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People born in the mid-60s (when Uranus was conjunct Pluto) as well as those born in the late 80s/early 90s (Neptune conjunct Uranus) are prob secretly actually starting to really enjoy the Zap Zone. It feels more real to them then the eras that went before. Thoughts?


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86 thoughts on “Born Zapped

  1. Late 80s new adult, though Neptune and Saturn are more closely conjunct than Uranus. Yes, I seriously love Zap Zone. And I thought of you today because Frank Ocean came out about his first love who happened to be a male. (He posted a letter on his Tumblr: I thought that was an inherently Zap Zone event, as he is apart of the Hip-Hop/R&B community, one that is known for their intolerance of homosexuality. I’m ecstatic about not just the fact that he shared this biographical detail, but made no specific claim to bisexuality nor homosexuality. He’s had girlfriends, and he fell in love with a guy. He shared his love story. :)

    • Yes, thanks for the link! So well written – evocative without being flowery & over the top! I’m always impressed by people who are able to express emotions so eloquently… Something my Cap Moon self aspires to!

  2. I was born in the early 90’s, and my Sun is in between Neptune and Uranus. Am I secretly enjoying the Zap Zone? No I’d say I’m quite open about it, actually.

  3. Born 1990. I guess this is why I haven’t really been feeling “zapped” or why I don’t get the big deal about it.Can’t say I’m enjoying it though.

  4. I am scared of how up in the air everything is, but also I love how crazy its all getting too

    • it’s always been crazy tho it’s just that more people can see it for what it is and are motivated to discuss it freely lately – social media helps

    • Haha Link. Funny you say that. I was born in ’66 with the Pluto-Mars-Uranus conjunction (Virgo in 8th) and this astro feels invigorating to me. Of course it’s exhausting at times but it feel right.

    • I’m with you Link. I was born mid 60s Uranus-Pluto-Mars conjunct (I think Mystic has this too) and I have always thought the world was crazy. Particularly loathed the self-delusion of the big-spending 80s and 00’s. Whereas the daggy 70s and cynical 90s were more relatable for me. My life is changing at the speed of light at the moment which is a bit scary but ultimately awesome. I’ve been waiting all my life for it to be ‘my’ time, maybe this is finally it. Yay!

      • Yeah. Yay. mulitair,

        My own tansformation doesn’t seem so obvious to me, despite Pluto in the 1st, it’s probably more obvious to others, who are shitted off with me because I now have zero tolerance for fools and fuckwits and refuse to be shoved back into the box they had neatly constructed for me. I am no longer so obliging.

      • Yeah. Yay. mulitair,

        My own transformation doesn’t seem so obvious to me, despite Pluto in the 1st, it’s probably more obvious to others, who are shitted off with me because I now have zero tolerance for fools and fuckwits and refuse to be shoved back into the box they had neatly constructed for me. I am no longer so obliging.

      • Hey Multiair, I completely agree. I have Uranus / Pluto conj in Virgo in the 1st w Mars a few degrees away in 2nd. I remember in the mid 80s starting out in the workforce looking at the world thinking, ‘is THIS how I’m supposed to fill up my life?’ It felt so pointless. I could never settle in that world and made a complete hash of it. Perhaps it’s age and experience but I have never felt more confident about being able to support myself my way, and make a positive difference. I’ve never really thought much about how this conjunction manifests in my 1st but now I think I’m harnessing it to get me where I want to go.

  5. Born in the1960s. I am starting to feel strangely calm and capable after two years of absolute insanity. All the Virgo whatever cleaning/eating right/exercising…did not really start for me other than random moments of cleaning frenzy until the Zap Zone kicked in heavy. Really enjoying the organization and the look of my place right now!! :-)

  6. Secretly? I’m openly enjoying it! 1967 here. It feels far more invigorating than any other time in my life. Certainly better than the Neptune transit, surfacing after a long time in the abyss. Who wouldn’t feel more alive!

  7. This assumption seems right to me (born with sun conjunct uranus, pluto and venus). I feel “better”, and strong.

  8. I was born with Venus square Pluto and Pluto square Ascendant. I am powering up!
    Too much Neptune in the last decade (opposite Sun) – it’s time to get real!

  9. Born in 1968. Uranus conjunct Pluto in Virgo. Everything right now finally fells authentic.Amazing!!!

  10. Mid-60s baby here… now I’ve finally stopped curling up in the foetal position on the kitchen floor, I’m totes getting with the zap zone. I have Mars in my personal Pluto/Uranus mix, and all opposing my sun/Saturn/Merc/Chiron. Zap Zone is hitting my Cap moon/Lilith/Juno/Eros so it’s fun times at chez Chrysalis :)

    My life at the mo resembles a bad comedy, seriously, you couldn’t make this merde up, but I seem to be tackling it. I feel like I’m harnessing all my opposing forces and making them work together for a greater goal, ie my happiness/sanity/authenticity, which I finally accept is probably not going to look like the conventional suburban setup, if that makes sense.

