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Art By Mia – Across The Nile

Geminis Gloat & Leos finally get to start their own cult…obviously we’re all on high alert for the Zap Zone.

The times are so weird, the weird totally turn pro AND I went and posted the Weekly Horoscopes from June 16 already…

And YES Jupiter is in Gemini…I am going on about this in the Daily Mystic email for Tuesday but basically, this really ups the Mutability Factor. Things can now move v.quickly. Changes can occur with one quick-silvery flip of a Mercurial Mind.

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128 thoughts on “Zap Or Get Zapped

  1. I’ve got my Van Van oil and Pluto Juice. I tentatively say “come at me, bro”.

  2. I can see how a cult might be useful πŸ˜‰

    Any astro knowledgeable peeps: So if I have Jupiter in Gemini is this a good thing/time?

    • Yes indeedy it’s a good thing, Lioness. Look at your chart and see what degree Gemini your Jupiter was in when you were born; then whenever Jupiter gets to that same degree of Gemini where your Jupiter was when you were born, it’s called a Jupiter Return and can be quite lucky. Not necessarily in a “change your life forever” sort of way, but you can get a nice big fat kiss from life without even working for it.

      • 21 degrees – I’ll be looking out for it :) Big fat kisses from life are always welcome!

      • Lioness: May 18, 2013, with about a week on either side of that date. Put it on your calendar now. That’s when you’ll have your Jupiter Return. Then open your mind to expansive possibilities to occur at that time.

  3. Finally! Already scheming for self-instigated changes built on the lessons I diligently typed all day.

  4. Not exactly Zap Zone related, more Venus Retro, but… Has anyone else had a beautiful and budding romance, possibly their best ever and started in April, go a bit AWOL over the past few days? Trying so hard not to freak out and demand answers and clog up Mystic’s inbox with pleading questions. Don’t know if I can wait until June 26.

    • Writing from a hand held so the text may come out sputtering.

      Not a budding romance but someone who had seemed to enjoy my emails cut contact sharply last week.

      Try not to freak out, I know it is easier to say but Venus retro is Venus retro, never chase. xxx

    • Hmm, don’t think of it as AWOL but more as “under review” – just as good for you to take space as it is for the absentee, even if it is quite disconcerting.

      I think Venus Retro only blights first time meets during the period, but existing ones go under the Venusian microscope vis a vis love introspection.

      Mine isn’t AWOL as such. But more freaked by the vibing, I was informed by La Leo that he had to “emotionally process” events i.e. my unexpected impact on him and how it is now forcing him to clarify things with his current casual squeeze. So as to proceed forth with moi.

      I think the fact that he feels the need to clarify things with her means he’s actually in a relationship but she isn’t and he has to face up to the fact vs the fiction. IMO prior my appearance he was waiting for that to evolve into an Official Something. And my having treated him well threw the status quo into sharp contrast.

      I’d given up the nurture & went completely on nature, so my stance is I want you, figure out what you want then get back to me. I’m alternating between fuqed off and zen.

      • That is a hard place to be Angel.

        You being there you will know more of course, but everyone has different things on how they go about informing others of others. Of course you are awesome and everything he wants, let him process, he has met you when he is causally with someone he maybe had pinned something else on and your energy is the truth to that? compliment to you.

        I had an incident about a month ago? now with the young double Libra when he was upset at me that I was seeing the Aqua. I was all cards on table at the get go as I met the Aqua a week after. He swore it was ok then it was not. Now won’t speak to me as he needs to detach and process. I though we were friends but I got to respect that. People have their own way. If he is not smart enough to know you got the goods he didn’t deserve you in the first place xxx

      • Thank you – same same but oh so different here. Very glad I read your post FA, put into words what I have been feeling but had not quite formed into conscious thought.

      • Oh, Ms. it surely is. But you know, I’m going to let this go into Depth Retro. I was tempted to mope about going woe is me for being second, but I’m second to NO ONE.

        La Leo’s situation was what it is even before we locked eyes, is it my fault I have brought The Quality? He announced he’s not looking for a relationship, even if really he’s actually already in one – he just can’t admit it. Perhaps that’s a lack of emotional insight, idealism and youth all rolled into one. I will not set myself up to purposely be guide and teacher as I have my own Venusian Business to deal with – namely that for the first time I really do want to be intimate with someone.

        Rather than ducking and hiding.. so I shall not deprive him of the chance to grow through this, as grow he must. As we all do. Pity about your Double Libra but sometimes it takes time to touch the hollows of our own hearts..

