Your Inward Power

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Salvador Dali Cerebus“Our inward power, when it obeys nature, reacts to events by accommodating itself to what it faces – to what is possible. It needs no specific material. It pursues its own aims as circumstances allow; it turns obstacles into fuel. As a fire overwhelms what would have quenched a lamp. What’s thrown on top of the conflagration is absorbed, consumed by it – and makes it burn still higher.”

Marcus Aurelius – Stoic Philosopher, Roman Emperor, Taurus…

Image: Salvador Dali – Cerebus


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47 thoughts on “Your Inward Power

  1. Stoic philosophy is genius and really useful self-help material in tough times.
    For discipline freaks and stoic warriors, Epictetus is brill. Discovered him while reading Tom Wolfe’s ‘A Man in Full’

  2. I LOVE Salvador Dali, first saw him at the Tate in London and then spent a glorious day admiring his work at the Dali Exhibition at the Melbourne Art Gallery. Fantastic. Anyway, timely post, just wanted to let you know that my great-grandson, Mackenzie, is powering on in his own little way, confounding the medicos, and still surviving against all odds. He is not gaining much weight as his energy is going into keeping his heart going, and his heart is managing nicely. But they’re now looking to him staying around on this planet for another 3-4 months. We are returning to the UK on 19th Sept for a holiday (cross fingers for the Zap Zone!) so we may get to meet our brave little lad which would be wonderful.

    • oh wow just saw this – i am so happy for you and your family. Seeing as how he has been defying the odds this far, is there any chance he could continue to do so?? xx

      • It’d have to say it’s in the lap of the gods. Apparently his heart is so badly deformed they can’t operate to correct the defects. However, the older he gets, the more he could, perhaps, be able to tolerate a heart transplant. We are just keeping our fingers crossed, because he really is a living miracle, the medicos have no idea how he has survived so long and keeps surviving. He has a whole lot of people sending him healing so who knows, perhaps more miracles in the future. I do hope he manages to last until we get there, I’d love to hold him in my arms and tell him how much I love him.

        • I’m so blown away by his progress & hope he keeps defying all odds! Many blessings to this magical boy and delight in that moment when he’s in the haven of your arms. I’m stoked for you all xx

          • I wasn’t aware, must have missed some posts etc.

            I’m sure he’ll wait for you Aphrodite. Keep reminding him that you’re coming.


            • Mackenzie was born with a severely deformed heart and was only expected to live three days. He was a blue baby and apparently there’s a heart function that kicks in on the third day which they thought would kill him. Instead he turned pink, was feeding well and much to the astonishment of the medicos, has been going fairly well ever since. How it eventuates is anybody’s guess but, as I’ve said, he really is a living miracle.

        • Hi.. I am sorry I don’t know the full story but I am praying that you get there for your long held hug!! Peace and strength for you and your great-grandson and your family!!

        • I would love for you to be able to hold him as well. Sending much love your way. Wishing the best for you and yours.

    • I had the honor of visiting the Dali museum in St. Petersburg Florida in April. Amazing display of his work. I didn’t realize his powerful talent. So glad I went. Thanks for posting. I feel proud that I can participate a little in this discussion.

    • Your great grandson, AphroditeRising? I missed something too. Congratulations. Mackenzie sounds like a determined and strong little fellow, and i hope you get to see him soon xxx

    • That’s fantastic news! I hope he continues to defy the odds.

      Aphrodite Rising, Is there any way I can contact you privately via email?


    • Everyone – thanks for your lovely, supportive,loving comments. I get quite choked up reading your special words. In the reading I got last weekend, I asked about Mackenzie and the answer was enigmatic in one way but clear in another: “Not bad, not good. But he has support from very many people.” Love to you all, you’re magnificent.

  3. Mystic, your Mars Action mini consult from late last year is still a brilliant reference, and the sense of it keeps unfolding. Thank you so much.

    If anyone here has the chance to get a consult with MM, let me encourage you to seek the goddess’s advice through Mystic. What you read is not just something to skim and file away (sweet little lesson for a Merc in Aries… from another Merc in Aries, ie MM). Worth its weight in gold stardust, like the scales falling from my eyes.

