37 thoughts on “Moon-Wear

    • I SOOOOOOOOOOO 2nd that!!!!!!!!


      Its like Livin’ a Dream… MY PERFECT DREAM!! : )

      My Venus is in Scorp in the 10th, straddling 11th H Cusp… & it feels Wonderful.

    • .. yeh, this is good stuff!! Lovin the clarity/sparky vibe!! I feel like this is what I’ve been craving all my life :) sans than Blue Devil .. Mystic, I’m so rapt I jumped onboard for your ‘Get Scorped’ consult !!!

    • This news rounds out the top 3 the best news-es I have heard this year. I knew it! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh *relaxes*

  1. EXLNT! My moon and neptune are in scorp – the goth in me is in full flight today – and my hair looks fuqing awesome. Am swooning over symbolist art and devising rituals while fending off salesmen. Will the next 2 years ease my neptune square mars? Or I should start writing epic poetry and brewing up laudenum?

  2. As a Scorpio I would just like to say – I feel as if I could suddenly drown myself in a lake. Too Much Clarity in my opinion. Where did my self delusions go? This blows.

      • just saturn coming for u guys, its only a month away. Its practically there… :)

        All I know is that venus is direct for this gay playboy. (whistles)

  3. Mehhhh….love triangle just exploded within the last 24 hour!!!. Long distance 3 year love distance support…put him on the spot…avoiding the “L” word. Informed him that he has has me “on the hook”, which is a term according to him that’s foreign. He’s pleading “connection'”!!!(Taurus/Gem cusp, Leo rising, Pisces moon). Ex wants me back…indicating “bankruptcy” very soon if my old marital love self can’t save him (Pisces sun, Leo rising, Taurus moon) and current/local love is going on a year with our casual sexual/friendship…and liking it. (Aries sun, Taurus rising, Gemini moon)

    Help…what do I do???

    • this is probably not very helpful – but in true scorp entanglement style I would cut them all loose and start again…. but thats a very self-indulgent scorp thing to say – but oh what a feeling!

      • Thank you…and yes, as a Scorp, that is what came to mind first. Cut them all loose. Which I did on my social media page….actually, it was ALL MEN FRIENDS. I’ve had it. Done.

    • Oh jeez… sounds like a page out of my life… except I had epiphany a few weeks ago and evaporated the old (entropic ex n long distance support n back-up, love operations task force) and finally jumped in whollus bollus- ie had a radical evolution into a singular union with Mr AquaScorp casual/sex/friend of a year.Result? Committed, exclusive, easy, romantic and functional love in a zombie free zone. Evolve or evaporate is definitely the guiding-light mantra to take on board with decision-making at the moment. Go for gold and good luck!

  4. I think I love scorp moons. They’re mostly in my 5th house. Therefore mostly near Uranus. Therefore usually some kind of mix of insanely creative drive, social eptitude (as opposed to ineptitude), productive solitude, mental stability (my kind of mental stability, not the boring kind that means I marry an accountant because he wears sensible shoes and flosses his teeth every night or whatever)

    • Usually I dont, except for the indepth insights. But Venus comming out of her shadow zone made this one especially sweet. Im finally seeing guys from other countries im actually into.

      While venus was retro, was alot of offers but none seem to be my type. Also people went hella broke or financially insecure all at the same time. so nice everyone is feeling a little lighter even though were in the midst of the beginning of the ZAP ZONE.

  5. on the topic of the shirt – can’t help but laugh at the visual of things slowly going to shit as the moon wanes.. i wonder if that was deliberate..

  6. it just gets wierder and wierder – but awesome. yes fate. amazing opportunities if timing is right; and making the right preparations. believe in yourself.

  7. At the moment, all I’m wearing are sarongs as the weather here is around 35-37C every day with 85-95% humidity. Am dreaming about autumn and being able to wear decent clothing again. We are still waiting for our cartons from Oz, still held up in Istanbul, and I’ve forgotten what clothes I’ve got stashed away in the boxes.

    • Namaste Aphrodite. Surprises me that there is humidity in Cyprus so far from Equator. Thought it to be Mediterrean climate so quite dry. Sarongs are my favourite apparel so unfussy and quick to take off and put on Ha! old hippie that i am :-)

      • The climate has changed in recent years (oops, claps hands to mouth, must mention climate chang e or I’ll be accused of being a leftie, pinko liberal 😛 ) but here’s our history: left the WA wheatbelt in drought; moved to Woodenbong, northern NSW where they had monster floods; lived in Victoria which had skyhigh temperatures and dreadful bushfires; moved to Bowraville, mid-NSW coast, where the area had constant floods and rained for weeks after we moved to Cyprus. Got here in the coldest, wettest winter in record and today was told it’s the hottest, most humid summer on record. So look out UK, when Mr & Mrs Jonah visit for a holiday in autumn!!!!! Just bought another sarong, by the way, but oh god, what I wouldn’t give to wake up cool. The fans are on 24-hours a day.

        • Reminds me of two house floods with both resulting in finding the family piano a foot deep in water…exactly a saturn cycle apart…Sydney 1978 and Melbourne 2008…saturn in virgo opposite my mars conjunct chiron in pisces…2nd time it happened I had just returned from India, from Mumbai where the humidity was supposed to be only minimal (going into Winter) but cool breeze from Arabian Sea (Queens necklace…named for all the lights you see at night) made it possible to sleep at night…I hope you receive your homely things soon to enjoy.

          • Thanks, aquasunbird, it will be fun when we do unpack as it’s over 6 months since we packed and we’ll be discovering all the things we’ve forgotten about.

      • Yoohoo, sweetpea, waving wildly and blowing kisses from Aphrodite’s Island. Boy, do I love living here, lost 14 lbs since I arrived, 28lbs over past 1.5 years, and feeling terrific, swimming in the pool and doing water aerobics nearly every day! Hope all’s well over your way. 8)

  8. Try not to obsess indeed! All yesterday I was thinking “why am I so obsessed with _______ right now?!!” It was intense, but I’m enjoying this moon and the clarity and perspective I’m gaining.

  9. Bought gym wear for my new job last Sunday but alas no moons anyway to be seen but o so smart my soul will have muscles soon if not it will be far more flexible.

  10. I like this too !
    I know what to wear, think, say, feel, how to do my hair, what shows to watch, (quality, HBO and stuff like that), how much time to take by myself before it gets weird, what to eat, what to drink, what new friends I should meet.

  11. mmm being a native moon in scorp i can feel something stirring . Just came out of an emo rage fog of the past 3 days to a beautiful day thanks to lovely night with SO.