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Disclaimer: I am not endorsing-pushing Xanax and in fact, i have never even had one Xanax. I’m a fiend for therapy, exercise endorphins, acupuncture. TCM herbs, homeopathy, Rescue Remedy and all. Even my Aquarian cat, Tesla, lasted but two days on Prozac before switching to homeopathic Thuja. But the word Xanax sounds cool. Like a Time-Raiders demon.

Anyway, it’s a Dark Moon and so obviously the time for psychological growth.Β  But if you’re feeling a bit strung out with all the Mars activity, why not pop an Astrological Xanax?

* Go through and list your top five trines (120 degree angles) and then get off on how awesomely those planets work together. See Trine & Dine for more on these sparkling aspects, your natural-born cosmic blessings in daily motion.

* Check your Jupiter and remember that Jupiter means Guru so calculate your success, opportunity and protection potential in the bit of your chart where you have Jupiter – HUGE, right?Β  So gloat about that for a bit. Then look at where Jupiter is going to be in your chart for the next year or so and freak OUT with the delicious possibilities. Where lurks uber-Jupiter is where you can BELIEVE and be totally L.O.A. if you like.

* If you would rather just do your Sun Sign, head straight to the Hi-Lo Astrology section, find your sign and read ONLY the good bits. The Haute or High version of whatever your sign is.

YES?Β  You know it. As always, with D.I.Y. Astro, the more astro-erudite folks will help the newbies in the Comments section.Β  Short of demanding a full chart analysis, you can ask any question you like here. Pseudo Intellectual Astro Bitches are always friendly to future fellow members of the coven site.


Image: Marcus Gunnar Pettersson

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133 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Astro: Astrological Xanax

  1. My Top 5:
    Venus trine Uranus (I love being innovative or I love revolutionaries)
    Venus trine Jupiter (capacity to give big love or I love larger than life people)
    Mercury trine MC (I love communicating that I love work)
    Mercury trine Moon (I love being a communicative mom)
    Sun trine Neptune (I love being spiritually blessed and imaginatively gifted).

  2. I’m not sure what the trines in my chart mean:

    Sun/Chiron in Cancer, Fifth House TRINE Pluto in Scorpio, Tenth House (orb 3’52”/3’44”)


    Jupiter in Gemini, Fourth House TRINE Ascendant in late Aquarius (orb 5’27”)

    • Sun trine Pluto is a nice trine, not too intense, but a motivating force perhaps?
      Jupiter trine Ascendant is very nice too, a generous person, inner and outer harmony, people might come to you for advice or like being around you to talk (Gemini/air)?

  3. Okay, so Jupiter is almost conjunct my Gem asc right now in the 12th. During the course of the next year t’ll conjunct both my Mars and Jupiter in Gemini – also bot inthe 12th.

    I’ve no idea what this might mean. But when the planet of luck is going to conjunct your planet of luck, that can’t be too bad a thing, right?

    I feel like with it conjuncting my Mars, I may learn how to more actively assert myself. (Yeah, I can be a passive-aggressive Aries. Weird, right?)

    • ha, your comment is a nice reminder to me that Jupiter is about to trine my Sun and my transiting Mars. That’s gotta be good :)

  4. ME! Top Five Trines

    I have

    Venus in Pisces trine Neptune in Scorp
    Aqua Asc trine North Node in Gemini
    Mercury in Aries trine South Node
    Jupiter in Taurus trine Lilith in Cap and Mars-Pluto-Uranus in Virgo
    Saturn in Pisces trine Midheaven in Scorp

    People go bk and read Trine & Dine if you need more info too as there is a LOT of stuff in there and some ultra amazing comments

    • I have Sun Libra trine Lilith Gemini, but I didn’t count it in my Top 5 cause I don’t know much about lilith.

    • Mystic… where is the Trine & Dine that you are referring to? I did a search but nothing came up. Sorry! :(

      • It’s there. Try searching just one word then and don’t forget to scroll down. Won’t necessarily be the first thing you see eh. :)

  5. I LOVE the idea, Mystic! Some positive thinking can’t hurt on this dark moon.

    I’m a sun-jupiter person ( 1 degree conjunction ) in libra in the 4th house. I always remind myself of this astro blessing when the times are tough.

    My trines:

    not sure how to summarise the meaning of those, will go search for answers

  6. Chiron trine Saturn -1
    Aquarian Ascendant trine Pluto -3
    Ascendant trine Mercury 5
    Ascendant trine Sun 6
    Scorpio MC trine Neptune -6

    I think these are in order closest to furthest, but I am not sure. I don’t understand why it says that my MC is trine Neptune though because Neptune is in Sag right next door to Scorpio.

    Jupiter is in Gemini which is my 4th house so hopefully I will be lucky on the homefront this year. :)

    • If I throw some asteroids on there I also have

      Juno trine Moon 2
      Lilith trine Midheaven

  7. Iam aTaurus not sure where things are in my chart but I have had an amazing day. I decided the other week to get motor bike lessons. Iam in my 50s. I had a fantastic day learning how to ride once I get my licence i will get a bike. Havent told anyone in the family as they would give me crap about it. I feel like life is changing for the better. Harley Davidson here I come!

