Scarlett Does Saturn

This is Scarlett Johansson, relaxing on a yacht with her new bodyguard.

Scarlett is Zero Degrees of Saggo Sun and she has Sagg Rising – i always thought she was Scorp but no-no-no.  BUT my point is that she is having a Saturn-Moon transit at the moment. Yes. Just like me and many of you, Scarlett has had Saturn camped out on her Libra Moon since last November.

Honestly, if i thought it was a broadly do-able suggestion, i would be advising all Saturn-Moon transit peeps and Librans the following for July: Hire a hunky bodyguard with a homage-to-the-80s-ironically-Baywatch look, get a boat and go someplace warm where you can relax and read scripts/about particle collision/Jung.

I feel as if she has somehow hit upon the perfect way to do a Saturn transit.  What do you think?

35 thoughts on “Scarlett Does Saturn

  1. Genius. When Saturn hits my Scorpio Moon later this year remind me to hire yacht/bodyguard/masseuse/nanny/chef/chalet… Now I feel slightly faint at the thought of making dinner, perhaps it is a Neptune in Pisces thing, all this glamour & dreams.

  2. Dudes that have less body hair than me? Pass.
    BUT, I am going on a tropical Birthday/Halloween cruise to kick start my Saturn in Scorpio thang, so we’ll just have to wait and sea…

  3. Oh i thought this was going to say that he is her ASTROLOGER. Because that would make a lot of sense to me. Someone hot to rub lavender cream into your back and talk about how saturn is moving faster and faster away from libra every day. call me shallow but the fantasy of being able to have this lifestyle stops me from being a binge eating lazy shut-in at the moment.

    • LOL – having saturn transiting my 8th and I swing between being a lazy self indulgent stop-in and a “fuq off I’m phoenixing” harridan – exhausted and desperate for a holiday with an astrologer body guard, boat and summer weather – *wishes hard*

  4. I love that in every pic of seen of this dude and her, she looks completely “whatevs, dude, I’m reading/ sleeping/ absorbing daily amount of Vit D” and he cannot keep his eyes/ hands/ hairless pecs off her.

    Poor bodyguard is probably so in love and thinks he has a shot. With Scarlett. Hmm….

    On a random note: venus – Is it just me or has Planet V done something to make everyone pretty this week? I’ve had some awesome photos taken of me today – I seriously look 20 (and a bit like a vampire vixen) which I’m far far from – and everyone I know is looking just so gorgeous and glowy in all pics they post on Facebook. Weird.

    Maybe I’m just horny and overtired…

  5. Someone should start a company providing tailor made astro transit holidays. Heavy Pluto transit? Cabin in a mountain. Neptune cruises, Saturn ski hols etc. GOOD GOD any holiday would be amazing right now but can I leave my brain at home, or at least the neurotic part.

    I was looking at Astro summer schools last night, really feel the need to commune with some other weirdoes, Neptune trine Mercury seems to be one of the nicer transits I have going right now.

  6. Now THAT’S a business proposition for you Mystic! Astro transit holidays. and for the less financial of us, Astro transit packages, a box of spirulina or blue devil hoochie juice depending on the occasion, a sock for our mobiles embroidered with “do you really want to phone him?” or subscripton to a personal trainer when we are Pluto-transforming or honouring our inner Mars/Aries/whatever by punching it out of us.


  7. I’m loving how ‘superfluous’ the body guard looks in this pic!

    Scarlet appears to be completely underwhelmed by his presence… Like perhaps she’s patiently waiting for a wave to come & take him.

  8. Hey, I have this going on! I have the bodyguard (ie, my chows), am away from civilization, and am baking in sunshine. A boat wouldn’t serve me well in a cornfield, but a script would be welcomed.

  9. ack and agh. i have no idea what a transit even means… so saturn transiting my what and a what? someone help the poor n00b, please? i’ve been lurking and reading for months and months, but apparently the best way to learn around here is to comment and participitate.…

    • Jump over to and run your chart.

      There is an option to show the chart with natal planets (the position they were in when you were born) and transits (what’s happening now).

      There is loads of searchable material out there – is helpful for specific transits, and of course Mystic’s subject categories over there >>>>>>> are brilliant.

      Then it’s up to you how you work your chart. No-one else can do that for you . . .

      • O, see, I couldn’t even get wiki to give up the secrets of what a transit even is! I have my natal chart all done up from and I lurve cafe astrology… thanks virgolicious :) I’m Virgo sun-mars-venus, Aries moon, Leo rising…

  10. This advice will prolly not be valid for when Saturn moved on to Scorp and it hits my Scorp moon. I wonder what the advice will be then?

  11. Yay Mystic for doing Astro on Scarlett Johansson…. I’ve selfishly been waiting as I share the exact birthdate in the same time zone…..I’m a Sag Moon/Rising with Scorpio Moon, possibly why Scarlett comes off as Scorp? People tend to assume I’m a Scorpio when they first meet me, cool demeanor & all, once they get to know the real me it’s all Saggo Saggo Saggo.

    So envious of Scarlett’s Saturn transit lifestyle & ability to wear a visor without irony and pull it off.

  12. So the Scarlett was in Taormina Sicily, that’s my father’s birthplace.
    They say the sea is ‘B-Grade’ movie blue and the movie the Deep Blue was
    set there off the cliffs, was told it was a ‘billionaire’s playground’ not simply millionaires. The village up the hill is Guardino, meaning the garden.
    Rellies still live there but require my DNA to join Blood blue-er than the water?
    Anyways MY Adonis has a better body than her ‘body-guard’, more defined, more toned minus man boobs with thighs like temples. Actually glad it’s winter as he’s wearing big boy pants instead of the de rigger shorts of summer, which has my eyes glued to his Saggo thighs.He is a Renovator, how apt. Has a hard face, kinda John Wayne-ish, all angles and thin lips but a soft and mannered persona with good communication skills unlike the ex-Sagg who left me ragged and gutted 3 years ago. This man having had a near death experience has a healing vibe about him.
    And the most important, he has become a friend, yes, with benefits but we haven’t gone there yet and may never as he is very married and happily so. Think every woman should have a man built like a brick house to hug
    when she needs it :-)
    Aaahh, if i was 100 years younger, THIS is the man i would have married
    if i stayed still enough.

    • Spell check didn’t recognise ‘de riguer’, thought it was
      an outboard motor thing.

    • Aww, sweet Pegs..It has a potential to be more than friends?

      Haha, yeah, 6’2 Pisces used to say he was my “mule” as he carried everything… Gosh that made me feel all dainty and such hehe 😆

      I used to pretend like I couldn’t open a jar so he could be all big and strong…(I mean really, these massage hands could choke someone to death lol….)

      • Hello Sweetie, hope you don’t need those strong hands for that office manager of yours…lol.
        Tell her ‘you can’t teach your grandmother to suck eggs’ or ‘don’t lay any boogie boogie on the queen of rock ‘n roll’ :-)

  13. I’m pretty sure Scarlett has moon in Scorpio, not Libra. I also always felt like the moon was as much if not more important than the moon, so she’s no more Saggilicious than she is Scorp.

    • ~I also always felt like the moon was as much if not more important than the moon~

      Flippin A if I don’t agree..and btw, what you been smokin’ honey cuz I needz some…lol…x