Uranian Astro Bats

In astrology and quite frankly, when the Moon is in Scorpio, there is always a deeper dimension to delve into. Today, for example, let’s talk about Uranian Astrology. This is not – as you might think – the study of the planet Uranus but rather something way weirder.

Uranian Astrologers tend to use more midpoints and Centaur asteroids than usual and they favor some minor aspects BUT the main diff is that they work with hypothetical planets. Yes, i know. It sounds insane and it would certainly have someone from the Skeptics Society screeching ‘told you so’ with glee.

Disclaimer: I don’t do this sort of astro and i don’t know much about it. I know that it has its adherents. But hypothetical planets?!  W.T.F.?   When you try to put them in via Astrodienst, there is a warning message that these planets have been “proven with certainty not to exist” lol.

But still, you can put them into your chart via the Extended Chart Options and they have totes spectacular names: Cupido, Hades, Zeus, Kronos, Apollon, Transpluto Isis, Vulcan, Prosperina and Selena/White Moon.

What does it all mean? Don’t ask me. But we may arrive at some useful conclusions here, in the comments. Yes? Transpluto Isis sounds so spectacular, i am annoyed that i don’t have it rising.

Warning; It’s not so much that these planets don’t exist that bothers me, as such, but that if you start going on an asteroids, Arabic Parts of Fortune bender and then throw these suckers in, you could go astro-bats.

However, currently Uranian Hypothetical Planet Apollon is ON SATURN and guess what? I’m running with this…Saturn solo can be a bit ‘meh’ but Saturn conjunct Apollon right now = Hot:  ” The energy of Apollon entered as a bright, radiant, shining white solar being, positive and full of assurance, with a laurel wreath of victory on his head. Apollon relates to energy in manifestation – he is a light-being, forthcoming and open.

“He is Light and brilliance (not in the intellectual sense, tho it can manifest there as well) Apollon is the Sacred Geometer, master of divine proportion, measure and harmonics, all of which are manifestations of the unfolding expression of universal laws and principles. There is beauty and rhythm here. Multiplicity – fractals, sacred spirals, Fibonacci series – which echo the same out into further permutations. It is this same principle that manifests multiplicity of any gift, lesson, or expression, so that we may know and experience it from more than one perspective and thus gain greater depth of understanding.

This one is a master of energy in all the ways it moves and manifests. Apollon is more extraverted than other ones (transneptunians) we have
visited. Commerce, business, money exchange – these are manifestations of energy dynamics. Money is a form of energy, and its movement and exchange provide one perspective or measure of relative value as it shifts, cycles, and fluctuates”

Well, yes. You can see why someone wanted to invent him. THOUGHTS?

Oh and Love Zombie Alert: The Uranians say the hypothetical Cupido is super-important in romance/sexual attraction.

Image: Tom Bagshaw

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33 thoughts on “Uranian Astro Bats

  1. I don’t know anyone who uses midpoints. Self taught in midpoints in my own chart but wouldn’t say I’m progressive.

  2. Thanks for the classy astro caution about f-wits and numero uno

  3. I’m into this sort of astrology (when I have time – I have shifted my focus from being an astrology fiend to learning other mad skills over the past few years).

    Personally I wouldn’t recommend adding TNP’s to your chart (except for entertainment purposes) unless you’ve studied Uranian techniques (which involves using dials, angles, formulas, planetary pictures, etc ) and have done a whole lot of reading on the subject. A lot of astrologers dismiss it as a crock of shite without bothering to understand it properly.

