The Goddess Particle

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Yorey Horishita

Scientists say they may have found the God Particle.

The European Organisation for Nuclear Research or CERN said the discovery was a milestone in the understanding of nature.

Physicists stressed the results presented at a joint conference in Melbourne and Geneva were preliminary.

They were unsure if the particle was the long sought-after Higgs boson, or God particle, or something more “exotic”.

This lot has an amazing habit of announcing stuff just when Mercury is about to go Retrograde. Seriously, every time. We’ve been here before.   One of my resolutions is to give the Large Hadron Particle Collider a category of its own. You know that Psuedo-Intellectual Astro-Bitches like nothing better than to drink Blue Devil Hoochie Juice and discuss Quantum Physics whilst lying that they’re going to be up at 5am for Paleo-CrossFit hell.

Questions We Could Look At:

* This is the most expensive scientific experiment in history, Europe is broke, we’re looking for the God Particle. It might sound a bit dodgy if you read it in a history book. Right?

* What this time around?  Time Travellers from the Future again? Another baguette dropped by a passing bird into their chief Particle Smasher Tubule? I think given the cost of this thing, they HAVE to say they are close to finding the God Particle. I’d be wanting to look busy too. Obviously it would be a massive concern/darkly funny if someone finds a picture of the Large Hadron Particle Collider in a newly unearthed Ancient Mayan Massage Parlour or something.

* WHAT could the “something more exotic” be?  A Goddess Particle?  Unicorns? Gary?

* Has this re-kindled your interest in the so-called Dark Matter that makes up most of the Universe? It has mine. Occult much?

* Okay, IF they do find the God Particle, clearly the Pope will have to push off and give the God Particle his palace, don’t you think? Unless the God Particle is more Vegan and Pagan and would prefer a  giant wigwam by a fantastic beach on decent Ley Lines of course.


Image: Yorey Horishita – The Empress

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101 thoughts on “The Goddess Particle

  1. It was initially dubbed the ‘god damn particle’, because it was so illusive. The name stuck,with the damn removed for propriety because its such a great sound bite. Hey come and have a look I’ve found god, he’s very, very, very, very, very, small.

    I just can’t understand what this is going to change exactly . . .

    • I only learned about the original name last night. I think the Goddamn particle is a MUCH better name but apparently some puritanical peeps didn’t think it was appropriate for the book title so it was changed. Maybe they thought “The God Particle” would sell better too.

      • The publisher was worried it might offend. I like goddamn better too. lol

  2. Am pretty sure the God Particle would LOATHE the Vatican, all those men in dresses, the uber cultish feel, red velvet slippers (!) or feeling like one is lost on the set of the Borgias. Eeeuw, no.

    The holiest feeling place I’ve been was Chichen Itza in the Yucatan, which I can totes imagine the Goddess Particle digging (no pun intended). Between the pyramids and the cenotes (bathing pools), she would walk into the thick jungle, pet jaguar a-pace vibrating at will.

    Not that it doesn’t have its own bloody history, but something about all the wounds and the woven spirituality of that site seems to transcend all that. I sometimes do really wish Dark Matter/the Large Hadron Collider could be pyramid related.

  3. maybe… The Gary Particle!! lolololol

    Europe going broke while seaching for the god particle makes me think of a love zombie looking for something, anything, to give raison d’etre to life / the love interest…


      Although I must say I can get behind the idea of the Gary Particle 😉

    • ‘The Gary Particle’ sounds like something you’d find dried up on a matress in the back of a panel van.

  4. I loved physics in high school but this all just seems so ridiculous to me. It was funny watching a scientist being interviewed last night about it and how he couldn’t really explain the point of it all. I’m a bit of a geek but this is all just like blowing smoke out of ones arse. Feels like a waste of money. Maybe the Zap Zone will zap it and they’ll have to start again when Merc is NOT going retro. Years ago, it seemed like scientists actually discovered things, now not so much. I know, I should say how I really feel. 🙂

    On another note I remember reading a long time ago that after Pope John Paul II there would only be two more Pope’s. Maybe Nostradamus was referring to this Goddam Particle.

