Eva, Bast & Sexism

Clearly i am eccentric but i actually love the new Eva Longoria cat food ad – i don’t mind this to sound catty but i think she does her best work in it. And how funny is this – She is a Pisces but she’s got Chiron-Moon-Bast-Venus in Aries lol.  Bast aka Ubasti – the cat goddess.

But in the honestly w.t.f category – how come when SHE breaks up with her partner who is ten years younger than her, it’s like “toyboy this, toyboy that” and yet when (say) Alec Baldwin hooks up with his 25 years younger yoga teacher, that’s just, you know, another relationship?  The younger partners of females are apparently auto-demeaned whilst the younger partners of men are not.

Is this fair?  Just as marriage equality has thankfully come up for examination with Saturn in Libra, so should this sort of paleo-sexism, don’t you think?


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91 thoughts on “Eva, Bast & Sexism

  1. I love the Eva Longoria Dine ads And love the television commercial.
    I love cats! lol.

    I said to someone the other day that Alec Baldwin should def go into politics as he’s now got a woman half his age so it’s unlikely there will be a cheating scandal! (Unless he wants to talk to someone his own age and has an affair with a middle aged woman, lol.)

    Soz I think big age gap relationships, regardless of which gender is younger/older, are a bit weird… But hey, If two people love each other then that is wonderful. Even if one of them obviously has mommy/daddy issues. Just kidding! Just kidding! Sorry, that was just a joke.

    • Do you also think people should marry within their culture or socioeconomic status?

      • No I don’t, but I do think sometimes those things can make it difficult for a relationship to work.

        • Yes i thinkt that’s because many identify strongly with social views of their culture, gender, status or age. Even though we say we individualise. Still, there are some people whose personalities innately seem to… i don’t know how to put it… transcend or stand outside those things. Perhaps they are rare.

          • Agree. I come from a poor, dysfunctional family. I have done well for myself and am dedicated to self-help work, but it is difficult to let go of some of the negative self-image stuff. Which then impacts on relationships etc. After the work, there is more work, lol.

            • Hi Meowmix,

              I found if you forgive and allow others to be whatever they are, this miracle happens in your thinking: you’re suddenly really very allowing towards yourself, and you easily forgive your own mistakes! Whilst still learning from them etc.

              My chart has a lot going on in Virgo, so this allowing and peace has been HUGE.

              Best of luck =)

            • Mmm. Your comment was synchronous to a conversation i had with someone from a strong cultural id earlier in the evening. He said it was important to marry someone who shared the same culture and language. This is not the case necessarily in my background for generations, yet it still feels like a deep comment to ponder. (I wondered if black sheep from different families drew together. And i wondered about the divide between ‘race’ and culture – also part of my background.) But yes i get the part about after the work, more work! And on that note may i add AquaMa said, “A relationship is the hardest work you’ll ever do.”

    • Hi Meowmix

      Honey, I found your comments kind of un-thought-through.

      People are pretty complex. Sometimes the person that “gets you” on so many levels is from another culture or another generation. So what?

      It would be offensive to label someone as having a fixation with either parent simply because they don’t act the way you think everybody should.

      • Sorry, that’s why I said I it was a joke. I also really loved the new Adam Sandler movie so maybe I just have a bad sense of humour, lol. Wasn’t trying to offend.

        • And I agree with Mystic that when people or the media make a big deal of women dating much younger men that it is sexism… same the way an unmarried woman over 30 is a spinster (which is thought of as ‘bad’) yet an unmarried man over 30 is having fun and playing the field (which is thought of as ‘good’).

        • Oh it was just jokes! It’s hard to tell tone in a written forum isn’t it?

          If we were talking in person we would know by body language and inflection. =)


    • My husband is 17 years my senior and we were made for each other. Maybe it’s because of my strong Saturn (Cap Asc and moon)? Or maybe it’s because he’s got a Scorpion moon (I’m multiple conjunct Scoro) that is works.

  2. Absolutely. Any relationship has its issues whether defined by an age gap or not, but there is clearly a bias towards ‘understanding’ the older male scenario. As someone who used to date much older men and now is in a relationship with a younger one (something to do with growing older and wiser) I suspect it has something to do with a cultural fear of confident women. But what’s new!

    • Cultural fear of confident women.

      Also just plain old disrespect and dismissiveness.

      • Agreed to older I get the more dismissed I feel by society. Like a big ol’ used by stamp on your head and you’ve gone off.

