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Pay attention Peeps, Pseudo-Intellectual Astro-Bitches, Cashed Up Clueless Whores and Love Zombies…Everyone in fact. 

OBVIOUSLY there is no such actual substance as Anti Love-Zombie Venom because if there was, we would all be dosing up on it from the age of about 13 onward.  Age 5 for the Venus-Neptune peeps. Because the scary thing is that anyone can be struck by the Love Zombie virus. One minute you’re more or less normal, compos-mentis, running your world and enjoying an even flow of endorphins.

Then blam: nothing else matters but the approval/attention/callback from some dude. Let this thing run its course and you could be a full blown Love Zombie within weeks, crapping on about how he sees the Goddess within you (or would, if you spoke face to face but you’re sensing it…STRONGLY) and that a karmic love like this knows no earthly morals. Face it: Your interior landscape goes Nouveau Naff.

Rationality melts. It’s like an Ebola of the psyche.

The only good thing about it is that usually Love Zombies drop any extra kilos, quick-smart. But that benefit is offset by their dumb-debt fuelled shopping sprees – nobody buys more non-needed merde than a Love Zombie. Shopping for shapewear and lipgloss on Space Dust but then realizing that you need the heametite bracelet for grounding and that your handbag-as-symbolic-vagina a la Freud is not small and fluffy enough because HE will get all this should he ever call you back again is tres Love Zombie.

But you know i was discussing the idea of Anti Love-Zombie Venom with the Scorpio Sex Academic and Kim Falconer and we decided that pure raw will power can work. The Scorpio Sex Academic ( who is ultra-erudite, staunch, compassionate, fab at yoga and looks like the young Elizabeth Taylor) has decided that she is not going to think about a man again unless he is in front of her “with his dick out.” ***

Or, okay, at the front door. Or texting an actual official invitation. Fuq speculation. Coarse but a goer of an antidote to the Love Zombie virus. I grokked it. Regardless of where you’re at in life, you don’t lose your cool-power-awesome-moxy over something un-happening, as such.

And then Kim said: I’m definitely there with you and Scorp. No obsessing. No e-stalking, planning, wondering, wasting spells or pulling cards. If it’s happening, we’ll know it, because they will be there!

It’s like YES fuq around with composite charts and the thrill of the Oracle, fantasizing etc when it is in play…But don’t waste a nano-second of valuable mindpower when it’s not. It may be fun but it is too easy to become a Love Zombie.

If you don’t think you are ever in any danger of becoming a Love Zombie, check out the terrifying L.A.A. – Love Addicts Anonymous -You may or may not be a 12 Stepper or agree with the thing but the Love Addict questionnaire is, you know, of interest.

One of their rules, apparently,  is that you are not even allowed to MASTURBATE whilst thinking about a particular person. I don’t know if this comes from a Qi perspective – ‘energy flows where thought goes’ – or if it is just that ANYTHING could be a gateway back into Love Zombie Hell. Like not having dental gas when you are a recovering drug addict.


*** All of this can be applied to either gender, obviously.


Shop Anti Love Zombie Venom now. Buy three and get a complimentary free Indigo Invisibility Cloak and the revolutionary Truth Force Secret Love Potion Pour L’Uomo. Whilst stocks last only!!!!


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97 thoughts on “Anti Love-Zombie-Venom

  1. Lol!!!!! Standing there with his dick out – brilliant and totally agree! The “Fuq it, wateva” of the Aqua scope is so spot on. If they want me they know where I am….with its….haha made my day.

  2. great advice and insights from MM and friends – i’m not gonna even check out the 40 symptoms coz I know i’ve had them and have worked for years to get rid of them – good thing is that you can use astrology to effect changes and understand and accept yourself, and even understand how these behaviours might stem from family/culture but they are not a life sentence (venus sextile neptune, pisces moon + rising, 7th house stellium, venus conjunct pluto). Sad thing is, sometimes the love addiction is the foundation for secondary addictions to substances… now that is really complicated :(

    • Hoo boy – the couple that gets wasted together is the couple that loses each other’s minds and get misunderstood by the world together…so cute, right?

    • Yeah agree, thankfully astro is here to help us understand. I’m a 7th house/Libra stellium, Venus sextile Nep, Venus conj Pluto (in the 7th house) person too. It takes a lot of work to keep on top of my LZ tendencies that’s for sure but I could leave all intoxicating substances forever and not be bothered.