    • I had lessons and got my motorcycle license a few years ago, at 45. I never did get a bike (yet?), but it felt like such an achievement at the time.
      Congratulations – ride safely and enjoy!

    • Speaking about lessons, I had my first guitar lesson yesterday :) With a piscean friend ( who teaches guitar professionally ), an obvious high neptunian type. Apparently since an early age his favourite colours have been those of neptune and its’ moons before he knew anything about astrology, fascinating little detail!

      • Nice work, AoF! I too am learning to play properly. It’s been 25 years since I picked up a guitar. Back then I only knew three chords :) so I consider myself to be learning now for the first time

        Do you have a particular transit going on that has prompted this? For me it’s Neptune / Chiron in my 7th, authenticity of self (Pisces sun), and Pluto heading for my moon in 5th. I’m writing songs again after decades of muteness.

  8. I am going to look into Thuja… I have a very nervous cat! I have tried Feliway but he seemed indifferent… I sometimes put the Bach remedy Aspen in his water bowl but need to commit to this and also try some others to see how he goes. He is very affectionate and gets along well with my other cat, does seem generally happy, but he gets very easily freaked out and is quite nervy and skinny. He’s my special little guy!

    • Is it ok to just drop the Bach flower rems into their water? I wasn’t sure and my beast is prime for some homeopathy and flower remedy help. She’s an ultra clingy Toro with separation anxiety and food issues.

      • That was me, my own laptop tragically died (holla at Merc RX) and I’m not used to having to log myself in!

  9. Oh my goodness, this is really interesting!
    I have a grand earth trine – Mars/moon/Jupiter. Is that one or two trines? Then:
    Moon-MC; moon-Pluto; Pluto-MC, which must be another grand earth trine?? Soz, am crap at reading charts properly. It’s got triangles on the tables, but no lines from the MC. Oh and Chiron-Neptune. And as my Lilith is exact conj my moon that means my Lilith is in those moon trines as well. Jupes going through my 10th which is where my natal Jupiter is.
    Fuq. I need to pay way more attention to this. *Opens spreadsheet, counts blessings*

    • o yes – sounds like 2 grand earth trines :) grand trines are real re-inforcements of the element , in your case earth. on astro.com, they don’t give grand trines as a descriptor, but you can clearly see them on the chart, and astro.com will only say a trine between X and Y, and a trine between Y and Z, and a trine between Z and X. To ensure all aspects line show when you generate a chart, use the expanded options -> natal chart -> check the box that says ‘show aspects to all’ and that might generate the MC line. But you can do it by the degrees, too, so if the other corners of the trine are say at 15 degrees of the sign, then the MC would be near 15 degrees. I think the orb for trines (the allowance) is 10 degrees.

      • Oh ok cool, thanks quintile, I’ll try that with the diagram.

        All those trines from my Cap moon-Lilith might explain the whole Cap force field thing I’ve got going on.

        I’ve always thought of myself as too much water: all my Pisces planets, plus a Merc-Neptune trine, but I actually have a good strong balance of earth.
        This is wonderful food for thought about self-perception. It’s a nice change of pace from freaking about my T square with Venus, Neptune and Jupiter and wondering if I will ever make a sensible love decision again in my life :)

  10. I have Libra Lilith trine my gem asc, Pisces NN trine kataka chiron, and Virgo SN trine my triple-conjunct Cappalicious Saturn/Neptune/Uranus in the 7th.

    I can feel ALL of these trines, especially lately. My SN and NN fight over transcendence vs obsessing and have finally figured out to meet in the middle. My SN is reflecting back on the ex (it’s been a year, surely he can chat now, no?), but the NN says, “do what you must to let this go.” So I did. Didn’t help he was totes in my psychic space this morning (dreaming about things from his perspective, but as if they were my own? that took a while to separate.) and now… even tarot stops my obsession, no male cards! the cards are clear: worry about you. (Did I mention the Pisces NN is in the 9th house?)

    And its trine on my chiron is helping me “get” things, even when i’m left scratching my head going “but nobody’s that fuqing stupid.” well, they are.

    but my NN sextiles my 7th house. maybe I should get over my fear of Pisces men, or their venus signs? (can NOT handle moon signs in water. it’s death.)

    • look for any sextiles – they are also a flowing aspect just slightly less intense.

  11. lots. also lots of sextiles… hey, this is good.

    fire trine – MC Aries, Saturn Leo, Neptune Sagg. (Almost Uranus +1)
    air trine – Mars Aqua, Asc Gemini, NN Libra (currently Saturn +1)
    earth – Jupiter & Lilith Taurus, Moon Cap.

    Shall proceed to maximise Jupiter soon to be in 12th house blessings.

    *now goes to feed ego on haute-Pisces good bits*

    • oh! And.

      Venus, Chiron, Sth Node, Part of fortune (all conjunct) in Aries trine Saggi descendant.

    • how do you experience your neptune trine saturn? and you NN trine AC for that matter? we have similar charts in some ways. :)

      my nept/sat has kept me from falling in love with spiritual leaders- heh- maybe that’s the leo talking- hard to see them as anything more than an equal which pisses them off and is awesome. πŸ˜€ and a slight deterrent to love zombieism…slight. i’ve read social causes- sure- but anything else you’ve noticed?

