Jardin Des Plantes Magiques

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Hi Mystic,
Spent the weekend getting lost in Alsace, France and stopped in a town called Turckheim just before a storm hit (ie; sorry for the dark photo!).
They have a little medieval garden display and when I saw this little plot I thought you’d like it :)
The Uranian Libran

OMG i adore this. Gardener peeps, WHAT is that flower in the middle?  If i ran things, all towns would have these gardens + every Dark Moon would be a compulsory day off and everything would be Feng Shuied.

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48 thoughts on “Jardin Des Plantes Magiques

      • All trees start out small ;D

        Datura is a very interesting entity to say the least, and should be treated with utmost respect, caution, and awareness. I had a massive datura tree outside my bedroom window for about six months while I lived at my previous house, pretty sure it was responsible for the really intense dreams I had…

    • is deadly nightshade the same as datura? the flowers that i call deadly nightshade – on a small tree also growing just outside my former bedroom window – looked ecaxtly like tht.

    • In Peru they make a brew called toé from datura that is a plant teacher that shows you your family in dreams. I had it but it was nothing special

  1. The picture is gorgeous, it is a petite garden, resourceful in a compact kind of way, with everything – vertical elements, open space with raised plots, aesthetic & practical plants, dry stone walling, a child would love it too.

    The pretty flower is as I thought – Datura, and it is confirmed by the little sign below…somebody else is going to tell all on that one – it is capable of invoking a total state of delirium and worse…by the way what is mugwort?

    • yes I can vouch from a misadventure in my youth. you will time-travel, lose your capacity to read earthly languages, and speak with astral projections… one to stay away from, recreationally speaking.

  2. I once met a Datura plant, that thing had epic amounts of presence. Seriously I didn’t know plants could be like that, quite bizarre.

    I love this, I want one in my garden!

  3. Thanks. I wouldn’t drink Datura but some do…your friend has a sense of humour, it literally is a garden of magick, maybe some good, some trickery…it is how and what you do with you what harvest that matters…

    Has anyone ever seen pineapple sage; we had it growing near our front door…it really does smell like pineapple…its OK as far as sage goes; you could still use it for herbal benefit.

    I have my pisces mars (24 degrees) trine neptune & conjunct a fixed star of herbalism & healing apparently; but can’t remeber the fixed star name…there’s a site that lists all the fixed stars…but I am very wary of anything used for hallucination…it could really ruin one’s unique & independent creative thinking, pscyche.

    A pschycology student I knew investigated the account of Carlos Castaneda’s philosophy…then there is gestalt therapy which came initially from photography…another way of viewing….literally.

    • Sadalbari & Matar are the fixed stars there & both relate to healing herbs.
      Thanks for bringing my attention to that, ‘cos I’ve always been extremely careful in anything mind altering at all – spent several years researching LSD before I took it, for example – I have Pluto/Jupiter exactly opp. this star I wonder…….? 😉

      • Oh that is so cool! I have both of these stars conjunct my Pisces ascendant, Matar within 3 minutes. I don’t know what it means but it feels good and I’m pretty excited about it!

      • Thanks, did you fine the site listing them all? Some of them seem a bit ominous. I have read mixed reports of spica, and have it almost exact on south node in libra….

    • OMG thank you I have studied the photography theory and I could never understand how it and the therapy were connected but your words ‘another way of viewing’ was like a light being turned on in my head. Do you know if there was another way of viewing that the gestalt photographers were responding or reacting to? were they deconstructing some other traditional method of composition?

      • or is that what the therapists were doing when they invented their methods…?

