Mercury Retro-Bats Strikes Again


I am doing a detox. All this makes me want to add vodka to my chlorophyll drink.

Okay. This is insane. I get that cheating happens but how come all the confessional crap?  That is what’s weird about it. All the mea-culpa with Mercury Retro in her $$$ sector makes me think she’s gotten advice to come out all contrite. Otherwise, it would just be the usual deny-deny-deny would it not?

Remember i said this is NOT a good time to try to hide things, especially if you’re you know, royalty, a sleb or a hairdresser heh heh.

The pic above also makes it look like she KNOWS she is being photographed. That’s a flattering angle.

So she is Crab Rising – as we explored here in How To Power-Sulk – and so actually is Robert Pattinson.  This could have been a pass-agg move on her part?

I DID wonder how her director in Snow White got such a good performance out of her, well well well.

It is also all a bit pervy as the director Rupert Jordan’s wife Liberty Ross (aristo-model, mother of his children, he met her when she was a teenager and waited till she was “of age” before pouncing,  he was seven years older) played Snow White’s real mother in the movie.

We need to know the signs of the director/lover and the missus. Kristen also needs to watch it, lest she be torn limb to limb by Robert’s fiercely loyal fanatic base lol.

Whilst we are astro-analyzing US Weekly – Katy Perry with John “sexual napalm” Mayer? Tell me this ain’t so.

Astro-Memo To Katy: I get that you have Venus-Uranus in Saggo (unconventional choices, fuq you to whatever trad dictated when you were a teenager, bad boys, Russell thing etc) BUT You have Saturn crossing your Ascendent till October. Part Of Me was a genius move and totes astrologically appropriate.OMG in fact you have Saturn transits till 2020.  More fame, wealth, influence, work, cut-through art etc but this is not exactly screeching ‘fun fling’.

And finally, in other Mercury Retrograde fuqery, this awesomely ludicrous story: “IRANIAN nuclear scientists are pleading for help from the world’s top computer security experts to help them stop AC/DC’s Thunderstruck blaring at maximum volume through their workstations.

Respected researcher Mikko Hypponen posted emails about the heavy metal assault from hackers against the scientists after verifying they came from Iran’s Atomic Energy Organisation.

As well as shutting down parts of their operations network, the computer worm was also broadcasting AC/DC, according to the scientist.”

THOUGHTS? No, forget thoughts. EXPLANATIONS? 

Plus: this is the pic that the cuckolded wife posted on her Twitter before shutting it down.  I think having your hubby adulterate with his star would be infuriating enough – all those late night script sessions you were understanding about but when you were a teenage bride and there suddenly is Kristen, who played your daughter and you cannot help but visualize her in the Snow White outfit. Seriously, you’d scream the house down.  I uphold peeps rights to express themselves without tired old bourgeois constraints and all but i am on Team Liberty with this one. 

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106 thoughts on “Mercury Retro-Bats Strikes Again

  1. Also thought that Kristen story was weird, in that we skipped the rumours-denial-caught out by paps stages and jumped straight to the end of the story, all the loose ends neatly tied up and all the players accounted for – we’ve been robbed I tell you, of all that potential delicious celeb drama that could have played out for weeks! Her publicist must be reading MM and got the heads up on Mercury retro in Leo! And the award for Best Performance by a Hollywood Publicist in Mercury Retro goes to….

  2. I think most likely a powerplay from KStew. She’s comes across as a bit of a thinker, I think it’s a break for something.

    • Yes you would think so with Uranus in Aries but her Sun at 19 degrees…a bit off but no time to delve further

      Snow White pic hilar with that bottle (but not really, really)

  3. aww that is a bit shite i must say.

    snow white hitting the bottle? i don’t remember that part…

    and the iranian IT thing sounds like a bunch of israeli or US defence types getting into the system. from what i’ve heard. you know, there were articles a while ago (in presumably reputable news sources) about hacking the iranian nuclear program. or maybe it was the other way around, I’ve forgotten.

  4. Team Liberty all the way. She obviously has a sense of humour judging by the pic. However I am not sure Kristen does. But then, oh to be 22 and famous and have all my actions judged by people!

