Example Of The Zap Zone In Action

Awesome moments in history — In 1967, Kathrine Switzer was the first woman to run the Boston marathon. After realizing that a woman was running, race organizer Jock Semple went after Switzer shouting, “Get the hell out of my race and give me those numbers.” However, Switzer’s boyfriend and other male runners provided a protective shield during the entire marathon.The photographs taken of the incident made world headlines, and Kathrine later won the NYC marathon with a time of 3:07:29. [Wiki]

Wow.  Think about the world of fitness now and how within reasonably recent history, women were not allowed to compete in marathons. She and this changed everything.

Via Oxford Astrologer who makes the point that this is a CLASSIC Uranus-Pluto event (or Zap Zone, in my lingo)

Remember, Uranus and Pluto spent the mid-60s more or less conjunct in Virgo.

Ms Switzer is a multiple conjunct Cap (Mercury-Mars-Sun)  She is also blessed with Uranus on her North Node in Gemini f.y.i AND ) had to look, asteroid Nike conjunct her Venus in Sagg.

Feminism or rather, gender equality, is totes Uranian. Note that one of the key media events of the first Uranus sq Pluto zap the other day was the atrocious execution of a young woman for adultery in a supposedly “liberated” Afghanistan.



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47 thoughts on “Example Of The Zap Zone In Action

  1. I shared this pic on FB. How utterly awesome of her – and her boyfriend for helping her do it. i can’t believe it was such a short time ago.

    And ppl say Feminism isn’t relevant anymore? That execution in Afghanistan was just so distressing. What happened to the guy she screwed around with? He’s probably getting high-fived (or whatever the extremist wanker equivalent is.) Ugh. So sad and even worse that it’s happening in 2012.

    So Uranus is the gender equalist. Was wondering what has brought out the Feminist in me over the past year. It’s been getting stronger and stronger. I’m suddenly so interested, no, make that ADDICTED to gender issues. Not just women’s. Gender representation and indoctrinated behaviour of all sorts.

    Uranus is currently opposing my natal Pluto (and Pluto is on my natal sun which is squaring Uranus.) Maybe this is how I’m being zapped – and I’m supposed to do something ground-breakingly wonderful with this new gender fascination?

    • yeah me too. I’m not even a runner but it makes you realise how recently women had to deal with stupid discrimination, and continue to do so. The bit about the boyfriend and other runners protecting her made me cry. Such bravery is always so moving – I know it’s not exactly taking a bullet but not many people are willing to put themselves out to help someone else win freedoms that they themselves take for granted.

    • I have Uranus in mouthy and communicative 3rd, and it squares my leo ascendant; in addition, I have mercury in 2nd near to my sun in libra opposed by transiting uranus, and progressed sun is conjunct uranus == my body of work concerns gender issues. being a multi-conjunct libra i am into equality in anycase, but uranus in 3rd sq asc ramps it way up. :)

    • Actually that guy isnt getting high fived he was shot dead along with her her husband. There was no actual proof she ‘fooled’ around with anyone. Two jealous men. Three people dead.

  2. My thoughts? She was 20 when this happened, so she probably would have also been feeling Uranus square her natal Uranus.

    And of course, she’s a Cap- so her response to anyone telling her she couldn’t do something would be “Just watch me”.

    • Unfortunately the above ‘get outta my race and back in the kitchen’ scenario is still actively playing out in a lot of the world. Some white western women think feminism is passe, but it’s only beginning.

      In Afghanistan, women and girls are banned from playing sport at all. In countries where they’re not banned, they’re often too busy doing unpaid or underpaid work to get the chance.

      And Yay team Capricorn! Thank you Mystic for such an inspiring post.

  3. not really relevant to this post, but having been a barmaid for some years, I came up against some serious patrons when I entered the public bar for a counter meal and a couple of beers . V angry men telling me I was not supposed to be there..and was only allowed to be behind the bar serving: bad luck fellas, times have changed and so has the law…..keep up boys!

