Yin Virgo Yang

Fan BingbingThis is Fan Bingbing – Chinese Soap Opera Star turned Movie Star a.k.a. “the Monica Belluci of China.”  But what i love most about her is that she is a Virgo.  Very Virgo…as in this interview:

CNNGo: You have an almost perfect complexion. Do you spend a lot of time taking care of your skin?

Fan Bingbing: I carry an umbrella when I am outdoors and always wear sunscreen, even when I am sitting in front of a computer screen! I never touch coffee or other caffeinated drinks.

Also, I use facial masks diligently. I use at least two a day — one for moisturizing and one for whitening. I think I go through at least 600 sheets of facial masks every year.

CNNGo: Microblogs are very popular among Chinese celebrities these days, why don’t you have one?

Fan Bingbing: I’m not really interested in them.

Microblogs are yet another form of public display, but I would rather be true to myself. If I am unhappy, I can write “damn it” in my personal diary, but I can’t do that on a microblog so I might as well not start one.

CNNGo: You seem to be constantly plagued by rumors. Do you ever feel misunderstood or the need to explain yourself?

Fan Bingbing: I have nothing to explain. As for being misunderstood, I have grown accustomed to that. I am a very frank person and that’s how I hope to remain. I don’t like to pretend to be polite. What you see is what you get.

Fan Bingbing magazine cover Image: David Slijper

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32 thoughts on “Yin Virgo Yang

  1. Where’s the “like” button? I understand these sentiments (multiple conjunct Virgo). If I can’t be authentic, I can’t “be.” And accustomed to being misunderstood. Still go in and out of wishing to be understood, but ultimately I come back to my need to speak from my center and “live” at my center. Not everyone can (or should) get there to join me. Although, some people do:)

    I know Fan is Chinese, but her face reminds me of what I watched last night,”In a Norwegian Wood.” Loved it! Didn’t realize until the end that the novel it was based on was by Haruki Murkami (have read and liked his short stories). A Capricorn. He speaks to my heart, I guess.

    As for Miss Fan, I think she’s possibly staying down the road from me shooting a movie right now.

    • Love her sentiment, her action (esp mega skin care) and never met a Virgo I didn’t like. No need to explain — we could all learn from that.

      A beautiful book by Murakami indeed.

    • I so get this too. In fact it’s a relief. So misunderstood, so into skincare. Virgo stellium.

    • Love your comment, love the replies, love Miss Fan’s comments re being misunderstood, love Murakami. I am also one of the Virgo misunderstood…………….. but like Miss Fan, what you see is what you get!

  2. What you see is what you get? It’s a lovely sentiment, but more approp for Saggo or Saggo rising/other stuff:

    If it was, why use 2 beauty masques a day? lol. Seems like an awful lot of trouble if you ask me.

    • i get your reaction – why clean? why obsessivley clean? your skin, your home, your desk, your idea, other’s ideas, shared possesions/structures … yeah. it must be annoying.

      but from a virgo sun/venus with a strng 6th house i would like to respond the following:

      i like to cleanse. i like to do it for others with best intentions.

      who else will/would do it?

      PS: i swear on Dr Hauschka products. I am frequently asked what kind of make up i use. i always reply: none.
      this might be ridiculous, but it gives me the inner paece to actually step out and to encounter reality…

      • PS:

        and this is pretty much: what u see is what u get.

        just in a virgoan way – with clean skin;)…

        maybe diffferent, but not in any way opposed to a saggo way with long waving hair and jovial charisma…

        actually, i do believe that this square is the most difficult regarding the mutable squares. i mean saggo-virgo…
        at least thats my experience. and my experience is also often that us virgos are dismissed, as we are not flamboyant enough… but i get saggo energy and i love it… maybe its uranus/neptune in saggo in my birth chart aspecting important planets/points but…

        i truly believe, haute sun sign is about : what u see is what u get…

        so, i pretty much sense that this woman is member of the haute virgo club.

        thank you mystic for this perfect summary of the Virgoan Complex.

        • oh no i totally get it: I’ve got a Venus in Virgo so i get the exfoliation, cleansing, the love of order, and quality fetish thing down pat.

          I also have a Saggo big-mouth rising so I also see a certain amount of hypocrisy with that (yeah even my own self) that one would spend so much time primping and putting on airs (chooing to avoid blogging because you know you want to say the truth, but you hate being fake polite) and trying to pass that off as “what you see is what you get”. It’s hilarious and makes no sense to that part of me.

