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Fragment of the face of a queen, ca. 1353–1336 B.C. Egypt

Currently:  Asteroid Hatshepsut,  Hathor and Nefertiti are in Gemini, with Venus.  Asteroid Isis is in Libra trine Bast in Aquarius. Kleopatra is nearing a conjunction with Pluto.  Egyptian astro is a genius distraction from Saturn hell AND it can prove amazingly evocative…magic even.

Go to this post to figure yours out & share here.

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18 thoughts on “Egyptomania

  1. Wow– that was fun! And speaking of Egypt, it’s still tops on my places to visit some day…

    Isis (*love*) conjuct my MC in Sagg (and doing something with my Sun: I don’t know what that symbol means on the chart). Hatshepsut 24d Libra/8th house. Hathor 19d Virgo/7th house. Nefertiti 0d Aqua/11th house (and squaring Uranus-Merc conjunct at 29d Libra).

    And then I found the asteroid Old Joe– haha! He’s at 8d Scorp/8th house, and conjunct my Mars. Sweet.

    And then I found the Hella asteroid! LOL 12d Libra/7th house, and doing something with my Pluto at 8d Libra.

    • Old joe… That’s the part of you who’s lived long enough to see it all, leaning against a fence post, nodding sagely at passers by. He has the long as you give him the of day and a smile

  2. Oh this is so so magical MM!

    As we speak this Venusian Libran is awaiting the birth of her new website honouring the timeless Goddess .I am awaiting delegation for my nascent www to go live. I could not have hoped for a more potent omen!

    It was my first visit to Egypt in 1989 which first awakened this sleeping Goddess. I was fortunate enough to return on 4 more occasions to bask in that ancient energy.

    I will just trust that all that omnipotent LOVE energy coupled with Mars in Libra will overcome the multiple male delays I have had to overcome!

    May the Goddess live!

  3. Nothing much to report here. In fact my Gary, expecting his kick-arse Mars transit any moment, is gazing across from Libra pretty smugly at my unaspected Hathor (Pisces), Isis (Gem) and Hatshepsut (Aqua).

    My Nefertiti is conj my Vesta in Aries.

    What I learned from the Cleopatra post is that I too have Venus sq Neptune and Venus sq Jupiter. Is that called a T square?? Anyways, I have it. ‘Over the top for love’. Yep, got that right. When will love go over the top for me? (*Whines, begins scribbling hair-metal anthem*)

    • gary on a mars transit with the zapzone on roids? YES you need a metal hair anthem.

    • Haha yes it’s hair metal all the way, not my usual genre you understand, but I am totally hearing a song entitled Over the Top for Love, with the hook ‘I’ve gone over the top for love/when will love go over the top for me?’ :) Maybe it’s all the Tom Cruise talk here, and Rock of Ages is on my mind. Let’s just say my love life resembles the TomKat sitch but minus the $$$/weird child/Katie’s fab hair.

      Ms., I’m embarrassed that my Gaz bogan astro is stronger in my chart than my Eygptian stuff. Gaz can’t wait for Mars to get here. It’s like the goodlooking older brother blowing into town, and Gaz knows he’s got two weeks to nail all Mars’ cast-offs xx

      • that last paragraph is fuqin funny – i spat out my mouthful of late night cereal snack

  4. Nefertiti-Isis-Hathor conjunct Sun ruled by venus too [no wonder I have strong venus appreciation.]

    Hatshepsut is 11 Aries so it’s conjunct transiting Uranus in 9th.

    Egyptian astrology is rad.

  5. Isis conj Nefertiti conj sun in libra, Hathor exact conj mars in leo, Hatshepsut is 0 capricorn. I wish they were planets!

  6. Nefertiti is at 6% Capricorn nearly conjunct my Bitch Goddess Lilith at 10% Capricorn ( which I have only just discovered). So transiting Pluto is bang in the middle.
    I am officially excited :-)
    For me this really supports the rest of the energies going on and the feeling that I so own myself and my solution to it all is to ‘be Capricorn’ – It adds a clarity of focus to everything else – that aha moment – I’m becoming a bitch ( a right royal one too ) :-) But I will be graceful about it and only the fuqwits will think so anyhow.
    My maternal Grandmother was a capricorn and now I understand our relationship better – I was too young when she was alive, so that’s interesting too :-)
    Loving the energies at the moment Mystic :-)

  7. The statue echoes my current migraine. Ouch.

    Aries Sun, Mercury and Jupiter 1st House (Pisces Asc).

  8. Had quite a few past life exp. in sessions where I was in Egypt.
    But I don’t have the asteroid muscle to match!

    Hatsep in Virgo (3rd)
    Hathor in Gem (1) opp Nefertiti in Sagg (7th)
    Ubasti conj Lilith in Aqua (8th)
    Isis in Libra (5th) – actually I really like this placement, sounds glam.

    Btw, I get the impression that Hathor & Isis are not interchangeable, rather they exchange symbolism.

  9. Isis is currently exact my NN in Libra opposite Sun and Pof F, which makes Bast at 13 Aqua trine my NN and sextile Sun/pof.

    Above, Ms. mentioned looking up cats. Early this morning fell back to sleep and dreamt of a black panther putting it’s jaws around my left wrist (female side).

    I was taken aback for a moment knowing it could rip me to shreds at any second but then I stroked her face and then she was asleep on the floor with another large cat, lighter color.

    This is not my first time with the panther totem but it has been so, so long since she has made an appearance. This is def a good thing. Thanks Mystic for the connection. x