  3. i keep asking myself what is the growth purpose of Venus square Neptune – I mean in the most practical sense what am i supposed to grok?

    that i was a naughty deviant in another life and i’m paying now…’forever’


      • thanks quintile, yes i quickly skimmed and yes it’s a minefield isn’t it ! i can relate to everything there, lol.

        it’s all so rational though…i mean are we ever allowed to just ‘be’ ourselves and be able to keep things simple and clear with all this? ever?

        i agree with Mystic’s resolve ideas above, just maybe keep it sex with simplicity and i would add get a fluffy animal to have a sane relationship with and keep your sanity. i so don’t know !!!

        • I guess the ‘being ourselves’ is achieved when we are fully conscious in a situation, conscious of the here-and-now and being able to respond and act in the moment rather than over-thinking, over-analysing, pre-planning or censoring our responses? Certainly, love astrology though I do, and finding it incredibly enlightening, any methodology that only addresses the constituent parts and not the whole, is problematic. That is, you can lose sight of the whole ‘you’ by being too caught up in the supposed rational ‘facts’ and specificities of transits, aspects, various chart types etc etc

          • Venus/Neptune is supposed to add sensitivity and empathy to a person’s character, as well as lending them artistic and musical inclinations. I, myself, have Venus square Neptune. Music touches me very deeply, as does art. I have Venus in Virgo in my 8th and Neptune in Sagittarius, in my 12th. The music, art (especially cinematic art) that stands out to me as exceptional are the pieces of work that touch me emotionally and have some very specific, precise, and exceptional quality to it. There’s a song by Discovery called “So Insane”. The majority of the song is super annoying. But there a small (like, 4 second long) bit of the chorus that is wonderful. It has all the qualities I listed above. It’s really magnificent. I think Venus Neptune brings a person appreciation of these things. As well as making a person very empathetic. I have sun tribe Neptune, as well, so I’m not sure if one is more inclined to bring about empathy more than the other. But I do think that these are the higher manifestations of Venus/Neptune. In terms of love, I think it has more to do with being able to see the special qualities of someone who is often overlooked. Or, even in an idealistic relationship when a person is treating you badly, Venus/Neptune allows you to see the best in them…which provides that other person the oppurtunity to bring out the best in themselves. It’s just a matter of keeping an eye on the reality of what you are doing, and the reality of your partner’s behavior …to avoid the disappointment in love down the line.

              • that’s a lovely interp Star – thanks so much! Its great to see empathy as a strength and look to the higher tone of things – BTW that 4 sec can be explained as a ‘vitality affect’ – if you’re interested, check out Daniel Stern’s work

              • yes, I’m the conjunction exact and it’s much more to me than about love in an earthly way. I’ve got better things to do than obsess over people. I’ve had more lessons in sacrifice and selflessness than obsession as a dark card. On the other hand it makes me way more sensitive to art/music and love is more spiritual expression than love zombie xx

            • Star you express this so beautifully, thank you x.
              There is always a high side of something challenging in truth, i think. And you are right about empathy bringing out the best in people i know it myself from practice. And quintile, yes, give me more consciousness ! Thanks.

  4. Hey loved the link to the 12 step site. Bit much for me overall but number three of the quiz can be me – it goes with the way i think about ANYTHING of interest. I’m only Venus-Neptune quintile, though i think this is essential understanding for all Piscean/Neptunian/12th house types.

    Your description of LZ angst is so freaked out! This was me as a girl. Had insane crushes from about age 3 or whatever, mostly on adult men. Love the handbag bit because “he will so get it”. Tell you what, throw Jupiter on an idealistic Moon Neptune in 12th trining your Piscean Sun in the 5th, and this is what you have to grow up and get over.

    I’m thanking the crap out of Uranus in Libra, Venus in Aqua, Sag Asc and Merc in Aries for a very low boredom threshold and the need to keep flying. Thank Saturn squaring my Venus too, and that Lilith in Virgo. They get me out of many a pickle but it’s my aim not to love trouble in the first place *sigh* It’s tough to cool your jets in the love game.

  5. on a practical note (4 planets in virgo) its always worth remembering the old HALT – never get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired as it leaves you open to addictive behaviours rising up – it actually really works – off now to have a break from work and eat something…

    • So true! . One night years back I desperately wanted to be w someone and felt like crying. I had a bubble bath, a meal and a good nights sleep and the next day was happily non-needy again.
      Thanks for acronym, that’s useful. :-)

      • Perfect recipe! Bless you – you sound like you’d only need it once in a blue moon. :)

  6. thank you for this horrifyingly timely post!

    has it occurred to the love addict group ladies that the whole of society is set up to condone and even PUSH that sort of behaviour? country music lyrics. how dating agencies advertise. the way media refers to single men compared to single women

    WHAT in the astrology is turning me all feminist?

