Astro Michelle Jenneke

Michelle Jenneke from Losse Veter on Vimeo.

I know, I know, the 80s music is cheesy as hell but how COOL is this girl? She’s a champion hurdler from Australia and this is her at the Barcelona 2012 World Championships a few days ago.

Athletic, upbeat and totally getting her awesome on.

So Michelle Jenneke is a Cancerian with Moon-Mars in Leo and something amazing rising. I would not be at all surprised if in fact, she had the Mars-Moon in Leo Rising.Β 

Her North Node (signifying your destiny in ‘this life’) is in Saggo, something i think she is fulfilling quite well AND her Jupiter in Libra is currently being slammed by the Zap Zone. Again, she seems to be doing brilliantly with that.

She’s part of that mini-generation in the middle of Pluto in Scorp, who have the Neptune-Uranus in Capricorn conjunction.Β 

Oh and her Asteroid Nike (the Vicotry Goddess) at 6 Aries is opposite her Jupiter and currently being stimulated by Uranus.

And compare it to this, right?


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56 thoughts on “Astro Michelle Jenneke

  1. There is so much psychology at play at the start of a sprint and she really used it there. Standing on the starting line you are trying to get your focus on your own race, your explosive start, the fast cruise in the middle and then the final push over the last 30 to 40 metres, while holding your sprinting form going over the hurdles. So there’s a lot to focus on. And of course you have to be ready to pounce out of the blocks when the gun fires, not before.

    I bet the focus of all the other girls was on her and what she was doing. I’m not too proud to admit that if I was in that race mine probably would’ve been. She on the other hand, was just focusing on what she was doing. She seemed oblivious to the presence of the others there, completely relaxed and having fun. The ultimate competitor who doesn’t look like they are competing, but are actually doing it with every fibre of their being. Could this be the manifestation of Pluto in Scorp, or is it something else?

    • Wow, Jen.. good point. Never in thought of it.. I honestly was trying to understand her startup dance and she could have been psychologically distracting the others. Very smart.

    • PS: Did you see the girl to our left? If I remember it correctly she had a look like ‘huh”… but I could be wrong. To tired to watch again.

  2. Mystic, thank goddess for you: you really get it. You could have posted here another pic of Michelle– say, with big hair & in a bikini from Maxim or Sports Ill– to “balance out” her aggressively athletic unlady-like photos above.

    But you didn’t. *Awesome*

  3. Go girl..She’s awesome alright and she won the race!

    Yeah, that pix of the gal in the 60’s..Geeze..peeps groping and such..

    Where is one’s Colt 55 when needed… πŸ˜‰

    Michelle sexy as hell..

    • Er, make that Colt 45…what the hell do I know? Only shot a rifle once in my life and that was in Montana circa 1980 before Gem was born..

      A Palm Springs Detective came in and put his cell phone, wallet and revolver on my laundry hamper at the office..

      He was face down and for a sec my imagination ran wild lol

        • “yes, excuse me just a minute” (while I hold up the convenience store across the street)..

          Wow, realized my posts about guns and such are actually in poor taste as did not know about the gruesome shootings in Colorado till this am.

          Mary Mother of God…My heart goes out. xo

          • Yes, heartbreaking the shooting AND in the middle of Batman!!!!
            Dark Day Risen.
            Dunno Sweetie, quite like the idea of a colt 55, it shoots seratonin and oxycotin at peeps who are unruly, degenerate and plain old off-their-rocker.
            Do you know how fantastic ‘i shot a rifle in Montana’ is to me?
            AND if a client put down a gun with his clothes i would hire him πŸ˜‰

  4. I was 10 minutes late to work today, because I watched that clip.

    The most amazing part of that performance: watch how fast her right foot hits the ground after going over the hurdle. She’s forcing it down, pushing off while the other hurdlers are still floating in the air.

      • LOL I just realized.. leave it to a Toro to watch that clip and be entranced by her feet.

        • In the course of a week… I rub alot of feet…hehe (Venus in Toro πŸ˜‰ )

          Okay, I do tops like 25 massages a week…Times five toes each foot and two feet times ten..

          What was I saying? Math was never my strong suit lol

          • That’s one thing I love about my job (aside from the physical exhausting parts at timess)…

            But you can basically be mindless…lol

            • Please bear with me video wise but came across this…


              Vaguely remember it from back in the day

              • Hey I have that album. I forgot all about it.

                You girls can massage my aching hooves sometime. Oh how many times have I massaged some girl’s feet, and do you think any of them would massage MY feet? Of course not. I don’t suppose I blame them, it might take the strength of two people to apply enough pressure to penetrate my thickened hooves.

                • Haha…darling Charles…one time ex Kataka said “rub my feet” ever so sweetly and I said ever so sweetly

                  “kiss my ass”..