        And of course, in a one-two punch I heard back from a job I was in the running for that they’d gone with someone else – despite being gaga over me. That’s business though, and thankfully, I am so confident in my work ethic that I know I more than earn what I ask for. It would’ve been nice however to be able to leave where I am but c’est la vie.

        The Retro Beat goes on.

        • Hmm I can understand this. I find it really hard doing job AND heart stuff as it can be a rocky road. This man sounds in denial of his actions and their gravity. I get a picture of your role now, sounds like you are playing your hand beautifully- second to none, class and calibre all the way. Sounds like he has just been kicked to deal with his shit because of your quality. It happens :)

    • This has happened to me too.

      Met him early April, things were progressing well, in addition to other things in life, and then Taurus hit. Taurus anything is bad for me (it’s like throwing dirt on a fire). My bad depression returned (situational, not chronic), and it got so bad that he was a bit put off from me. It especially centred around an abusive boss, and difficulty finding another job.

      Most guys would have gone running another way, but he’s still with me, sort of. We seem like a couple in public, and we spend entire weekends together, falling asleep next to each other. But there isn’t even any cuddling, kissing, anything, and I deeply miss having a physical connection with him. Not sexually necessarily, but the sort of innocent intimacy you can have with someone.

      Maybe it’s as another said…that Venus retrograde places things under review. It was around the time that she went retrograde that things went a little off. I can only hope that things turn out for the better once she’s direct.

  5. Dumb Question – does the astro in squares go backwards? I mean – is it the same when Capricorn squares aries – is aries also squaring capricorn?

    I only ask because a friend has mars in sagg – currently squaring neptune in pisces. eee…

    So is that any different to Neptune squaring her mars right – or is it essentially the same meaning? .. Do I need to tell her to be careful of being delusional with men (advice she seems to need right now) … Or maybe I am completely wrong.

    • I think I’m right in saying that it’s the transiting planet that affects the natal one. Though the blending of energies may be similar the direction differs so transiting Neptune may space Mars out & transiting Mars may give Neptune more focus(?).
      I’m sure someone else here tho’ can give a better explanation.

  6. How do bunnies fit into the astro landscape?! I was just handed four babies to care for: my neighbor almost ran them over with his lawnmower, I guess… And now they’re mine 8o

    • In chinese astrology the year of the cat is the same as the rabbit – if that’s any help?

            • Here is an in depth review of Bunnie Symbolism. Just checking out Animal Speak – Ted Andrews and briefly, Keynote Fertility and New Life, Cycle of Power – Year round. I personally would read 4 as the 4 elements. In Greek mythology associated with Hecate (would be cool too see where this is on your chart). IN China, its the most fortunate sign, and can give the ability to possess the powers of the Moon !
              I like this point – active day and night but most visible at dusk and dawn.
              If a rabbit totem shows up you will start to see a cycle of 28 days beginning to manifest in your life.

              Oh, ”if a rabbit shows up it may indicate a need for more planning or check plans already in place, You do not want to box yourself into a corner. Rabbits have a knack for avoiding being seen. If you are involved in competition – in work and play – it will be important not to foreshadow your moves.
              Rabbits are clever at doubling back, making quick rapid turns, Learning to shift from freezing to great speed is something this totem should learn. it will aid your success and enable you to take advantage of opportunities that maybe only present themselves for brief moments.
              Rabbits are Vegetarians, you maybe need to examine your diet, for the greatest health and healing a vego diet, even if only temporary will strengthen and heal.
              Rabbits will show you how to recognise the signs around you (I’m pretty sure being a Scorp you would already be on this) …They will help you attune to the lunar cycle and recognise the tides of movement within your life, this in turn will enable you to become even more fertile in your life.

              Soz this is so long, i really love looking into animals that turn up …

              love peace and carrots !

    • I don’t know but we have a population explosion of bunnies in my neighborhood. Hopping babies everywhere right now and while teaching my daughter to drive a baby hopped into road and hobbled/jumped around, you know, adorably. My daughter said if she hit one of them she would never be able to drive again, but all survived so all is well on that front. I wonder if there are bumper crops of rabbits in the year of the rabbit?

      Good luck with the 4 that you received. I am sure it is good luck for YOU and has something to do with the number 4.

      • Thanks for that, Bluesky! It seems that all babies made it well through the night: they’re bright-eyed this a.m., and got into the water and food we put out for them. They left little bunny poops, too!

        Glad there wasn’t an incident during your daughter’s driving lesson! With great power comes great responsibility…

    • Right after reading this post, I signed into facecrack and the first thing I saw was an update from an animal rescue shelter about a dog named “Bunny”…

        • Yes indeed! (Bunny the dog had just found a new home too!)