    • So, This is long but I copied it from Facebook. (i know, eew). The page it is from is called ‘Epic Lab Time’ if we want to get all materialist ontological about it, or whatevs. xx

      The Higgs Boson

      I’m a physics tutor, and as a physics tutor I often get asked about the science in the news at the moment. This is good, it creates discussion and I’m always pleased when people (especially my students) take an interest in current world affairs, especially in science.

      So of course I’ve had many, many questions about the LHC at CERN (The Large Hadron Collider) which many of you have seen/read about on the news. And I always get asked the same two questions:

      1) Is it going to kill us all / create a black hole?

      2) What’s the point of it?

      Let me cover question 1 first.

      No. It won’t.

      Question 2 can be asked in different ways:

      What are they trying to find? Will they find anything? What use will it be to us?
      To answer the question properly you need to know the basics (and I really mean basics) of what the Large Hadron Collider does.
      It’s all in the name really. It’s a huge machine that accelerates tiny particles (called Hadrons) into each other at vast velocities. This has been done before but the reason that the LHC is so special is because it’s being done at much higher speeds, and therefore much higher energies than ever before.

      So, why bother?

      Well by doing this, CERN is hoping to re-create the conditions that happened just after the big bang, where vast amounts of energy create huge collisions of these particles.

      What are they trying to find?

      CERN was hoping to discover a new type of particle. We still don’t understand everything about particle physics, there are many gaps in our knowledge but the great thing is, is that we KNOW that we don’t know everything. This means that we’ll strive to discover the answers. Dark Matter and Dark Energy are merely theories so far, we don’t know what they are yet.

      Did they find anything?

      Almost certainly. The results of the search for the Higgs Boson had Sigma 5 which means they’re about 99.99% certain that they have found what they’re looking for.

      There was a chance that they’d discover nothing at all. It’s a risk we have to take in the name of discovery and science, but it happens all the time and it’ll keep happening. Taking chances and risks is what makes us human and what keeps us learning.

      So they’ve discovered a new particle, what use will it be to us?

      Nothing. Absolutely no use whatsoever. It’ll be completely useless to us for now. But let me give you three examples of Scientific discovery.

      In 1895 Wilhelm Röntgen accidently discovered a new part of the electromagnetic spectrum which he called Röntgen Rays. They were useless and in his publication of his results he noted that they travelled in straight lines and occasionally caused shadowing and fogging on images. In fact he actually re-named them to identify them as a secondary ray or unidentified value and he called them X-rays…

      In 1928 a Scottish scientist called Alexander Fleming discovered the antibacterial properties of a mould called Penicillin. However 3 years later he gave up his research deciding that it wasn’t strong enough to be useful to humans. It wasn’t until 1942 that two doctors claimed to have saved a life using penicillin as an antibiotic.

      In the late 19th Century a number of scientists discovered and worked on the properties of a negatively charged particle. It was this unknown particle that helped Ernest Rutherford define the structure of an atom early in the 20th Century. This particle had no use and could barely be proven to exist. It was named the Electron.

      Today it’s 4th July 2012. Every year millions of X-rays Photographs are taken in hospitals to help doctors identify illness or injury. Every year millions of lives are saved by the use of Penicillin. And at this very moment in time, billions of people around the world are depending on electronics and electricity to get through our daily lives.

      So, if you ask me that question: Now that we’ve discovered a new particle, what use will it be to us? I’ll tell you.

      For now, it’ll be completely useless.

      For now.

      – G. Brancazio

      • lmao

        That’s pretty cool Pi. Thank you. xx A great explanation of WHY. I guess for me I like to know when something is relevant not just theories. For all the mutability in my chart I am a realist and love the practical application of ideas.

        Love The Big Bang Theory btw – the tv show 🙂

        And yeah, facebook eewwwwww

          • “This is the most expensive scientific experiment in history, Europe is broke, we’re looking for the God Particle. It might sound a bit dodgy if you read it in a history book. Right?”

            When I read this in Mystic’s post all I could think was it’s dodgy right now.

            I am all for scientific discovery whether it’s in a lab or in space but for me it needs to be weighed with what society here on Earth actually needs. It’s about balance. This seems very pre Pluto in Cap expenditure to me.

