get on with theirs.

      • Ok, so you all are OPEN to the end of the world, AGAIN. If it is the end, then what is there to prepare for? Seriously, if it is the end then there is nothing left so there is nothing to prepare. That is what is silly about it all. And the question posed was, What do we do to prepare? My answer was a joke. Your ‘answer’ is to get defensive and a little bit offensive too, and that is ok, but kind of limited as well. Another problem is people just take all this stuff way too seriously. My uberflake friends are nice too, but I think they are also silly and easily led by faux guru’s and prophetic interpretations that ultimately lead to capital gain and fear and misery. It doesn’t mean I am going to fall for another ridiculous interpretation of an ancient calendar/seer or whatever. As one person sensibly said, the end will be here when our sun goes supernova. That is not going to happen for some time. Also pointed out was how in the 80’s Nostradamus was super trendy and the end was night then too. In the meantime, if the world implodes in December I will send you all personal apologies. xox

      • Life right now, each day is what is important to me. I am not perfect at it and i certainly have a lot of backward steps. I am encouraged in my endeavours by Mystic’s wisdom and hilarity, and i choose to keep a healthy dose of tangibility where possible to counter my imagination and tendency to fear. And you know what? Zombies i have referred to are people who have climbed all over me in some weird endeavour of their own, twisted ambition, and i’m watching them flounder now. The higher path is to have compassion for them? I did for a long time and they took that as permission to get worse. If i personally sound self righteous, sure, but you don’t tell me how to do it better. You say you’re just giving a little of what’s going around? Well so do i sometimes. I didn’t see or hear anyone like you when i was struggling in deep shit in my paddle-less barbed wire canoe. But i had kind words from some of the people you’re dissing.

        Quite often people speaking frankly about their beliefs or lack of DO sound self righteous, esp in plain words. You included.

        • I think it is ok to feel self right(eous) about things. As long as we laugh at ourselves and enjoy the good stuff. I think that anyone who suggests it will get better after an ascension at the end of the world or of our life is feeling pretty sad and lost about their current state. And that is sad indeed.

          I hear you about the boat and the canoe milleunanotte, I went through some major bad stuff a few years back too and the people who were there for me were grounded and often very surprising (and received a lot of much needed support here on mm’s page too). My dear lovely ‘new age’ friends actually really struggled to hear me or understand and I was equally surprised by that…and they have a tendency to drain me more than anyone else too even when I say I am tired or I have ptsd (recovered, but its taken a long time).

          As you say, living each day is where it is at. Our lives are so precious and wonderful. I had my head very firmly removed from my arse when my daughters dad died three years ago. I feel very effing self righteous to know that I am raising a happy healthy well adjusted kid and have kept us emotionally above water even when our canoe was filling fast. So our ascension is via rising above the bullshit and getting on with life and living, right here and right now!

          Laughter and a sense of the ridiculous is ultimately what has kept us going. I would like to personally thank every person who has made me giggle or belly laugh or totally spack out hysterically right here and now!

          • AAC, can i just check you know i’m responding to Gobbaleena, and don’t think of you like that? I think you know it but just wanted to be sure :)

            It’s unfortunate but i see lots of new age people flock to the vulnerable and the toxic, offering little real compassion or the space of loving acceptance, except for themsleves and their extremism. I’m sorry you went through that on top of your grieving. Then again, i think sometimes the grieving process includes managing our realtionships with those who don’t understand grief? Raising your family, keeping your head above water, keeping the faith somehow sounds like an awesome job to me!

            • Oh yes love I knew. I was agreeing with you in my long winded ranty style!

              I have seen some of these ‘new age’ (i use inverted comma’s because ultimately I too may be considered such. I make potions and follow astrology blogs!) people be inadvertently quite thoughtless and a bit mean. I once had a friend who has suffered PTSD for 20 years, asked by my ‘NewAge’ friend – ‘so, what do you think it is about you that ‘attracted’ that stalker that caused you to suffer so much mental pain’…..It was very uncomfortable, they had just met. My friend simply said to ‘NA’ ‘please don’t go there’ and ‘NA’ Chucked a spazz because she was so insulted as she was ‘only trying to help’, and left the building. (the gal with PTSD was very brave and put out her boundaries very clearly which I was really impressed by).

              What was experienced there was a woman suggesting to another woman that she, by not putting out enough positive energy and good vibes, attracted a crazed lunatic who wanted to kill her. Hmm, nice one.

              So yah, I have no time for any malarky of any kind.

              Anyone who says I can be better than other people by believing that an alien or god is going to beam me up when the world ends can bite me. (I am sure I have many previous rants about ‘the church’ on here too).

              totally into the here and now. xoxo

        • All replies to me thus far (Ive only just sat down to read) are defensive and also curiously full of everyones own personal stories of trauma. What does any of this have to do with me or my comments?