          I love bunnies and their twitchy velvet noses. I had a house-trained bunny for a pet when I was a young whipper-snapperette – she was lovely, hung around the house and slept on my bed like a cat!

  7. Had three dreams simultaneously last night, one was an interrupter. A voice said loudly in my ear, enough to wake me up in the wee hours:
    “Fee fi fo fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman!”

    It startled me awake. I fell back into sleep, tumbling (but horizontally) past a beanstalk, then back into my pedestrian dream where i was two different cxharacters, both staying at a beach motel on a spit. One was me with my family, the other was me as a freshman American boy whooping it up with my buddy, who was pretty similar to Jason from TrueBlood, if you want to know just what kind of stupid fun.

    I also kept going into an old Western bar where it was filled with that golden dusty light of daytime in a desert place, even through shuttered windows, and had conversations with an old leathery linefaced cowboy, who answered lots of my questions, but it was a ver5y slow conversation, unfolding as it did in between being with my family at the beach, being a freshman and hearing the occasional reminder from the giant.

    Towards the end, the cowboy said he could fix something for me just bring it to him, and i said only i can come here, i can’t bring objects with me they won’t materialise. He smiled and all at once i was waking up realising that Jupiter (the Giant) had woken me at the exact moment he went into imagination land (Gemini), and that i was having a conversation with the Hermit, so i fell to my knees and bowed, then opened my eyes.

    Jupiter is in opposition to my Moon Jupiter Neptune in 12th house Sag.
    Neptune squares my Moon Jupiter Neptune in 12th House Sag.
    Uranus opposes natal Uranus. Good god let the ride begin.

    • Wow Millie, excellent art material there. x The golden dusty light of daytime. gorgeous i would put my money where my mouth is with that image.
      I woke up to a loud voice on 4am sunday morning saying ;;Fire!!” it made me jump out of bed and go round the house checking all the power outlets and heaters were off and smelling the home like a bloodhound…
      The last time a word woke me up was just after having my first born – 6 and a bit years ago, i was in a blue funk and the word,and dream’ was ”Poseidon” this was pre Mystic Medusa time and i didnt realise that Poseidon was Neptune, who im ruled by …
      Im missing seeing more fire in the planetary placements at present but happy Jupes is out of Toro, and into Gem.
      Happy Dreamtime baby.

      • Have just started baby art steps again and i’m pretty crap. I’d say nearly all my dreams would be excellent rt material though.

        The only oracle advice i’ve ignored is Mugwort…jesus dear christ on a stick can you imagine my dreams with that?? i’m wary of it.

        Clairvoyance never really leaves but when clairaudience becomes sharp i know something in the worlds has bent together.

        What do you think Fire meant, Cosmic? o Yeah Gem is more suitable to our astro i think. What’s your rising and Moon again?

        • Hey Millie Pie,
          Pisces Rising, Gemini Moon (with Venus, Mars and Saturn in there too).
          The fire, i feel was like a ”Move it Sister”. Been in a bit of a blue cloud. My dear old Capricorn dog had to be put down a week and a day ago, she was 16 and a treasure. It was awful and i cant get rid of her bed or bowl yet, need to pick up her ashes today. I keep hearing her nails/claws on the floorboards, and even the kids talking to her (she was deaf so if you needed her you clapped), i keep hearing them clapping at her.
          Fires cleansing isnt it, theres new growth afterwards, fresh shoots and all. Its needed. A focus on new regimes and order. letting the old eating habbits burn, i can survive on coffee and chocolate mixed with green smoothies brown rice and vegies, but im out of balance, and dont feel clean. i want clean sharpness and agility like cat woman ! (sans the latex)

          i like the sound of the swiftness of big change with Jupes in Gem. Im gonna focus on and ride that pony ! xx

          I love that your getting back into art, what medium, ? id like to get me some bold inks but my creative to do pile is enormous i wont let myself make another purchase until i finish the tasks at hand – the only downfall of all the mutability – starting things and not finishing ! xxx

          • So sorry to hear about your dog, Cosmic Fleece. When my lovely guardian angel Pisces dog passed it took me about a week to empty her water bowl and a lot longer to put anything of hers away. I’m sure your dog will be with you always xx

            • Thank you Chrysalis, heavy on la heart. I think i shall plant a tree in her favourite sunny spot in the backyard….do something to try and shake the no more doglette friend blues. I did advise her to ”Go find Pop” my passed Leo Grandfather who was very close to her and minded her while i was living o/s along time ago. I hope she’s found him.