    • Back in the 70s, women weren’t allowed in front bars, and women like myself in Women’s Liberation took militant action to force change, which succeeded. We had a WL meeting one evening and went to a bar in the hotel which had been barred from discriminating against women. We were just sitting around having soft drinks when a guy came down, sat down with us and told us we couldn’t get rid of him. So I stood up, leaned over and carefully poured a full bottle of tonic water of his neat hair and expensive suit. He didn’t say a word, looked stunned, then got up and walked out. Sadly, the barmaid behind the bar was critical but the men customers defended us, saying we’d been quiet, minding our own business and he got what he deserved.

  4. So maybe Melinda Gates taking on the Vatican about availability of contraception is a zap zone event?

    • Well Tony Abbott’s not going to. I hope Melinda does. It will be energy and money well spent . The bastion of everything that’s wrong with western culture. It will take more than Melinda, I’m in.

        • Wow, yes now i do. Interesting times, indeed. Now i see why it feels like a green wall, a big wave rolling in. Get rousted or ride.

    • Yeah i can’t run: sagittarian thighs want to but piscean feet say no.

      • Lol, total sympathy with you there – aries energy wants to but pisces (rising) feet won’t! (have spent a fortune on shoes trying!)

        • My Gem feet – totally unco-ordinated and wanting to go different ways – mean on a good day I slip and slide, and a bad one I face plant the footpath … so running’s out for me too.

            • Mine must’ve got distracted and ducked out of the queue for the twinkle toes stardust … but I do bounce back well when I slip.

  5. Love this story. Like many mid 60s babies I know feminism and gender issues arouse strong feelings. Looking forward to more positive action and development in gender thinking, teaching and equality in the ZZ!

  6. Reading this made me angry…like grrrrrr angry, what the hell was this guy doing assaulting this woman because it was HIS race, grrrr.
    I remember the 60’s ….war, pain, grief, assassination, violence everywhere,
    Insane leadership willing to blow us all to kingdom come…
    Old white men like this one flaying around defending their shitty belief system. Images of US roads chocked with 8 seater v8s, pumping out poison. The rise of the corporate saw advertising gurus turning food into ‘products’ and placing corporate America in charge of the world.
    The 60s had hippys as the counter culture but when you look at it clearly it was a huge mess. it’s also when we started really manhandling the earth too.
    Things are better now than they were then ? I hope.

      • Because he didn’t want to have to deal with getting a bo*er while he’s trying to win his own stupid race.

  7. Found this post fascinating as Saudi Arabia is about to send 2 female athletes to the Olympics for the first time . Hence Zap zone equality …they will join female athletes from Qatar and Brunei [ also fielding female competitors for the first time ] meaning all nations now have female representatives…….. the zap zone is about positive change !

  8. Uranus conj Pallas Athena is pretty special. In Ares!

    What really distresses about sexism is that it is a global phenomena. It turns me into quite the extremist. I reckon all the women in Syria (say) ought tie their men to their beds, gagged if necessary and have themselves a completely,guaranteed, peaceful day. Lead by example! See guys, no guns, nobody getting shot? Great isn’t? No you can’t go outiside, no I will not untie you.

    It’s not a solution of course but it would work a treat instantly!

  9. Yes something has amplified gender issues for me personally in the last 12 months, though i can’t pin the reason to any one particular thing. However, i can see clearly that my internet forays have led me to eloquently expressed views on an ecelectic array of sites, not always dedicated specifically to equality issues. It’s not underground or confined to some small group. It’s not forced into channels that could be largely ineffective. It’s out, and it DARES speak its name. FANTASTIC STUFF. We may have a long way to go with equity and gender but it’s not some lump in the floor where they tried to carpet over the hamster anymore. It feels inexorable.