            • Sorry, don’t agree. I heard a figure last night that the whole program costs less than 3, B5 bombers , the US has heaps of them. Basically each year countries spend close to 800b on defense/attack systems. This 30b is well spent in comparison.
              There are really good reasons to understand the nature of the universe. In particular the Hb’s relavence to mass or weight of objects. I think actually this type of research might just save our arses. To me this story is the star of the zap zone. We have just walked through the threshold to a new universe, much more to come and as we are talking about natural processes , one in which all humans should benefit.

                • I agree David.
                  I’d prefer we spend $ on discovery than war, sports stars or other bs crap we don’t need.

              • “Well, daahhling, if I can find out why my mass keeps oscillating out of proportion to my jeans size, then any amount of research funding suits me!! Can they establish a methodology to reduce my volumetric parameters while inhibiting the downward trajectory of my celestial body? do you think a daily intake of Higgs-Bosoms Goddess Particles (patent pending) will help attract eligible bachelors into my orbit?”

                (credit to bootes lacuna for the higgs bosom)

              • I agree with you here davidl. If it’s a matter of financing 30b for scientific discoveries vs 800b for war I’d much prefer it all go to science. 30b is still a lot though.

                • I’m with you too David. The future is here and it’s blowing my mind to paraphrase Mystic. So now we’re approaching scientific validation that the world we experience is ‘maya’? Illusion in the sense most of matter is… “what” exactly? Something with no mass? Something new?Maybe pure consciousness? And how do we interact with that? These are the discoveries that make life worth living! Fascinating.

      • “Next Post : Time Travel – Why People From The Future Don’t Want to Hang Out With Stephen Hawking….?”

        I’ll be waiting for this lol

        <—–from the future (I think my Mars in Aqua is showing)

        For me, science is always going to be behind the 8 ball. The universe is this beautiful amazing magnificent life giving (and at times destructive) living breathing organism too grand for our minds to even try to fathom.

  5. I prefer to think of it as the “godless particle” proving once and for all there is no “God”. We are god and the universe is inside us!

  6. “Bloody hell Norma! I hate being a cleaner in this place. No matter how often you sweep and mop, there are always piles of god particles in the corners, and they stick to bloody everything!”

    • Lol! Maybe they’ll discover “yellow bead land” where all the small dropped things go, never to be seen again ; or maybe they’ll find billions of missing socks :0))

    • I was thinking that too AphroditeRising. Wonder if there are any women involved in this undertaking.

  7. Well I think the point is that as much as we know about the particles that make us, none of the particles we know of have any weight ? So gravity shouldn’t work. The HB may be the particle that makes up a vast majority of the universe and of ourselves. This is sometimes referred to as dark matter. The future ? removing the HB ‘field’ and making objects ‘light’ enough to move at much faster speeds with less energy needed. We may even be able to move fast enough to travel forward in time, in relationship to the things that still are under the sway of the HB field. Bilocation ? Light speed transportation? No need for planes, cars etc.

    • now that is a totes awesome extension of the science DL.

      that reminds me of a cartoon… “I am going to work on my time machine… if it’s successful, you’ll know because Germany lost WWII and Wednesday comes AFTER Tuesday.”

  8. Isn’t this the same crew who went a while ago “ooohhh our speed-of-light experiments have proven Einstein wrong” and then a few months later went “ooooops we were wrong – yah know some thingy instrument gave us the wrong reading and we published our results without really checking too well ….. and some other folks have pulled us up on it, our bad! Sorry!”
    (Clearly, I’m paraphrasing here, but you get my drift…… )

    Or was that another lot of disciplined, thorough scientists……

  9. Hooray for crazy scientific research that no one understands the value of. That’s where magical things come from!

    I wonder how much the Olympics cost to put on? Or the ‘war on terror’?
    Or the annual wages bill of English Premier League clubs?

    I know where I’d prefer my tax dollars to go.

  10. Part of me felt a little bit depressed at the thought of something so elusive , being located and named. Maybe it will wise up and morph into something else, refusing to be categorised. because ultimately, once it has been named, and categorised and generally put in its place, someone is going to want to manipulate it.