    • OH yeah, Sorepaw, some people, male and female, definitely don’t like women to feel and be in charge of our own power.

      I remember a male magazine columnist wrote a whole page article in the mid-nineties decrying the (then) new fashion of pregnant women being photographed on Magazine covers and the whole tastefully-being-photographed-naked trend. After Demi Moore did her pregnant vanity fair cover.

      He said, and I paraphrase: ” women are supposed to be photographed naked because they are poor and down and out! Not because they choose to celebrate their own bodies!!!!!”

      I remember composing a reply in my head along the lines of: “right you like it when you are in charge of our sexuality and our bodies but if we start revelling in it ourselves, it’s not so much fun for you anymore. VERY INTERESTING”. =)

      I wasn’t raised like that so my own lovers have truly loved confident women.

  3. The discrepancy in the way men with younger women and women with younger men are treated is just another example of misogyny and patriarchy – obviously! Men are supposed to be ‘virile’ all their lives but women become invisible once they are over ..well it used to be 40 but it may be 50 now.
    But it’s wierd how some of the press in the UK treat different people. For example, Sam Taylor-Wood, (44) an artist, has just married her young lover, the actor Aaron Johnson (22). – they also have two kids Strangely, she doesn’t seem to have been trashed (or at least I haven’t seen it). Usually, with an age gap such as this, the woman gets hammered. Caroline Flack, a TV presenter here in the UK had an affair with Harry from One direction – she’s in her early thirties and he is 18 – she got totally mashed. There seems to be shades of social acceptability depending on who you are………….

    • That’s a shame about the treatment Ms Flack received. In her liaison, both parties were at their sexual peak. It’s not even newsworthy, it’s just logical!

      The journalists or their readers are obviously not getting any and are jealous.

    • I think the flack that Flack got maybe tied to a public consciousness on official age of consent etc. – though really there isn’t a difference. And btw, does anyone realize how determined/persistent/stubborn a younger man can be when they pursue?? Seriously.

      I have a 17 yr old neighbor whose attentions/compliments are quite flattering but after he knocked on my door during a black out so he could hang out with me in the dark, I thought oh no, this is a lot more dangerous than I thought it was.

  4. Interesting about Longoria’s astro, since i could never really perceive the Pisces in her, and first thought she was an Aries. But i thought that’s cos i’m not really familar with her work. Haven’t seen this ad either.

  5. I don’t think Eva is a case of misogyny. When you are notorious in Hollywood for having done so much cocaine that you have a hideously deviated septum, criticism of your lifestyle is probably normal.

    • oh pffft.

      Shock, horror! Someone in LA does cocaine and has a deviated septum!

      That just goes against all the values that show bizness holds dear. No wonder she was slammed!

    • Also, if the press has a problem with someone doing lots of drugs they have no problem blasting them for that quite specifically. see photos and stories of Kate Moss, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen etc at various times including photos with white powder round the person’s nostrils.

      The press doesn’t need to attack Eva on a substitute issue that they really have no problem with -dating a younger man- since they couldn’t possibly mention the drugs.

      Admit it Charley, it looks like a double standard to attack her dating choices.

      • I really do not care who she dates. I just find it exceptionally amusing how hard the professional photographers and cinematographers work to get just the right angle to minimize her nasal deformities. Seriously, check it out, see how hard it is to find a PR pic that shows her problem. It’s almost as amusing as Tom Cruise’s monstrous central tooth.


    • I think I’ve heard that gossip about just about every other Hollywood celebrity that it becomes almost as meaningless as other labels such as cougar.

  6. Reeeooooowwwww

    ( or is the sound that cougars make)

    P.S love her really

  7. I met her not too long ago and without knowing her astrology, she vibed Capricorn to me. Very professional and no-nonsense. I can see now how the Aries makes sense. I got the impression she would make a good businesswoman or head of a large company. I give her kudos on her GOTV work with Latinos for the Obama campaign.

    • Worked with her last year and echo what you’ve just said. Very professional, very together. An all around good person.

    • Interesting. Just looked up her chart and her Mars is in Aqua. I wouldn’t have suspected that.

