When Leos Haunt

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Yves St Laurent Nude PortraitParanormal Activity?  We ain’t seen nothing yet. Or rather the house of Yves Saint Laurent hasn’t. It is my belief that they have just awakened one of the most potentially powerful and frightening supernatural forces of all. A Leo Ghost. A Leo Fashion Designer Ghost. In fact, forget fashion. Someone should do a horror movie on this.

How has this Exorcist-On-Speed-Dial scenario been allowed to happen?

Yves Saint Laurent – an iconic fashion brand founded by Yves St Laurent in 1962 – was THE go-to brand for the Pluto in Leo fashionistas. Bianca Jagger got married in a white YSL suit, for example. Yves did not only design for the Pluto in Leo boomer hipsters, he was a LEO. A multiple conjunct Leo. He was friends with all the celebrities of the era.

He was an uber big feline of the fashion world, a genuine creative. And now, his brand has had the Yves taken out of it. It is to become Saint Laurent Paris…only it’s moving to L.A.

If I worked at YSL – sorry, Saint Laurent Paris only it’s in L.A – i would want crushed up garlic, sage and the highest quality Himalayan Salt across the doorstep.  Nobody haunts like a multiple conjunct Leo who has had his first name taken out of the brand he created, built and made iconic.

It does not seem fair to Yves, you can tell nobody at this company is getting any supernatural advice. The eventual docu-horror on all this will be called Paranormal Ferocity. Mere “activity” is far too understated for a multiple conjunct Leo. 


Photos: Jean Loup Sieffe


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68 thoughts on “When Leos Haunt

  1. he was the god of bias cuts. I think he will haunt all the scissors in the place and stalk the head of marketing and branding writing YVES in the mirror when marketing honcho is in the shower, next it appears in lipstick of a signature shade, then blood.

    • Agreed!

      I think they are doomed to fail by their own hand. The haunting will merely add the correct backdrop of heightened drama for their painful descent.

      • Did they not understand Jupiter in 11th for Leos? They have taken away the sheen of the Leo chart from the brand. I believe his chart might have lived on to support an LA biz if they’d hyped his iconic presence, but they are like those dopey teens in horror flicks, they just HAVE to leave the room of people to investigate on their own…

    • Ms, OMG YOUR GRAV. I’ve jumped on to post that i woke up from a dream with one of those strange mixed sense messages with text and flash image at the end.

      It was about Uranus transits. There were zips of laser light in angles and i heard a chorus of whispers saying Ms and Mystic Medusa, with sibilant ‘s’. The zips shifted angles until they resolved into a giant cross, your lips grav flashed up and dissolved into smoke, and i could smell NEROLI very strongly.

      I was trying to work out the best scent then for Mystic and my goddamned alarm went off. It is SO unnatural to wake with an alarm. Sorry, Mystic.

    • i suggest wrapping the scissors in a luscious black satin ribbon, burying them in the garden, dancing widdershins around them, then forgetting the whole thing ever happened : 0)

      Halston was influenced by Claire McCardell whose use of the bias cut was in turn inspired by Madeleine Vionnet, one of Paul Poret’s contemporaries. I’ve banged on a bit about Poiret because he was an ardent astro lover – wearing a different gem on his fingers depending on the astrological rulership of the day. He had an interesting Jupiter thing going on too and believed he’d been a sultan in a past life. He ultimately failed because he didn’t realise the Belle Epoque party was over after the first world war and didn’t adapt to the new mood of the era – jupiter gone bad. He was the first to integrate fashion and lifestyle by creating entire interiors in the Orientalist style. He hung with Peggy Guggenheim and gave mad parties on barges in the Seine (is that the french river? soz I get the waterways mixed up sometimes) with wild animals on board. I could go on for hours such is my love of this subject.