      • Just feel a bit sorry for her. I am guessing her awkwardness is for real. Not saying a 22 year old can not know ethics 101, but the implications of a family are probably a bit beyond her? Just my feeling.

  5. Surely a 22 year old has a right to play the field ? That’s not cheating in my books.
    Sorry but Katie Perry is gawn, surely an affair with this guy is screaming desperation . He’s definitely an ‘on the way down’ type.

    Not sure if the Iranian thing is a true story, it’s more likely a PR company paid for by some other govt. made up the whole thing to get the issue in the press. It worked.

    • Playing the field? She may be 22, but the field she was playing was a married father of two children. How does that fact not equate to anything in the grand scheme of fucking?

      • Also she has been in a relationship with Rpatz for four years. She did a bad thing unless she had his permission. But maybe she wants out of that and cheated to push him to dump her.

        Whatever. It is her life. People do all sorts of things in relationships. It would suck to have the whole wirld judging you. I just personally think cheating is bad because then there’s no trust if it is discovered, so why bother staying. And each person should treat their partner with respect and be an adult.

      • He was cheating no doubt, and there are no excuses there, but I can’t see her leading him astray etc. this is experience for her, not great but possibly a necessary one for her. So, yes, a little immoral ? Hmm, maybe, but not cheating.

        • I think they are both equally responsible. If my bf made out with someone else I would consider that cheating. So I think they each cheated.

          Reading how he pounced on Liberty as soon as she was ‘legal’ – ick!

        • when you are dating or living with someone else, you have made a commitment. the moment you start making out with another party, you are breaking that commitment. end of story. just stop dating, or move out. there are no loop holes in commitment. do it or don’t do it? be in a relationship or single? it’s not that complicated

          • Obviously a touchy subject for you ? I think 22 year olds shouldn’t be making ‘commitments ‘ . I read below her and Rob have been together 4 years ? That tells me she needed some other experiences and probably knew she would be caught , if he dumps her now he’s a goose but she will probably be better off. Being with one person since you were 18 is not doing yourself any favors. Something is going to give, and it did . Judging her as a cheater is totally unfair. She shouldn’t be on a lead at that age.

            • Right on! Still, I reckon the WHOLE thing is fake. I rex that Kristen is gay and so is Robert. How many magazines will this story sell, I wonder if it will increase downloads of films too. Sad robert fans who would never hurt him, good for the modelling career of wifey too perhaps? Zelda woah Zelda!

              • Wow! My take on it is the that HE is totally gay!! & her ‘relationship’ with him is part of the business contract .. this is one way for her to step out of it without looking like a naive drip. In my mind that’s why she always looks so sad & sexually disempowered.

                • .. just like Katie Holmes!! Now she’s free to choose .. on her own terms. She’s alot smarter than she’s been given credit for .. & patient!

            • Obviously a touchy subject for you also and I don’t judge her at all. It is her life, I am judging your comment regards ‘playing the field’. That is screwing who you want, when you want, and not hurting anyone in the process. Fucking a married man with two kids is not playing the field

              • Umm, you have judged her and no its not a touchy subject for me.

                HEADLINE : 22 year old breaks committment !!!!!

                Young starlet sleeps with Director !!!!!!!!!

                HEADLINE: 4 year Hollywood relationship breaks up !!!!! and YES, there is another party!!!!

                Save your judgement AA.
                Its uncalled for here.

                • lol whatever, I dont judge her, just your comment, which then led to my opinions about cheating. Also, I didn’t know it was your website and I will comment when and where I see fit, until mystic tells me otherwise. So keep your bad manners and false sense of ownership/superiorityto yourself.

                  • Touchy and rude and judgemental…hmmm,
                    what a piece of work you are…. and by the way I’ll say what I fuqing like, OK.

              • I agree with you Anais… Someone shouldn’t play the field if they’ve chose to be in a committed relationship – do one or the other.

                Yes, they got together y

                • young and so it seems unlikely/unwise that they tie the knot at their ages.

                  So then it is fine to play the field/sow your wild oats – when you’re single.