  11. I’m a 69 baby! Does this include me…? By the way, I have Venus Square Mars and Venus Opposition Saturn. Steady or Chaos…???

  12. I’m of the Saturn opposite Uranus (65-67) generation. Yes, I think I am suited to the Zap Zone, as only now are some of my bold traits coming into alignment with the theme de jour….Mars Conjunct Uranus, Mars Conjunct Pluto, Mercury Biquintile Uranus. I just wish things would get a move on…..

  13. I’d say you’ve prepped us for it very well, Mystic :)

    If I wasn’t reading this site, I reckon I would be thinking that nothing particularly cataclysmic was happening; rather things that have been very stuck and awful are starting to move and heal. Retro Mars in Virgo is going to win the doozie prize for this year.

    • Yep agree also about Mars retro Virgo.
      I have natal Mars in Virgo 0Β° and Uranus/Pluto Virgo conjunction. 64 vintage here.

      • How was retro Mars for you, Anon? I have natal Mars in Aries. All of the key life projects I was working on fell apart.

  14. Whatever this zap zone is I’m loving it. Things that I have been quietly tolerating and secretly hating for years are self combusting around me without my having to do or say anything. I get to look like I am stoically “dealing with it” when internally I’m overjoyed. Also people keep secretly contacting me for meetings, collaborations, cool job offers and actual sex – which a scorpio loves.

  15. 1966, bring on the zapping, I shall deflect with my ninja skills without messing up my ‘do.

    • *Like*
      As in: “Your bullets cannot harm me, my wings are like a shield of steel!” – Batfink

  16. I was born about 6 cardinal squares, including 2 squares to-from my Sun, and my Sun is conjunct Pluto.

    I am a zap zone kinda gal.

  17. Early 90s Baby & born zapped..I am certainly enjoying the times, getting out of my comfort zone and at last, doing things that make my heart light up, instead of dwelling on what other people think or my own self-defeating thought patterns. This is now. Living in clarity means getting honest about my delusions. Whats really helping me now is yoga, meditation, pranayama, lucid dreaming, and proper relaxation, thanks in large part to a stay at a yoga ashram. May you navigate the Zap Zone with grace.

  18. love to say twas the 80s, but way more mid 60’s!!

    Zap Zone, Saturn & Venus fugduggery now feels as though normal state of being – hate to admit but the MEGA self-morphing & life evo’s unprecedented …. is actually fun. tad dramatic, but fun!

    just don’t ask about my love life – keeps turning on a dime!
    Le Ram came from behind (dark horse) & now leading by a nose ….dammnit – bye bye Kataka, twas way fun while it lasted but I reckon the old mad deserves a chance now that commitment’s on the table….


  19. Yup, I’m one of these guys and “enjoying” might not be the word, but I’m not too phased by it and think the end result for the planet, will be worth the shaking. (I actually found the few years pre-zap zone MUCH more stressful)

  20. 1972. Mystic did say that Pluto in Saggitarius from the mid90’s to 2008 was worse (for Saggitarians) and I have to agree. I honestly feel as though a whole stack of not-me stuff is being scrubbed away effortlessly by something bigger, stronger, wiser and more powerful than me.

    I strongly feel that I wasted my youth chasing conventional dreams which left me soul-sick. I studied the esoteric arts for fun and aimed all my energies at my “career”, studies and chasing money. I did NOTHING with all the beauty and energy of my youth. Stuffed it in to a cubical in exchange for money.

    I am hoping that the Zap Zone will scour away the last lingering remnants of my self-disgust in this matter. I do understand that everything happens for a reason, and I am a wiser and more compassionate person for what I went through, but shit I wish I’d travelled when I had the chance ! !

  21. ’64 baby. Uranus conjunct Pluto in my 2nd house. I am getting where I want to be in this zap zone (after setting it up with hard graft the last 4-5 years). Yes, doors are opening now and I feel on top of (most) things. Yes heaps of insights but still (guiltily at times) self-focused. Is individualism/selfishness a sign of the zap zone peeps?

