The Lost Baggage Department

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When Jupiter squares Chiron – like it is this week – you’re kind of provoked into unpacking any old psychological baggage that you may have lying about. Dreary but necessary, non?

 So whose trying to get out of this? And who’s decided they might as well lighten the load a bit before Uranus square Pluto again? Yes, that’s right, we’re just starting this old Zap Zone lol.


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50 thoughts on “The Lost Baggage Department

  1. Moving, So will undoubtedly have the chance not to pack a few things. Have been reading up on the limbic system. Have decided to exercise my hippocampus by leaning some poems or . . .. Apparently one should work on creating a limbic fringe to take into the spiritual world, so as not to be born a complete babe in the woods. Wrote learning something worthwhile. Baggage worth keeping. But yes don’t particularly want to take painful memories. . . .

    • Moving too and there is actually not much I DO want to take.

      Sounds nice LInk.

      Yes I have the urge to distract the soul from this physical life’s clutter at the mo, really drawn to dissappearing into a creative bubble and let the world pass by for now.
      Alas I have accepted after a long haul in Saturn boot camp that I actually need not to do that at the moment.

      Might go find a poem too, that sounds like a great comprimise, something to take everywhere as I go about this next shifting phase.
      Blessings link

  2. Sigh, I’m sooo bored of my old psychological baggage. It unpacks itself and I wish it wouldn’t.

      • I try and hide from mine but it always finds me. Mind you I do leave a trail of destruction in my wake. Have upset neighbours,managers (scary scorpion she devil boss) even my shrink is exasperated with me.
        Will this astro never stop?

    • Mee too. Everythings all fine and strong and then – oh, this again. It’s embarassing to me.

      Yes just lately really old stuff is coming out, I thought it was done. I sympathise LeoGroover! Usually I’m really healthy but been sick lately and today my Dr could hardly wait to get rid of me. Kind of triggered my baggage that I can hardly wait to get rid of. Oi vey.

      • With you too sis Gemstar. Im looking at medicals underlying to this crap mood I’ve been in for the past 9 months. But going to Homeopath as well. Love em

        • Thanks LeoGroover! Homeopathy, eh?. I haven’t tried it lately but over a decade ago it fixed my ear infection that antibiotics couldn’t help. Hope it helps you now.

          Yes, I don’t regret exploring the medical thing this time around. I thought I was deeply into the Mind/Body connection by simply affirming wellness. But lately willpower has not worked. I realised willpower is not the same thing as a body connected to a mind, so I’m exploring things that actually support the body and the brain (other than positive words).

          Have you considered amino-acid 5-HTP to support your body and help with your mood? We deserve wellbeing imo!

  3. I’d like to think I’ve done an awful lot of sorting and tossing out of no longer useful baggage already. Hopefully if a stray suitcase comes crashing down in front of me, all it will release as it splinters apart will be a lone sock or two.

    • Ditto Pi-Lady. In some ways I feel zap zone oriented astrologically even. There is a lot of good stuff for Leo’s, Gem’s and Pisces in the last year and going forward according to MM’s info I think. Like fate has conspired to ready me for this very time in my life. But then I say this hoping that I now don’t trip on a sock!

      • ohh hahahah good point. the piece of fluff jamming the sensitive machinery 😉 well if it does, just think how much better equipped we all are to handle it :)

  4. Such synchronicity, Jupiter squaring Chiron & the scholarly dying and grief work I’ve been mandated to finish this week. Remembering, reflecting… It’s been heavy, occasionally painful, but filled with bright spots too.

    Digging down. Creating– resurrecting something beautiful! Merc rx in Leo, Jupiter sq Chiron. What’s been lost has now been found, dusted off and placed in a gorgeous curio. Radiant.

