Weekly Horoscopes & A Mini Scorping

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The Weekly Horoscopes are posted peeps AND any moment now the Moon is going to go into Scorpio! 

This will be a mini-Moon era replete with subtle omens for the aware and/or Pluto-8th House-Scorpio-sensitive amidst you.

The orders for Get Scorped! (all the sex, magic, money, love, karma potential of Mars, the North Node, Saturn and a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio that you can stand) are now closed. 

BUT whilst you wait for yours or if you did not get one, attune yourself to this crazy Scorp Moon (it’s Void for most of the time) to get a delightful little insight into emerging new themes.

No compulsive-obsessive crap!

Draw upon the power of the Sun in Leo: Dignity & Vanity shall set ye free from Love Zombie spells.


Image Joan Proudman – The Ova Seas

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11 thoughts on “Weekly Horoscopes & A Mini Scorping

  1. Love Scorp moons void or otherwise.
    Your scopes have been spot on especially the love stuff, normally I roll my eyes because I’ve been avoiding it because haven’t felt ready. But met someone recently totally unexpected. After the Neptune transit through my 7th & all the (cruel?!) lessons I’ve learnt. Eyes are wide open, no dumb arse love zombieing for me. Very steady, softly I go. He’s a shy Leo :) with an interest in astrology, he’s quite sane & kind compared all that came before him. :)

    • Sounds fun and intriguing. (Esp that he’s got an interest in astrology). Good luck! :)

  2. love the biological/geographical word play – ova-seas.
    wonder if its suggesting that the future father of my children will be found o/s…?

  3. I love this picture! I mostly work from home and regularly take time out in the garden with my 6 hens, so I feel like this is a photograph of the inside of my mind!

    I would also wear that dress. And I’m usually on that angle ;D

  4. What a kooky picture! I’ve been having hot flashes all night. Aww yeah.

  5. Moon in or heading into Scorpio for Tantic Voodoo? Hoodoo?
    You talking about me when i work?
    I was nearly de-flowered on Sunday eve.
    Would my mouth close if i never used it?
    That’s is perhaps not the best analogy. My nostril doesn’t seal if i don’t breathe now does it?
    Time to bring out the crystal like Angel God Rod bought at cost as the battery part was kaput thereby creating a still & quite new age sexual accessory.
    It has an actual angel at the top with perfect breasts, closed wings (the would have to be wouldn’t they),the cutest face and wavy acrylic hair, all of her like translucent lalique like crystal so not ‘shiny’.
    She has her own black velvet envelope with satin cord. Precious & Tapered.
    Tonight. You will here the giggles as it means i’m truly over ‘B’.
    And ready for Karezza. Amazing what Yoga, Pilates and a Real Man can do for a maven.
    😉 and a Body Guru who loved the expression,
    ‘Gee, You are You =G U R U’.
    love from the Peg.x

    • On a similar vibe and also truly over ‘B’ – this breakthough has set me free. I’ve just emerged from 3/4 hour in the shower scrubbing away that episode and now feel shiny and new.

  6. I love the ‘new beginnings’ energy from the image of a golden egg.