More Mercury Retrograde Weirding!

First the discovery of the 600 year old bra and now this: Hubble has discovered an ancient galaxy that should not exist.

This (somehow) proves that we could be from the future.  I think Hubble is jealous of all the attention given to the Large Hadron Particle Collider (Freudian Typo Alert: I actually typed Large Hard-On Particle Collider lol) and is pulling out all the stops.

Honestly, who needs nano-crap when you have Ancient Galaxies That Should Not Be There.

WHAT will we find next with this Mercury Retro?

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13 thoughts on “More Mercury Retrograde Weirding!

  1. So what I get from the article is that this galaxy is looking good for its age and it’s got a nice little companion galaxy to keep it company and help keep it together…..we all need friends!
    It is a beautiful galaxy! Great photo!

  2. What else to be found in Merc Retro in Leo?

    Someone’s original hair color? How to creatively position one’s self in a room so as to mimic being professionally lit? Seduction techniques where hair figures prominently? How to deal if stuck in an island sans hot wax or a razor (i.e. hunt for wild lemons and bleach the fuq out of your fuzz)?

    Focused upstaging as a method of revenge? How to do gold bling without looking like a gangsta rapper? THE one time Pride is NOT a sin and causes zero gravity down fall.

    Personally, Merc retro in Leo (my Venus is there) is having me experimenting with come hither/go farther techniques on lovers. Like I’d reply to a message sooner if only I really weren’t occupied doing my hair, which seems to take up way more time lately than ever.

  3. Usually we type “lol” and dont ACTUALLY lol, but I actually laughed out loud, and for a very long time at this post. Love it. :)

    • personal note…..mercury retrograde is in my 12th house. With the moon there too I continued on the downsizing of my personal writings yesterday. It felt fabulous!

      I discovered mostly crap, me whining away. Glad I had my journals for an outlet. I see how I have changed. It also reaffirmed how unhappy I was at times which led to massive uranus change.

      Weird to see how strong my desire to write was and how now it is virtually gone.

  4. Particle Psychics, Hard on Particle Colluder and an Ancient Galaxy that shouldn’t be there? Sounds like Hubble, Bubble to me!

  5. Alas, pretty as this pic is, it is not a picture of the galaxy in question. It’s an ‘artist’s impression’ of a completely different set of merging galaxies.
    Sorry to pop your Hubble bubble.

  6. This Merc Rex is doing my head in! I love the idea that the particles are all in on the joke, but this is ridiculous! I’m messaging people then going in and deleting them for fear I’ve put my foot in it… what a mess. Spose I just gotta toss my tresses (it is in Leo after all) and to hell with consequences. See you on the other side when he goes Direct again.