  22. Just another nice wave for this 68Aqua.
    Good time for another Prague spring or a Paris in May :)

  23. This is just so spot on. Like a couple of other commenters, I was a ’67 baby. If I recall correctly, the Haight-Ashbury era was already threadbare by ’67 as the predators and scammers and scuzzy parasites moved in to take advantage. I’m relishing this astro big time, as all the predators, scammers and scuzzy parasites of the present day are continually being unmasked (and many go on their merry way, making billions from the losses of others, but at least it is in plain sight and at least we now know they are criminal at heart even if they never see the inside of a court room). My Pluto/Uranus is my core but as a paid up Virgo, I’m self-guilting just a little over my permanent state of schadenfreude.

    I just spent a lovely day doing outside jobs in a howling sou’wester. Since I was little, my favourite days have always been windy as all get out. I wilt in still, warm weather. I’m kind of wondering whether Pluto/Uranus might have something to do with this too. Any other windy weather freaks out there? – most people I know hate it.

  24. late 60’s pluto uranus jupiter sun IC conjunction – feeling like i’ve finally arrived.

    • must admit tho is incongruous to feel this at peace and in tune when the world is going tits up

      • Yea. It’s funny. “I’m here!” Just as the place is blowing up. Damn! LOL

        • totally – but uranus conjunct sun = I’ve had a lifetime to get used to dancng to the beat of a different drum

  25. Born Dec 27, ’66. Even with all the upheaval in my life and the world (and being a slightly OCD capricorn I love order and calm) I feel like I am more pulled together emotionally and spiritually. It is an exciting and invigorating time to be alive!

  26. Sun conjunct Uranus and Pluto loves the Zap Zone…feels like the real stuff is about to start…when the going gets tough the though get going…

  27. Ah ha! ‘Born Zapped’! This pretty much explains EVERYTHING. Never thought of it that way, but some SERIOUS shit went down in the world the week I was born, last week in January, 1968…….look it up…. and of course the ‘late 60’s’ are notorious in every possible way. I continue to live the fall-out and the legacy of that taking care of the crazies here in San Francisco, California…

    I have Pluto conjunct Uranus in Virgo, 22 degrees, and 28 degrees, respectively. I call that 6 degrees a conjunction.

    • p.s. I am actually not enjoying the current zap zone AT ALL. Feels horrible, really…

      My Pluto/Uranus natal conjunction falls in my 4th house, and it has caused me trouble my whole life. Moving house too often, trouble at home……All I ever think about is having a stable home and I thought I’d have that by now in my life. I have Cancer rising/ascendant, so this has been even more important… damn depressing….

      • i get it what you’re saying because I similarly have the gang of 4 on the IC but isnt jupiter also lurking somewhere round your conjunction? so it follows a more expansive view of home might be the key – the world is your home is where I got to when I realised home was never going to be where I’m from (because pluto and uranus conjunct sun on my IC means astrocartographically they conjunct over where I was born and that happens to be an earthquake zone by coincidence and it’s pretty active right now so if I hadn’t embraced the world as my home I might be dead now – intense but true) and that I had to become a citizen of the universe to feel a sense of belonging… expanding the boundaries in the mind helped no end.

        • age of aquarius and anonymous Ic aspects are interesting.

          Age of aquarius, that movement of homelife would be Uranus’ influence. But, to put a positive streak on your view of it, it can imply you’ve got your bag packed and ready to go, your homelife is where you invent or reinvent yourself, where you can be an inventor or scientist about it, you are innovative at it.By tapping into your awareness that locating security and freedom is teaching you about being at home within self, not seeking it in a place, may make you feel more comfy with your inna uranian?

          Angelina Jolie also has this aspect, and she has her pilot licence which is pretty ecapist-freedom Uranus Ic.

          Anonymous, I see Jupiter on Ic as being more about a traditional (religion perhaps featured in someway during upbrining or childhood??) set of values, or perhaps the goal is to define their own values to live by, the individual seeks the support of family members and the mother may figure prominently. But wow, having sun and a few other planets there too.

          • jupiter is on the outer of the stellium in the 3rd so it’s not on the IC but pluto and uranus straddle the IC – the only western religion was that sought out by me independent of family who were happily godless whereas I was a seeker pre aged 10-11 which is when I realised the relative hypocrisy of trad western beliefs + absent father whose saturn and mars in his 4th are conjunct my jupiter brought eastern religious influences and quantum theory.

          • sorry anon – i see how that initial comment was confusing – most astrologers take the stellium as a single ‘cannonball’ because there are always three planets in conjunction with each other within the group of four so none can be seen separately… not sure if that makes it any clearer. Jupiter and Sun are at either end of the gang and the IC is between pluto and uranus. There’s a 12 degree spread all up but all 4 planets are conjunct the IC. Jupiter at ten degrees is the furtherest from it and definitely more in the 3rd than 4th zone x

          • to differentiate with the numerous anon’s, I wrote that – call me anon1, and have not commented below, just here and the one I’ve tagged, but this is an interesting discussion, i’m learning loads.