  4. The ‘now’ is all anyone has yes.. agree but it is usually given more significance whether consciously or unconsciously but the notion of a past and a future and otherwise the idea of plans may seem pointless and the memories and experiences that spur change would not do so. The sometimes contradicting sides of ourselves operate in perfect harmony (even when it appears not) within us and within the world.

    Living in the moment is just acceptance. It’s just staying present and not allowing the mind to project forward or back but it’s not as simple as just saying those words and like anything else it’s not static and I don’t reckon it’s meant to be. x

    • So NOW here you are! Welcome back Scorchy. Did you have a wonderful time? Are you refreshed and Zap ready?

      Not sure that i have read one of your sentences correctly, but living in the now seems to come from a linear concept of time. Past, present and future coexist in a cyclic or simultaneous view of time.

      But where did this come from? I scrolled back up to Mystic’s words and it’s about impetus rather than time..?

    • Salutations gorgeous Mille!!

      Yes I am back, and still processessing what was a fantastic time but has also presented life changing aspects. No urgency to get a resolution though 🙂

      I hadn’t even tried to align my comment (or otherwise) with Mystic’s, just went with my own nature (which I guess is essentially what this post is about eh ;)) but if I was to do so on the back of your comment I would say that there would be little impetus without the awareness of time which perhaps was developed by man to spur him on to his goals rather than to simply dream of them?


      Ok, well I am off to catch up with the lads and rock a few tunes x0x

      • “Rather than simply dreaming”… time to get out of my metaphorical pyjamas… so much to catch up on with my artistic self!

        Enjoy your day, Lady Scorched Earth xx

    • We stand poised in the now — looking to the future to decide what we want, looking at the past to see how it is done, we then take up our tools and create it in this moment.

  5. I like how this is distinct from the Scorpio/ Plutonic style of ‘rising from the ashes’, being about the accumulation of material. Scorpio burns to purge & emerge barely recognisable; taurus burns in ecstasy & transforms by adjustments.

  6. The “Now Moment” gets lots of talk as a philosophical concept (Tolle and all that) but the now moment is all we ever have. Who needs a contingency plan? I’ve got such a burning in my belly and, let’s be honest, we’re all born to die. It sounds extreme, but its not. Perhaps all I will manifest today is some updated work docs, fed pets, a clean house. And if the paradigm shifts, if the house and pets are gone, my belly will still burn. We are always only facing ourselves.

  7. This is the saddest picture I’ve seen in a long time, perhaps it reflects the constraint many of us are feeling at the moment

    • I just bought two rings with infinity symbol. When they are on my fingers, I feel an odd sensation. Placebo effect? Or is there something my inner voice is trying to articulate?

      So far no luck, my conscious mind is rejecting. I am deeply saddened over something that I have yet to decipher.

    • it’s a dog. 😉 cerebrus is from greek mythology. i thought it was a two-headed dog, but it’s actually multi-headed. pics show three heads.

    • Wot sort of crazy? I have Mars-Uranus-Pluto in the 8th House – of COURSE there are contingency plans. Why do you think i am reading Marcus Aurelius?

    • Of course there’s a contingency plan – you don a purple wig, a red hat, paint your face with bright colours, wear outrageous clothing and dance down the streets, if possible blasting away on a trumpet or banging a drum. It’ll cheer you and the neighbourhood up. Although if men in white coats come to take you away, pls don’t hold me responsible 8)

  8. Oh… I like this… And makes me realise how I might be a bit out of tune…. As it is I’m here, on this blog procrastinating going to sleep even though I’m so tired I’m getting angry at things that I’m not angry about, noise sensitivity has just snows up big time and even w ear plugs in the dogs next door and the housemate are shutting me….wanted to smash my laptop, but will not, why am I procrastinating going to sleep, thats weird….

    • Well, after a deep three hour sleep I’ve woken and can say i had to cry before I slept about a loss, maybe that is what I did not want to face….

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