          • Oh lost your little doglet, Cosmic. You will hear things for a long time i imagine. They’re so beautiful to share some time with.

            Don’t feel clean? Mmm food is a great place to start. DOn’t know about you but when i was feeling a bit that way i craved celery lemon spinach and even apples, which i eat once a year or less. In fact it’s my favourite juice if i get one: celery apple and lemon. So every meal i planned had to have celery and lemon somehow in it, and spinach. I get quite specific cravings and i just follow them. And those little red lentils, they felt good for substance. It lasted 2-3 weeks

            Oh i’m just trying to draw properly again first. Really wanted colour but Saturn sq Venus made me wait, until this morning i spoke harshly back to Saturn and said you know what i’m getting colours. Then today i wondered if i’m meant to have a camera (mine is hideous, since the analogue broke at a party and i was given a digital which is just stoopid and blurry and dumb – i’ve had it 3-4 years and i can’t be that bad – it’s the camera).

            • Good Morning Beautiful,
              Thank you hun. She was sleeping in bed with me for the last few days, when se wasnt up and down, she started seizures in March, and vet had said brain tumor, but we had a good month of no seizures, so there was some heart prep time.
              I like the sound of your clean juice and shall give it a go.
              I think i really need a week of sun, to dry out.
              New camera would be fun. I bet you can capture a beautiful moment of stillness/or flow otherwise missed.
              merci xx

    • I think it was Sunday morning I had a vivid dream about my car. I was driving up street, hit the back end of a truck, got out to go talk to the driver, turned around to look at my car and it was gonna. I was like WTHeck…It turned out that I forgot to put my emergency brake while in reverse and it heading south to eventually be stopped by a police car that just drove his car into the back end of my car. But then the police immediately pulled away. It was suck a vivid dream that I woke up and had to get myself back to reality to know that it didn’t happen. But the symbolism, after reading dream interpretation mentioned that help is on it’s way to help me from going backwards or something along those lines.

      • I had once months-long period of car dreams. It was a time when I needed to make a decision about the direction my life was taking then. I later read “car” is signifies your life in Jungian jungle. It may be a good idea to track your car dreams in a dream journal, you never know, if they repeat, you may detect a pattern.

    • Mille what a FABULOUS dream, it gave me a shiver as the most interesting dreams i read do. x

    • That is shivering to the bones Millie. A lot of messages are loaded. Wouldn’t you wish with each dream we would also be given a cheat sheet?

      • Oh i got it perfectly! The only thing is i asked the old cowboy so many questions, as i tend to do with certain types of people, and i don’t remember them. It isn’t important but i became curious: what do i ask? Like each time i walked into the saloon, and we had a chat, there was a fresh conundrum i presented.

        The freshman bit was something else. I often dream i’m a different nationality AND gender, like i really just sit inside the skin of someone else for a bit of a ride. My fave was being a HK or Taiwanese Sydney boy of about 20. I wrote a short story on it and named it after our fav dish at a restaurant on Victoria St, to read to my buddies. Another notable i was a Japanese middle aged gay woman. Actually there’s a story i forgot to write. It’s sci fi. Good astro for writing eh?

        • Millie, if I could have half of your dreams, I would hang to sleep-state with my dear life – just to have another one. But I see your point, its effect ripples when it’s shared.

    • So what about this for an idea.. yes natal Jupe in Gem so that’s the excuse I’m using for this free-falling alternate tangent :)

      I’ve read and encounterd an idea on multiple concurent lives on numerous occassions in several forms.

      So, if past/present/future all exist simultaneously (mentioned recently) we then exist in all time and space.

      Some say that the soul parent is that to many souls so if one is essence of that thread then they are either a) linked to many souls (can access them intimately) or b) even more obsurely, living mulitple lives as part of this bigger soul element that one is.

      I’m not for or against, just fascinated.

      I’m also usually of the view when a voice wakes us that is distinctly not ours then it’s spirit, same in waking hours of course.

      I’m digging the idea of weaving the journey into stories too!

      • The only issure i take with multiple concurrent luives is that it is binding to those threads. Why can’t we explore any life at all? This opens our minds, and produces more compassion, and reduces judgment.

        But i am probably greedy.

        I was brought up with one non linear time belief system, and had to learn linear time at school. And i never learned to tell the time on a clock properly until ten years after leaving school. I used the astro wheel to help remember certain things but then i had made up the order of the astro wheel too since i hadn’t really studied ascendents. So i guess i have to admit i actually don’t think your ‘theory’ is just a theory. Einstein tried to teach this concept of time to Western people.

