The Sun Invincible

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“The ancients saw the Sun as the giver of life and light. It radiates hope after periods of darkness and confusion. The Sun’s power and clarity are profound, the light of the Sun will illuminate any darkness lurking, it’s rays will expose the shadows and reveal truth. It is a symbol of steadfastness and reliability. In a world of chaos it is a point of silence and calm, an assurance that there is underlying order as the Sun will always rise.”

Chance And The Arrow

Loving this series from Chance and the Arrow…The Sun is always a fabulous addition to any Tarot spread.

Astrologically, it’s important too. Go see DIY Astro – The House Of The Sun and DIY Astro- The House of Hubris

Where you have the Sun is where you have to shine your light, have a healthy ego and believe in your own self-actualizing powers of Awesome.

You know?

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25 thoughts on “The Sun Invincible

    • dumb question, but I’ve seen this before – “word” – and don’t know wtf it means in this context? can you enlighten an unhip gen x-er?

      • It means something like “you said it” or “you hit the nail on the head” or “right on target” — I think it is an abbreviation of “that’s the word” but I don’t know that for sure.

      • Gen Xer’s into hip hop know the term “word”.

        I remember a (late) Buffy episode where the sweet frail female mathematician regular character became the lover/partner of the good looking tough black young man. She used to drive him nuts, agreeing with him by saying “word”. His language. It was supposed to be funny because she was so sweet. I worked in the music industry and I got it but my friend the pisces teacher needed a translation.

      • In a lot of rap songs — it signifies that what you just said is affirmative. E.g., “Word to your mutha.”

  1. That would be awesome, except that I haven’t had enough caffeine / lunch / sleep today to work my 9th house. uuurrrghhhhh

  2. What about 12 th house sun peeps? How do you shine the light of your sun in the 12th? In Leo? Seems like an oxymoron.

    • I have a lovely daughter who has mars in leo 12th, always convinced though it can be periods of time alone it is also about tapping into the mass pshyche, can be liberation (in irony) and hope too, suppose some of the unfortunate depend on the light and cheer of those who lead with a good heart.

    • Hey Firehorse, I’m a 12th house Toro Sun & from memory there have been a few post on this before. Not sure what category they’re under though. I’m super introverted (in the actual psychological sense, defs not shy though) & I think I remember reading something linking that to 12th house Suns.

    • I am a 12th house Scorpio. The part about 12th house Suns being introverts is spot on.

      Other than that, I associate the sun with creativity. To me, “shining the light on my Scorp 12th house sun,” means using my Scorp-ability to create something lovely out of used up, broken, worn out, or discarded items.

      Leos take creativity seriously, and it tends to manifest in the performance arts. I am thinking that a 12th-house-Sun-in-Leo would be creative behind the stage. Maybe they would design the set, or raise funds for the production, or create promotional materials, etc. If you don’t do these things, but they sound interesting, maybe you could try your hand at them!

        • Well, in this interview here below

          Madonna says her rising sign is Aquarius and her moon is Virgo. She also says she has studied astro and that she reads her horoscope every day. So that interview makes her a 7th house sun-in-leo.

          However, I have seen other horoscopes for her, where her rising sign and her moon are both supposed to be Virgo.

          Anyway, for argument’s sake, let’s say she is a 12th-house-sun-in-leo,– in which case, it could be that she hides her real self behind her “performer-self” (or “performer-selves”) so her sun is still in hiding. The 12th house would also tie into the religious/Catholic themes in her songs.

          • The best place to hide is in the limelight. Noone suspects a thing! I mean they’ll whack their projections onto you but at least it’s fully out in the open.

  3. Seriously loving the chance and the arrow tarot interpretation. I’ve been screen capping them for my phone wallpaper each time they are released. In an odd little way, it’s teaching me more about tarot as I try and work out the symbolism. Just loving it and cannot wait for the whole set to be done so I can buy it.

  4. Thank you, Mystic, for shining some light on me this evening (its evening in the U.S.). I read this blog post and then followed it up with checking out my chart. I am a Sun Aquarian in the 6th House…and tonight I looked at that arrangement in a whole new light…I feel enlightened anyway…I was having some trouble deciding about a job and voila! I found my answer by following the trail of stars that you left for me. Shine on, Mystic!

  5. righto wrap it up I’ll take it. i’m grokking that as a how to deal with progressed mars on your sun + stellium clue

    Lexicon if you’re out there I replied via your email address but maybe too late…? x

  6. Have been a worshiper at the altar of Ra since a child.
    The Sun cures all. Or used to when the UV rays when tempered.
    Here down very south of the Equator tho’ it’s rays are like lasers, that’s been a fact since 1990 being the hole in ozone layer close to south pole…dammit,
    a bit =dangerous for a Sun lover.
    It’s rays were the sweetest in the South Pacific closer to the Equator.

    • agree with pegs. I do love the sun. Need to feel air and sun
      (and water) on my skin or I start to go a bit stale and crumpled, like last week’s unread newspaper.

  7. Sun post totally got my attention. Leo IC & I’m spending the week back at home (in sunny, sunny Qld) with my hurricane family (Gem, Libra, Aqua, Gem, Gem, Sagg & Pisces). Always exhausting when I’m here without my Earthy little brother to balance them out. Love them dearly but I’ve learnt to keep the trips to one week max!

  8. sun in first house! and leo in twelfth….I also find relating to the suns energy to be a bit confusing..

  9. sun in the 8th, sagittarius.
    with mercury, uranus, neptune, and saturn behind it in capricorn. shining is a procedure that is thoroughly analyzed then full speed ahead with no looking back/regrets.
    it’s been an interesting 22 years so far.