    I’ve been putting up with this irritating wanker even though i’ve hated his presence from day one, just because the accepted behaviour is writing him off as harmless, if annoying to females. Well, last week, after five years of trying to find a sense of humour about his way of speaking, i told him the proper/nonsexist words to use. He attempted to joke his way out of it, to which i told him he was being all kinds of inappropriate. Dead silence. Even from the outspoken Scorp lady. The wanker’s a Scorp too. Of course, laughter later from the women, and some of the men. I just feel we’re way beyond the culture of silence, especially where everyone knows but noone wants to rock the boat. I’m a fish, i can swim :)

  10. Gods I’ve been waiting for another wave of feminism to break for soooo loooong! Was in New York a few years ago at a young rock band’s xmas party, all of them in their early twenties, and every one of the girls were in the kitchen cooking while the boys were in the lounge playing videogames. Only one of (five?) girls had any interest in working, the rest were talking WEDDING RINGS, I shyt you not. After that I was terrified for our future. It only takes a generation for all the passion of people like Kathrine Switzer to be undone by complacent girly girls who think that rights are something you’re born with and no-one can take them away. Just lately though it’s felt like the sixties are on their way back, and I am soo excited! Bring it.

  11. This was only one year after the bar was finally lifted on married women being employed in the Australian Public Service (1966). Up until then if you got hitched you had to resign. The impact was still evident when I started work in the early 80’s … it takes time to get to the top, and it’s tough without role models and mentors to guide you on the way.

  12. It is weird but I’ve been really fired up about such matters lately. I did not hear about the woman in Afghanistan until I read this post. Last night I was watching the HBO show Rome and felt upset that the honorable former soldier Lucius Vorrenus was about to kill the wife he loved so much because she had another mans baby– she had thought him dead while he was off fighting a war. Caesars enemies made it so Lucius would be told of his wife’s infidelity on the day Julius Caesar was to be assassinated. Lucius was not at Caesars side in the senate that day…….
    Anyway the whole scene was completely upsetting and I felt angry thinking what a terrible time for women.

  13. Are things any better now? Reading this article http://www.dailylife.com.au/news-and-views/dl-opinion/are-rape-jokes-ever-funny-20120713-21zl2.html (about a stand up’s rape joke and abuse to a female who spoke up about it) you have to wonder.

    The most deeply disturbing part for me was that no one apparently did anything or said anything to defend the female audience member who spoke up. Equally distressing were some of the comments on the article! Granted the majority of commenters were outraged, but I’m extremely concerned/furious/bewildered that there were some who expressed bizarro reasons to excuse/condone/defend this stupid man!

    Would love to see some ZZ action against this man for his behaviour to the audience member. Maybe a legal precedent for inciting rape/violent verbal abuse, something…

    • The throwing around rape jokes to silence women is disturbing. Women bloggers are often trolled and threatened by acts of violence and rape.
      Frightening when it happens.

  14. I so relate to this woman I had a similar experience at kindy when I was in the boys toilets trying to pee standing up. i showed them.

  15. A married woman couldn’t take money out of her own bank account unless her husband signed too (1970’s UK). Rape was still legal within marriage until 1982 (apparently – a fellow student’s mum was one of the solicitors who worked on this). In UK this month, a 14 year old boy has been given 3 months’ community service after raping a 5 year old girl because of ‘his hormones and the fact he had been watching pornography’. We all know the stories because they’re playing out in our own lives at the moment. It is getting better and we do need to continue to speak up about it, men and women together.

  16. Great story… and this astro has been an insanely liberating time for many of my friends and myself.

  17. There are lots of men who still want women to give them back their numbers and get the hell out of “their” race. Too flickety bad for them.

  18. How about we not waste anymore time on gender issues/ sexuality preferences (duality), since that is outdated, kicking dead horse, old world, irresponsibly archaic at the moment. Instead lets focus on not paying to live on our planet we were born on (UNITY) and kicking off the sociopaths that create all the separations/ distortions. YES! Lets not fall for these traps anymore of victim/ bully. It’s death culture trying to keep us in it’s sinking ship games of self destruction/ going nowhere. Thank You! <3

    • Oh that was so moving, I got a little teary. She writes so plain & true! What was great was how much support she got from most of the other runners.

  19. Not sure how the execution of a woman in Afghanistan can be equated to the first Uranus sq Pluto zap the other day. This happens in Afghanistan everyday. It just doesnt get media coverage – maybe thats what you mean. It got spread across the globe the other day… ?

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