    • There is defo something getting some of us all super feminist lately. I believe there was something in another post about it? Someone more astro-llectual than me will know. IM IN SUCH A FEMINIST RAGE OMG. & yes yes yes society totally pushes it. I am noticing lately how DEEPLY TERRIFYING, UNHEALTHY, STALKERY, PRESUMPTUOUS AND PATRONISING so many ‘ love’ songs are, with like… veiled threats (or un-veiled) if the girly doesn’t realize he’s the man of her dreams etc. (or whatever gender) Seriously awful lol. Thats not romantic! Thats CALLING THE COPS NOW. The dynamic in Twilight reminds me of this. Romantic goo goo/extremely disturbing shouldn’t be so interchangeable. Sorry for the caps. I love caps.

      • yes, I felt that the “romance” in the Twilight movies (couldn’t bare to read the books) is a submissive female who allows this creepy stalker to manipulate her into a relationship.
        Still shocked it’s backed by Morons. (then again promoting submissive women into unhealthy relationships has always been there angle).
        I just don’t see that as romantic.

      • Read 50 Shades of Grey and it’ll really tick you off. i read a few free chapters and the guy is a narcissistic control freak. It’s training woman to obey their masters and not to think too deeply about disturbed relationships.
        I am surprised to hear/read feminists backing and even promoting the book. It’s a huge step backwards.

        • If you can make it through the book. Shades of Grey is too vanilla and boring. yuck. why do people read this crap?

    • you are right – there is a song they play all the time -something about being a little drunk and needing someone and its 1 am – quite recent.

    • Eris Eris Eris!! opposing saturn squared by the sun. plus that little uranus thing… :)

  7. Venus Square Neptune natally.. FUQ. I’ve been a love zombie my whole life This cracks me up because in all honesty I have actually been consciously trying to keep my neptunian ways (pisces moon as well) in check, and literally can no longer masturbate. which is kind of a huge bummer but shit i’d rather go hungry than eat fast food s via fantasizing about some cancer-scorpio-aries asshole who disappeared months ago running from me like a criminal leaves a crime scene. and this i know: down with speculation and assumption, up with.. SHOW ME THE MONEY. or the dick. or the text message. whatever.

  8. FINALLY starting to feel over this guy i met while traveling 2 years ago when pluto was on my venus. we were so in love but the power dynamics and traveling all over the world just to be together was just not working out…10 days no contact and going strong.

    i bought a convertible like a proper divorcée and have been obnoxiously blasting a lot of lil kim.

    • Grinned at the Indigo Invisibilty Cloak. The indigo stuff really does sound like a bit of high and mighty shittery, which so goes with the self delusions of grandeur suffered by the quintessential LZ.

    • pshh im already on top of making my own lovezombie mugwort moonshine after the post the other day!

      i bet you could sell it on the real though, i mean — Bach’s flower remedies are legal, right?

      • love it, where do we order/pay Mystic?

        @ raché oh yeah! Maybe if it was diluted like bach’s, the alcohol content is very low in that, mostly spring water. There might be problems with shipping esp overseas? It’s a bit like posting perfume oils maybe? I so want it! Mystic’s Concoctions. I’m imagining pretty glass bottles on my dresser & friends going “what sort of perfume is Anti Love Zombie Venom?!?”

    • I know it’s meant to be ironic.. but somehow, some niggling part of me is CONVINCED we can actually get this stuff produced and sell it. The need is dire.

      Though yes, I’d agree brute force will power and granite grit WILL do. Perhaps the “products” are helpful as vehicles of symbolic transference.. ? :)

      • brute force works, but in a zig-zag, jerky way. STILL takes time…unfortunately

        the shopping piece of the puzzle is harder to deal with

    • I’m hosting 50 x13 year olds tonight for my sons barmitzvah ‘ after ‘ party, Are there any discounts for 44gl drums ? I have all the hose fittings and a guy will come around and pick it up ? Do you except cheques ? Or if not, just send over a qi vamp to kill meeeee ! By the way the guy picking up is cool, really.