                  Of course I rubbed the idiot feet.. xo

                  You deserve a full on rub darls…

          • TWENTY FIVE a week. When i was full time it was 15 and that left me no social life after end of day.
            You are averaging 5 a day.
            Muscles on your eyebrows much…lol.
            The new studio i have gone to work with has 2 therapists 3-5 peeps a day each both in their 20’s so you are massaging for America!
            My prediction in ’93 from looking/watching bodies, was that each person would need 3 ‘carers’ of their BodyMind in the future.
            It’s The Future now.

            • Oh yeah Pegs, I am usually spent after work as far as having any energy left for anything else.

              But hey, neat about your new position. I read about it on another thread. Sounds great!

  5. Bet our Gemmy could kick ass…



    • 😯


      I was just thinking THAT yesterday Sweets! 😯

      Actually my Dad – athletic and a Pisces – signed me up to everything when i was little – tennis, swimming, athletics, hockey, football (both of them), equestrian and even entered me in the local rodeo each year. πŸ˜†
      But it all stopped after he died, there was no one to take me… or to cheer me on… :(

      • Oh baby girl…I would cheer you and make a bigger fool of myself than I already am…

        GO GEMMY!! X

          • Oh no, that Yaaay a bit meager…

            We’re talkin’ full on pom-pom rustlin’ over here..

            Team Gem a go-go!!

            Love anything “a go-go” Thats why I love Mystic…she a go-go kinda gal… πŸ˜‰ brahaha

            Soz but trans Leo Merc still on my Uranie 3rd..Slightly nuts but love it..

  6. Beautiful job!! That is an intense event. You need perfect stride, level and determination to do it all. What a spirit..She deserves that lively start-up. How old is she? To have that much energy she must be young. No wonder she can do it so well. It was painful to watch at my age thinking.. wow, that looks easy.. haha!! Congrats to her! :)

  7. Well. This is a totes Proud to Be a Kataka moment..I mean, between this and the Dalai Lama, it really does make me smile. And I love how happy she looks!

  8. I needed this. Just finished the last of six-day week and really don’t feel like doing any exercise…. but NOW i’m inspired. We’ll just push through the tiredness and think of this sparkling sexy amazon woman. Imagine if she was your exercise buddy! Fun! (Down, Charles, i’m talking fitness πŸ˜€ )

    • To Millie & Angel. I feel i have run a marathon this week
      Have not been this active for 30 years (not counting my bodywork movement) with pilates & yoga weekly, 2 walks of the dog daily. It’s making me feel 30 years younger all this activity.
      The boss has taken me out for dinner twice in 7 days.
      It’s looking good huh?
      The dog is very happy with my grief counselling, so much that she is going to be sad to be re-located as i have kept her busy as so she doesn’t fret for her owner’s demise.

      • Pegasus, grief counselling a dog? How much more Sagittarius can you get! That is completely cutely awesome. That dog’s got a great buddy. LOVE to hear about the moving about and walking. Two walks daily is pretty cool. I’m struggling to fit everything in. Being dined by the boss is sweet :) Love on legs, you!

        I need to fork out some dinari for a pushbike…it’s been too long since it was my main form of transport. Bit nervous – can see myself stacking it all over the shop and it’s not a bike friendly city here. I also have to remember to get off it when entering a shop which is kind of annoying. I’m not as strong as i was when i had a heavy mountainbike; i could carry it up stairs over my shoulder. I’d probably stack it now without even being ON the bike!

        Oh well! Hello, exercise; goodbye, dignity! It’s weird being part Sagittarius πŸ˜‰

        • Bonjour Millie, bike just for pleasure in the back streets rather than main form of transport? Just for fabbo legs & re-creation
          rather than risk life & limb in traffic, that Saggo you have could be prone to wild displayed of accidental acrobatics.
          Tammy who i have called Tim Tam, is 3/4 little fox terrier & 1/4 (gulp) chihuahua, of 7 years, a husky or rottwieller not. Scarily smart and cute as a button and will be hard to let go as the love in her eyes for me is really something to behold.
          Have happy week if you read this soon.
          Blissings & blessings x

  9. ” Geminis rarely whine – it is one of your major attributes. ”

    Hmmmm …. i take issue with this

    So….. its me that attracts the whining …?

  10. So funny! What a gorgeous girl. She has such a great figure, not like the anorexic model of womanhood we see in mags everywhere. I hope this girl never takes space dust though, she looks as though she’d bounce a hole in the space time continuum. Who needs a large hadron collider with her around?! (and no I never studied physics)

  11. Well, as a Leo with Sag rising I can honestly say I deeply want to be her. What a strangely awesome video, right?

  12. Re her Moon-Mars in Leo, if we think of the Moon as Diana/Artemis, the fiercely independent and fit goddess, she is totes embodying it. So Mars really ramps up her Moon & Leo means it is out there. I think what’s also fab here as well is her clearly awesome temperament. And of course as a Cancerian, Moon rules her.

    • Yeah, who says Cancerian’s are moody anyway? (gulp)….However my daughter has Scorp rising altho her Sagg Moon is really not moody esp now that she is older…

      Ex Mars-Moon boyfriend was often happy and bouncy like that…

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