      • Thanks, If you mean how the concept to frame, construct composition then I guess there would be many to borrow or be influenced from…you might have already covered much in photography…it could be from fine art, light & dark (chiaroscuro) which can be used to make form, but also dissolve it…there is golden mean principle which it is concerned with using geometry to compose harmoniously…there is perspective, etc…

        • hey thanks for responding – I might not have asked my question clearly, was wondering if there was a specific movement the gestalt peeps were reacting to or whether they were a brand new thing because the camera was new at the time but no worries I’ll have a googling tangent and see if I can work it out x

  4. Had to put this here…Clovis Trouille, on the topic of magic…illegality…desire…trickery, whim and clever…but don’t think I’d hang his pictures on my wall…even though they are weirdly surreal and political too…they are great and so contemporary though over 100 years old…

    • Oh wow have not heard of this artist and just googled them….amazing! – thankyoux

      • Great, I just love Clovis Trouille, you might like a book called Fantastic Art….it is a selection of artists who challenged the art world…by David Larkin. I am sure I am not alone, must be some other folks who encountered this…

  5. here in the states datura is a plant looking like that, though considerably smaller. she literally exudes power and magic. both of my cancerian men ingested her as teenagers, and both lost 3 days or so of their lives and would not do again. i am either too scared, or too smart, or both. she is terrifying and brilliant!!

      • Can be used for magical purposes – the flowers for protection, seeds in spells etc. Personally I use a bit of L.S.A most days for health not magic.:)

  6. A magical garden indeed. Datura (in the middle), foxglove, and flax I think. It’s great when people grow these plants – along with Belladonna, Henbane et al – but definitely not ones to take lightly.

  7. Gardens are so enchanting! Mine is chaotic abundance (not nearly as restrained as the garden in the above pic). It’s located in the wealth sector of my property, just outside my home office. Vibing wild power and singing Ma Nature’s praises, it’s great juju!

    My fave are the pumpkin flowers and vines: big & bright orange blooms, and the bright green viney curly-q’s reaching everywhere :)

    Bibbidy bobbidy boo!

      • Neither of those plants are used in Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca uses plants which contain Dimethyltryptamine as the active compound, in conjunction an MAOI. Dimethyltryptamine is an extremely potent endogenous psychedelic, the Datura plant and its family do not contain psychedelic compounds.

    • yep i agree, i think it’s brugmansia. re ayahuasca, there are lots of admixture plants, and some from the solanaceae are definitely added for various reasons in some parts of the amazon. amazing family of plants! food, medicine, poison. Atropa belladonna is named so because it was the fashion in europe, i’m not exactly sure when, to put it in your eyes if you were a classy lady so your pupils expanded and you looked all doey (ie pretty lady). now atropine is used in optometry. but yeah… would take a very special shaman / witch to use these plants. you’d have to cultivate an intimate relationship with a handful of plants, because each one has different concentrations of the various (quite deadly) tropane alkaloids in different parts of the plant, at different times of day/year…. and then each patient is different… yeah, respect to the witches of old europe. no wonder the church was scared shitless of them.

      sorry. bit random!! i love plants :)

      • oh, by the way, the nightshade family contain HARDCORE psychedelic compounds! far out, that’s not a mistake you want to make!

        • I’m going to do more research after work to verify but for now I maintain that they are not psychedelics, rather dissociative and deliriants.

  8. there’s also a fab scent by Serge Lutens called Datura Noir! it’s a really magic intoxicating witchery fragrance for Lilithian wild nights! to use with caution but I adore it.

  9. I love growing and working with herbs – i use them in all sorts of different ways – spellwork, incense, baths, teas and even just meditating with them. I’m really enjoying this post and all the comments.

    In my garden I have two sorts of mugwort, wormwood, sage, valerian
    , parsley, oregano, thyme, penny royal, mint, spearmint, cat mint, rosemary etc….

    I want a datura plant!

    • Do you think having a sage plant around would be protective? I swear by smudging and wonder if the real thing might be just as handy.

      • Yes i think it helps – like greek households in melbourne plant rosemary near the front gate for protection and fidelity. Also if you do want to snudge you will always have some at hand.

        • Thanks Samantha!! Rosemary is a great idea too, doesn’t get better than protection, fidelity and tasty lamb roasts :)

  10. Yup – it it a Brugsmansia.. The plant taxonomists are notorious for making changes to plant names when new information comes along. So plants formerly known as Datura can be put into Brugsmansia, and vice versa. There is a beautiful specimen which has apricot flowers in Bronte (Sydney), just in the laneway behind the cafes at Bronte Beach. Should be flowering in the next 4-6 weeks.

  11. i saw a few gardens like this in france. love it.

    mystic, my moon loves the garden posts :) xx