      • actually!! highly grounded and fiercely individualistic spirituality! chaos magick. sweet!!

        • ooh and on that note it probably means our magical powers are real and produce results! which makes me happy as the awol crab thinks of himself as a mage but even though he has a lovely venus/mars/neptune grand fire trine and is a better artist, his saturn is all lonely and useless in the 12th house aspecting nothing besides a really wide (7*) pluto square! so i’m actually better at this chaos game than him and he knows it and is threatened! ha! hitler saturn appeased and i can go to bed now.

        • lol HDQ, to be honest I never know how to realistically identify / separate effects from say, neptune in my 6th trine saturn in my 2nd, vs other aspects…

          but I do very much like this idea – ‘highly grounded and fiercely individualistic spirituality’ – definitely resonate with that. I do not do the Guru thing. I simply can’t develop an allegiance to one idea, person, thing, whatever. Very, very very skeptical about claims to legitimacy or authority re this! I had always put it down to my catholic upbringing or any number of other aspects in my chart that demand I understand WHY I have to do something… “says who?! let’s see what happens if I don’t do as you say… yep thought so, i am still here.”

          but, yes, re results…hmm if I give it 100%, e.g. if i actually do a ritual or a spell (few and far between) things seem to happen for me / manifest the way I intended, and very quickly. Never really thought about it that way.

  12. I don’t have any trines :-( At least not to any major planets or better known asteroids………………..
    HELP please – what does this mean?

    • Just seen London above – I’ve only one sextile but it is Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Virgo * Asc conjunct Venus, Neptune, Ceres, Pallas & a couple more I think…………………… Just getting to grips with it really.
      Rest is semi-sextile, conjunctions, oppositions – practically everything is in a yod Hmmm……….

      • yods are cool. you channel the energy of the sextile into the point. And you get to use the word quincunx.
        Kim Falconer did a post about yods recently that explains how to work them.

        • Thanks guys.
          Will look at that post of KF’s – which point? the midpoint between the sextile or the one that quinquxes it?

  13. thanks mystic – what a LOVELY, positive exercise! moon trine jupiter; neptune trine asc; venus trine saturn; uranus trine MC ( a good antidote to this week’s freak out about my uranus square jupiter!). Is it excessive to count mars trine lilith; moon trine ceres – ahhh – can relax tonight!

    • I had a freakout tonight about my daughter’s Jupiter square Uranus – from reading something on an astro site, it was a pretty lame site, but still it freaked me for a minute. Then I read her Jupiter trine Saturn which virtually expressed the opposite!

      Someone here said something once about squares becoming more like trines – after the hard yards have been done, or something like that…so maybe squares are the diamond in the rough, work it right and make them sparkle!

      • That’s good to know, re squares. My son has a bunch of squares, and I’m prone to fret over what it means for him. But then, I’m given to just fretting over him, in general. lol

        Thanks for this, Fifi :)

      • I love my squares, more than the trines. Trines do not move personality, squares do.

        signed: Pluto square Sun. :-)

        Oppositions (if I remember correctly what Mystic once wrote) are about other people. That scares me.

        • Personality you say… :). Must be why I have such a big personality. I have Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, Mars and Chiro all squaring my moon in Saggo :). I have 10 squares in my chart.

  14. Saturn trines to sun, venus, mercury…venus trine asc…now thats not exactly mega uber exciting but hey as leo with cap rising & saturn in the fifth just call me saturn girl…sagacious even…
    Leo Mars trine Aries Chiron, yessss!
    Jupiter culminating in the 9th conjunct Venus trine Asc…angels at my shoulders…bless

  15. Yay! Top four (as dont see a fifth):

    1. Sagg sun (8th house) trine Aries ascendant and Mars in Leo (4th house)
    2. Sagg Neptune (8th house) trine Aries asc and Mars in Leo (4th house)
    3.Pluto-NN Libra (6th house) trine Aqua moon (10th house)
    4. Merc in Cap (9th house) trine Saturn in Virgo (5th house) trine Chiron (2nd)

    Natal jupiter is in my 3rd house though as a sagg sun i guess it is all over my 8th too
    Transiting jupiter is in my 2nd.

    This is good stuff- thank you mystic.
    Now Ive got something to muse on other than my nerves as i soak my feet in epsom salts and take my rescue remedy….

  16. I have to admit that up until recently I thought of all the aspects as “sqiggles” ie: I have Saturn squiggle Mars and so forth. Mind you, up until fairly recently I thought of the outer planets as “squiggles” as well πŸ˜€

    So I have Uranus trining Saturn
    Chiron trining my sun and Neptune
    Vertex trining Pluto (what is a vertex please ?)
    Palas trining Saturn
    My ascendant (Virgo) trining saturn

    So I notice that Saturn is getting trined a lot – I take it if I work hard and eat vegetables good things will come my way ?