  8. The one thing about living in North Cyprus is that we get to see very few ads, except those – when we’re watching BBC World New – extolling the virtues of holidaying in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan. Truly, and very optimistic, I’d imagine. None for holidaying in Syria – not so surprising. We hardly watch TV, and it’s such a relief. And, of course, because these Turkish-Cypriots are very clever and only print their newspapers in Turkish, we don’t get to read the written ads either. Plus there are very few billboards and no multinationals operating or advertising here, except for one Gloria Jean’s in each of Kyrenia, Nicosia and Famagusta and I don’t drink there because they’re tied up with happy-clapping god-botherers. So ads like those of Eva Langoria are but a distant memory and I don’t mourn their loss. But I loathe and detest the “cougar” label for older women in younger relationships. It demeans women as sex-mad and sex-hungry, and they’re OLD (gasp, shock, horror) just another inappropriate labelling by stupid ad agencies who think they’re clever dicks. If you love someone, it doesn’t matter what age the people are in that relationship, the essence is love. And just to wind up, since we’re talking also about cat food, we have ended up the proud owners of a pure white Bast cat who buttered us up until we fed her and she settled in, and THEN she introduced her two snow-white kittens. It’s the old saying- the animals choose you, not the other way around!

    • Aphrodite Rising, This whole comment is Gold.

      You had me at “extolling the virtues of holidaying in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan”. I was not expecting to read those destinations!

      Agree with your insights on thread topic and amazed at story of smart kitty bringing out the kids at the right time!!!

      Thx for this

      • WryGrin – WE weren’t expecting those destinations either, there were all sorts of lovely scenes and so on, and we nearly fell off the sofa when the destination names became apparent!

        • I wish i could turn on my television and see such ads. I might watch it more. Though that’s probably not a bad thing.

          Clever little cat..cat mamas are so lovely.

    • I have a friend who believes that our cats are our prior much loved pets returning to us. So it makes perfect sense when you say that pets or cats choose you.

      • Yes, though on their return one should always test for zombie symptoms , such as red glowing eyes , eating raw flesh etc… A dead cat ‘coming back’ is one thing an ‘undead’ one something quite different.

      • It’s funny you should mention this, Jen Scorpio, because today – for the first time since we lost our dear old Jack Russell, Rosie, when she was 16.5 years old – I found myself talking to her about Bast moving in, and saying I hoped she liked our new furbabies. We have, in our time, caretaken 3 dogs and 6 cats, plus we had to arrange for 2 stray cats to be put to sleep as they had inoperable nose cancers, so we buried them in our garden along with our other pets. I hope no-one ever dug in our garden after we moved out, because they might have got worried about all the bones they found!

    • Absolutely agree AR! The word “cougar” is totes demeaning. I somehow have loved/married younger men all my life. But it’s not about ego, just who I fall in love with; I mean how fuqin exhausting it’d be to just do it to look good, wtf!!?? The love of my life is 15 years younger than me and I just love him for him. It’s love pure and simple. Sure I have moments where I think “wtf, I’m going to be hitting 50 in the next few years”. But our connection is so strong and there’s nothing I can do about it, so I’m just going with it. Fuq patriarchal values: Neptune in Pisces + Pluto in Cap will just dissolve that for sure. I believe in love, pure & simple. xxx

      • And, as I read further in comments, commiz re Rosie and agree re new fur babes, love to u. xx

        • Love to you too. I’m in the opposite position, I’m 64 and Bryan’s 75, although most people assume he’s in his late ’50s or early ’60s. The age doesn’t matter, I couldn’t have cared less if he was older or younger than me, we just fell in love on the spot. Rules are meant to be broken, aren’t they??????

          • YESSS!!!!! And us too, like magnets we are, and love at first sight too, though it took awhile to realise we were both on the same page. For about 6 weeks we were circling each other not sure if it was reciprocated but eventually it was undeniable and …. I won’t bore u. It just is what it is. I told him my age before we became physical/sexual, so it was all on the level. I would never deceive him; and it never was an issue. As I thought, love is love – pure and simple, age is only a state of mind. xx. PS. With my Uranus/Mercury/Pluto tightly conjunct in the 7th house, relationship rules are always meant to be broken/transformed/phoenixed. ? ff. Xxxxc

  9. I think she is beautiful and so is Drew Barrymore. I think most Piscean Sun women I ever had the pleasure of meeting, are divine.

  10. I want the grey kitty!!

    Thought some of the people here might like this one The Geek Zodiac

    There’s a prettier full size version (version 3.5) if you click through to the original link. I’m thinking Treasure Hunter is Cap, Superhero is Virgo & Wizard is Pisces?