            • πŸ˜‰ hey number 1, my name always gets deleted and lazy me can’t be bothered re-inserting soz x

        • A more expansive view of home resonates for me, for sure. Thanks for reminding me and for your positive spin on this! :)
          I haven’t just moved house but moved to other states and countries, and at the same time, I long for one place to come back to, one house, like a security. I feel this way even more as I get older.. I’ve also been literally homeless, which was really scary….

          Interesting you mentioned you were from earthquake country…..hadn’t made the connection before with that and Pluto/ Uranus in the 4th. I, too, have lived most of my life in earthquake country, here in California.

          I have Jupiter at 3 degrees Virgo in the 3rd house, so not super close in conjunction with Pluto/Uranus. Pluto at 22 degrees is closest to the IC, which is at 17 degrees Virgo. I also have a Mars opposition to this, with Mars being exactly on the MC at 17 degrees Pisces, which I think adds intensity and maybe restlessness to this grouping.

          • Your IC is conjunct my jupiter! I found homeless makes every single thought you have really primal – the trivia ceases to exist. I know what you mean about longing for one single place and my idea of nationality and culture has been seriously altered in the last 12 years – Jupiter has just hit my ascendant and that’s about when I realised I feel not the same way about home as I did when the most recent odyssey started the last time it was transiting here. I’ve reassessed some of the traditional ideas that I didn’t even realise I had on board to start with.

            • really interesting. I really want to learn more about the axis points as I am feeling them so strongly right now. MC/IC is really zap and pluto saturn 4th brings up home and ID for real xx

              • YES! saturn over pluto/IC was when my idea of me as a mobile individual and the aspects of my culture I take with me started to change at a deep level. Also when long forgotten memories from childhood emerged and were more in context. In my head I separated myself from the very close family and discovered uncanny links with ancestors. Those waters you’re in right now run deep and wide.

          • @second Anon:
            I resonate with what you are saying too, feeling at home within myself, carrying that with me, so that I can feel at home anywhere.
            But also, I am literally a home-body and do use that space to rejuvenate myself, or re-invent myself, as you put it. I really like having my space away from the world, even as a kid, I would take a lot of space away from my family. I guess that’s the Pluto in the 4th part of things..

            Ah! I love Angelina! I looked at her chart once and noticed we have some similarities in our natal charts. I, too, took flying lessons when I was in my 20s, never completed my pilot license, though.

            Well perhaps our skills honed from a lifetime of living the inner zap zone will be of help to humanity during this current ZZ, and those being born now will help their world once they have grown and are dealing with a ZZ of the future…..

            • re being of help now because of lifelong inner zap I’ve recently realised that I’m surrounded by people of another generation who are being zapped and I have enough of a grip on the overriding themes to be able to help them rationalise without judgement – although it’s touch and go when I witness people who’ve lived relatively comfortable middle class lives not getting it that it isn’t always easy and that maybe the problem is them and not the rest of the world!!! I’m surrounded by people verging on their first saturn returns and those having their first uranus schism. Some days all I can think is thank god I never had kids πŸ˜€

              • i thought afterwards that statement sounds mean – it was meant in terms of how exhausting it would be to not be able to disengage because the person asking for your advice lived in your house or was your responsibility – I can turn off the phone when I’m jaded, mamas and papas are in it for life.

            • I wrote that about angelina – the initial post to age of aqua and anon. .. glad you seek some positive connections – there are definitely some. x

    • i think it is a way of looking at things. opportunities to be taken during the chaos for instance. staying focused on your basics (physical and mental health, working slowly towards plans and goals, finding support to move out of negative relationships/work environments). fake it till you make it.

  28. 1990.

    You’re right I’ve never felt more alive.
    Everything is changing for the better!

  29. Another thought, maybe obvious, that the late 80’s/early 90’s ‘born zapped’ folks have more energy to deal with the current sh*t-hitting-the-fan than us old folks…………….was noticing this the other day because one of my housemates is born circa 1990 and the contrast between hers and my ‘vintage’ version (1968) of ‘born zapped’ is quite clear!
    I almost see her as my ‘healer’ right now, because I am inspired by her youthful enthusiasm and stamina to just deal with whatever is happening.
    I don’t want to be set in my ways, but I kinda am……part of me just wants to retire and die……stick a fork in me, I’m done! F this S!! :-p

    • wow! I’m your vintage and I’ve only just got started – maybe up the ante on the veges or something

      • it is good to draw on younger people’s energy for life but make sure that you are keeping your energy up too. some exercise – even walking a few blocks every day or so helps with energy, metabolism, circulation and figure. it also a good way to chill out and drop the problems of the day.