            • If my daughter made a comittment at 22 I suppose ideally I would support it…my mother married at 21 to my father at 22 because they thought at the time they would each find refuge in marriage from restrictive parents , I remember the person who turned my life around at 22, we were committed for 6 years…I would have remained in that relationship forever if not for circumstances outside of both our control…many young people do know and have empathy, insight and maturity way beyond their years…and others could do with more for the years they have…we are all on our own road to discover they way we best need.

              • Scorpio moon wonderful for deep insights…even though void, static, but not regressive. I have grand trine in water…cancer moon (10th), pisces merc (6th), scorpio asteroid ceres (2nd).

                I really found the mystic post on your parents in your chart amazing…imagine ourselves in our childrens chart…like to think she will be spared from the pain of my mistakes…is that why this post resonates with many, it is across generations and raises so many questions about vulnerability at any age or status…maybe I should have done that scorpio mystic offer, but wary of future projection…lots of my chart retrograde…

              • Yes, now imagine your daughter has been in a dubious relationship since she was 18, 4 years later she ‘acts out ‘

                Would you be calling her a cheater ?
                Of course not, mistaken? probably, but not a ‘CHEATER’
                thats the wrong angle here. A cheap shot by cheap people.

                  • Well it depends doesn’t it? Does anyone really know anything? I certainly wouldn’t presume,but I think one does need to have the courage to redress a person’s negative actions IF they act out with destructive consequences on others lives, would anyone want to condone their childs mistake? Not advocating judgement, just speakingfrom my point of view, really think women & men need to be responsible with all relationships, good ethics and fair play I say!

                • Yes, I would consider her having cheated. I would think that she had made a mistake. People want to have their cake and eat it too. I have Venus in Capricorn… I think that’s okay if we’re talking about cake, but not a relationship.

                  • Yes I’m old fashioned & conservative AND I have venus conjunct part of fortune in cap too! In 5th house…what will pluto do to that! :-)

                • Um…Kristen cheated. She was in a longterm relationship with Robert. They were living together. If she wasn’t happy in the relationship for whatever reason, she could’ve dumped Robert. 22 is very young, but they aren’t infants. Kristen was old enough to know what she was doing.

    • Ahaha! That was supposed to read ‘watch out for the void moin, the vampires are out’!

      • Cheating….I have done that a few times. Usually at the end of relationships when they are all gross and you meet someone or a friend who really likes you and gives you a nice cuddle with perks. Different to a player. Players are horrible. Men (or women I guess) who have a woman in one house and one in another and lie to them both .Sociopathic, manipulative and passive aggressive. A relative of mine does this regularly, has a queue of women on the go. That is what I consider ‘cheating’. He doesn’t earn his relationships..He just lies to everybody. Has two children he refuses to care for because the women decided not to abort after he dumped them. Where is his tabloid!!!!

  6. Actually this whole development(s) so awesome in its bats nature for the times they are a-messing with us all. Prior, we could write-off celeb ‘fuqwittery’ as simply that. Now, there’s a resaonance as these guys (Kristen, Rob, Katy n all) are less naff than many and feature as a symbolic portrait of the ‘push through, get real’ vibe forcing itself into our (romantic) realities. NO MORE RELATIONSHIP CRAPPO! Not so concerned about the outcomes, it’s more that the deets cannot be denied. DEAL WITH THEM.
    As for AC/DC, if serious weaponry/scientific shiz/nuclear issues are being disturbed and brought to knees by a most pure brand of basic LOUD rock, then bring it the fuq on! Step aside for a minute mega-domination issues and bang your heads while you discover everything is larger than yourself. (That’s applying right across many regimes who are into power, not just ol Iran)
    Just a thought.

  7. Also, Mystic, re the oracle. It IS about obsession and vampire Qi. I have sat (to my shame, lol) like I’m playing the pokies trying to get a handle on WTF with someone. (and realised it was just my way of spending time with someone who wasn’t there to answer)
    However, I met someone tonight fresh and new – didn’t swap names but vibing delicious. Came home and spun the wheel just to ask whether they were thinking about me (ie did I make an impression?) and it hit me with answers that could only apply to old and dated shiz. Not saying the answers dont apply, but some up-the-ante fresh questions that remove obsessional seeking could be really jazz!

    • Perhaps consider that when you spin those things (like a gambler as you say) you are merely looking for external somethings to hang your fantasies off.
      It’s completely random.