    • I thought it was fabulous.. I was looking for the link! LMAO!! Love your creativity and attention getting verbiage. Keep it coming Mystic.

      I was just in Target and was gonna take a picture of a PF cookie called Mystic… LOL!! Thought of you while shopping.


      • Love it. You could totally sell it. I’m still wanting the recipe for the original Blue Devil Hoochie Juice…

    • I think the cloak was the only thing of interest, is it a secret scorpio fantasy to be invisible?

  9. Natal moon/venus opposition probably doesn’t help me much hahahaha!!!

    I think I’m doing quite well though in regards to all the undead lurve shenanigans. Definitely been worse in recent times.

  10. Venus-Neptune opposition = tendency for delusions in relationships. recognize it and channel the vision to create something else..and it becomes your gift to the world. :-)

  11. Twist on that Non-Masturbatory to Object of Obsession LAA rule: Hand on Heart I swear, my libido DROPS whilst in the throes of being So Into Someone – however, I follow a strict regime of Guerilla Wanking to Every Other Hotness if only to prove that my sexuality remains independent of the current fixation. It WORKS. Along the lines of move the body, the mind/spirit will follow.

    It’s NOT always pleasant, though by definition, self-pleasure should be.. but it IS important that we not let someone who WON’T occupy our lives in real time, occupy our minds similarly. The heart of course is another matter, but in time it turns its gaze away from being so coldly ignored, or half-heartedly engaged. Or worse, handled hurtfully by another or ourselves.

    No doubt letting go hurts..but the answer to What and Who you’re letting go changes through the process. First, it’s letting go of this Person..then the opportunity of what you think can be with them..then in their continued absence, really it’s about letting go of Who you Feel you are around on and so forth. Needless to say, it gets way more introspective and narrowed down to the only person you can control through anything: you.

    It’s a continuum. Letting Go is Loving. To yourself for embracing the truth and to another for allowing them to be where they truly are.

    • Working my way down thoughts of love zombies and STOP,
      this riveted my attention and had to read it 3 times.
      You have understood the process sexually spiritually & emotionally from being as you said, Pluto-ed.
      You have just spun me into my Sunday morning Deep Thought. x

    • Ah if understanding only made it easier my sweetest feathered friend.. :) eventually though I believe it gives us a fullness, where our million little deaths serve life rather than make us dwindle into being automatic or worse, antiseptic. :)

    • Funny. I have a go-to guy I made up in my mind that I use when I get obsessive on some semi-real life person. He is not at all my type and entirely focused on the task at hand. Odd, but it works.

  12. Oh dear, the top picture is the girl that my ex OBSESSED over…to the point where I started to compare myself to her. When he dumped me unceremoniously after I flew back to my hometown just to see him (after promising kids and marriage no less!) I of course figured well…I guess I couldn’t compete with this dream girl after all lol.

    Lately I’ve been thinking about him a lot…and wondering if I am a love zombie. FYI, now in an amazing rekindled relationship with my first husband. So glad this dream-girl-chaser and I didn’t make it…but lately I’ve been wondering wth happened to this guy. Is he OK??? Will he fix his shit somehow??? (Not that I should care, I would never take him back.)

    Maybe I’m not a love zombie, more like..a zombie nurse. Been wondering what’s up with thinking about all this…dead and buried stuff. Maybe it’s the Uranus retro making me want to tie all the loose ends and feel like everything worked out in the best way…for everyone???

  13. Oh this is hilar. Great post!

    I read the ’40 signs’ and some of them, well ok, but did anyone else notice number 36? “If you are involved in a love triangle (three people)”. Erm, if you don’t know what a triangle is, perhaps you’ve got a bigger problem than obsessing over some AWOL guy??

    In future tho’, when assessing a man’s availability, I am going to use *with his dick out* as my personal, ah, yardstick.

  14. Trying all of this so hard and it works. I like to think that a general ostrich approach is the best way right now with love matters. That Cap/Sag/Uranian nightmare caused me to totally unravel and I’m still in shock at how much of an LZ I became for a while there. Thanks Pluto transits for activating all that madness.

    I’d love an invisibility cloak, how good would that be for stalking?

    • now now Charley – don’t be putting ideas into my head – isn’t an invisibility cloak a euphemism for spending-fruitless-hours-trawling-online-dating-sites? Is your moon in libra as part of your stellium? apparently, despite its hardships, venus-pluto conjunction is one of the sexiest aspects EVA! MM said so herself (once..). I hope you are feeling cheerier, anyway :)

      • Err yeah, true that. I just always fantasised about being invisible, would be the most dangerous thing an ultra Scorp could possess.

