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Anais Nin and her diaries in a bank vaultβ€œI take pleasure in my transformations. I look quiet and consistent, but few know how many women there are in me.”
Anais Nin

So we looked at Anais Nin’s astro here already but this quote makes me think: did she ever utter/write a single word that was anything other than crashingly Piscean?

Early Edition Anais Nin Diary

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51 thoughts on “Anais Piscean

  1. Whenever I hear something really Piscean/Neptunian, part of me cringes. It’s so wishy-washy. It’s so flakey. It seems to take itself far too seriously.

    Then again, there is a part of me that really digs it.

    Um. I might be more Neptunian than I allow myself to believe; Uranus-Sun-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn (that would explain the earlier cringing), first house. I’m well aware of how strongly my Uranus affects me, but I am constantly overlooking my Neptune.. And that, in itself, is rather Neptunian, no?

    • Sonyah, my teenage son is also Capricorn Sun-Uranus-Neptune, but in the 5th house, and I’m still trying to figure out how Uranus and Neptune work together on an individual. He invents things, hence I see the Uranus, but I see no Neptune being manifested. Maybe the Capricorn likes to suppress the Neptune bits? Sorry about going off-topic, but it’s an interesting question, and interesting that you’ve also wondered about it.

      • I think the Uranus-Neptune conjunction work together in a rather interesting way; Uranus brings change, innovation and progress, while Neptune brings dreams, idealism and intuition. The result is something very humanitarian, I think. At least when done right- it would be very easy for someone to be rather air-headed and delusional thanks to Neptune, while fighting back against some imagined foe or perceived system to try and bring about some kind of Uranian change. I think the Occupy movement is a result of the Neptune-Uranus generation, and we should hopefully see some similar things as Pluto moves through Capricorn and crosses these planets for many.

        For me, personally, my Neptune affects me in rather subtle ways. Whenever I think I have it figured out, suddenly it feels like I’ve got it all wrong. Again. Oh, Neptune. I don’t think I’ll be able to take full advantage of it until after Pluto transits it, and then my first Saturn return is not long after that.

        I’d like to think having Neptune in Cap means I do have one foot planted firmly in reality, while the other is off wandering various parts of the cosmos and elsewhere.. but my perception of reality has never been entirely reliable. Having Sun-Neptune-Uranus means I really do see the world in a rather unique way- not something I realised until recently thanks to some friends informing me of this.

        At my worst, I can be as flaky and wishy-washy as any Pisces not doing their sign very well; at my best, I am rather gifted in the arts, music and writing. Neptune is tricky; slippery. As I said before, I do think having Pluto cross my Neptune will be beneficial. Only time will tell.

    • ive got the same neptune uranus conjunction(not with the sun though) in my 5th, I have trouble conceptually understanding how neptune and uranus would gel as well, in capricorn no less, and ive also wondered how someone with their sun on that conjunction would turn out, thats really interesting you have that, maybe it wont show its full gusto till later since its cappy and all, for now were gonna be all like, where is it, but thats just how the goat works, thats just my theory though

  2. oh, perfect timing! I have never read any Anais Nin, you know, just never got around to it, but she has come up again in my life for a few reasons and maybe now’s the time, along with the 4362 other books I want to read when I am not studying or procrastinating doing other things.

    • I SO relate. Have two books on the go at the moment and only another 3,389 to go lol

  3. The Piscean women in my family are not so self-absorbed. I tend to think they might just laugh at her. But they are very confident of their own opinions.

  4. Love the quote. Aren’t a lot of us like that? We may look one way but we have all these other lives going on within us?!? Have been thinking a lot about Anais recently due to the current Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenom. Luckily I have a few of Nin’s books and diaries to re-read. Fell in love with her work in my early twenties and she’s still one of my faves.

    • If people want to read good erotica they should read Anais Nin or Baudelaire, not 50 Shades of Grey. The writing is juvenile and horrible! ugh. Almost barfed on page one.
      A 27 year billionaire living in Seattle picks a plain Jane randomly. The fact that it’s based on Twi-Tard fan fiction was enough for me. Off putting.
      Sorry there’s just better books out there than 50 Shades of Shite. πŸ˜‰
      rant over

      • Sorry if this offends. Just went on my rant. Not judging anyone that likes the book, but if you do like it please read Anais Nin and Baudelaire also! You’d be surprised how beautifully written the classics are.