    And Jupiter is currently swooping through my 10th in Gemini, bringing me multiple ways of making luck and a tendency to take on too many careers at once πŸ˜€

  17. How do I figure these trines out? Just locate the transits and determine which ones are 120 degrees apart from each other? Where can I find the Trine & Dine that Mystic is referring to? Hoping it has baby steps on how to figure this out. Ugh… I wish I understand this better. Trying! :)

    • Ellie – go to astro.com and go to ‘free horoscopes’, chose ‘chart drawing ascendant’ to generate your chart. underneath it is a table – you can see if any planets have aspects to another by the coloured symbols (these represent the angle of the aspect). those that have triangles are trines. astro.com auto calculates them. transits are when moving planets form angles to your birth positions. so this is exercise is about aspects – the angles the planets took at your time of birth – not transits. hope this helps :)

      • Thank you quintile! Helps me out a lot. I think I was reading your mind while you were typing this. Just by chance I found the trine listing at astro.com… ugh! Thank you!!

    • I can be such a nitwit.. just found through astro.com that they list the “trines” and “sextiles” for each day! duh!! LOL!! :)

      • Ellie – they are still the transits you’re looking at – astro.com will generate them each day depending on which planets are transiting your natal planets. your natal aspects are the ones that you always have – and you read them from your chart. Its tres confusing I know :)

    • Virgo Ellie, Trine and Dine is here. I think Mystic is talking about trines in the natal chart rather than by transit. Do you have an Astrodienst account? If so please ignore the following as it will be tedious, otherwise: They are free for most functionalities, you can sign up, put in your birth details then under the free horoscopes section go to Horoscope Drawings and Calculations, subsection Extended Chart selection, select Natal and you will get a wheel with the aspects including trines in a little table at the bottom or in a separate pdf. Alternatively go to the free interactive scopes and click on the Astroclick portraits and look for blue lines between planets 120 degrees apart as you say. You can get to astrodienst from Mystic’s sidebar- just click on the Current Planets app.

      All of my trines are to outer planets: Uranus and Pluto conjunct and trine Ascendant, and with a bit of a wider orb of 5-7, Neptune and Mars conjunct and trine chiron (lots of mid sixties babies have this I think, as Chiron dawdled in Pisces). My Uranian nature is quietly unconventional rather than full on and I find it hard to “breathe” in any relationship. My most romantic relationship moment was a long distance phone call in the middle of a storm LOL.

      • Haha. Your description of your longest relationship makes me smile. It appeals to my natal Uranus square Saggo moon. :)

  18. Top 5 eh.. well it goes a little like this….and there are a little more than 5 so how does one pick which would be top? Do I actually have lots then? I have like 8 squares too so .. well here they are.
    Uranus in Virgo – Moon in Cap
    Uranus in Virgo – Venus in Cap
    Uranus in Virgo – Mars in Cap (minus degree?)
    Pluto in Virgo – Moon in Cap
    Pluto in Virgo – Venus in Cap
    Pluto in Virgo – Mars in Cap (minus degree)
    Chiron in Pisces – Neptune in Scorpio
    Neptune in Scorpio – Saturn in Pisces (minus degree)
    AC Toro – trine Moon (minus degree)
    AC Toro – trine Venus in Cap (minus degree)
    AC Toro – trine Mars
    AC Toro – trine Uranus in Virgo
    AC Toro – trine Pluto in Virgo 0
    MC Aqua – trine Jupiter (me Saggi) in Gemini

    • Ceres in Pisces trine Neptune in Scorpio
      Vesta in Kataka trine Saturn in Pisces & also trine Chiron
      True Node trine Neptune
      Varuna in Toro has 3 trines to Moon, Venus & Uranus
      Circus in Kataka has 3 trines to Saturn, Neptune & Chiron

      Ok..well there are a couple more too I think…

      And as a random.. I have Antares in Saggi.. nice because my 7th is a combo Saggi/Scorp and I like that it’s heart of Scorp.

      Can’t say I know what it all means. That’s half the fun .. the mystery.. I do know that the triangle in hermetic law is truth/love/wisdom!

  19. venus trine neptune
    venus trine ascendant, south node
    neptune trine ascendent, south node
    lilith trine north node
    mars trine uranus
    eros trine saturn

    my heart always gets me into trouble and poetry

  20. I’m officially a newbie at working these things out, but I’m interested to know where Jupiter will be in my chart over the next year?
    My natal chart is Jupiter in Pisces in the 3rd house.

    I also have three trines that I know of..

    Jupiter trine Saturn
    Moon trine Midheaven
    Moon trine Pluto

    Not really sure what that means, but I’m sure it’s all good!

    • Jupiter is currently in early Gemini – if you look over there -> you’ll see the ephemeris widget thing that tells you exactly where he is. But look at what house Gemini covers and that’s where he’s hanging (6th maybe?). You’ll get a Jupiter square Jupiter transit in there too.

      • Thanks Anon! I’m not sure what the ephermis widget thing is, but I have Gemini in the 5th house with la luna in there. I also have a yod there, so I’m guessing that’s kind of significant? For some reason, I’m always happy about my moon in Gemini! With so much Cap in my chart, it’s a breath of fresh air. Literally :)

  21. I have many planets conjunct –it’s interesting that all my trines are with these conjunct planets.
    Uranus-Pluto conjunct in Virgo–trined by Jupiter in Toro (6th house)
    Saturn Moon conjunct in Aqua–trined by Node in Gemini (7th house)
    Sun-Neptune conjunct in Scorpio–trined by Chiron in Pisces (4th house)

    I’m not sure what this means (I would love to hear from you) but I have made up some stories about these guys.