        • I don’t think so either but I loathe coming across with absolutes in the intangible because whilst we know we don’t :)

          That’s amazing Mille! Perhaps you may not have seen it as a gift at the time but I think it is. Certainly it would have had other elements for you to integrate.

          I’ve spent my life unlearning the conventional and coming to my own conclusions across a vast array of modalities but primarily using my intuition and guidance to tell me if I’m hot or cold.

          Perhaps there can be more than one?

          I definitely think all roads lead to Rome so to speak, whatever one’s version of Rome is and whatever the path/s.The idea of ‘source’ is perhaps limited within it’s vastness.

          Einstein may well have been a philosopher or perhaps even an alchemist :)

          • I think i’ve benefitted from learning a lot more structure- it’s so useless all theory (have you checked Charles’ post on Night? He’s so flipping hilarious, even if it’s a dig, it’s great!)

            So NOW it seems i’ve been a bit distant from the other stuff, only i haven’t really it’s just out of practice. Believe you me, Scorchy, you have so much sense i’m amazed. THAT’s a gift, in my eyes xx

  8. Geez I was kinda liking Jupes in Toro – it was all nice and quiet there tucked away in my 12th house. It’s still in the 12th but conjuncting saturn and opposing neptune in the 6th. 😯

    Natally I have a jupiter/neptune conjunction so I do feel irked, poked and bothered.

    Actually I’m god bothered …

    I need to find a god concept that works and doesn’t end up pissing me the fuq off. I so dislike namby pamby ill-formed, delusional, fluffy nuff nuff ideas of any type – but especially of the spiritual variety.

    Then it gets to sit on my Gem asc/1st house and do more gasseous things. 😯

    I dare not look at what Pluto is up to … but I can see the little fuqer creeping up to oppose my Sun within the next year.

    Anyone else hit a wall of resistance to this stuff? My inner brat is stamping her foot and tossing her head petulantly saying “I shan’t! I shan’t grow!! I shan’t I shan’t I shan’t!” (my inner brat sometimes adopts a British accent for special effect)


    • why do you need a god concept at all, prowln?

      I remember during a kinesiology session years ago one of the realisations I had was “I can have my own religion” – at a time when I was spending time with friends who were getting heavily into mayan stuff and astral beings and whatever. I was pushing myself to be a part of that and just frankly not keeping up / digging it that much (I was young and didn’t know any better at the time).

      This, plus being a lapsed catholic, not liking being told what to think or how to behave, means that I am instantly and permanently repelled by anything that smells like a belief system or set of Rituals Which Must Be Obeyed Or You’re Not Included. Basically anything that I am supposed to worship unquestioningly. This includes wicca, which I got into a bit and gave me new insights and results for some things.

      Buddhism seems ok, it encourages critical examination from what I understand.

      So, in conclusion, I dabble, and the only thing I take faith in is how I feel about something at the time and also maintain an open and questioning mind (it’s the scientist in me). ‘God’ is within you, baby, nowhere else. xx

      • Yep I hear you Pi … and you’re right. It’s all within – it’s only the ego reacting to wordly clamours that drowns out the quiet inner voice of truth and love.


        I feel all betterer now! πŸ˜€

    • prowln, you and I have similar charts, houses differ. Ok, my experiences:

      When Jup is transiting your ASC, get ready for a mysterious weight gain. Seriously, it feels as if your metabolism switched off and left for vacation.

      Jup opposing natal Jupiter/Neptune, but conj natal Saturn, yes? I spent yesterday trying to figure it out – natal Neptune-Saturn opposition is already difficult to handle, too suspicious, too porous to life, never in between. Get Jupiter into mix, everything amplifies (that is why I dislike Jupiter – when it’s bad, you better run for your life)

      My strategy with Jup in Gem is – dump everything, update your list of obsessions. If things will get complicated, then let them be at least new things.

      Pluto opposed my Sun for a long time – this would be the time when I cut all diplomatic relations to the religion I was brought up.

      Be kind to your inner brat, she will be the first to see the humor in all these changes. :-)

        • Yep my inner brat is actually the playful one with the sense of humour!!

          … and thanks for the transit tips. Shall bear all that in mind as we embark in this rather fascinating astro journey. πŸ˜‰

    • Ditto. Inner brat abounding, resplendant with British accent (thankyou family of origin). I shan’t, i shan’t, i shan’t and i most definitely won’t.

      But…….. maybe, just maybe, i should.

      God bothered?!? Why be bothered with ourself……..

  9. Umm, yep. Totally unexpected changes. Flip. Switch. What the?

    I don’t like to post too much detail. I know a Virgo who knows I subscribe. AHEM.