      • I just realised you’re possibly having uranus opposing uranus transit? That’s when you WILL be surrounded by the young, it makes total sense you’re drawing strength from witnessing your housemates responses to change and tumult – it’s what your current uranus transit to your natal chart is about. Thing with being of the era we are from is that we are not just being zapped, we’re experiencing the transits that bring many to their knees even when the rest of the world isn’t experiencing uranus square pluto. We’re juggling some big natal transits as well.

        The ones I’m surrounded by taught me not to care so much about perfection. That just getting whatever it is done is sometimes enough – with saturn in the 10th in Aries and mars in virgo for a while I sat there in disbelief at their slacking, then I realised none of the details I was focused on were important and I joined them and started to care less about what I see now was trivial mars in virgo nit-picking – so liberating.

        Uranus opposing uranus is about working out if you’re happy with where you’re at and whether there’s anything left that you feel you’d wanted to have done by now and to work out if there are any things that you’ve got to shed in order to be happier and get to where you want to be in the next phase. Good to find resonance with your young friend but also good to work out where you as an individual want to go with the pulse or life-force they’ve provided. It’s a use it or lose it scenario and at the moment it’s all about you – this is the time to revolutionise your life, if you don’t do it now it’ll either be forced on you or be way harder to initiate later.

        The transits are all about giving one the impetus to deal with the issues they trigger – once the transit’s over it’s harder to draw on that energy because it’s shifted.

        I’m wondering if you’re also having a rough neptune transit to your natal chart? If you spend some time checking out the mid-life transits and the issues they trigger it might help you to see a bit more clearly in the fog… It’s not giving up time lovely, it’s get up stand up time xxx

        • Thanks so much, everyone for your advice and insights. Very kind of you!! You all have really good perspective on this!

          I do feel the impetus and inspiration, but I am very tired as well, part of which due to a physical health problem I’ve had the past few years that had left me with anemia and I’m just now getting my strength back after overcoming that. So sometimes I just literally have no energy. I do get exercise, though, as I walk for transportation, and I tend to be quite thin.

          That’s a good point, that we are dealing with the mid-life transits at a time when the external world is going through so much transition and transformation with the current global zap zone situation. Mega-double-whammy!

          By degree, I have just barely recently completed my midlife transits, feels like things are just finishing up, but I’m still reeling from it all…… Those mid-life transits (Saturn oppose natal Saturn; Uranus oppose Uranus; Pluto square Pluto; Neptune square Neptune) also coincided with the outer planets transiting conjunct my personal planets, for example, Neptune transited my sun in Aquarius for quite some time and now Neptune is transiting my Moon in Pisces, along with Chiron transiting my Moon simultaneously. Never a reprieve, really…..

          Admittedly, lately I’ve been feeling a bit sorry for myself. I think everything will be alright, though. I think once I fully heal from my anemia and get my energy back, I will be in a better phase of life.

          • I think people tend to underestimate the impact of chiron but to have neptune and the moon involved it is definitely something to contend with – glad you have a grasp on the cyclic nature of it all that helps xxx

  30. Another 1968 here πŸ˜› Pluto conjunct Jupiter in Virgo 10th house disconjunct Uranus just in Libra and 11th House…..not yet sure what it means but I also have Mars conjunct MH in a wide orb conjunction to them and the moon another 6-7% on the other side so yeah swing from being exhausted to exhilarated with all these transits and Saturn still on my sun/mercury etc. Have started wondering if we ever really do stop having them at all ? ( transits that is). Kinda feel like the world is catching up with me at last, yet I’m not sure if I’m really old-fashioned or a visionary :-) So definitely need to find the Uranian in what I do. ( OMG PIAB !!! )
    But like age of aquarius above I’m enjoying seeing how it’s affecting my son and his life (1990) – he’s just so animated at the moment, it’s a great age for all this to be happening for him.

  31. Virgo ’65. I am trying to figure out the ZZ. Since 2009 my life has changed.. major life change. Although it was fantastic in 2010 because I started my life over and I felt fabulous since November 2011 everything has been stuck. I thought things might be opening up especially with work but I can’t sleep now because of the torture I will be facing at work tomorrow. It is bad. I have never worked at company and been verbally abused as much as at this company. Helpless and alone it is a sad sight for me after working for an extremely successful company to this.. where the owner can just belittle you in front of your co-workers. I can’t do anything until a job comes up to allow me to leave, so here I sit and stew. So, not to rant here but when will the ZZ end or will it continue since I am a “65 baby.