  11. Big age gaps in relationships are problematic if the older partner is using a vast difference in life experience to continue to get away with shit nobody else will put up with. I’ve seen this many times, too many. Speeds up the evolutionary process for the younger partner, when they finally realize what gives. Avoiding evolution is the whole point for the other party.

  12. I’m in my early 50s and the thought of being in a relationship with a 20 something is well, just not of interest. 40 something’s in my opinion are the hottest in so many ways … Don’t know Eva’s work but I’m liking what I see.
    I have always had a soft spot for Pisces women, love them. She obviously looks after her pussy, so sweet.

  13. yes, it is a form of sexism, unless of course they are her “boy-toys”. 😉 It’s her life as long as they are legal.
    I am more disturbed by generational gap dating/marriages if I feel the older one is trying to find a toy to control or abuse. But, that’s a different issue all together.
    Woody Allen and his adopted daughter, now that’s creepy and wrong. shudder. Such an ugly old troll.

      • Sad and dysfunctional family situation.
        Accordingly, to “law” it’s legal but, seems to have caused heartache all around.
        I’ve always admired Mia Farrow though.

    • Ooh yeah, Woody and his daughter/wife always freaks me out. I mean I know they’re not related but I totally agree…creepy.

      I do think sometimes it’s a control thing with age gap relationships. Well, late teens/early 20s with anyone 10-15 years older. Hey even 5 years older! I had a terrible control freaky boyfriend from 21-27 and he was only 5 years older and he really held me down. But yeah, Scorpiorising, it is a different issue…still I agree! :)

  14. Scorpio rising – as you say, the Woody Allan situation is rather more than just an age gap issue. Makes me think of non-biological incest. One of his adopted sons tweeted on Father’s Day to say that they call it ‘Brother-in-Law’s’ Day.
    Yeuch. Yet he is still accepted in Hollywood and there are some artists whose work I admire, continue to work with him.
    I’ve never liked his work – apart from Hannah and her sisters.

  15. The colors and composition of this image of A lovely lady is awesome, The cat is regal as well—just an awesome photo.

  16. OMG, don’t get me started. My 1st house Uranus in Libra is foaming at the mouth already. Yes, yes, yes – it’s all blatant sexism, churlishness and the good ol’ double standard. Which is ironic as women preserve/keep themselves up better than men as we get older, often fully coming into our own and for those with children, finally having more time to devote to ourselves and our passions.

    It actually is very likely that an older woman is re-discovering/re-visiting the world in the same way a much younger man is, so while their socio-economic position and maturity levels may not be the same – their enthusiasm and hunger for life is. Which is not to say there are not a million cautions to take as with any relationship, but I do find it very much a sour and bitter assessment when any failure is automatically pinned on the age gap.

    Further, there was always an assumption that women look for older more stable partners as providers and we all know how this has changed – let me be clear, I’m not saying this is the only reason older men/younger women relationships exist but *people* predicate on that reasoning to deem it acceptable.

    I’d married and dated mostly younger men, not out of a marked preference at all and interestingly enough, when I was a young girl I really thought I’d be involved with a much older man. The Sewer in fact was 10 yrs older so I suppose at the time I actually did think it was a relationship to settle down to (wrong!). Now, only younger men ask me out. I never lie about my age, I disclose early before any intimacy and I do this so if in fact, they’re hung up on it, then better it reveal itself early than later.

    Unfortunately, I’ve found men my age or older to be quite rigid in their expectations of me either because they’ve waited to settle down (and therefore they’re going to get what they think they deserve how and when they want it!) or have painful experiences which lead them to qualify relationships with a whole bunch of rules (I’m not doing this, that or the other thing). I wish I could say it was different as that would be great. Men (of any age) are seemingly quicker to move on, date other people, shut down a chapter of their lives after heart ache but in my experience, there’s a bit of willful ignorance that leaves all sorts of things unresolved.

    So, it’s funny this post came about after this weekend as I’d taken myself out to the ocean to ask myself if it really bothered me at all – because La Leo has been on my mind lately. I’m not sure how things will progress but I can only speak for how I feel, which is well, a bit overwhelming. And I realized that really I was just trying to find reasons to temper it and drive myself to a conclusion so I can avoid the discomfort of liking someone so much. If anything further will happen it really is because both of us want it to, period.