  10. yes even the muggles are starting to ask questions like “is something going on with the planets?” when tis stuff normally is total crap to them.
    strange and exciting

  11. goddess!! where to begin!!

    just now attempted to digest emailed NOVELLA from Le Ram, a 2-finger typer, the Tome, no doubt took most of the night to construct & blatantly shares the inner machinations of his mind, motivations, how & why he treated me certain ways, layers & layers of acknowledgement / apology / professions of love – basically EVERYTHING I’d ever wanted on a plate.

    too little way too late.can’t get my head around why now

    meanwhile the hand-in-glove journey with the Kataka continues seamlessly :) – creatively collaboration is the new natural high.
    effortless hot & fun!

    cacooned & embraced the torrential rain that battered Sydney over this long grey weekend, wrapped up in shared happiness ….. one hell of a ride – along the way a seismic shift in process / career / emotional patterns / thinking (did I miss anything?)

    still cant believe that essay I just read.
    can’t believe it as I am in a different place now & his words couldnt reach me. powerful & imploring as they were ….

    • sounds like Le Ram’s personal insight and its communication to you was important to him to ‘get off his chest’ as it were. Part of the bittersweet nature of too little too late r’ship clarity is that that person must then accept the consequences, non. The words can be received with kindness and compassion, and appreciation / gratitude for the expression, but also accompanied by an ‘adieu’ and ‘better luck next time’. At least Ram has now appeared to reach a new level of self awareness, which is always a good thing.
      enjoy life with Kataka xx

      • Rock a Billy Babe…..Told someone those exact words once upon a time, “too little too late”…

        Funny how someone can make you feel inadequate but in the end they actually come up short πŸ˜‰

    • Really wanting a “Like” button these days! Maybe it’s Mars in Virgo and efficiency. but happy about your post! Sounds good and like progress for all concerned

    • think you hit the nail on the head with how it was everything you ever wanted but could not touch you because of your current space- which says a lot about your current space. Crazy times, love the effortless creative collaboration too. Crabs are the best winter nester partners.

    • What a delicious feeling, knowing you’ve developed so much that what you once wanted, when presented on a platter no longer suits your palate! And that what you have is exciting and beautiful in a whole new way. Enjoy!

    • What a great marker to a big shift!

      And without any apparant twinge of regret, that’s fab.

    • thanks team – the culmination of much self evo simultaneously clicked in. you know that realisation that one moment you’re standing on one side of the Grand Canyon & in a Eureka flash you’re aware that effortless you had teleported your self to the other side – sans unwanted baggage, et Voila!!

      yep – this transit’s a doozy!!
      Powerful, transformative & karmic.

      AND ALWAYS listen to Mystic – she said it was now & she said that me flexing my Chiron is part of the closure in these series of lessons.

      go figure huh?!! πŸ˜‰ xox

      • yeah yeah yeah the disappearing gravatar

        PS hi to all – but super big ups to you Sweetie – long time no geek lol :)

        trust all’s rock n roll in your own worlds x

        • Hey, I’m only now gettin’ back to the other threads…I really must get to bed tho..I’ve been partying on line these last few days and I’m feeling the lack of proper rest..

          But you all are so worth it and FUN..x

          • I want a LIKE button for that last comment!! xox πŸ˜‰ xox

  12. 12 months into more university study, a jupiter return smothered by academic demands, it’s all a bit 9th house to me (where Uranus is still stirring the pot).

    In my 11th house, have my social circles expanded? Yes, sort of. Notions of the collective? yes, definitely, aided by the subjects I am learning about.

  13. I’m expecting final word on if I got a job I’ve been interviewing for since MARCH, and really hoping Jupiter in Gemini makes that come through SOON…with no unexpected delays or jags.
    I’m a Gemini, so I’m keeping my hopes high! Have had a really hard time of it jobwise for the last 2 years now…

  14. Oh, and they told me I’d hear this week….what perfect timing. :)

      • Current Jupiter in Gem is conjunct Progressed Sun where we just had the eclipse not too long ago.

        Actually, since I have Jupiter one degree Sagg, am have a Jupiter opposition..Gonna have to check that out…

    • LOL, after all the hammering and pounding, Pluto opposing then Saturn in Virgo square Gem Suns, it is a marvel that we have still energy to talk, let alone run πŸ˜€

  15. I am a Pisces with Gemini rising and in the last week I have been feeling so energized and motivated. I am even thinking about going back to a homeopathic doctor and eating healthy; basically I’m actually TRYING to do all of the things I should be doing anyway rather than just think about them non-stop. I don’t know if this has to do with jupiter, but I feel like my life just did a line. I’ve gone from years and years of planning things to actually doing things. Does anyone else feel like this?