    So to interpret it in a useful for chart reading way – Saturn/Apollon together are about the system, the method, teaching, the teacher, the pupil, separation, departure but there’s a different interpretation depending on which planet, TNP or angle = the midpoint. So for example if Venus was at the midpoint of these two, the interpretation is about Harmony, singing lessons, friendships while attending the same school but if Hades was at the midpoint of these two, the interpretation would be about method and order in historical research, bad methods, obsolete systems, separation by vile means (examples ripped from Alfred Witte)

    It’s quite fascinating and can be adapted to include every single asteroid in a reading by using the chart angles and formulas of all the planets/TNPs/Asteroid/whatever – but if formulas like: ASC x psyche x hades \ neptune – apollon = MC x Saturn do your head in, then you’ve got a massive learning curve on your hands.

    On the topic of TNP planets not existing; angles, vertex, nodes don’t “exist” as physical bodies either but we all use them without question!

    My 5 cents. Back to my secret Scorpy Moon mission…

  4. Mystic I just love how you bring us these fab astro lessons that add so much to the layers of astro – the Saturn-Apollon conjunction is totes inspiring! That Uranian astro sounds wild but as I’m still doing astro 101, think l need to understand the real planets before I can deal with the imaginary ones!
    Thanks x

    • As it turns out ‘Apollon’ is smack-bang on my natal MC!! That he is “.. a master of energy .. the Sacred Geometer, master of divine proportion, measure and harmonics, all of which are manifestations of the unfolding expression of universal laws and principles. There is beauty and rhythm here .. ” totally sings to my soul. This is what grounds me, inspires me & turns me on .. thanx for the heads up on this liddle gem!

  5. This is fun, wacky-doo! Cheers MM.

    Transpluto Isis close to my natal Sun in Leo/2nd (but not conj.) & trine my NN. According to the link below Transpluto Isis is dignified in Leo.

    Then I have Apollon conj. my natal Pluto – eek!
    Pluto in abundance? A harmonious, successful Pluto I hope.

    Nibiru at 0 deg Taurus/12th – no idea what it means. If it is anything to do with the recent idea that it is home to 4th dimensional beings it’s a freaky placement.

    Hades is about disintegration & is in Toro/12th too. Sounds like the perfect place to decompose.

    Cupido in 2 deg of Libra/4th – domestic goddess? Hm, not exactly, Cupido is conjunct my natal Uranus. (My Gem guy is Aqua Rising and v. Uranian tho).

    Vulcanus (intense power) conjunct Venus/1st. Ooh la la.

    Kronos – Authority, mastery, perfection – exact conjunct my Ascendant in Gem!

  6. Instead of “Love Zombie alert” I read “Love ZUMBA alert” and for just a moment my brain lit up like a Christmas tree . . . (sigh)
    Mystic, I would love it if you did a “Love Zumba Alert”!

  7. i love this kind of astrology and have been going bats with it for a while now.

  8. How can you study Asrology on planets that don’t exist?

    That’s like treating a fantasy realm, like Tamriel (coz I’m totaly a Skyrim addict right now) as a realy place (OMG I wish) and telling your friends to holiday there. (While they *eyeroll* at you and call a psychiatrist to come collect you while you’re in the loo).

  9. Don’t know about the hypotheticals and I honestly find Uranian energy the hardest to understand and connect with of all the entities, but I have found midpoints useful in my own chart. As I commented in the sextile thread, the midpoint of my Mars-Venus sextile seems super-powerful and more sensitive than either of the two planetary positions.

  10. Im an astro-purist from way back, even give the asteroids a side eye, but this article really made me sit up. It was a total epiphany in fact, filled so many holes in my natal its incredible…

    following is the best Transpluto-Isis article you will find. Lynn Koiner is my hero


    Scientifically this has a lot of weight behind it cos of the orbits of the outer planets etc…. just not discovered…yet

    • And mystic, you probably don’t want it on your ascendant, it would make you hyper critical of your appearance and how you present in the world. I have it smack bang on my Venus square saturn…..eeeek

  11. Want to know what Hot is? The dream I had of Prez Obama last night! O yeah, that hit The Spot!

  12. I go the fixed stars but this not so much but then I think some peeps whose astro I find really eerily accurate use this system so I dunno. I like ebertin and robson and some old medieval stuff when I’m bored and dabbling. i don’t so much go the placidus or whatever it’s called. Seems iffyand a bit half-assed re the cusps. Love midpoints for astrocartography.

