Murder In The 12th House

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After the death of the third aging rock star, fifty eight year old Freddie Finger, lead singer for multi-platinum Rocket Fire, astrologer detective David Lowell is brought into the case. Freddie wasn’t well liked, and Lowell has more than his hands full with suspects.
With the help of his staff: vivacious red-head assistant, Sarah, master hacker and psychic, Mort, and his driver and bodyguard, Andy, Lowell sifts through the birth charts of the characters and follows the clues to a surprising ending.

Amazon deets are here AND there is also the first book of the series: Murder in The 11th House.

Genius idea – not unlike the The Feng Shui Detective i guess.

But why start with the 11th House – i’d start an astrological murder mystery series in the 8th House lol.  Heaps of homicide detectives have strong hunches or even use astrology and so on to help them out – I know one who is strongly psychic, a 7th generation Maori “seer” and she’s ace at astrology + the i-Ching. But police-peeps HAVE to show their working. You can’t just charge someone because their Mars Neptune square was being aggravated by an Eclipse and then you got the Tower Card with the Knight of Swords.


Actually, let’s do this – if you had to write an astrological murder mystery, who would you have as the perp and why?

Where would it be set?I   I’d want it to have Scorpio Supermods from the 80s and be set at the Large Hadron Particle Collider and have whatever theme it would need to have for Joaquin Phoenix to scream at his agent to get him the lead role. 

Katy Perry Vogue Italia August 2012


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27 thoughts on “Murder In The 12th House

  1. LOL. Too humourous for me to focus beyond the immediate.

    I’ll take a tele over a strat and I’ll weild it over noggin of what will then become the corpse because a) I like the notion of chalk drawings in glow in the dark niko and I’m experimenting b) they might look completely fab/abstract with an axe as well as arms and legs ala Warhol stylin :)

    Any guitarist with a supercharged ego (assumption of course) and a room full of suspects that are 11th house or pretending is going to cause.. .. well aside from a good murder mystery it’s gonna be the greatest song on earth, a tribute (lol), a number one. It was the record company dude!!!! The next crisis will be who claims the royalties for writing it, knowing him best etcs etcs.


    • Mercury Rx has seen me correct myself a few times tonight. Makes me care when I shouldn’t fuss.. it’s wield of course!

      Whilst I know it’s 12house killing it was in the fakery of the 11th that the set up occured, hence my stage set.. cue lights :)

    • Love it SE… lots of guitarists and egos (lol). I would add wafty female folk singer type who would serve as little more than the conscience of the novel and possibly a thwarted love interest for the detective, and of course through her death and subsequent positioning as ‘absent woman’ she would be the catalyst for the detective solving the crime. I’d probably include a Gibson v Fender play off, all the amps would explode causing massive nation-wide power cuts.

      • 😉 Of course Chrysalis!
        The folk chic.. she must have a takemine :) and wearing some sort of flowy something, could even be hair.. yes, the dna element! Yes to the duel btwn Fender and Gibson but no, as I will be divided lol. Should we also weave in the provocative lawsuit series of Gibson’s from Japan and make this a murder mystery international connections with links to a country under the sun sign of Aqua. Hmm, yes it’s gets juicy now. That world tour duel with fatal flaming stacks! Kiss you got nuthin on that! Someone needs to be jumping off one of them doing a power slide!

        Disclaimer – Fun Only Warning! No disrespect to any muso (Never!) or specifcally in this post fem folk muses… this from vox prone to fits of whimsy or anything under the banner of creative licence eh and mad humour x

        • Oh goodness yes absolutely no disrespect… would consider myself a folky type if I ever learn enough chords :) I was having a bit of a Spinal Tap moment.

          Of course it would all have to happen over the Uranus Pluto exact square, with a Gibson Flying V on the cover, lol

          • Marshall Stack.. the d-Fender of all that’s good in the world. LOL. I love it!

            The demon.. Dr Schecter could be involved with his hell-raiser counterpart somewhere.

            As for the disclaimer. Yours didn’t sound harsh Chrysalis.. not at all, it was a preemptive strike against potential Sag hoof in gob syndrome. I didn’t want to sound offensive when I was just fooling around.

            • *d-Fender of all that’s good in the world.* Hahaha! Godde that’s funny, Scorchy. I already like this book much more than my thesis, that’s for sure :)

      • Ahhhhhh… Ahhhhhhh.. anthem like riffs.. Ahhhhhh…. Ahhhhhh.. Ahh, thanks for posting this David. I was not aware he had left us.

        From Darkness to Light.

        Epic 70’s long play though eh! Just shy of ten.