  5. Jupiter is conjunct my natal chiron so it’s a double whammy in my 11th house – I’ve had health problems but will be starting a degree in autumn so broadening my social horizons I hope. It’s hard to see things clearly at the moment. Hoping to look back on this period as a time of healing – lots of reading, journalling and working on myself…

  6. so this jupiter transiting my ascendant squares transiting chiron in my 9th which opposes my natal mars. i don’t know what this means but a lot is about my 9th right now. so much is hanging off that empty house in my chart that neptune and chiron are transiting it’s weird how the transits of empty houses can be all go.

  7. I have three job interviews this week in three different cities. I feel like I am spinning the wheel of fortune. I am looking forward to downsizing. So, even though I threw out much baggage with Mars in my 12th house Virgo, it looks like the purging must continue.

    • I seem to remember on another thread you had great wisdom and wanted to write a book. I hope your job is accessing these bits of you.

  8. I wish that there was a pressure point that my therapist could reach over and press so I could drop my FOREVER [sad/scared/abandoned/loveless] baggage.

  9. Absolutely’! No more dead horses will I flog!!! I had a massive shift on friday now…lighter and happier. Still working hard on clean up obviously …yesterday one acupuncture needle and I sobbbed. : ) Making space for something special… Whatever that may be : )

  10. Choosing to unpack myself!

    –I’m going to my first ever hypnosis session! woohoo! I’ve never done one before but I’m excited to be rid of stuff I don’t want.

    –I’ve also cut myself off from being in a position to abuse the oracle. I
    m kind of going through a phase where I am avoiding reading too many horoscopes. It just gets me fired up so I can be let down, or that’s how it feels right now. Best to just avoid for now. I’m sure I’ll be back to my curious self in no time.

    • I do that every once in awhile… Especially when I’m feeling happy and amazing… but my stars say wait for fucking ever coz apparently it’s all doom and gloom. : ) I’ve outsmarted myself a few times waiting for the one or potential … Coz their stars …. Lol are waiting….
      Like a bag ex love zombie lady … I say ” pack your port and piss off”. : )

      • sounds like good advice. =) I usually avoid horoscopes when I’m happy, but this time I’m doing it while I’m not happy. It’s a change and different. People say they reach for god/alcohol/drugs when they are at their worst. It’s easy for me to reach for tarot or iching or horoscopes or whatever when i feel like shit and need a boost. Right now I’m content with feeling like crap. I don’t know if that makes any sense.

  11. Splendour in the grass!!!!! I’m unpacking the psych baggage on my 18hour drive. Then going to dance like a looney! (Maybe meet a hottie?!?)

  12. Ha. You want to see baggage that I just unpacked, and then packed back up? Check out this photo of my kitchen wall with 43 boxes visible, almost all of them are full of books. I went through them all, looking for an one specific old book, my college calculus textbook, which I did not find. It must be somewhere in the other 2/3rds of my boxes (not pictured).

    Most of those boxes have been unopened since 1992.

    • I am SO not getting how this works – do they come with when you move or are they stored elsewhere? What – apart from that I vaguely remember you’re a taurus and the ones I’ve known have not responded well to ummm… letting go – is this about charles? Is this nik-naks, old photo albums, doilies… research?

      You are stanley kubricks love child?

      • The boxes move with me. The bulk of them are from my move out of California in 1992. Then the rest of them are from 2005, the last time I moved. Mostly it’s books and business records. Yes, there have been times when it was essential to retrieve my 10+ year old tax returns. There are boxes full of art supplies, including an obsolete darkroom, and about 500lbs of lead type and letterpress equipment I inherited from my grandfather (those black things on top are type trays). And then I have about 6 boxes of family photos that I am supposed to divide fairly and distribute to my 6 siblings.

        Yes, Taurus can’t let go of his stuff. But at least I have it somewhat controlled in orderly boxes, unlike my mom who was a total hoarder. I think I have two problems with this stuff. There are things I desperately want to do but can’t, like set up my painting studio (which is in those boxes too) or the letterpress. I’d need an art studio space to do that. Then there is the irrational fantasy that I am building a significant archive, which will someday be donated to my Presidential Library or a university after I win the Nobel Prize or whatever.