    The conjunct planets are all married couples. Neptune and Sun in the 12th Scorpio are the creative, introverted couple: the Sun is the Shy Star and Neptune is his eccentric, dreamy wife. The two often have “Hippie Grampa” (Chiron) over for dinner and have a great time discussing palmistry, reiki, myths, and all manner of woo-woo stuff.

    The Moon and Saturn conjunct in Aqua 3rd house are Ma and Pa Kettle. They had a karmic arranged marriage (trine the node in 7th Gemini) and are very pissed off about it.

    Uranus and Pluto are the Mad Scientist and the FBI agent couple–sort of like Bones and Booth. They like hooking up with “Good Time Guy” aka Jupiter, who likes to egg them on whenever they are digging up something juicy.

    Does this make any kind of sense?

    • LOL, my cat is doing it inside the house!! There is another doing the stalkery scent marking thing outside and it’s frustrating her to no end. She’s beside herself because I won’t let her unleash into territorial battle mode. She’s also dealing with tradies ripping my deck down/replacing it during the day whilst I’m not here so her sanctuary is shattered a little at the mo. And then there’s the peeps that visit out of body. Sigh.. it does keep her busy and keeps me a little amped myself on occassion. She’s a Cap-kitty, and a mature lass :)

      Empathy to you Saggita, cat prowling can be torture when it’s unsettled. Any neighbour cats on heat etcs?

      • Saggita, soz, but it’s for Hippychic below and i’m calling Merc now to explain why he’s totally fuq’n with my comms tonight and for the benefit of my own sanity I am putting a veto on further posts.

        Arrgghh! :)

        • So.. you were asking… … does it make any sense?

          Hahaha… not when it comes to me it appears. Sheepish grin.. over ‘n out :)

  22. mmm very interesting and totally distracting.

    I have a moon trine cluster –
    Moon in Aqua trine Venus, Uranus, mercury and Jupiter in Libra
    (interp – detatchment saves me over and over???)
    To Balance I also have a lovley Pluto in Virgo trine Mars and MC in Cap :)
    (interp – volcanic eruption after pushing detatchment too far?. The oomph lies sleeping in the shadow until provoked then Kaboom)
    To link these Venus also trine MC??
    Need to study more on these as I havn’t a clue.
    BUT am having a wierd cat experience at the mo that feels Marsish. This cat is patrolling the exterior of our house, only at night and meows at each window as it does the rounds. I have gotten close enough to see it is well looked after (except that its not shut in at night) but not close enough to get a number to call. It goes on through the night, causing there to be no sleep had at all. THe dog goes crazy and the meow is loud. Starting to feel like one of those torture sleep deprivation chambers. A couple of nights of this and I am delirious.

    • Oops.. that’s it Mercury, I’ve had it.

      Saggita, see post reply directly above πŸ˜‰

  23. Lol I have more newbie questions for the astro celebs here
    i have 10 trines natally…
    I have the Moon in Virgo ( 4th house) trine:
    Mars in Capricorn in 8th house
    Saturn in Taurus in 1st house
    Ascendant in Taurus in 1st house

    I also Have Mars ( Cappy, 8th ) trining Saturn (Taurus in 1st) and MC in Aqua. Both Jupiter and Neptune in Sag in the 7th Trine Chiron in Aries (11th)..

    Apart from making me into my unique stubborn self, what does that all mean please.. lol

  24. Mercury in aries 10th house 0 deg Trine Jupiter in sag 6th house 0Β°28 (I can usually get my point across when I truly believe in an idea)

    Mars in cancer 1st house 0 deg Trine Neptune in scorpio 5th house 5Β°04 (I have no idea how this trine works ? anyone ?

    Saturn in Cap 7th house Trine Pluto in Virgo 3rd house 5Β°08 (I care about people in a very practical way)

  25. DIY astro is my favourite,…and jolly Jupiter is just the tonic for a dark moon!

    My top 5 trines :
    Jupiter in Cancer trine Neptune Scorpio
    Jupiter in Cancer trine Asc in Pisces
    Jupiter in Cancer trine Chiron in Pisces
    Sun in Aries trine Moon in Virgo
    Moon in Virgo trine NN Taurus

    Currently transiting Jupiter is exactly conjunct my natal venus in Gem (3rd) and the sun is conjunct my Jupiter in Cancer (4th)

    It’s fun trying to put it all together but a little confusing too…is the sun conjunct my jupiter more influential than transiting jupiter conjunct venus? Or do you just look at both…

    Off to read Trine and Dine, thanks for the link Pholus !

      • Oh is that a grand trine – a planet with 3 trines? Always wondered what those grand ones were – thank you for that! I really enjoy your comments Quintile, you’re always so helpful and have some great knowledge to share. x

  26. don’t even have 5 trines πŸ˜‰
    venus (11th) trine jupiter,
    mercury (10th) trine pluto (3rd),
    virgo asc trine neptune (4th)
    mars (5th) trine mc

    jupiter in the 7th and no, I’m not flooded with relationships πŸ˜‰ maybe that will change when jupiter hits my stellium in gemini twice in 10th with lilith, moon, chiron, sun. or just put some steroids in my career..