    I wrote about it last year
    http://www.femmeruthless.com/1/post/2011/8/uranusly-yours-of-age-the-hope-of-love-and-other-matters.html and I’m happy to say I still feel the same way. Hence I raise my glass to lovers no matter what the age or obstacle, fate my lend a hand in meeting but it’s truly up to us when it comes to keeping. :)

    • So well analysed and expressed FA, I take my hat off to you babe xoxoxo. ff

    • FA, thank you so much for this. Your article feels like it was written for me, and I really needed to hear it right now.

      I too look much younger than I am, which is a great thing in many ways, but I know the dread of saying “the number” and waiting for the look of shock/surprise/disappointment. Wondering whether they’ll stick around or flee. And trying to take it as a compliment when I hear I look really good “for my age.”

      I’m just starting a relationship with someone 7 years younger, who says he’s not at all worried about the age difference. The thing is, it’s *me* who is hung up on insecurities and fears that one day he’ll get a really good look at me and think “wow, she really is old. What was I thinking?” Because in the back of my mind I keep thinking “Why would he want to be with me when he could be with a 26 year old?” I’m very aware that I need to find a way to be ok with this, or I risk driving him away with my insecurities. If you have any advice, I would love to hear it!

      Thanks again for sharing, and especially for the link. I will be a regular reader from now on. :)

      • Oh, I’m glad it helped somehow. Yes, the looks to age conundrum has me feeling as if I were swimming upstream at times – not because I don’t recognize the blessing of my genes, but unwittingly we take on what other people project on to us as our “motivations/agenda” for being with a man who’s younger.

        Well, I have none. I love who I love, and whoever has the same voltage. I once had a gf ask me if I liked a younger bf due to ego, and I realized that question was about her, not me. Because let’s be honest, if it was ego then I’d date someone where my insecurity of them preferring someone their age or younger would be less to zero right?

        So my advice to you is the same I’d give even without the age question. DON’T argue for your limitations. You could be dating someone 10 years older and the same question would be valid (even if it seems less likely but really it’s up to the person). Do you really want this experience to be about age and all the differences??

        If that happened you’d be doing a disservice to yourself and your lover – explore the connection, not the demographics. Btw, when I was 34, I’d started dating the WHU (Well Hung Uranian) who was at the time 24. Fast forward to present day and he now wants to get serious, but I don’t as I never felt the connection was there and at the time, age was an issue for him. I’m STILL 10 yrs older than him but I guess now it doesn’t matter because he’s a bit more ready & mature.

        So if your guy is saying its not a big deal for him, don’t insist for it to be – because how he feels about you and how he wants to go forth is what makes a difference. Not his or your age.

    • Thanks, Fluid..well, I got hit by a 2×4 on this one so I think, it’s in that circling round each other phase. I remember you writing that you asked him out and he wasn’t certain though now you’re super loved up haha..I think La Leo is “processing” so to speak.

      But really, I just have to let go. I’m just a little freaked that yesterday I kept on wondering what it was that made me like him so much and the phrase, “water seeks it’s own level no matter what the container” just kept on popping up. It’s not unusual for people to be comfortable with me, but it’s very unusual for me to be comfortable with them. And for once, I actually don’t resent the space and time it’s taking – even while I can’t wait to see him again, it just feels authentically necessary no matter what happens.

      Last night I happened to open a book of poems I had to Rilke’s quote on Letters to a Young Poet that begins with “to love is good,too; love being difficult” – though this is famously shortened, the full version includes his thoughts on the role of solitude which I thought was true and necessary, “But learning-time is always a long, secluded time, and so loving, for a long while ahead and far on into life, is—solitude, intensified and deepened loneness for him who loves.”

      It may be a consolation, but good company nonetheless.

    • Thanks, FA. in my mid 30s now and i seem to come up against this from time to time. Feelings are what they are, chemistry is what it is, I do agree. And then all those messy insecurities get into bed with you / stand beside the mirror and carp at you.

      I also realised that it’s probably not cool to ‘think for’ one’s partner and assume they are judging you or comparing you. I mean, assume the situation were reversed and dating a man 10 years older meant he was always foisting his worries about age / appearance on you. *yawn*!!

    • We’re all insecure about something – but mainly I find it’s a coping mechanism. It’s almost as if as long as we can say we’re painfully aware of our short falls then we’re forewarned and forearmed?

      But I kid you not, being insecure will not protect anyone from being betrayed or give you numinous insight into the security of the relationship. If it did, then Halle Berry would’ve never been cheated on no?