        Yeah, I need to let go of this stuff. My sister once told me I should ditch ALL my books, it costs a lot to store them, but if I really wanted to read one again, it would be cheaper to just buy it on eBay.

        • I just knew there’d be books. But letter set and photo equipment? I would stand between that and a flame thrower! I guessed it’d be valuable stuff and found myself trying to mentally get rid of the cardboard.

          Thing is, though, you hadn’t opened them since 1992. If you’re going to keep it you should enjoy it. This is true of your books. And, uh, have you thought of furniture you could display/keep it in? You probably have but it is a fair outlay, i know. Still, think of the value of those treasures in your every day, compared to the view of a hunk of boxes.

          I had three boxes of similar size still packed for years through a few moves and decided it was symptomatic of depression, so i organised it all earlier this year. I wanted to think i’d be surprised, as a forgetful Piscean, but I wasn’t a bit.

          • is any of your uranus near the IC/4th? I have it natally and for me the box thing was always a symptom of never staying in one place for long enough to actually unpack. I’ve never been a very good ‘settler’.

            • Who, me? I have Uranus right on my Ascendant in Leo. As you can tell, I sometimes don’t have things unpacked from 2 moves ago.

              • oh i was asking mille but yours makes sense too : 0) and when was the last time your uranus placement made any sense ?? jokes…

                • Oh sorry CUW just saw this: no my IC is 21 Aqua. Venus on one side at 17 Aqua, True Node at 23 .

                  This is the longest i’ve been in a place, and it was weird to finally stop keeping a packed suitcase/bag for quick random trips, too. That happened when i became ill for two years bleeaaaughh the llack of mobility was completely hideous, and nearly unravelled my head.

          • The reason they’re in boxes is because I have no bookshelves. I really don’t have any furniture at all, not even a couch or comfy chair. I sold everything since I was convinced I’d be moving out of here in 3 months. Now it’s been 6+ years.

            Banker’s Boxes are really a wonderful thing. I remember when I moved to California, my mover complained that I had an assortment of box sizes, he said that would guarantee some boxes would collapse and crush the contents. Better to have one size and stick with it, for regular stacking. Then I switched to Banker’s Boxes, and he complained again because they had lids and were impossible to tape down. Sheesh. But I have used nothing more than a few Banker’s Boxes to run large companies. I really have managed to get this down to an art, except for the books, which pack poorly since they aren’t uniform size.

            These boxes are sometimes little time capsules. I have one box that has everything I accumulated on my last trip to Japan. I got home and my mom was sick so I had to put everything aside, throw those wonderful Japanese art books in a box, no time for that now. There’s an MFA worth of material in there but I have no MFA program to use it in.

            And sometimes there are surprises. I remember about 1992 when I moved back to my hometown, my mom said there was a box of my old oil paints in the attic from when I dropped out of art school 20 years earlier. Most of them were hard as rocks, but lots of them were useable. I found one lovely tube of Cobalt Violet Deep, I was playing around one day and discovered it made lovely browns when mixed with yellow. It’s hard to make good browns. So I looked at the tube, it still had a sticker on it, $5. I used it up, mostly experimenting on worthless paintings. I ran out, so I went to the art store to buy a new tube, it was now over $120! I wish I had known before I goofed off the whole tube of paint.

            • ah! the more you explain the less it seems like an obsessive compulsive issue and more like a needing room to spread and as Mille cottoned onto, a shelving issue.

              Does your art stuff stink when you use it? Is there any chance of moving somewhere where you can combine your life with your stuff – a bigger room divided into the spheres of your pastimes? I mean it’s not like you aren’t already packed and ready to go 😉

              My machines are all for future art plans too – although no grand dreams of donating after the nobel prize 😀 just dreams of time spent creating and being surrounded by colour. But for me I just know I have a spare room actual humans could sleep in if they wanted to if they weren’t there so my desire to welcome people into my home is becoming stronger than my need for future creativity. I kept the machines because I thought I would use them for study too but then they gave me advanced standing in all the subjects I could use them for so now they’re just kind of big and on hold. I can’t lend them out because the hard to replace parts will get broken and then I’ll have a pile of useless obsolete machines.

              i do think you have a bit of stanley kubrick in you as well by the way.