  27. Lovely idea! I am being zapped bigtime and badly need to get my mind off it. I’ve got:

    Pluto in Libra trine Venus in Gemini trine Lilith-Pallas in Aquarius
    Jupiter in Pisces trine Sun-MC in Cancer
    Mars in Leo trine Neptune in Sagg
    Venus in Gemini trine AC in Libra
    Mars in Leo trine NN in Sagg trine Chiron in Aries

    I have a lot of squares and oppositions in my chart and sometimes get focused on them way too much and forget about the trines. Pretty sure that Jupiter trine MC has saved my behind on more than one occasion. Looking forward to Jupiter transiting my 9th house from next month. New horizions!

  28. Aspects make my head spin a bit. Like algebra does, and other combos of numbers + odd shapes. My natal trines (I think):

    Sun (18d scorp) – Jupiter (8d pisces/asc) – Saturn (18d kataka)

    Uranus/Mercury (29d libra) – Jupiter (8d pisces) – Ascendent (6d pisces)

    Saturn (18d kataka) – Mars (9d scorp) – Venus (19d scorp) – Sun (18d scorp)

    Uranus/Merc (29d libra) – Jupiter (8d pisces)

    AC (6d pisces) – Uranus/Merc (29d libra) – Mars (9d scorp)

    Water water everywhere…

  29. Ok, I couldn’t read previous comments for insights, but here are mine’

    1. Uranus in Libra trine Merc in Gem (0 degree, Applies)*
    2. Pluto in Virgo trine Moon in Cap (0 degree, Applies)
    3. Saturn in Taurus trine Moon in Cap (2 degree, Applies)
    4. Venus in Taurus trine Moon in Cap (3 degree, Applies)
    5. Pluto in Virgo trine Sat/Ven in Taurus

    That is an earth grand trine and an air trine.
    All I can see is, .. I can be a disgustingly level-headed mind-bender.

    *newbies; check astro.com chart symbols at the bottom, with triangles and numbers mean degrees, I believe A:Applying aspect (lessons to learn), S:Separating aspect (learned lessons)

    • And Jup is in Gem, conjuncting my Merc and Sun soon. I would like to invent something that will change someone’s life who needs it.

  30. I only have 3 trines and i think they are broken. They don’t seem to do anything.

    Sun Trine Saturn
    Venus Trine Jupiter
    Saturn Trine Uranus

    What are these supposed to do?

    • Don’t take this as gospel but I think Sun trine Saturn ought to make you ultra practical and organised, Venus trine Jupiter = lucky in love (!) and Saturn trine Uranus would be something to do with hard work/solid skills in harmony with innovation. Genius being 99% perspiration and all that…

      • Sorry, that was me. Also, the thing about trines is that you can maybe take them for granted, or not see them in yourself – other people will see them in you though!

      • Well some is true. I’m amazing at work if i do say so myself. People like to throw money at me and my ideas. However that shit about love is wrong. I am one of the least luckiest peeps i know in matters of the heart.

        Well i take that back. I work with a woman who found her true love, married him, and he died a year later of a preventable heart attack. (they sued the hopsital). She’s a widow a 26 y.o. :( I never talk about my love luck in front of her because she’s the one person i know who sucks worse.

        I’m 40 and i’ve never been married. Never had a relationship last over 6 years. Avg relationship fizzles in about 2 yrs. No one would date me in high school so i never dated. I pretty much had to beg a male friend to have pity sex so i wouldn’t continue being a virgin in my adult life. I go for years without meeting a soul. Many times in my life, I’d rather be in love with a book/film character than a real person, like right now. None of these are what I would call lucky in love.

        • You need to look at your whole chart – especially the other aspects to Venus, and the houses Venus and Jupiter are in to see how it’s all working. Are there Venus/Saturn, Venus/Neptune aspects? (I’ve got Venus semisextile Saturn and opposite Neptune – I know all about long dry periods and imaginary loves) But Venus/Jupiter does give you a dose of luck/attract goodwill. People loving to throw money at you sounds like Venus/Jupiter to me.

          • No you are probably right. It can’t be taken in isolation. My Neptune-Venus Square is a tighter connection than the Jupiter-Venus Trine. I’ve got Saturn in the 7th.

            I still don’t believe in trines. It’s right up there with unicorns.

            • Haha… I’m the same with asteroids – don’t believe in them

              Venus is not always about love. It’s relationships in general, business and money as well.
              You’re not alone EEL. I’m 48, never married, longest relationship was 2 years. Had had plenty of lovers up until my late 30’s but it never goes anywhere. Currently experiencing a very, very dry spell. Potential lovers appear, flirt a bit then disappear in a puff of smoke. Hmph.
              I have Venus square Asc & quintile Jupes. My moon in Saggo is squared by Uranus, Mars, Saturn, Pluto & Chiron. I don’t know what I want but I do like my freedom I suppose.

  31. Top 5:
    Moon in Pisces trine Jupiter in Scorpio
    Moon in Pisces trine Scorpio Rising
    Moon in Pisces trine Venus in Scorpio
    Sun in Virgo trine Saturn in Taurus
    Mercury in Virgo trine Saturn in Taurus
    Saturn in Taurus trine Pluto in Virgo

    Jupiter in Scorpio 1st House

    • Saturn trine Pluto
      Mercury trine Saturn
      I don’t feel disciplined or practical, maybe compared to someone else I might be. Hard to see these things in ourselves sometimes! πŸ˜‰
      I admire hard working Saturn types but, not too uptight and serious though, it scares me off!