      • ABC Classical afternoon have been playing some of his post Deep Purple music . He toured with an orchestra. Beautiful

  2. Thanks for making light of a morbid subject, just what i needed, with all my 8th house, i sometimes get really uncomfortable about forensic issues…. and there is a lot in the news at the moment, and i dont want to hear about them, see about them, but then I dont want them to be going on, it gives me the heebiegeebies, and makes me feel like staying at home forever…

  3. “…and have whatever theme it would need to have for Joaquin Phoenix to scream at his agent to get him the lead role. ”

    HAHA!!! I love that… can see it all now… flinging the worn, read and re-read script at his agent across the expansive desk… “WHAT do I pay you for! Have you READ this? Do you REALISE that this is practically written for me – ME?? Get me this role or I’ll walk, you useless fuq!”

    I’d like my perpetrator to be a seeker of justice. They don’t actually kill anyone, but the person they hunt is so perfectly faced with their own inhumanity that taking their own life might seem to be the only option. That, or extreme redemption (oh how Piscean!!). The two films I have in mind as I write this are Dead Man Walking and Incendies… harrowing.

    • Ok, more. Female? Male? Don’t know. Maybe a brother-sister partnership, or two friends united by a traumatic past. Wants to unravel people, down to the base / original fears and insecurities that drive them, the little piece of fluff that starts the entanglement. She breaks them (down), until they have nowhere to turn or look except at the mirror.

      I’d like one of them to be a Taurus.. oh I just realised… a Plutonic Libra would be GREAT. I am thinking of a specific person:

      Sun conjunct Pluto in Libra.
      Venus conjunct Mercury in Scorpio.
      Moon-Saturn in Virgo.

      Capricorn Ascendant for unflappability and unending work ethic – as if the preceding astro didn’t already demonsrate invincibility. (or maybe late Scorp asc, with venus-merc landing in 12th house, therefore rather psychic)

      Seeker of justice but not psychotic. Sun-pluto would render them “invisible” or at least shunning the limelight, but laser-like perception of injustice all the same. In Libra might mean they themselves remain ultra calm and courteous, but all the while watching while the baddie undoes themselves bit by bit. Venus-Merc in Scorp… no one can keep secrets from this person.
      Moon-Saturn in virgo: constant niggling over pieces of the puzzle that don’t fit. Loses sleep. Anxiety problems / driven to make things right.

      Maybe I am describing the detective, not the perpetrator!!

      • Scarily I have most of these traits for real. Sun conjunct Pluto 8th house in Libra. Venus in Scorpio. Moon and Saturn conjunct in Virgo. I do admit I like to obsessivly investigate/ get to the bottom of things. There is a certain amount of thrill of the hunt but I don’t know how much ickyness my Libra sun can handle. What would be a good aspect for a strong stomach?

        • hey lavenderqueen, cool. you must be freaking amazing if you’re anything like the person I was thinking of. Amazing – but takes some discovery and close observation to become aware of the Amazingness.

          strong stomach, well my plutonic libran person is pretty tough. I thought her strength and determination came from her sun-pluto, but maybe she has a strong house placement too. I have been trying to work out her asc – possibly Cap or Toro, which might assist in maintaining the unruffled surface and dogged, stubborn determination. Or maybe Aqua asc, she has that wide-eyed alien look about her a bit, very unconventional..hmm. And Aquarius: nothing physical fazes them, they just detach and get busy.

          Other than that, water signs can handle a fair amount of gore if it’s for a higher purpose e.g. mercy killing, surgery, bad injury.

          • well, by ‘water signs’ I mean me as a pisces I guess. bit presumptuous to extend that to all water signs.

  4. Whodunnit?
    It was the Leo with Aries rising and Scorpio moon, in the dressing room with a diamond plated hair brush.

  5. Totally makes me think of Duran2 “View to a Kill” vid: James Bond, Grace Jones, the 80s, trench coats, berets…

  6. Well, I think the perp.. or not? A suspect, anyway, (someone slippy like the talented Mr. Ripley – strong Lilith), would be a Gem Sun with a Pisces Moon, Scorp Rising, cos you just can’t pin them down! And they fib to perfection, and know all of your secrets and can use them against you. They’re the victim and the perp at the same time. And confuse the hell out of you while Qi sucking.. (just thinking of an ex :) apologies to all of you with this signature).

    The ‘good guy/girl?’ – A good Libran Sun with Taurus rising but Aries moon (0 deg), Sun in 6th house, would try to be logical and practical, not getting too upset, but would need someone to get under his/her skin to get the Aries going. Mars in Virgo, Venus in Scorpio for some hidden agenda stuff.