  11. Goddess Particle???? yeah right. screw a particle , I’m after the WHOLE goddess.
    ……..Tho Higg’s bosom ‘ll do..I’m inexpensive

    • Shoot…sorry about that outburst folks..

      Cheeky Ms.Luna just bounced my Venus a few hours back..
      was wondering what came over me.

        • 🙂 yep, I always loved it when the Chemistry teacher tried to make a joke..

          • ohh, my teacher used to come out with some real crackers. bless him, they were very funny in hindsight, and he was a great teacher, but alas many of his jokes fell a bit flat with a class-full of 16-17 year old girls lolololol

  12. Hilarious post.

    I’m down with quantum physics (or what I can grasp of it, it’s one of the aqua’s fave topics, that and science fiction. *shakes head at obvious aqua-ness that he refuses to believe in*) There will still be an ocean of attachment to religion even if they did find the god particle. Be funnier if the pope did push off and they found it all in the dead sea scrolls unreleased in the vault which has disproved the basis of their faith and they’ve been milking it for centuries.

    Then Italy could sell the gold and bankroll them out of the EU debt. How many gold goblets do they need really? does everything need to be in a gilded frame?

    I’m going with aliens and god particle myself. This has pluto in aquarius written all over it

  13. what everyone might remember is that Uranus is in Aries – meaning among other things, sudden and amazing breakthroughs in the sciences as Mystic herself noted in her Uranus In Aries Confidential – a fascinating read by the way
    – ergo the God Particle and whatever might follow
    – isn’t it fun to alive during these times of sudden and world changing events?
    – yeah, Europe is broke, it was after WWII as well, but more than that, much of it was destroyed too – which would you prefer?
    – don’t let the financial gurus frighten you, that’s their job so you can put them in charge of even more of your money
    – I love this Goddamn Particle stuff and hope we’re going to see more amazing ‘what good is it’ discoveries while Uranus is in Aries
    – big changes start with small steps and in this case a helluva big machine to smash imperceptible particles
    – we don’t know where this will lead but for sure two things will emerge from it, something magnificent and something awful
    – because that’s just the way life is

    • too be fair, europe was broke after wwll not as a result of poor financial management so yes, it rebuilt, but it’s an entirely different issue rather than it being just broke and oh well. As someone that is surrounded by italians in london not being able to get jobs in their own country, the economic hardship here for so many or has family in Ireland who are equally as screwed and wondering what is going to happen to the euro/EU,UK economy is on the minds of us all here. Sure you can boil it down to “thats the way life is” and other cliches like “at least you are not in africa” but then you can say that about anything not to mention the lack of practical discussion and review of systems necessary to create something sustainable and move forward.

      • I understand your point – I don’t mean to underestimate the gravity of the current situation which I agree is terribly serious, but everyone no doubt felt at the conclusion of WWII the same way, that rebuilding their shattered cities, with millions dead, it must have seemed impossibly naive to be hopeful about the future.
        I only wish to say that our perspective might be better served by drawing upon a historical perspective because unless it is, we not only miss learning valuable lessons, we run the risk of becoming thoroughly disillusioned. That serves no one.
        When we look at history, it tells us time and again that amazing advances are sometimes made against all odds. The key is morale and yes perhaps a naive belief in the human spirit. So while we do see suffering all around us, doesn’t it behoove us to have a longer view and to keep striving in the knowledge that bad times do not last forever – just as good times don’t.
        Otherwise, why bother about anything at all?

        • I can see your point is based on hope and faith in humanity now in the broader sense. I do think though that this is entirely different in matter to my point still, though you can link it together if you are asking about rebuilding europe from a historical perspective and the power of the human spirit (which I also question would have been more community orientated given the nature of the devastation of a physical manifestation) My post is not for doomsday pollution without historical awareness. I actually think it is really important to discuss global financial strategy/our own approach to living sustainable and re assess the damage created upon a lifestyle we can no longer cash in with our money/time/resources. Mystic is bang on here with the zap zone and pluto in cap. If we merely look at this situation from a sense of ‘is there hope’ most will fail to see the actual power of change is in our hands, like someone else will fix it. Like its only about governments, but knowledge of what has come before and assess our approach to this is a new global issue is essential. This rebuild is like no other gone before us. We must change with this one. For some countries this will almost be a lifetime of habits

          To quote the best bansky piece I have seen in ages- the lifestyle you want is currently out of stock.