    • I agree. It is obsessive. I try to ask it different questions because I don’t really care about ex’es or some X right now, but there is little to get insight on other than love zombie stuff. The way the questions/answers are structured is not very open-ended. BUT – I do like the iching. The iChing has proven very reliable for me. And its nice to have the “bad” news before hand so you can emote privately and then keep your game face on. I have a tough time taking the Oracle serious. Its like psychic junk food.

      • I have to agree. I’ve found the Oracle to really play to my love zombie urges. Why should I care if X is thinking about me? But if I’m feeling a bit vulnerable I’ll ask the question and generally spiral down from there. I mostly avoid it now.

      • I find the accuracy to my questions in the Ching
        really amazing now i have learnt after decades
        how to layout the question, how to simplify it.
        P R O F O U N D!

      • “Psychic Junk Food” Lol! It is in a way and it definitely gives the best results when you approach it with a light heart & for fun/entertainment purposes…And not too often…I get the best results from any divination – tarot, i ching, my own oracle, horary charts when i am detached from the outcome…in fact, with the right state of mind, you can walk around and just ask for a sign to appear and it does…you know?

    • “some up-the-ante fresh questions that remove obsessional seeking could be really jazz!”


  8. What I don’t understand is why we are expected to give a shit about what these people are doing/shagging.

    • it’s living vicariously through others and being absolved of/ sided with via projection – you get that bit of it… right?

      Hall of mirrors rings a bell?

      Or was yours a rhetorical ?

      • Hall of mirrors perhaps. But how much of what people are ‘seeing’ has been reflected a billion times, with each of the mirrors at a slightly different angle thus altering the ‘truth’ of the reflection? And then there’s the casting of nasturians …

  9. I checked KStew’s chart and hot diggity… that amped up sun opposition moon all t-squaring neptune uranus and saturn in cap, no wonder she never smiles. Always wondered about that…. And they’re all aligned with her Cancer ascendant in a grand cross – she can’t help but look sooky. But what a ho….

        • I always assumed Kristen and Rob were bearding each other. Don’t really buy any of this……

          • Me TOOO! i never believed they were in a relationship! Workmates sharing a house till the end of filming of the Twilight series!!!

            • thair synastry is very intertwined. I doubt its a fake relationship. They have some very hard indicators though – venus square saturm, mars conjunct saturn, mars square EVERYTHING in the composite with no redeeming soft aspects. All signs say doomed love

              • I reckon they are really close friends. They have spent the last four years working together. I bet as friends they fight too. Friend synastry….

          • @Sag-Leo – Word!!
            I have always thought they were bearding each other and I have never bought that they were a “romantic” couple. The whole thing has always seemed akward and staged…..

            • I was once a beard. Of course I didn’t know for quite a while. Very convincing to me, yet all my male friends are like ‘dude, is that you boyfriend? He’s Gay!’ I just thought he was a bit kooky. Anyway, it was VERY emotionally unfulfilling (though the shagging was great, he managed to convince me to loose weight, so I guess I looked like a 17 year old boy to him..). Yeah, definitely staged. Sad. Why can’t these kids come out….there are so many gay kids who need that of their famous peers. There are some great examples of famous heart throbs who have come out, and their careers are still doing just fine!

              • Ouch! Had a skinny friend whose boyfriend convinced her to shave her head. There was more action in the bedroom after that, then they suddenly broke up… Didn’t know the term ‘beard’ till now.

  10. “I think having your hubby adulterate with his star would be infuriating enough – all those late night script sessions you were understanding about but when you were a teenage bride and there suddenly is Kristen, who played your daughter and you cannot help but visualize her in the Snow White outfit.”

    can the knife twist anymore, ughh, poetic injustice, hate that!

  11. Think you’re right Mystic.

    Pass -agg Crab move, she is bored with the Patt.

    Gasp! This will give him some depth to work with in future creativity.

  12. Smacks of fake publicity stunts. All of the stories. Blurgh. So glad I only get tiny spatterings of this stuff in through my filtres!