          We have all suffered in life. Thats life, and living and loving. I am happy you found support here on this web blog, I am sure you are all capable of compassion, love, care, supporting another in need… but none of that justifys making fun of someone elses belief that their world is coming to an end (yes, this is their world too and some people are genuinely and quietly suffering).

          My sister is not a ‘flake’ (as was suggested someone who may or may not be considering what 21st Dec may bring, might be) she is a very grounded person, works hard, gives all her spare time to animals (rehabilitates wild-life). She is intelligent, immaculate, HILARIOUS, fancy lady but remains curious about the possibilities ahead. I admire her openess and willingness to not leave any stone uncovered.

          The general tone of this blog and comments was ‘doomsdayer idiots’ – I just thought Id give the comments some balance.

          And look what happened… seems its not my defences that are up (I was merely expressing an opinion, as you all had done – in a not so ‘friendly’ way)

          All I suggest is that people open their minds to the possibility that ‘doomsdayers’ arent just depressed, guru seeking, zombies.

          Im open to all possibilities in this world. I dont profess to know all. I know nothing. You know nothing. MM knows nothing in the grand scheme of things…

          I disagree that all people speaking about their beiefs sound self-rightious, nor was I actually talking about my ‘beliefs’.

          Grain of sand… grain of salt.

      • Goobaleeno, You know, I have noticed that when people criticise someone for a lack of vision, sometimes their own vision is so narrow, they can’t see that the other person that they are criticising has actually looked at a very broad range of things before arriving at their conclusion.

        If you had investigated MM a bit more you would know that she has been describing shifting times (now and more ahead) for a long time.

        It’s okay for us to have a laugh at things we think are funny. If we’re wrong, it’s not sad at all. We spent our last year high on endorphins and happy!

        • I read (and enjoy) MMs blogs daily and I subscribe to her emails and horoscopes (for some time now – years if you count my friend sending me links and emails before I subscribed). What more is there to investigate?

          If insult toward your fellow man are all the conclusions you have come up with then it is sad.

          Why is it that commenters here are able to have some ‘fun’ being somewhat nasty about ‘idiot doomsdayers’ but I cannot express an opposing view point?

          Is it simply because I’m not a regular commenter – I’m not allowed to express an opinion in the same offensive manner as you all until I’ve worked my way into your ranks?

          Please take a look at all the comments on this blog and understand that the tone was set – I just ran with it.

          • Ok so you keep calling us all sad and mean because you are sticking up for your sister. Brilliant. So I have offered you everything from apologies, to explanations of MY personal self righteousness with a really fucked up personal story to go with. Honestly, there is nothing anyone can say to please you. We have offered legitimate findings of disproof, humour, self deprecation. I have nothing left to offer you, except for my best wishes and that you may find enough peace within yourself to laugh at yourself and others with pure selfless joy at some stage of your life. It really takes the pressure off!. Taking life too seriously is impossible when you have faced horrors and that I will stand by forever, because life is too damn short. Sorry love.

            • Im voicing an opinion that differs from yours. Thats all.

              “We have offered legitimate findings of disproof” – I beg to differ. You have offered opinions. I’m entitled to do the same.

              I have not made personal assumptions about any of you, though the assumptions and insult regarding myself have been many – simply because I disagree with you.

              I dont speak only for my sister, I speak for thousands who have a point of view that differs from yours (my sister was merely an example).

              There was mean spirit in these comments before I joined the discussion. Mean spirit masked with ‘humour’ is mean spirit just the same. You are all spending a lot of time justyfying this spirit but if you were truly honest with yourselves you’d say, “yeh, we think doomsdayers are idiots. So what”. Instead of “stop calling us mean. get a sense of humour”

              You’re all pretty defensive when it comes to opposing views.

              I wish you well. Im done here. I wont be commenting on anything on this site anymore.

              Opposing views are onviously not welcome…

              • I made it clear in my first post that I think doomsdayers are idiotic. I put it right out there that it makes me want to smack my head against a brick wall! Come now, read the posts properly. I think it is idiotic not because I am a meanie but because I am HONEST about it! Sheesh. I think you just want us all to change our minds and say sorry. Well I am not changing my mind. Cheers. Have a good day. Keep on smiling.

    • The Mayans were incredible for their knowledge, this is quite true. However, there is noone alive who IS Mayan, with a direct connection to that knowledge and wisdom. That date on their calendar is an important one but i don’t believe we have enough knowledge to interpret it correctly. Sites and artefacts are still being discovered (see Cosmic Fleece’s link below – that was just last year). Yes it is important to research but when the information is NOT finite yet then one needs to keep researching before an ultimate truth can be arrived at.

    • In the middle Ages, the Chinese were way more advanced than Europe and ahead of their time. And now they have Communism and very little respect for human rights.

      In the west today we have allowed corporations to rule our governments and our media. We are technologically very advanced but seem to sometimes be going backwards on human rights and sometimes forwards. Spiritually not too advanced really.