        • perhaps this is just because I do not receive my strength from idealism I consider lofty or mere morale. I have seen people sit on morale for a long time espousing all kinds of unpracticed virtue. Nor do I really practice faith, I place my confidence in going to the power source of a situation and re directing that most appropriately, to educate, which is what is what people are the most resistant to in this situation.

  14. I am in awe of scientists and their dedication to discovery … the wonderful work they do just makes life even more esoteric and deeply mystical … Who can really fathom the way things really are? Participle Physics Rocks!

  15. On the floor laughing as well….. it’s the best way to start the day by reading your blog, mystic …. lol lol

  16. i just learned a funny part of the story about the “god particle” is that it was actually called the “goddamn particle” but censors got involved… seriously- check it out….

    “Higgs is an atheist, and is displeased that the Higgs particle is nicknamed the “God particle”,[29] as he believes the term “might offend people who are religious”.[30] Usually this nickname for the Higgs boson is attributed to Leon Lederman, the author of the book The God Particle: If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question?, but the name is the result of the insistence of Lederman’s publisher: Lederman had originally intended to refer to it as the “goddamn particle”.[31]

  17. There is a rather straightforward way of using the LHC to generate income for the Eurozone. When scientists from non-EU countries use the instrument they should be made to pay a tax (say 1 Euro) for the import and export of protons in and out of France and Switzerland. Each proton crosses the S-W border 4 times per circuit and goes about 10,000 times round the circuit each second. With two protons in use per experiment (going in opposite directions) that’s 80,000 Euros per second. Problem solved.

  18. I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with particle physicists in the 80’s while working on a holography project. They taught me a lot in a short time.
    Bear with me (or bare with me, if you prefer) while I get to my point.
    All a hologram is, is a recording of the interference an object makes (you , me, the lamp shade) to a coherent light source. Lasers are a coherent light source for example. This recording is so exact (1000 the width of a light wave) and in full 3D. Its not like a photo though, because when you cut up a photo you lose bits of data, with a hologram, each light point or point of interference stores the whole data set. You can cut one up but basically each part will contain all the data. Sort of light DNA. The DNA of the image more specifically.
    At this point we don’t have devices that allow us to see the whole universe through one photon…but there are degrees. The commercial application is of course data storage as one hologram can contain more bits of data than a supercomputer. Its the next step I think.
    The commercial problem though is that its just an image, a representation.

    If by isolating the ‘weight’ particle currently called the Higgs Boson, and being able to modulate those particles, weigh them, record them, and play them back, then holography becomes the template technology for a range of new products and services that will change the world.
    We are now entering the next phase of the information revolution, where the source of products will not necessarily be the ‘earth’ and its natural resources. Data itself will be the ‘seed’ of many products, this data ‘replicating’ as the object we require.
    The implications are massive, world changing, world saving ? I think so..

    One important element I was also taught, was that every experiment is affected by the people carrying out the experiment. We will find what we think we will find. Especially if we spend 30b to prove it to ourselves.
    So what happens is ….authorities say , we are going to spend 30b, get the best people involved and we are going to find this ‘thing’. They come out and say, we think we found it!!!! we all ‘agree’ and there you go , it exists ! agreement actually is all it takes to bring anything into existence.

    My point is, that if we all ‘agree’ that HBs are the missing ‘weight’ , THEY WILL BE… as in kingdom come, thy will be done….
    We are all co-creationists moving to the next level of consciousness, awareness of that will make it all work quite well I think.

    • All I could think of as an application was the Princess Leia hologram in Star Wars lol

      This post has given me a lot to think about especially as the news just annoyed me somehow. Of course I had to look to myself first and my own astro. Mars in Aqua – a lot of what society and science muse upon at times seems so last millenium to me. Whenever I see a news item relating to stuff like this I kind of go “really? Is that all we’re up to?” Maybe like MM says sometimes Aqua’s are from the future.:o

      “We are all co-creationists moving to the next level of consciousness, awareness of that will make it all work quite well I think.”