    Frankly, none of this stuff is any of my business. I like seeing movies and tv shows (only on dvd – no bullshite ads). Just as I don’t expect to know who the guy making my popcorn is fuqing, I don’t expect to know who the actors are doing either. And why do we never get the goss on the camera men, or the key grip, or the make up artist? who are they shagging????

      • Toats. And why is all the focus on her. Surely he is the slatternly seductive Man Ho, he has ruined his family for what? A boink? A publicity stunt for sure. I hate how sexist all these tabloids are. How they barrage the female (and male) public with the Madonna/Whore thing. Ugh, so pathetic. Keeps the masses from thinking about real issues as always.

    • awesome!
      Actresses/actors just humans.
      Plus, I think it might be a PR stunt too.

      • exactly! they don’t really go around doing all sorts of crazy stuff. Not all the time. You get the odd one who is whacky or a junkie or a philanderer, but really most of them are just regular gay actors or guys and gals making a decent buck….All this stuff is promotional. Watch ‘singing in the rain’, that is the premise of the film!!!

  13. The whole story is banal imo. My first reaction was that it was all a publicity stunt. Just too jaded I guess.

  14. Someone should hack into Kristen, Rupert, & John Mayer’s computers and blast Thunderstruck through them. Cuz they’re all icky douches, and AC/DC’s crap “music” is fitting.

    Get yours, Liberty Ross! Saddened to learn that she closed her Twitter: that pic she posted as commentary is Gold, and it would have been great to see more of that…

    Oh, Iran… An elderly Iranian man told me wonderful stories about Tehran before the revolution in the 70’s. He said it was a gorgeous city that was entirely powered on hydroelectricity. Hydroelectricity– the whole city! We almost lost Detroit, and we did lose Tehran…

  15. I am way too busy having old dental work replaced, refinancing my house, making repairs, researching rental management companies, and interviewing for jobs all over the place to give a crap what some famous someone does. BUT – I love the AC/DC rumor/news. Hope its true because its so funny-weird.

    • Oh yeah! You’ve gotta admit, the cheek of the hackers – all a little bit Sharif-don’t-like-it – kind of sexes up the image of the tech geek… or perhaps my Venus in Aqua slip is showing? :)

  16. I think rupert looks like a womanising libran and liberty is either a cancer or scorpio

  17. May I ask whey we’re looking at tabloid magazine stories as if they’re actually factual and aren’t streamlined publicity-scams?

  18. Liberty Ross (born in 1978 in London, England) is a model and actress. Ross made her runway debut in 1999 for Louis Vuitton in Paris. She appeared on her first cover of British Vogue in June 2000. Ross acted in Madonna’s movie W.E. in 2011, and her husband, Rupert Sanders’ Snow White and the Huntsman in 2012. She played the mother of Snow White, played by Kristen Stewart. In July 2012 reports surfaced that Liberty’s husband, Rupert Sanders, had had an affair with Kristen Stewart after the filming of ‘SWATH’ was complete.

    Best Known For:
    Famous Vogue model and actress.

    Personal Life:
    Ross is married to director Rupert Sanders, with whom she has two children, Skyla and Tennyson.

  19. Date of Birth: January 1, 1978
    Height: 5’8″
    Hometown: London, England, United States
    In a Relationship With:
    Rupert Sanders
    Best Quotes:
    “I think the best models are actors, you’re taking on a character. In that sense, I have been acting for a long time. It didn’t seem like a crazy transition. Acting is a bigger step into modeling in a way. Modeling is easier when you don’t look like yourself. When you look like a different person, you feel different. Acting goes deeper into that, you have to move and talk like that character. I love it.”

    • oh dear so she’s even more down to earth/passionate than i thought-
      gonna be as MAJORLY hurt as robert…..

  20. The Iranian scientists and the AC/DC music thing, much more interesting.

    • Type “Flame malware” into search engine and follow the trail.“It seems that Flame was used for cyberespionage, and Stuxnet was used for cybersabotage.”
      “Stuxnet’s exposure earlier this month as an American weapon may have serious consequences in foreign policy, as confirmation of America’s use of cyberwarfare tactics leads other nations to more openly engage in the digital arms race. Flame’s new connection to Stuxnet and the U.S. demonstrates that American forces were likely engaged not only in Stuxnet’s cyberattacks on physical infrastructure, but also sophisticated cyberspying.” No surprises.