        No, Moon in Sag! Thanks, no not really but I haven’t felt cheery since Saturn went into Libra haha, for crying out loud 😉

  15. There’s nothing sexy or particulary empowering about women whinging about men or sprouting their anger and or penis envy. Farrrk it’s a dark moon! Men men men why? Men are lovely. Try being a lesbian… With 90% of your crew looking like men. Honestly girls it feels like a bunch of bitter pissed middle age women whinging and certainly annihilating approx 50% of all the possible beautiful peeps of this world. This is mystic medusa not fucking new idea or any other boring make a cake and get fat/ work your core/ define your anima coz he’s a bastard convo.
    Mostly …. Illuminating …. Sometimes warm and supportive…. Educational hell yeh… Sexist ? You know it is. Fucking boring!

    • Honey, I agree with the nothing sexy about Men Bashing bit..but soz who’s doing that?? I LOVE men. And I thought this entire post wasn’t so much about all men as the tendency for obsession.

      Anyway, am not a believer in bashing either of the sexes or for that matter, an entire age group. Nor do I subscribe to the idea that baking a cake or working my abs would ever change the way I feel about someone if I like them that much. It’s a good productive distraction, and hopefully it creates enough delay so the entire situation breathes – as does you.

      I do get though that bitterness is not a good look and there’s no sense is setting things up so the person you’re interested in has to always prove themselves. It’s a dance but it does get frustrating.. mostly everyone gets lonely for someone they can really connect with, and when that potential appears, stays for a bit then dissipates, well, it hurts.

      Everyone handles that differently. I feel sad when someone I really like and care for can’t return my feelings for whatever reasons (and no I’m not going to quote that dratted book), and I find that pathologizing my sadness, or putting way too much effort into avoiding it doesn’t work. Sometimes we really just need to sit with that bit of pain, look it in the eye and accept things with kindness.

      So try to read beyond how everyone here is ruminating upon this and see it for what it is. We’re all people regardless of sexual orientation and we all have to deal with longing.

      • Exacto. I never bash men, love them, can’t live without them. Being a Love Zombie or whatever is about your own shit. I know it’s mostly my issue, who I attract is a result of what I put out there. Theoretically I could change that at any time…once I work out how LOL.

      • beautifully said Fallen Angel – i drafted a post in response about the mis-use of the -isms (oh very virgoan!) – ‘sexism’ is the systematic oppression of one sex by another, and us ladies ain’t there yet! Just as racism is the systematic oppression of one race by another – so, if an indigenous person is – say, bigoted or chauvinistic, they are still not racist, its technically impossible.

    • I do know what you mean but the original Love Zombie post pointed out that mystic doesn’t get the desperate love zombie emails from men, just women. Het women I believe? So yeah it is really sad and sexist but for some reason there is a lot of this behaviour & its girls doing it, making themselves small, making excuses for emotional distance etc & obsessing over one probably terrible/uninterested guy. Whether it is social conditioning or what the fuq-ever I don’t know. Its a mystery but its RAMPANT, awful & a bit crap-self esteem-esque. I think its wonderful to define it & see its hideousness & try to kick it. Must be awful for people seeing young daughters do this shizz.

      Penis envy what in the who now? Not me. I love not having a penis. Never wanted one myself. Yes men are lovely but not ALL men are lovely & women spouting anger are probably not worrying about being sexy.

      • agreed – LZ is seemingly a ‘phenomenon’ exacerbated by all sorts of media/cultural/economic effects. But gay people defo can be LZs. And men too – I know that from experience. But with hetero men its not often verbalised or written – but most of us probably know of male friends who ‘can’t get over someone’.

        • The absolute worst LZ I’ve encountered in recent times, totally put me to shame, was a highly Scorpionic/Virgo rising Libra man. So..

      • I have a feeling heterosexual Love Zombie men are not going to consult an astrologer but will start stalking their love interest or victim instead to remain in control. Not many will admit openly to be heartbroken or lovesick, other men have frowned upon it, and it seen as weak or demeaning behavior to act emotional or “feminine so, they try to take control instead.
        Aggressive behavior vs passive.