          • yeah – i totally get u too. regarding the fire-perspective..

            i have aries rising, so i have always looked like a boy…
            this martial energy even cuts out my leo moon,which would ike to be an actress/diva…

            but i think the point is to cleanse and not to detect. so women that dont use make up are very rare … no?

            so i do not feel superior to woman wearing make up by having a credo/philosophy benaeth the skin cleaning habit/neurosis…

            so this is the mask, the neurosis/weird habit leads to feel secure about an innate approach/persepctive…

            so – smile and just take it-
            i guess…

            i often feel the battle of fire vs earth but i truly believe now that fire beats earth anyway and that one should nurture the earth energy…

            however a saggo smile accompanied by virgo clarity is one of th ebest pairings I know

            • I agree there, what you see is what you get doesn’t have to be the domain of “jovial charisma”, as you put it.
              And for me, I totally get the not wanting to blog (maybe it’s my Scorp rising) coz ultimately what is put out there in cyberspace is public, and it’s not private. Private Truth, as in my diary, I get that. To me what she said makes sense and has nothing to do with not wanting to fake politeness, and yet somehow contradictory. Then again, Fan doesn’t give a damn what peeps think; she’s used to being misunderstood and seems ok with that. 🙂 She is who she is, even if for some it’s nonsense. People are different, that’s part of the fun.

        • i had terrible skin from the moment I got my period for the first time. and i hated to use make up cause i felt it got worse…

          i was very insecure but i just couldnt get used to covering up

          so i discovered the products and they are amazing. for me. they dont pay me;)

      • Also really like Dr Hauschka too…. simplicity, smell, packaging, results. Like to supplement these days with mega A, B and C though.

      • ah, tell me more about dr. hauschka! a virgo must be informed 😉 which products do you like the best and what results have you had?

    • my experience of Saggos is they say a lot to be polite rather than be honest.

  3. I have an uber-Virgo friend who washes her hair twice a day (with deep oil conditioning at least once a week) so I get it. My mother is also a Virgo and at 80 1/2 years has impeccable skin thanks to a very diligent skin care routine. Or it might just be that she’s French?

  4. she seems rad! Thank you for sharing that interview with us.
    I, too, like a routine of face masks- it’s like shedding your skin.

  5. I think Asian women are beautiful. I am Asian at heart since I trained in the martial arts for over 10 years. It changed my life. Went to China twice walking away with the best memories ever. I call that world my home. I am a Virgo sun.. so I understand not being understood. Boy do I get attack but “What you see is what you get”. Don’t mess with me because I like who I am! I just wish my skin was clear and fresh. Not doing well lately. Trying to figure it out but it is frustrating and to me embarassing because obviously something is wrong. 🙂

    • They say that the skin IS your colon/digestive tract turned inside out. So issues with the skin = digestion. Probiotics make your skin GLOW but you need make sure there is nothing icky in there first. Good elimination = good skin. Start from the inside. Product last. Thus ends my Mars in Virgo/Moon in Libra lecture du jour,

      • Thanks Mystic! I have been drinking kombucha that is a probiotic drink. I have had digestive problems (hopefully because of stress) since November. I eat well but something is definitely not right! Trying to get to a better place with health. Worked out this week.. haven’t don’t that since Noevmber, started this kombucha drink last week. It is a detox drink so I thought my most recent skin break out was because of that. Other issues showed up that shouldn’t have so something is definitely kicking in. Will talk to the doctor next week. 🙁

          • ahhh.. Yes! I have an accupuncturist pinned to my vision board. LOL!! Time to greet that vision!! 🙂

          • Mystic, I stopped into my organic market today to talk them a little bit more about the probiotic drink they sell. It led into a discussion about acupuncture. It turns out that the acupuncturist that I have pinned to my vision board is the person they were referring to. I guess it is definitely time! Thanks for making me set that intention. On my way! <3

  6. A classy–“What you see is what you get.” Is something I always aspire to……, three planets in Pisces, nothing in virgo.
    Mis-understood alot of the time, finally old enough not to care.

  7. Mystic! Stop posting about Earth sign hotties!! It’s distracting me!!

    Although, today is my one day break between studying for exams so maybe it’s ok for today. Not that I am really having a break… I am cleaning up a storm! I’ve moved everything (even big/heavy) furniture out of the lounge & bedrooms for a serious clean. Starting with the walls & floor and nothing gets back in until it’s spotless!

    Gem & Pisces friends are horrified that I’m cleaning/resting instead of taking advantage of the long weekend & going out tonight but I can’t afford to lose any brain cells through alcohol abuse this week – I need them all! lol

    • Lol re earth sign hotties – wait till u see the “nun” in the next post heh heh

      And your long weekend is TOTES Zap Zone…

      Note Spain. I am straight edge at the mo and it is same deal – i need my brain for the ZZ.

  8. Yes, Virgo: the 1st half of my 7th house. The really tidy, white-doily-covered, clutter-free half.

    Just coming in from the garden, happy to report all the vegs are growing into fine young plants. Squashes and melons are flowering, broccolis standing tall, tiny tomato and raspberry fruits.

    Toads and dragonflies today… dragonflies and toads.

      • It’s funny that you say that and with me being a late Virgo (9/21) I am a messy individual. I wonder if my Libra rising causes that! It troubles me when I read that Virgos are anal clean freaks.. not me! Or maybe you refer to late September Virgo’s being a mess. Then I can agree.. I can’t stand me being that way and lately I have been trying to change that! So far so good.. but my Virgo side shows up and beats me up for not being perfect!! LOL!! 🙂