  5. She is an interesting character and very Pisces yes but I think the expansiveness of some of her experiments or theories comes from Jupiter exaggerating elements also and there is that Mars drive as well.

    I have read some but not a great deal of her stuff. I hazard a guess that it would all start to read the same somewhere in that journey as it’s all about her own self actualisation. Yes, I’m aware it’s an assumption but whilst I found it liberating, refreshing even for it’s time I wonder if it all wouldn’t start to get same same. Still, I think she’s a notable character in feminine literature.

  6. Um, forgive me. I’m young. But, who is she? I don’t know who she is at all. I kinda agree with sonyah, I find such statements wishy-washy too. It sounds exactly like something my flaky Pisces boss would say, except less eloquently.

    • Well, I mean to say my boss would be the less eloquent one. I don’t mean to criticise what I am not informed about.

      • Hi whimsy, Anais was French writer who published journals that spanned most of her life, as well as erotic literature. I think she is fabulous. And so Piscean. There is a 1990 movie called “Henry and June” based on Henry Miller and her which is actually quite a good watch. As Mystic stated in her previous post on Anais, she has Neptune conjunct her Midheaven, which either “makes or breaks you”.

        Planets aspecting the midheaven I is fascinating

        Can I seek people’s thoughts on Venus (in Pisces!) conjunct Midheaven, Neptune trine Midheaven, squares from Mars and Saturn, and opposition from Pluto?


        • Oh, and I also meant to say, never EVER dismiss a Piscean and “wishy-washy” and “flaky” – yes they come across as such, but they are tuned in to some higher plane most of the the rest of us spend a lifetime searching to find, understand and make use of. If you want to know the future, ask a Piscean. The answer will sound clueless, but you will see.

          • True enough. I know i surprised Scorp boss by answering the phone for him: “Did that ring? I didn’t hear it ring,” he says looking straight at my eyes. “Yeah i’m pretty sure,” i reply, even though the person who called said oh wow did that ring? I just dialled the number but i didn’t hear any ring.

            Ok a mundane example but that’s all you get just now πŸ™‚

              • He heh i’ll tell you here but i’d rather appear vague than admit it to anyone outside: i’m clairaudient.

            • ooh ooh, I got one
              I can go invisible whenever I want, mostly its not on purpose, whenever I am walking next to someone and zone out they suddenly look in my direction as if they got the sense I wasnt there anymore, and a lot of times they look in every direction frantically but the place I am actually standing, as if suddenly they feel I am not there, but the worst part is I was there the whole time, my friends are always turning to make sure I am still there, its kind of funny, and forget about if I am sitting waiting for someone or standing even, I have to practically wave my arms like an idiot to get noticed or make sure my footsteps are making noise so I dont freak anyone out, or cough to warn that im coming, but most times I just sit still and bemused and see how long it takes, and thats not even getting in to how easy it is to disappear if I want to, poof

                • yep can do that whenever I want to as well. I have to decide to do it, but have a lot of fun with it. Always throught it was something to do with first house Neptune.

                  • it used to hurt my feelings at first, but then I realized how fun it is, it takes so little effort to hide in plain sight, its so funny to just be there “suddenly”

              • I was discussing this with a katakan at saturday mornings bootcamp. there is a person who shits everyone, and bosses them about, but has not muttered a word to me. i told the katakan to make herself invisible to her…she looked at me like it was another one of my insane comments .. re wanting blue hair last week. pisces rising, neptune in sag just off midheaven ? hey david how were the smells from those etsy people ? mine weren’t quite what i was after … i hope i didnt give you a bum steer !

                • all my friends are super scary scorpios so I dont really have to give them advice, they are pretty expert at dealing with people they dont like, but thats probably what I would advise people too, its so much easier to slip away than confront or fester or whatever,
                  the scent was okay, nothing crazy great but it smells pretty good, better than nothing, I cant tell how much I ought to use though, since its not a spray you kind of have to guess how much to scoop up on your finger

              • Molto piscean! It’s quite awesome. So… you’ve no clanking sagittarian about your rising i take it. Do you think that Scorpions see you then? Many of them move like cats.