        • I’ve met some Love Zombie men and they do exist! Their MO is totally different from women because it”s shameful to have their love rejected so they don’t tell anyone about it. The go on quietly about their lives while keeping keepsakes of the…locks of hair…. They go about dating you because you make a great distraction until they can get their target. They will drop you like a rock when that time comes. Been there….dated a love zombie virgo man and it sucked.

          • So signs you might be dating a possible Love Zombie Guy is:

            —Keeps LOTS of old keep sakes from SPECIFIC lovers/dates. Guys who keep all of their old gf’s stuff is just a hoarder…different problem IMO

            —Doesn’t take you out to certain restaurants or won’t watch certain movies with you. He doesn’t want to taint the memory with you!

            —If you accidentally do something that reminds him of his special one, like maybe you guys have the same hair flick technique…idk. He will become angry and moody for no reason because you will have shown him that his girl wasn’t that special.

            —He doesn’t talk about *her* to you OR the opposite…he talks NON-stop about her to you. The 2nd one is slightly better because usually those guys have given up hope or are close to doing that.

            —You look like *her* and he tells you so. Beware. You’re just a stand in for the real thing.

            —super creepy….he buys you things that *she* had to recreate something. Like if the target loved blue dresses….he’d get you those…or her perfume.

            —He’s always handing you excuses about how he’s not in the right frame of mind to commit to you right now. If he’s under 25 y.o. this may not be a LZ. just a typical slutty guy. Personally, I’d dump someone who ever said that to me. I actually have only to have that a-hole move to my city and try to find me again. ugh.

            —guards his phone or his computer. That’s because there’s still some unauthorized pics on there.

            —If you are on a date with this guy and you happen to see his target, he’ll fall all over himself to get her attention and forget you. Happened only 1x to me and i broke up immeidately afterwards.

            —-He doesn’t seem to get jealous at the prospect of you dating other guys. But sometimes some guys are more cool about it so this isn’t always a sign. But if you find he ENCOURAGES you…run!

            The 2 key things that seem to separate male LZ from the female ones are:

            –Female ones talk about their issues to others even at the risk of being seen as crazy.

            –Male ones have no qualms about using another female as a “placeholder” for their beloved. I think female LZ, many of us, don’t go around trying to deliberately USE other people which is why we tend to stay home more and avoid others.

      • Beautiful and eloquently written fallen angel : ).
        Actually all replies have good points : ).

        I do stand by what I feel…. Perhaps less gender specific conversation will help with the alienation some of “our” discussions do in fact portray. I will always send love to the broken hearted… I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy…. : ) (a broken heart).

        Not many men comment on ‘our’ blogs and I think it would be lovely if they did…. Who knows girls …you may in fact fall in love.

  16. This mantra arrived via a Sagittarian I’m now with, but yeh as a Venus square Neptune love tragic jeez I wish I knew it in my 20s….sigh…


  17. Venus Square Neptune native here. I don’t think there is a cure.
    I’ve also run out of clever things to say.

  18. oh dear, the hematite bracelet, the voodoo oils, the endless spells! i’m blaming 5th house pluto and not my 12th stellium for this one. also i’m pretty sure LZism is an addictive substance. brain chemicals craving adrenaline or dopamine or whatever it is… why else am i still stuck in this cycle when he’s here, at my door, in hand….????

      • some of the 40 questions really hit home, but oh wow did the descriptions of the different types make me feel stable, and sane, and so not zombie-ish! whoo!

  19. Brilliant post. Have started tugging gently on my ear and reminding myself “Stay in the presence girl” anytime my mind goes wondering into the thought jungle. Helps me come to a rapid halt of having my thoughts lost in the “what if’s future” Love Zombie trap. It has been a rockin good antidote.

  20. That website is horrible, I’m obviously 100% a love addict and 100% attracted to raging narcissists. Grateful I have astrology to help me understand why but really, perhaps it’s time for some hardcore therapy.

    • :) yes, I only had a cursory look and had to click away. I find this thread fun and empowering, but that list was tooo much! It might be interesting to look at your progressed sun Charley – my LZ problem defo really kicked in when my progressed sun entered scorpio. Before that, when it was in Libra, I was in a continuous series of comfortable, monogamous co-habitations. The year it shifted into scorpio, I left my house, my partner in search of transcendent sex and my creativity! I think you’re a scorp (?), so your progressed sun is probably now in Libra, so maybe that’s why saturn has been so hard? Also, yes a good therapist at certain times of one’s life, plus all the usual tricks of friends, exercise, self-nurture. Have you consulted an astrologer on a 1:1 basis? I find looking at discrete aspects and transits can get overwhelming and a professional can point out the significant bits. The 7th house stellium means that this is a lifetime of relationships (note the plural). I throw everything at my addictions (pages, affirmations, astrology, walking, friends). I also had an undiagnosed medical condition that was totally undermining my physiology. But the real key for me is empowerment – I choose to be happy!