    • Hmm just checked my chart and Jupiter is in cancer for me at 0’49 degrees..I’m a noob at astrology so idk if this is even signif.

    • lololol from one pisces w gem rising to another, i think the Planning-Doing continuum is one that takes a while to master for dreamers with a short attention span (or at least, a multitude of interests). x

      • Wow that’s strange, because it definitely is like a “hey I’m starting to get the hang of this” feeling. Aside from these past few days I’m usually more of a distracted person. Have you been feeling productive?

        • Productive? well, sort of. Not super energised but after some little developments recently I have started to plan my next few months and shine a light on the energy drains, so that’s helping me.

          I have to adopt specific management strategies to make things happen if lethargy strikes (e.g. ‘just do one thing’, do the things that I can, make one step towards a seemingly insurmountable goal e.g. a phone call or 2 emails, let some tasks go into the Light πŸ˜‰ ).

        • Actually Anon, I *did* get two or three tasks finished today that have been dogging me for weeks. Now feel liberated (one energy drain taken care of). so yes, productive in a way.

          • Haha, yeah the couple emails and a phone call is definitely the kind of productive I was talking about. But, hey I’ll take whatever I can get! I have quite a bit of Capricorn going on in my chart, like Mars and Saturnand I’ve heard these were supposed to be productive placements(??), but I’m one of the laziest motherfuckers ever. What gives!? Lol

  16. You’ve mention in several posts that Leos are thriving because of the Zap Zone. Why is this?

    • It’s all in the horoscopes for 2012, which if you subscribe you get to see. It’s $59 for a year for the complete subscription, personally I think it is great value. I spend more time checking this blog than reading books atm, so for me it’s worth it.

  17. Also, I have decided to call Jupes in Gem “The Fattening”, as it whisks through my 12th house (from ~September) for about 8 months then crosses my asc.

    So far, any time that a planet has been on ZZ angles, things got a bit electric or exciting for me, not more crap. ZZ tops, you might say. Anything to zap my houses of Other People and Distant Horizons,

    Yea, It could be true, the wierd really DO turn pro, and I am nothing if not wierd.

  18. Love lOve loVe that painting, O to be able to draw like that.
    I’m here for the art work chosen, seriously, often so understand the
    pictures more than the words. The Science of Art!
    (From comic book & comedy fan).

    • Comics and comedies!!! Among the things i love too. Although i notice i’m into ‘graphic novels’ more… i tend to piss off book store cool types when i refer to them as comics. They correct me, you know, pointedly naming them in the next sentence. I keep calling them comics. If i’m in a real rage i ditzily ask if they have any other picture books by Shaun Tan.

  19. On JUpiter moving into my 5th house. Better for me. It’s raised the temperature!

  20. Zap? I’m being electrocuted, the aqua has kidnapped me on his spaceship to wherever.

  21. so i have been craving the zap zone and loving its first little twinges but apparently am doing it all wrong. today is my sr and i’ve spent the last 12 hours crying and feeling generally pathetic. my lovely plan to escape my life as it was and run away to family home for a little (or a lot) of soothing, escape from responsibility, grandparent time for the girls, etc. has gone to absolute shit. i cannot live in this house all summer. i’m not sure i can live here for a week even. last night we got the first rains since i’ve been here and i’ve been so looking forward to them. well the family’s dog died a few months ago and before he passed he was horribly incontinent and they haven’t even bothered to wash the carpet. the entire house reeks of wet dog and pee and mold. “oh it’s only bad when it rains,” my mother told me. “you get used to it.” what?!?!!!!!!! i’ve lived in squats that smell better. yes we live in our heads and our hobbies and oh lets throw in a bunch of christian zealotry and oh we have nice computers and are fabulously smart but our world is literally crumbling all around us and oh we’ll just go reform the catholic church and run an ultramarathon and program new operating systems it’s all fine aaargh!!!!!! oh chiron!!! so much wounding i’ve blamed on this town they live in and i’m realizing it’s all them. so instead of relaxing which i could really use after an incredibly stressful cross-country trip i’m frantically searching the classifieds for an apartment and job, of which there are only shite both as far as i can tell. ugly. saturn is 5 seconds off my nn which in this year’s lovely sr chart is my ac. wonderful. to go along with the fabulous merc/uranus/pluto/eros cardinal cross. oh and lovely karmic cancer crush boy who is now actual boyfriend thingy and oh it’s such a past life instantly comfortable i know you thing, i really needed him to come on a white horse last night and swoop me up for a few hours but no. he was 5 miles up the road and too fucked up to drive so we chatted on fucking facebook. lovely. thank you neptune dc, and fuck you too. fuck you too chiron and hey mercury too and hm jupiter too and also venus and especially fuck you saturn. waaah.