      Hm the Mayans may have been advanced and ahead of their time but their human rights record is pretty rotten too. Their “spiritual” practices turn my stomach, they don’t resonate with me at all.

      Sorry, why should I believe they are superior to anyone else?

      • Agree. This cultural jingoism that some human societies somehow outrank or outperform others is crap. Sometimes we do brilliantly, sometimes we stuff up everything under our touch. Who discovered mathematical and scientific wisdom first? I’ve heard that claim from various international clients many a time. I was brought up for a time by a complete megalomaniacal racist so i’d definitely heard enough of that bigoted bs to last me a lifetime before i was even 10. Even as a child i didn’t believe in it.

  16. Secretly we want it all to end! But the joke is no, it’s not going to end, we have to stay here and sort it all out like grown ups.

    • I don’t. I love it here. I love my life a lot!

  17. Apocalypse is one of two things:
    1. In however millions/billions of years when the sun goes supernova and engulfs the earth
    2. A B grade Hollywood movie

    That is all.

      • And LO! I did look on facebook, and therein lay a post of a nature that did connect with the truth. A link from a friend to another friend. And the book was a book about enlightenment. Only $16.47 at amazon. Ahaahahaha

        • ahahahaha very good. I mean, Voltaire and those types had a go (PIAB alert)…. Buddha had a few ideas…


          I hafta ask: Enlightenment according to whom? In what way?
          What is the outcome? ‘Peace on earth’? ‘Public transport for everyone’? “Choice in family planning”? ‘No maternal deaths during childbirth’? ‘Clean drinking water’ (who pays for that?)? ‘Free will’? ‘Freedom from exploitation, warfare and the threat of violence’? Burn the guns? Re-program violent prisoners? Castrate the most aggressive? Peace-keeping forces? Free from government interference (in what parts of our lives)? Free from any government? Some kind of post-aquarian community living in the rainforest? Recognition of indigenous rights? How? Who do we want in charge – James T Kirk?

          • Yep. Sounds rad and very organised! Succinct post indeed.

            Yes, we have so many interpretations. So many books, seminars, tapes, cd’s. Maybe there are some enlightened peeps out there but I don’t know them yet. But I never got to meet Buddha or Voltaire. I bet I would have thought they were wankers though. Or maybe they were really funny and light hearted guys who were also good at organising. Who knows?

            • sorry AAC, that bombardment of questions wasn’t aimed at you. but yes – “How to prepare for the world’s end in 10 easy steps! Buy our Online Enlightenment Course for just three easy payments of $39.99! And You Too Can Be Saved” lol

              • I like the $16.47 option. It’s cheaper and doesn’t have all these “steps”. Or maybe it’s cheaper quality enlightenment.

                • I think it is great value. Imagine if that was all it took to have halo’s and aura’s of shining light and pure wisdom pouring out of our wee brains! I think you can get it for even less on amazon second hand!

                  • hahaha! oh I shouldn’t laugh. I don’t know. I do know many lovely souls who make earth a brighter place as they go about their lives. Maybe that’s the goal…

  18. I had a book which was about many documented instances in history where it was predicted the end was nigh…wish I could remember the title, but it mentioned 1999, the Millenium bug etc but also cases in the 1600’s etc.about different predictions…

    The premise being periodically humans have some sort of need for a crisis/doom point.

  19. I had a past life as a Mayan . I was a calendar maker. I was eployed by the king to make a 500 year calendar . That was in 1312. I liked working for him and needed the extra cash so I threw in a couple of extra centuries and claimed overtime . Then he suggested I continue for another couple of centuries, but before I could start he was deposed, his heart eaten by priests, you know the go… I got moved from the calendar dept to alien language translation… Boring , anyway the whole calendar dept got canned during the Spanish invasion and, well … It’s all a bit embarrassing actually.

  20. Maybe it’s time for a nostradamus /dan brown/ ancient mayans/ scientology inspired accessories range? the apocolyptonic calander range. Ancient sundials meet alien inscipted codes and biblical references that doubles as a watch complete with an armageddon alarm

    It’s a practical step up from those heavy wooden “the end is nigh” sandwich boards

    • Poor ole Jehovah’s Witnesses. (Sandwich board wearers). They thought at one point the world was ending in 1975.

      Yeah go the new merchandise range: Bimbonic Apocalyptic

  21. Well, there is this.

    A CSIRO report looking at the Club of Rome’s 1972 Limits to Growth report, 30 years on. According to the models, we’re still on the “greedy bastards on the way to our own undoing” track. Kind of sux when you’re just trying to live your life. Motivation to keep on at your local MP, congressman, councillor, other person, get involved with Change.org and Getup, lobby your child’s school or your workplace to change or improve its environmental footprint, use strength in numbers by adding your voice to existing lobby groups who have access to high-level meetings, vote with your feet and dollars
    …all of this we’re all pretty clear about yeah.


    The conclusion is very interesting (and unsettling), I have not read the rest yet.