  32. I’m a trine free zone. None of my fire planets even touch my ASC! Couple of sextiles but I’m mostly a giant conjunction. Even adding asteroids etc doesn’t do a anything because they’re mostly in Libra (usually in the 7th house, my stelium is EPIC) and adding to the conjunction frenzy.

    Looks like I have Jupiter trining my Saturn, Jupiter and Venus for the next year though which sounds useful and nice. It’ll be transiting my 3rd house where I could really do with extra blessings, lovely.

    • Nooooo I forgot my Leo NN, yay! It trines my Moon, Mars and Neptune. Phew.

  33. How exactly do I know which are my top trines? I found a chart, but I’m not sure how to read it. For example, I have Moon trine Mars, which says “4Β°57s” …. ?

  34. Wow! Having another look at my chart I have trines all over the place.

    2 grand trines

    Venus/Scorp – Mars/Cancer – Jupiter/Pisces
    Neptune/Scorp – Mars/Cancer – Jupiter/Pisces

    Chiron is conjunct Jupiter (in third house), so that is in the mix with the above as well.

    ‘still waters run deep’?


    Sun/Virgo – Asc/Cap
    Pluto/Virgo – Asc/Cap

    and finally
    Saturn/Aqu – Lilith/Libra

  35. I am so not good at the maths BUT have started a job outside the home, like actually going out to work, and in WINTER the time i do doona big time and live on my savings from Summer.
    I have a BOSS to answer to for the first time since i was 25…aeons & aeons.
    The astro is excellent a Capricorn with his Mars exactly on top of his Sun
    me with Cap rising & Venus. This is a match made in heaven. My desk has 3 Macs, 3 iPhones & a Denon sound system, 2 massage rooms, large yoga studio, infa red sauna, 2 gym rooms with the RAPTfx equipage and extremely expensive dynamic health sups. Peg’s the guru of the guru, from being the guide on the side to sage on the stage.
    Free yoga & pilates sessions, access all areas pass and as i’m volunteering till i learn how it all operates, am being taken to dine at ethical restaurants after my shift.
    Surrounded by healthy peeps and therapists. My years of blood sweat & tears (and muscles tears) are being rewarded just when i thought i was being retired due to chrono age. Have had 3 gorgeous young things tell me they want my body at my age. One was all of 14 years and when i told her my age she immediately googles ’64 year olds’ and said look at the difference!
    This is the end of Saturn my midheaven Libran Moon & Neptune and whatever trines & sextiles i have are working it for me.
    Talk about rejuvenation & rebirth, beautiful karmic after my 9 months of extreme stress attacks.
    So i have not let Team Independent Women who didn’t do marriage & children in lieu of travel & exploration (or who simply forgot coz life was far too interesting) down.
    So the Ching that came out ‘Loosening & Legions’ 4 weeks ago has come to fruition. Every word of it!
    To make it all the more amazing,it was our Angel in LA who put me in contact with him after goggle-earthing where i was & where his holistic studio was.
    Yep there will be candles & incense for this coming New Moon for Gratitude to Angel & Mystic from the Mythic Horse.

    Have arms- will hug.
    Give heart -not head.

      • Arrrrrghh I’m going to drive myself crazy doing this, that was me again all anon.

    • ‘Sage on the stage’ now that’s sagacious! Sounds like a fantastic environment, surrounded by great people, equipment and food – well done to you !

    • Yay Pegs, super pleased to read the joy oozing out of that paragraph. Hooray for you! xxo shell

    • WoW Pegs !!
      and Far out brussel sprout, that Femme Ruthless Angle really has lived up to her name like a Fairy GodMother…best news Pegs, and what a great story !
      Over the moon for you Pegs, our Beautiful One. x

  36. 5 Trines:
    Cancer Moon 10th Pisces Mercury 6th
    Cap Venus 5th Virgo Pluto 1st
    Aqua Sun 6th Gemini MC
    Pisces Mars 7th Scorpio Neptune 3rd
    Cap Venus 5th Virgo Asc

    Great but intense and creative career, but gave it away for chance at late motherhood.

    ***Anyone know how to access current progressed chart?

      • Thanks, I tried, though unsuccessful, should I change any data, birth time, place? Curious to see what the progressions are.

  37. 6th sag neptune trine 3rd leo saturn
    5th lib pluto trine 12th gem jupiter
    5th lib NN trine 1st gem sun
    grand earth: 12th toro venus tri 4th virgo psyche tri aaaalmost 8th cap eros

    am feeling none of these at the moment- still ultra electrified from uranus, mars approaching natal pluto, and the awol-ness of the admittedly mega-zapped crab. i feel like that massive plasma cloud that shot out of the sun today- woe to anyone who dares get in my way but i did shed a skin!

  38. Got it!
    Moon in Taurus trine ASC in Virgo
    Mercury in Pisces trine Pluto in Scorpio
    Venus in Taurus trine Mars in Capricorn
    Jupiter in Taurus trine Neptune in Capricorn
    Neptune in Capricorn trine ASC in Virgo

    Any insight?