      Thanks for this davidl. I truly believe this.

    • Good point david. Dovetails nicely with Aqua housemates theory (he’s yer typical aqua – science obsessed uber geek) that the universe is actually a simulation. Apparently this theory is gaining traction amongst quantum physicists. Would love to be around to see what is revealed about the fabric of the universe in the next ten years or so. We’re long overdue for another scientific leap forward …

      And as for the naysayers who shake their heads over money spent on scientific research – I can’t think of any more important thing to devote time and resources to. The reason why such a large proportion of our world population lives in poverty and misery is because our current system is stale and unsustainable. It’s science that has always provided us with the forward movement our society needs to orient itself – understanding of how the universe works and our place in it is paramount (at least I believe) to moving away from this rut we seem to have gotten ourselves into as a species.

    • World saving? I hope so too David.
      But first I’d like to see industrial agriculture ‘delt with’ and the pesticides for sale booted the Fck outa the local sucremarket.

      And Prowlin. Your Aqua housemate?. ALL Aquas say that quite regularly.
      Ignore him.
      It just comes over me sometimes..I’ll go to pick up a parcel at the Post office and the post office lady will be filling out the paperwork and i’ll say “you know?…….”
      and she won’t look up, then I’ll say “the universe?…….”
      then she looks up..and blinks.
      “its a simulation…………’ and I like stress each syllable a bit, and nod slightly.
      They always nod slightly too. Hand ya the parcel. smile.

      We Aquas have to reaffirm our Aquaness at times.

      • oh….thats all fantasy….closet screenwriter you see.
        The gal at the post office is a complete darl.
        and quite possibly 3D. 🙂

    • Help me obe-dave, you’re my only hope.

      (yes it is “Bear with me” …not “bare..”)

      So, here is a fitting poem by Lawrence Durrell, which I love.

      Resolve the chimera of free choice while we
      steadily become what we believe,
      the discrete ego is our fatal fallacy
      Hamlet dispensing his ‘to be, or not to be’.

      And by the lantern of the finite mind,
      set out to discover only what we find!
      Nature’s cruel version of Kant’s double bind.

    • Truly fascinating David, thank you for sharing this! I can comprehend the holograms being fractal thing, but not so much how that can be applied in the world re: new products being created/produced from data alone. Wouldn’t there still be a need of physical products that would allow us to view/receive the data? I’m all for not using more of the Earth’s precious resources or creating any more crap that’s going to pollute or clutter it when we move onto the next thing, I just don’t quite understand the concept fully. Very intriguing though!

      • Right now there is a technology called stereolithography. A vat of photo chemical goo sits in one place. The owner of the data sends the specification of the object (glass, plastic, ceramic etc.lets say a glass container.) via broadband to the vat.. This data tells a laser in the vat how to draw the object. Each photon stimulating the correct photo chemical substance to ‘mould’ the glass container. And one eventually pops out. Its nick name is ‘desktop manufacture’.
        This is like a gross model of what we could do once we were modelling with holography as the templet and ‘dark matter’ as the solid stuff. Does that make sense ? Maybe you could replicate food ? Who knows ?
        The environmental impacts ? Less stress on the whole transport, delivery, manufacturing mess we live in now. Cars, boats, planes, trains, factories making glass containers ? Don’t need to cut down trees ?
        OMG in 100 years ??
        There will be how many billion of us ?
        Our prodigy may never know the fruits of the earth as we know them. The earth though, and all its resource and beauty, is also made up of these same quarks, HB’s etc…replication at that level of perfection could be possible ? God101 ?

        • ok, cool. I wonder what would make up the photo-reactive goo? Cos you’d need a lot of different elements n stuff. (Turns to
          Star Trek manual, Section Replicators)

        • Awesome D, thanks for that!! Haven’t had time to read Scientific American lately 🙂 .
          That made my brain go bendy, love it. I wonder when they get to telepathy, intent etc and what the boundary is… Fun.

  19. It seems that this topic really evinces a lot of… *drum roll* … Higgs-istential angst!

  20. ~The Kingdom of Heaven is within~ (one’s own consciousness)

    No particle outside of oneself ever gonna prove that…