    • Charley I found myself answering Yes to a lot of these questions (Venus in Cancer square Pluto! Not my fault!). The Universe still saw fit to throw the right guy for me in my direction. You sound very aware, that’s pretty much the goal of therapy I think.

      • Hope, thanks creatrix.

        Quintile, my progressed Sun is in Sag right now, progressed Venus in Scorpio which may explain some of my slightly more intense feelings. I don’t know, I think it’s a case of just holding on for this Libra Saturn to pass, obviously Sun/Saturn will bring fresh challenges but having it crash over 4 planets and DSC in Libra it’s been intense. Probably time to just chill the eff out, stay away from the opposite sex for a while, digest lessons, do the HALT (great tip) and un-LZ myself.

  21. take it from saturn, think from the worst case scenario, work from there, expect the worst(while still working with the situation), and you can not go wrong, ESPECIALLY with neptune

  22. You are correct. Took me about 3 decades to learn PROPERLY but learn it I have; unless the object of your desire is actually contacting you at that point to make plans or he (or she, if you’re into sheilas) is standing in front of you, then forget about him / her. It’s as simple as that. If you can’t make yourself forget, then refusing to function is just really not helping you. Stay amazing regardless. Daydream and fantasise if you want to but do not on any account let it devolve into non-call-back-anxiety syndrome (NCBA Syndrome) or stalky or whatever it is that will f you up. NO ONE MALE OR FEMALE IS WORTH THAT STRESS! go flirt with some other hot people instead. They are AN option, but they are not the ONLY option.
    so, yes. great advice.

  23. I never masturbate to people I know. I never masturbate to people? Alien sex feind all the way :) if I was going to crawl into my fantasy and imagination why would I waste it on a possible scenario that I could live out than some cheese laden replica.

  24. What if this is bigger than all of ‘this’ ?? What if it’s about a reassessment of who one is and what one wants and if it’s more specific to the ladies then I’m calling that incorrect. The men are just as lost but not orientating the same way as the ladies. So, this could all be about finding a new way of connecting and that would then make it bigger than one (or two) people, more akin to a quest.. a long term goal.. maybe it’s zap zone-ish?

    Ah.. so soz to sound like I’m not playin the game but we’re all goinna have LZ elements no matter what sign or what house or what-ever, so I’m looking for a bigger thread to the mix and that to me always means the longer transits and bigger shifts, so.. what is it then?

    It’s not a 5 minute thing.. it’s becoming a focal point or it’s uncovering itself as a focal point that’s been dormant or subversive for a while I’ll say.

    So.. I’ve had a thing for about a year for an old flame, nothing that stopped me in my tracks nor rendered me mute, perpetually blushing, faltering and flakey but still.. there,yeah, annoying and random-ish..what is is?

    • i think you’ve hit it here- obviously this touches on a deep, festering wound. the culmination of the saturn in libra years of relationship hell, now that we’ve finally internalized and processed it and are now able to articulate our hard-earned wisdom? the approaching scorping? the wild lust-crazed pan side of pluto in cap? juno retro and now stationing? gemini venus coming out of her shadow so we want to talk, talk, talk about it? neptune in pisces making everything personal instead of impersonal? i was so sure that the world in large was going down in flames, and it is in a way… but the larger picture of neptune in pisces in my experience so far is that everything is personal, and where before the zap zone approaching was in our heads and going to be this doom scenario or that scenario, it’s hit me and pretty much everyone i know straight in the heart. change begins within!

      • Some good points HDQ! Hmmm, yes Pluto in Cap and the tearing down of old structures.. would that also be perceptions, beliefs and ways that dont serve us individually(they are structures too)?

        In order to tear the structure down light has to be shone on it, perhaps… ?

  25. All righty, I took a look at this little LAA site, and please, LZs and all others: take it with a grain of salt. I think there’s a lot of pop psych going on here (always something to be wary of), for instance:

    “Narcissism is a personality disorder. It stems from childhood abuse.”

    Yeah, narcissism is a pers disorder, but no one knows where it comes from. To definitively state that narcissists are survivors of childhood abuse is bullshit, really.