    • it is motivating. incredibly so. i will give it that. not quite a silver lining but perhaps some mercury-infused pewter… or lead…

      • Now I read your post with the attention it deserves, seriously happy happy solar return! and yes, there are lessons on the road – we should compare our notes this year :-)

        • thank you quadrupled!!! it’s going to be an interesting road this year for sure… nice to be on it with such brilliant company. :)

    • Hey there hiddendragonqueen :)

      Don’t think we’ve met on here yet but I just read your post and felt compelled to say something.

      The zap is all about working through and beyond structures of all types that no longer support higher you and higher world order so you sound like you’re doing it and maybe you’ve hit the zone a little early and hey, maybe you’ve even got a mish mash of stuff that you could reasonably delegate to somebody else’s zap zone but all that aside … you mention you’re up for it so that says you’ve got what it takes and somewhere inside you’re sparked with enthusiasm of brighter days. Look for that internal spark and make it shine brighter than the merde!

      I never like to make something so definitively one way or another eg ‘wrong’ .. tis early days and sometimes diversions are beautiful new paths in early stages. Perhaps now is not the time to judge the outcome?

      Not sure what you’re going to do about the wet dog smells…ick, but who am I to say.. even that may have a hidden blessing.

        • so very very true… blessings in deep cover… really i have much to be grateful for and am, not least of which is the opportunity to vent in such good company. :) outcomes are judged and then hopefully discarded and last night at the height of the merde there was a rainbow shining over the house. i do truly believe it’s all heading in the right direction, other people’s zap zone and all. moments of clarity while craved are not always what they’re hoped for. ha!! but remembering the lotus, and the phoenix, and the oracle tells me the tiger this morning. yes!!!

          lovely to meet you scorched earth!! :)

          • I guess that’s what jumped out at me first.. the good.. yeah the merde, but …the good!!!!

            Like most people I’m sure I’m more adept at seeing it externally at times. The human condition eh. But you’re more in tune, less vulnerable to it than the moment suggests.

            Lovely to meet you too dragon queen! :)

      • hidden blessing??? you are SO optimistically Sagittarian, Scorchy!!! πŸ˜€

        • Yes, I am I suppose :) but many is the time I have found sublime enlightenment in the mundane and even the repulsive. All is reflected see… it’s about recognising what button is being pushed and reconciling it with the self.. ALWAYS.

          Yes, had to use caps there but wasn’t yelling, just emphatic x

    • ooh it seems a bit ironic after reading that but seriously, many happy returns, hiddendragonqueen, may you find some sunshine instead of old piss xx

    • And with a wry grin (my version of humility) I will say happy birthday to ya! In the midst of all the other stuff I failed to observe that.. and that should be noted first!

  22. Would anybody be able to shed some light upon the fact that Jupiter just transited my natal moon in Gemini conjunct my Gemini midheaven … As far as I can understand, midheaven denotes our sense of direction in terms of career/ life purpose…Just the past few days I have been questioning all the things i have been taking for granted, ie I have been questioning my studies, thinking about dropping out to travel etc… If anybody cares to share their insights it would be much appreciated! Oh and I’m a Leo Rising

    • Do you check out astrodienst Saggg? There is some good info there. I’m learning heaps.

      I’m Saggi and have Jupiter in late Gem (true node also) and it is retro in my natal.

      Yes MC is about what you said but probably more in as much as it is about sense of fulfillment worth in a career and maybe even karmic/spiritual path (my take).

      And what about the residual wash of the Saggi eclipse? Perhaps that is also relative? I know it was more about relationships but we are in relationship with all things, which is just a reflection of relating to self.

      Questioning is good if it doesn’t tie you up in knots and maybe under the Jupe/Gem influence that’s just about the most perfect way to roll with it?

  23. one of these days can we talk about eris?? she is on my sn which i am loving as it’s what i imagine having a functioning mars is like… but the eris-saturn opposition all summer seems very archetypically zap zone for everyone.

    • Interesting.. I was looking at Eris yesterday and she is hanging with her brother at 10 Aries, my 11th.

      I did read a little on her and she’s definitely zap zone – ish.. and if my mind hasn’t completely failed (this does happen periodically), or I dreamt it.. wasn’t she mentioned recently?