  13. Yeah, but don’t forget lovely peeps, that some people say that Saturn is a machine, not a planet and that the moon is a hollow spacecraft.

    Doesn’t mean they still don’t emit certain energies.

    Before you scoff, realise that an ex-Nasa employee thinks along these lines, and that you can’t just fob off any info without knowing about it. Just like astrology skeptics do.

    For us to think we know everything there is to know about the planets, our only public access being through what Nasa tells us (staffed by plenty of ex-Nazis) is kind of silly.

    Sorry, going down the rabbit hole in the scorp moon.

    “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” – Hamlet

    • I hadn’t heard that about Saturn!
      But I saw this doco on the moon biz, I was amazed when they pointed out that the Hubble Telescope which can take photos of far away galaxies has never been pointed at the moon. And it’s true you never see colour photos of the moon! I hate the idea that the moon is a station as I love it’s shiny luminescent glow on the white flowers in my garden. Plus the tides ‘n’ stuff.. it would emit energy regardless I guess, but the idea of it’s purity and naturalness is important to how I feel about it..

  14. This ‘splains so much. Natal Cupido at 25 deg libra when i have almost nothing else there….with Saturn grinding over it. It’s no wonder i still feel shitty regarding love.

    Natal Apollon is the delish filling of the Mars-Pluto sammich-conjunction in my 10th.

  15. Bats! I don’t know if I should be commenting here, or on a Merc rx bats post. At any rate:

    My cell phone– my only phone– has been dying for 12 hours at a time, without warning, for the last two weeks. Had been putting off buying (another) battery for it cuz my contract’s up in a month, and I’m running out of

    Money! Fast. I totally feng shui’d my wallet in June (got a red one & put three $100 bills in it, removed my credit cards, etc.) and it Really Worked! I felt so wonderfully abundant and prosperous that I blew my (ultra conservative) budget!! That’s just great. Effing great.

    My 6 year old son may need surgery. That was just laid on us last week. Money is no issue here– he’s insured, thank Goddess– but Surgery?! Ack! *pooping pants*

    I think the transiting True Node is hitting on my natal TN (conjunct Neptune, in 9th house/Sagg), and with the void Scorp moon (am multi-conjunct & Sun in 8th/Scorp)… Was just thinking on all this, and what am I going to do re my dismal $$$ situation etc etc, and suddenly I had a Eureka flash that is Beyond Bats– so bats that I don’t know if it was Satori, or a lesion-induced seizure! Suddenly, that 80s song “St Elmo’s Fire” came on the radio: hate the song, but grok St Elmo’s Fire reference:


    and then a severe thunderstorm watch for the rest of the day was announced by the good people at the National Weather Service.

    As you may have already heard, I had a dream last night that I shagged The President of the United States of America. It. Was. Incredible. And it doesn’t fit with the rest of my story, does it?! Well, I hope it does fit with the rest of my story! I love you, contract with power… Oh god, I love you and I want you so much, baby… mmm right there yeah… yes! Yes! ooooo YES!

    See? Bats!

    • “… electric fields are more concentrated in areas of high curvature, thus discharges are more intense at the ends of pointed objects.”


    • Usually dreams of shagging somebody, same sex or opposite still applies, can mean you admire some quality that the person has. So maybe you need more power in your life?

  16. Sounds like planets that exist in another dimension–fun!
    But totally batty.
    I do like the sound of Apollon….in fact things have been getting reallllly metaphysical/hippy-dippy/off-planet (in a good way) for me lately, so I think I’ll accredit him for that. GO GO SHINING WHITE BEING.

  17. Ah sychronicity!

    Found this quote yesterday and wrote it down…..

    Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we are no where. Carl Sagan