Go Mercury Retro!

WOW they found a bra from the MIddle Ages!  Mercury Retro a go-go.  Before this discovery, it was apparently thought that women did not wear bras then.  Mercury Retro unearths all manner of interesting things. I think that because it is in Leo it’s about a total revision of all the methods that you use to get your Awesome on. Revise the fabulosity.

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24 thoughts on “Go Mercury Retro!

  1. maybe chicky babe got sick of men groping for her free bosoms after a few years and cobbled something together… who knows, maybe this was the spanx of the middle ages 😀

  2. ha i knew it! I’m going to go gloat to the anti-bra wearing Gemi-Toro now.

  3. “Also found at Lemberg Castle in Tyrol was a linen undergarment that looks very much like a pair of panties. But Nutz said it is men’s underwear – women did not wear anything under their flowing skirts back then.

    “Underpants were considered a symbol of male dominance and power,” she said. ”

    As these were found in a castle and decorated, seems like something the common folk weren’t wearing.

    • Who the hell is Nutz? lol

      That’s almost to ironic on the subject of panties for men…


    • Lol! i found a sports bra of mine behind the washing machine that looked exactly like this. it is amazing what this mercury is turning up tho, i just had a recovered memory. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SODDING SUPERMARKET when shopping for low g.i. potatoes

      • Who knew low g.i. potatoes could be so evocative? Maybe when the blood sugar is stabilized, all manner of subconscious has room to surface… Or maybe you were walking past the bran at the time.

      • How many potatoes were you holding at the time ?
        Lo gi you say ? Hmmm , and , what was the recovered memory ? Oh, and we’re the potatoes smooth and washed or still gritty ?

  4. Mummy’s bras not my thing but..

    Merc turning up heinous irritation.
    EVERYTHING electronic has gone mental around me the past few days.
    scales for the farmers’ market…cactus.
    exxpresso machina’s lights winking certifiable gibberish.
    I’m guessing my Leo rising opp Aqua sun conj merc might broadly exacerbate things. I do love tech.(the natal Pandora trine MC in gem???)
    I dunno.
    Feel like I’ve got Hadrons firing as wildly as a firefly in a fireworks warehouse which is very annoying. One of my ancestors invented the safety fuse FFS so any apparent randomness irritates.

    So my Mars thought it would be a funny raspberry to try and change the plugs in the Subaru….oh dear….Dont try it at the best of times.. Fkn ridiculous

    • haha…Well, when all tech fails you can rely on your charm….An amusing read this early Cali morning..

      • :) thanks Sweetpea and top of the morn sunny Cal.

        I reckon I lost a coffee machine last Merc R too tho this ones seems to be hanging in. Hard reset and some good beans :)

  5. And that bra looks like she been traipsing thru Cold Mountain.

    Shot thru the heart or weaning all kinda strays…

    ~bra~ haha

    Get it? 😆

  6. Yet again more proof that we weren’t total dullards before the industrial revolution. Of course women had the brains to construct a bra shaped undergarment. The modern bra was designed by a man using space tech or some rubbish apparently. Women (and men) have been making clothes for aeons, and basic structure makes perfect sense. And the seamstresses who worked this kind of thing out weren’t royalty and they would have made them for themselves as well as for others, embroidery included! Remember too, that before the 80’s all women could sew and most men too.

    The other easy option pre such designs – which need finer needles etc – would have been to bandage the boobies with cloth. This one appears to have a bodice (intact at the back) so may have even continued down as a petticoat/underskirt, not unlike the ones worn in the 50’s.

  7. All of the time I read about what’s happening astro-wise and how it may be translating for me personally, and I think, “Yes, I had that last week,” or a few days ago, yesterday, etc. Am I having some kind of anticipatory astro action, or do some people feel things ahead of schedule?

    • Im pretty sure that’s how wisdom works. The further forward you see and act the wiser you are ? Maybe being in that few days ahead mindset is the advantage gained from being wise ?

      • Thanks for that, davidl: hadn’t thought of it in those terms before… When I think of me, “wisdom” isn’t one of the words that comes to mind lol. But maybe it’s time… Chronologically, I’m accruing enough years for some credit, anyhow!

        It feels like I can sense which way the wind will blow days before it changes direction; my mind & body reflect & respond to this fresh shift before it physically manifests in the cosmos. Not 100% of the time, but often.

        Eg, if the astro shows an arrangement that will influence me to be a social butterfly on Friday, I will have been fluttering about socially earlier in the week, like on Sun-Mon-Tues. By the time Friday comes and I read the astro, my extroversion has already been spent– and I’m already riffing off some planetary influences that have yet to physically be.