  39. Sun Trine Neptune ( accounts for sensitivity,imagination and just being a dreamer)
    Venus Trine Neptune–same as above
    Lilith Trine Neptune–not sure about that one
    Mars Trine Pluto-I own my power but don’t knock you over the head with it
    Jupiter Trine Mars–lucky,optimistic,I like to think big

  40. Great idea, Mystic! Thanks! I’ve been down in the dumps lately and down on myself, so it would be good to focus on the positive in life and in myself, which I haven’t been doing at all.

    I’ve got Venus trine Jupiter……..good stuff! That’s probably my best trine.

    I’ve got Chiron trine Neptune…..interesting, not sure what to make of it, but it’s a trine, so I’ll just be happy with it! (any interpretations welcome..)

    I’ve got Moon trine Ascendant…..quite nice, I’m sure!

    Also, Mars trine Ascendant……gonna go with ‘nice’ there too, even though it’s Mars…..

    Not a trine, but I have Mars quintile Venus, which is interesting, I think. I have been involved in the arts a lot in my life, dance, music, visual art and fiber arts.

    The only issue with the above –and I’m not ‘going there’ today because we’re focusing on the POSITIVE!!– are the gnarly transits to these natal aspects that they’ve endured lately, particularly my ‘ace in the hole’ Venus trine Jupiter, but the transits have let up a bit…. I need to remember the good fortune that underlies all that…..and that transits, too, shall pass, but the natal aspects are with you for life! Yay!

  41. sweet venus trine midheaven
    yummy mars trine uranus
    jupiter trine uranus
    luna trine mercury
    mercury trine midheaven

    • I’ve got the Venus trine MC as my top one, too! A bit of looking into it seems to indicate natural charm / refinement / arts playing into career success… hopefully! :)

  42. Venus in Aries trine Uranus in Sag
    MC in Pisces trine Moon in Scorp
    Saturn in Libra trine Merc in Gemini
    Moon in Scorp trine Kataka asc/north node
    Chiron in Taurus trine Mars in Libra

    …hrm. any thoughts, folks?

  43. moon(my sun ruler) in leo in the 12th trine neptune in sag in the 4th…..I have been psychic(to varying degrees) my entire life. I feel so much….not just emotions, but the vibrations of things. I tune in.
    This says so much about me. I feel it is possibly my most prominent aspect. I am a Cancer. the moon and neptune are in mutual reception house wise. Planets that rule water, in water houses. That they are in fire elements adds passion.

    mercury in gemini in 10th trine uranus in libra in the 3rd….eclectic, quick, eccentric thinker. Lightning flash insights and ideas.

    venus in virgo in 12th trine mars in Taurus in 9th….I feel my feminine/masculine parts work well together.

    ascendant in virgo trine mars in taurus…yes, I have a temper. I was born with redhair.

    Mean Lilith in Pisces in 7th trine sun in Cancer in 11th…..I am a force to be reckoned with. Especially in relationships. I am so freaking nurturing they think I am docile, submissive, something. Then they are so shocked I have such a strong voice.

  44. Now for Jupiter….
    I have Jupiter transiting my 10th house right now. Last time it was here I was pregnant with twins!!!! Yes, my public image got LARGE. I was the first set around here in a long while too, so I was discussed. LOL.
    Well….don’t want twins again.
    Not sure what to say about my career, but feel it is bouncing back size and money wise after a big dip. That’s great. I don’t have passion for it, but absolutely love the perks and haven’t found anything else I do have a strong passion for either.

    Haven’t done much tracking of Jupiter over the years. But at my jupiter return exact, in my 8th, the psycho and I broke up. THANK YOU Jupiter.
    Then while Jupiter was in Taurus, I met and fell in love with my Taurus lover.

  45. Total newbie to reading charts, some questions if anyone can help please…

    1. How do I figure out where Jupiter will be in the next 5 years?

    2. Trying to read my birth chart from Astrodienst and learn about houses. Jupiter is 3 degrees Libra and Saturn 5 in my 7th house, but that house straddles 3 signs… Do I look at the planet that rules Libra or info on the 7th house to better understand Jupiter’s influence on me?

    3. Nothing in my chart shows any degrees as high as 120… am I reading this wrong? The highest number listed is 58 and some change.

    Thanks peeps!

    • The easiest way to find natal aspects is to go to astro.com, put in your details, then go to free horoscopes, then Personal Portrait, down the bottom is a list of all natal trines , conjunctions and oppositions.
      Jupiter stays in a sign for about 12 months , so it’s current position is in Gemini , you can do the math ?

  46. I’m late to the game, per usual, but my major trines:

    Gemini Sun trine Moon in Virgo
    Gemini Sun trine Pluto in Virgo
    Gemini Sun trine Aqua Ascendant
    Saturn in Gemini trine Uranus in Libra
    Saturn trine Aqua Ascendant.

    Any insights???

  47. the majority of my trines are over 7 degrees out (or whatever its called not being ‘exact’) so these are my top two:

    Neptune in Sagg trine Lillith in Cancer (1 from exact)
    Mars in Leo trine Neptune in Sagg. (2 from exact)

    does anyone want to help with an interpretation of these?