              • LOL well I used to have a live-work studio in LA, 1/3 living space and 2/3 studio (for tax purposes. People would visit and ask how I could stand living with the constant smell of turpentine. But I’m an oil painter, I LIKE the smell of turpentine! Some people are horribly allergic though. I could never set that up in my apartment, you can’t use harsh solvents like that in a residential building.

                But yeah, I need some room to spread out. I used to have 1200 square feet of studio space, enough that I could set up multiple projects. And I miss having the ability to look at my paintings from 50 feet away.

              • I like your query to Charles around finding a place big enough for his life and his stuff.

                When my stuff went into storage in early 2010, I needed to be unfettered as I moved around, but now i rapidly approach a feeling of wanting to settle, and to have all my things in a bigger place… =) nice thought

            • As someone who has packed up a lot of times, and who likes surprises discovered in attics, I love this whole story.

              $120/$5 paint experience lovely too…:-)

        • LOL yes I get that it’s all under control you funny man and ok now i do get it what it’s all about 😀 I have obsolete machinery that I drag round with me too – mine also includes some old brass type. I sometimes wonder if it wouldn’t be better off with someone who would use them though – the machines. Am considering Ebay right now in fact. Don’t let your sister make you do anything you don’t want to do.

          • Yeah, don’t let it go til you need to.

            I have some things in offsite storage that have sentimental value. Even though what I’ve paid in storage could buy a new one by now, it still has been soothing knowing that those things are there if I need them. I have accessed them twice a year.

            • interested to know gemstar if you’re having a saturn/pluto transit to your 2nd or 4th? Or if you have those two mingling in your chart natally? I stuck everything in storage and took off when saturn transited my pluto on the IC.

              • Hi Clued Up Wolf
                Is the stuff stil in storage, or did things change and it’s all in one place now?

                I wish I could answer the transit questions. My growing knowledge hasn’t reached there yet. I have printed my chart from Astrodienst, so I know what is in which house. That’s as far as I’ve learned. Maybe its time to google it, I do listen with awe when you guys know about your transits…

                Natally I have Saturn in Aries in the 12th and Pluto in Virgo in the 5th. There is a line of dashes joining them on my chart…

    • Hey Charles,
      How you doing man. ? Far out brussels sprout, that’s some boxes. might I ask, how do you feel when you walk past them ? How does your body react? I know when I’ve lived with things before that when the time to let go of, I kind of almost slunk past them, or felt overwhelmed/deflated… Until letting them go, then its like the sun came back in. Are you happy living with them? or sell books for a comfy chair/couch ? For a deserving Toro.
      I hope I don’t sound critical, not my intention at all, have come home from visiting my mother in law in nursing home, and after seeing all the inanimate objects she owned, even with stories gone, So I’m questioning my things too, and what’s really necessary…mwa no harm with words meant. X just wondering….xx

      • That is an exceptionally interesting question. I have them lined up along the wall of my kitchen, right next to my refrigerator. The boxes go up to the ceiling, above my head. So every time I walk past, I feel like they’re going to topple and crush me to death. I used to cover the stacks with a clean white drop-cloth, they almost faded away and became another wall. But I still knew they were there.

        Actually, since the time I posted that photo, I took half of them down and put them along my living room wall, so they’re about the height of a table. Now they’re just in the way all the time.

        LOL Billy Bragg. Reminds me of the day when I was so broke, I sold my massive classical music collection. Oh all those obscure $10 Deutsche Gramophone records, going for $1 or $2 each! Oh well, I still have all my worthless, scratched up punk vinyl albums. I wish I had a turntable.

  13. I wouldn’t mind bleaching my psyche, or maybe Drano and a plunger would be the better choice. Rather than unpack the baggage, I would prefer to drop it into the lake.