    And LAA’s 40 questions? Eh. Maybe answering “yes” to these is indicative– but of what? There is absolutely nothing diagnostic or empirically substantial to any of these.

    I do believe the LAA site is best approached as a means of entertainment. Nothing more.

    • Agree. Net can be fabbo for research but beware of all the psycho babble and there sure is some there.
      What was that old saying i was told in my 20’s…..’believe nothing that you hear and half of what you read’.
      It is a rare man that knows himself & i say that from experience and asking questions. If he doesn’t know himself how can he be authentic with you.
      Also noticed that men of 33 years do seem to have a jesus thing. I just ask they don’t bleed on me.
      Generally if a man is still solo at 42-45 is another ‘watch out’, there are problems with relationships.
      And take the Venus & Mars books with a grain of salt,
      unless you are reading them together as a couple.
      Perhaps it’s all about being on the same page so chose your guide book wisely.

  26. I just love this! And as a matter of fact I did do a little online shopping today…..but for cardigans…in beautiful colors…to amp up my wardrobe…..but I could really use the love zombie potion and the free indigo invisible cloak! This is good advice….doing my best to work it…. :-) If he wants me….he knows how to find me…. and I hope he’s either at the door, in a text, e-mail, or phone call but not with his “dick out”…..HAHAHAHAH

  27. Ebola of the psyche! Ha! My computer died today (RIP) but it’s always worth peeping your site from my phone. You slay me.

  28. Natal 12th house Venus in Virgo square Neptune in 3rd house sag here. I can’t help but check yes to some of the LZ symptoms. Doesn’t mean that I’m an addict or my love system is broken. Its just …I hope this doesn’t sound arrogant and perhaps its true for anyone…but when I fall in love, all kind of other, transcendent things come into play. Larger forces at work. And I understand why a love interest freaks about that. I’ve accepted that as the new normal. I had a clearing communication with the Scorp Uranian this weekend. It was nice to have him say perhaps we have unfinished past life business, perhaps this connection is important and destined. He tried to leave it dangling with a “who knows – what is meant to be will be.” But I need plans and dates to take that crap seriously. It was nice to be able to say for myself and to him that perhaps that unsorted past life business gets sorted right here and now and this message is the done of it. Because however the connection feels, however is reverbs within him, doesn’t mean jack if he doesn’t show up. Love like that is real, even if its never realized. Its happened more than once, which helps me let go of the need to control the other person. Letting go of the need to control the other person is hard when its so intense and you’re so sure you’re right about everything. But I don’t call right around here. Letting go of control is essential. The best thing I’ve learned is to give the blessings I want for the other person – that the other person rejects – to myself. In the case of Scorp Uranian, I had visions of him starting a new life with his son. Now, I find myself getting my house rental-ready, amped to move my family cross country. Who knows the value of connections like those? And, yes, they do make you lose your mind for a bit. But it doesn’t mean you can’t remember who you control on this planet: yourself. And for all the addictions I could have, a love addiction sounds right to me.

  29. this love zombie issue is very real and ancient. My friend who is a hindu/course of miracle’s priest actually has been sent to free people from this dis-ease. i am new to it but having been single for a little while maybe this could heal.

    Special Relationships
    First, what is a special relationship?

    The simplest definition I have heard is

    Where you need something from someone or something

    Special relationships are not just with people, but with any “thing” that we think we need something from.

    · Need money from a job?

    · Need pleasure from your toys?

    · Need reliability from your computer?

    These are all special relationships.

    There is only one lesson we are here to learn, but until we truly learn it, we must learn that lesson with specific circumstances of life.

    So lets focus on “people” special relationships, as that is what most of us give away our power with.

    One of the prime characteristics of special relationship is, it is exclusive – it excludes some one or some thing else, in fact, usually lots of others and lots of things.

    The holy relationship includes all

    But this does not mean in form, you can exclude people you hang around with, or are intimate with, but not in your mind. What happens in your mind.
    Ken Wapnick’s

  30. Cashed up, clueless whores! Haha!
    I’m so not taking it personally.
    Ok I am.
    As Homer Simpson would say, “it’s funny because its true!”
    I would buy so much stock I’d have a controlling interest in the company if that stuff was for sale.
    I’d blow the CEO for brownie points.
    Because I have a Venus Neptune trine and am the Chet Baker of crush.
    Total emotional slut.
    Cashed up, clueless whore.