            • i mean, on behalf of misunderstood pisceans everywhere that is. I totally get that the vagueness can be misconstrued as general life ineptitude or useless airheadedness. anyhoo

              • This is true. A lot of people I know say that that I always seem like I am off somewhere else or I am no anchored to anything. Sometimes I am very “far off” even when I am sitting next to my boyfriend and I feel as if he tries to pull me back in.

          • Thank you Gypsy. I do agree with you about not dismissing pisceans. You are right about them spending time on other planes, I think just being around them and always makes me more super intuitive, literally knocks me out of my socks when I start hearing words before they are said etc. super cool.

  7. i guess if you have two husbands at the same time, many lovers and a sexual relationship with your father you probably would feel like ‘many different women’. she probably felt like an impostor in her own life and an intruder in many other’s lives.

    • I agree, I much prefer Colette’s writing. I think what annoys me most about Anais Nin is she never really edited anything, she seemed to think it was all fascinating and all important. Her erotica is so…boring (but then so much erotica is) and her diaries, even the selected juicy bits, just go on and on. She really was a venter, a ranter, as we all are in our diaries. By contrast, Colette was a writer of incredible and deceptively difficult skill, whose writings (i was re-reading The Cat, written in 1933, only yesterday) really are timeless.

  8. ah, really? I just devoured ‘Claudine at school’, I love her delicious depictions of French (well, Parisian) life at the turn of the century. And Claudine is such a minx and an entertaining protagonist ! I will look for more of Colette’s work then.

  9. I feel the same about her, but really appreciate her. Although, her writing is about her, I also see it is as detached from herself; observing, experimenting, dissolving boundaries. She is unique and an extraordinary woman of her time. I really like her writing and have this quote by my desk :

    ” Life. Fire. Being myself on fire I set others on fire.Never death.Fire and life. Le jeux. ” Anais Nin

    • “observing, experimenting, dissolving boundaries.”

      This is what I’ve always related to Fifi.

    • I have just re-read A Spy in the House of Love and have gone back and re-read several times the last few pages because I so appreciate the depth of her understanding of the female psyche. She seems to be able to stand back and objectively analyse all the different facets of a woman searching for love. (Maybe this is just me as a Katakan relating to the Piscean……..)

  10. Have never read Colette. Only ever seen the film Gigi. Thanks for the suggestions below. Will check them out.

  11. Thanks DT, I haven’t read Colette but from your comments I think I’d like it – so many books on my list! Now I just need a long holiday by the beach where there’s no internet or mobile reception – and just disappear into my books!

  12. can you recommend any simone de beauvoir for the uninitiated please miss?

    I tried to read some once and I’m not sure if I was ready for it.

    • thanks will go the short stories that’s my favourite style – i can’t remember which one I was trying to read but all my lesbian friends got really excited about it whatever it was, I took it on holiday with me/them and they kept smiling and nodding at each other and encouraging me to keep reading it but I gave up so I never worked out what they were on about πŸ˜€

  13. Sun and Jupiter in Pisces in the 5th trine Neptune and Moon. I think she was an ultra Neptunian peep, and what I find fitting here (with that large and experimantal 5th house in acqua-pisces) is that in some kind, I think she made her own life an interesting piece of art, and she described it throughout her journals, speaking and behaviour. also, to me, she was an excellent critic and theorist. she talked a lot about the differences in the process of writing and creating between women and men, and with intelligent and keen observations. I think she was a brilliant woman, and that she wouldn’t have given a second thought about all the gossiping about her …”mischieveous” conduct in life :o). she would have smiled and nothing more. what a delicious charming lady.

  14. I am a Sun Sign Aries with Venus, Mars, and Ascendent in Pisces…and I gotta say that I feel extremely kindred to Anais Nin. She speaks a lot of the same things I think and we’re both writers. I really adore her.

  15. What a beautiful picture on the Wed scopes! The ink colour, the style, the image…thank you, Mystic!

    Didn’t know where else to post a thank you. She’s delightful.

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