      It’s a whole loop of backward knee jerk thinking we’re all guilty of, because we think perfection gives less reason for a partner to step outside. So if they do, it must be our lack of youth, pertness or something. It isn’t, betrayal is a function of character, which can be either temporary or permanent depending on the situation/person.

      But it IS sad that we think beauty has the kind of power to command fidelity. It doesn’t, never did, never will.

  17. I love Eva. She’s a real pro. My husband and I worked with her last year, and although I had some reservations going in when I discovered that she had an Aries moon (Lol), they were quickly dispatched. She does her sun and moon quite nicely. :)

  18. You DO know that she is not the one dancing in that commercial, right? So, her best work is standing all sexy-like, after a sub has finished their slice of action? Complimentary!

    • Wish I could hire someone like that to do the dancing for me :) My bro-in-law (46) has just left my sister (47) and their two boys after 12 years, for his secretary (22). She is younger than his oldest daughter from his previous marriage. In this case, I think it is a power thing – not true love, just a case of true ego.

      Personally, althought it is incredibly hard, I believe my Aquarian Sun/Toro Moon/Venus in Pisces sis is much better off without him. He was incredibly controlling.

        • :) Thanks Anon. You don’t tend to hear of women leaving their children and running off with men 20+ years their junior though.

  19. Thankyou MM and FA! I hate the cougar label, I hate the double standards. I hate the fact that women are made to worry about the ‘visible signs of ageing’, and that lined female faces in print or on screen are as rare as hen’s teeth, while Keith Richards and Clint Eastwood get craggier than ever. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to look at pictures of (female) tribal elders, and Georgia O’Keefe while sitting in the sun and look forward to the lines on my face that are yet to appear. I’m a young ‘un and my friends are already using anti-aging creams. At 25. Fuq that.

    • use suncreen! wear good a hat when outside and get lots of sleep! also not too much booze, drugs, smoking. that’s the best skin care for ever. I am in my 30s and sun exposure (in oz) has a lot to answer for. but yes i hear your point.

    • Haha..I love the frantic tone of the sunscreen advice – but aside from lines there is good sense in that to avoid skin cancer.

      I think Beauty will forever be a “currency” women are judged by but thankfully as time passes, ideas of beauty have expanded and there are more and more women who embrace the beautifying effect of self-acceptance, passion and joy. I don’t think beauty should be disregarded but what needs to be qualified are the personal and intimate questions that surround it. Such as what is beautiful to me, do I feel beautiful to me? Is that my idea of beauty or someone elses? What are the stories around beauty that make me feel whole or make me feel betrayed?

      Society will always have its expectations upon us, sometimes summarized into a feeling of Not Being Enough/Being Too Much of Whatever. That’s the battle. The war however is getting clear about the deeply personal. There isn’t enough time to convince everyone else otherwise, but far more fruitful is to occupy the space unique to you – in spirit and body. That includes your physicality as an original expression of a dancing universe and your loving ownership of it.

  20. Hey! Eva Longoria and I share a birthday! We also share Venus Aries / Mars Aqua. But she is a a just a smidge older than me.

    • Tsk tsk, Lucy, thats a bit below the belt. Just cause she’s facing us with those full lips , the left hand waiting to hold something , wearing a red dress split to the waist, with a cat nestled between her thighs , I see no reason to go there with the pussy stuff, c’mon , sheesh. 😕

  21. Transiting Pluto is just entering my 11th house; Bast is the only other entity there, at 28 degrees.

    Speaking of Pluto, one of my dogs totally demolished her crate while I was out for a few hours today. I need to crate her when I leave because she’s a pup with serious anxiety issues, and just itching to shred my Turkish and/or Persian rugs. I love her– but the rugs are Mine. So I put her out while I cleaned up the chunks of plastic and figured out what to do next.

    (Both of my dogs are chows, btw, and both rescues. I have this year-old that I got recently, and I have another that’s 13 y.o. who’s been with me since 6 weeks of age.)

    I took a break from collecting mangled crate pieces to consult the Oracle re a housewitch cure. The Oracle said to get rid of a “scratching post.” Damn, Oracle– I’m working on it, ok?

    I used to have cats; I had 2 wonderful kitties when I got my older dog. Well into their teens, both cats died of cancer. Then it was just me and my old girl, and then my son came along…

    I miss my cats. I still keep their pictures up, still dream of them. Bast 1 and Bast 2.

    Who is this Eva person?