  21. That’s okay Mystic, I tried coconut water with vodka and wow that’s a great drink, next time I’m gonna add lemon and a pinch of cayenne, whoo hoo hot! Actually adding vodka to your chlorophyll will send the chlorophyll faster into your system :)

  22. Aries energy is impulsive, thats for sure. Also the chinese astrologers say that this is the year of infidelity. But u can protect yourself with feng shui remedy.

  23. I’d read that Katy Perry is with guitarist Robert Akroyd of Florence and the Machine. I can not find a thing beyond 1971 on Sanders birth date – sorry.

  24. OK, long before the KStew-RPatt relationship started hitting the tabloids, I remember an article about the intensely close “friendship” she’d formed with Nikki Reed, the actress who plays Rosalie. Definitely implied some lesbionics. So maybe there’s some truth to the beard thing?

  25. Here you go! A perfect mercury (and venus) retro soundtrack….. from the 1990s… I just love the production in this song!! and the everything!

  26. Hey and don’t forget, had mentioned I read her article, was it Vanity Fair?, where she (Kristen) had stated that life has been too easy for her (what a shame! tsk) and she wanted something meaty…Well…there ya go luv..She didn’t wait until her Saturn return. Self inflicted too…Too bad she had to affect others lives to fulfill her wish and I don’t care if she is a fellow Aries..Selfish…

    So sad for Rob and Liberty…I’ve been cheated on and I say dump them both. I would never forgive such things as lying is not ever acceptable to me.

    Meanwhile today actually shopped the local mall (I’m not a mall person)… bought a new bra, got my ears repierced, bought a new top, ate some See’s candy (unheard of for months), some new Victoria’s Secret body stuff..

    Oh and lol about the AC/DC Thunderstruck Mystic…I have that on my ipod and love that song to go 100 miles per hour to on the freeway…Now I want a listen..

    First treating me to the movies this late afternoon…Dark Night…If I ate candy today might as well go for the popcorn…Oh and bought black nail polish too…Haven’t done black…Scorp Moon maybe? x

    • It was Elle mag (not that I essentially care at all)..

      In a recent interview she stated “I can do what I want”…

      A little millionaire miss with too much time on her hands, eh?”

      Thinking of my own candy and popcorn debacle as I popped by the office to use Fish doc’s computer…Jepzus, the office door was unlocked…Batman here I come!

      Never the less..

      I figure candy followed by popcorn in the same day a well deserved going “whole hog”




          • oh jesus christ my email showed up..I don’t use that one actually and can’t even get into it so any haters are on your own…lol

            • You know what I love about Mystic’s place?

              The synchronicity…

              Even when we feel we’ve fuqed with the email address I mentioned above..

              Jahan is part of my married Iranian last name and I never changed it..

              It means “the world”..
              Cuz I google the fuqer…who knew…I was more paranoid in googling than

              Love you Myst…You a revelation giver..

              It may take us awhile, but we get it..

              Like what the Whoomp video says…”can you dig it Fool?”…lol Yes, we can dig it…x

      • Thats an Aries for ya!


        Okay, agree with daveyl to some extent…She’s young but the fuqer needs to fold up his wee-wee and keep his dick in his pants. Not that it got out mind you…”whoomp”

        I actually respect our david for not even commenting on the beautiful Cancerian/Leo Moon-Mars track star..He got his own Cancerian wife, no doll?

  27. Katty Perry has received numerous awards and nominations. She has also been nominated for nine Grammy Awards and was named by Billboard as 2012’s Woman of the Year.She has sold 11 million albums and 75 million digital tracks worldwide.-;”

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  28. Kristen Stewart reappeared as Bella in the sequel, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, once again receiving mixed reviews for her performance. Jordan Mintzer from Variety called Stewart “the heart and soul of the film” and praised her for giving “both weight and depth to dialogue…she makes Bella’s psychological wounds seem like the real deal” Manohla Dargis from The New York Times said Stewart’s “lonely-girl blues soon grow wearisome” throughout the film and Billy Goodykoontz from The Arizona Republic stated “Stewart is a huge disappointment..-^`..

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