I’m Sorry…Saturn WHAT?

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And then in the next shot, she throws the book across the room just like i do with the I-Ching all the time. I know, i know – disrespectful and all. No wonder it keeps telling me to invade the next kingdom or flood my granaries.

Anyway, she’s just read that Saturn is going to be hovering about for what will feel like decades. That or she perused one of those old-school “His Sexual Foibles” sections and it seemed less than promising. A crap compatibility delineation? You KNOW that so-called Sun Sign compatibility is irrelevant don’t you?

Perhaps this is even worse? Why does the Lion/Leo in the mural behind her look SO menacing? I mean, seriously?


Image: David Bailey Vogue UK

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21 thoughts on “I’m Sorry…Saturn WHAT?

  1. How nostalgic for my youth, those Bavid Bailey archive photos had me feeling. How beauty fades………but the memories don’t.

  2. He reminds me of how my husband looks when he notices me “thinking”. In other words: worried. lol

    • He looks put out/menacing because artist has given him a tiny head/mane. That is insulting enough, but 5 legs and cheetah spots on the fifth leg and his tail? or has artist positioned him NEXT to a cheetah (owner of 5th leg and tail?) Any self-respecting lion would be infuriated by either possibility…(and I say that as one who has had to overcome animal totem identity issues being born confused with a Leo Mars, in Chinese Year of Tiger, and supposedly in hour of the Cat – or Rabbit depending on which Chinese astro book you read!!).

  3. You’re working on the Get Scorped’s, aren’t you Mystic? Don’t shoot the messenger! haha

    At least none of us can throw something at you when we read the reports. Isn’t the digital age wonderful? 😉

  4. That’s funny, Last weekend, I found my old Wilhelm edition of the I Ching, along with my 3 chinese coins. I haven’t seen it since probably 1992. I was going through some boxes and it just turned up unexpectedly. Unfortunately, I was looking for my college calculus textbook, which I could not find.

  5. The lion looks like how I feel, I want to bite something and wrestle it to the ground then sit on it and pout.

  6. Maybe the Lion is pissed off cause it looks like there’s a leopard behind him…

    • woops, aquagem, didn’t see this before I posted above – should have replied here

  7. I thought it looked more like, “look at me im being all scary…no really, growl”….

  8. is the sun sign thing really irrelevant….why do so many people with opposite sun signs get married….lately mila kunis and ashton kutcher, howars stern and his wife a cancerian and so many others…
    there must be something to it. i am a libra and have always been drawn to aries men…is there no relevance here at all??

  9. I think with Saturn so prominent for so long…we are being guided to think differently about what this beautiful,and mysterious planet signifies … How about the glamour of it? The solid, loyal, hugeness of it? To me it says-be direct, be real but surround yourself in gorgeous rings of colour x

  10. I will be so glad when we are talking about the Libra Saturn transit that WAS. Fuq saturn even stalls time if he feels like it :(.

    I am so over it, the shadows under my eyes neutralise any Libran beauty left after two years of this on top of a Uranus opposition and other shite.

    Saturn now about to stomp over my Sun for the third time just to make sure I get it!! Get it over with so I can start to look better and take care of my scorpion friends who will soon be undertaking a similar journey.

    I guess having such a LIbran heavy chart enhances the carnage.

    BUT I still am holding on to a little oomph so I can get my ass of the floor and move on when it is time. Everything will be different when the Sun arrives at the point Saturn is now lurking at.

    Yes I will be glad and fab yada yaada yada, and I admit my care factor to many things is now zero, including giving a toss about what peeps think. I have awesome seeding and the spring sun shall grow those little beauties and all will be well.

    Lets talk about something else :)

  11. 22 degree Aries here, Saturn one degree off my Sun, opposing it…and Mars soon to join it…making me frustrated in my relationship lately. Can’t wait for that stuff to back off of my sun.