      Both Vionnet and Poiret worked by draping on the mannequin which was ground-breaking at the time. There is a great deal of interesting information about Poiret here: http://www.metmuseum.org/exhibitions/listings/2007/poiret/modernism

      Vionnet and Poiret were also both interested in the structure of the kimono after seeing a Japanese display at the world’s fair in Paris, as well as the performances of Sadda Yacco, you can see a painting of her by one of my favourite Australian artists Rupert Bunny here: http://artkritique.blogspot.com.au/2009/11/on-rupert-bunny-agnsw.html she was BIG in her time. LOVE rupert bunny. One of Australia’s greatest exports. So sad his last paintings after his wife died and he returned to Melbourne to live out his days – no colour. I digress.

      Vionnet was also influenced by her viewing of the bias cut technique used by Madame Gerber of Callot Soeurs also at the world’s fair (if you google Paris in 1900 – Exposition Universelle there’s some great historic footage of it on youtube I suggest muting before watching LOL). Vionnet was groundbreaking in that she adapted the technique, draping large swathes of fabric as opposed to small areas pieced together as had been done historically. Yves worked for the house of Dior at the beginning of his career and Dior was in turn influenced by Poiret so I suspect that’s where the idea Yves may have invented the bias cut may have come from. Although Mondrian irks me, I love what Yves did with getting that amazing dress to work on the human form. I saw it in Melbourne on a mannequin once and it hangs as if it’s the simplest thing in the world but it’s hanging on a curved form. sigh. genius.

      Yohji Yamamoto is my all-time favourite and he was also influenced by Vionnet and i think McCardell due to her wrapping techniques – Vionnet is the modern godmother of the bias cut x

      • LoL I just noticed you weren’t saying he invented it Ms just that he was the god of it. Look at me going off half-cocked. grr just had a stupid trivial impromptu argument that ended in apologies and all but now I’m sitting on the couch with my feathers ruffled watching playschool FFS. It’s like when you have only enough blue devil to get you agitated but not over the hump. If you know what I mean. Some days are diamonds, this is a cubic zirconia. I like his work with the tuxedo – yves. Love the whole androgyny thing he did.

        • hehe. yes, but I loved your run down of the history of the bias cut none the less. all factual and amazing as always. LOL cubic zirconia, my fave was the tux as well. 😉

          • hehehe yes well mars in virgo trine saturn & venus mercury helps with that whole tendancy to give the rundown thing : o)

  2. and a french accomplice who is only shot in YSL tribute heels leaving the scene of each crime

    • hello, is that the same Ms. who had the avatar smoky red lipstick? cool avatar – dramatic and I love comics!
      ‘french accomplice’, ‘heels’, ‘scene of a crime’ – v leo in mercury dramatic 🙂

  3. Lol! I have
    > Mercury
    > Mars
    > Venus
    > Jupiter
    > and my Midheaven

    all in Leo ^-^ So I’m very touched to see that such a fashion icon makes up a big chunk of my chart.

  4. paranormal ferocity lol! I love the pic of him with Catherine Deneuve, pure fabulous.

  5. I think that these companies tied to the name of an iconic designer are offensive anyway. Should’ve died when he died, and been mourned — as with McQueen, Chanel, and others. They’re empty shells anyway. Would you have a Lucian Freud Paintings Inc.? A Picasso Company? No. If YSL wasn’t already haunting them, he clearly has appropriately moved on anyway.

    • I agree. I feel weird and disturbed every time I see something new by “McQueen.”

    • my favourite yves campaign ever is sophie dahl in the opium ads – sumptuous fabrics + ivory flesh. decadent.

    • random clickery above soz.

      I agree re the strangeness of dead people as brand – esp McQueen, I just wish they would let him be gone and can you imagine ever having anyone carry on after V westwood dies? I don’t know if it’s considered a company but picasso’s children are like a cut-throat corporation in the way they continue to manage his work – fanatics. I can’t imagine he was ever a warm father in the trad sense of the word but I can’t imagine turning my parents into my business and milking them long after they’re gone. It seems mercenary.

  6. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. (the sound of that “oooo” is like in the tennis, during a rally, when someone messes up the lineball. Or golf, missing a long but potentially awesome putt. you know.)

    Yes, that spells a weakening of the brand to me. maybe they are responding to business imperatives around a ‘changed global marketplace for luxury fashion’. or something. but still. ooooooooooo.

    I have never quite seen the Leo ego (?) / pride in full flight, would be fascinating to see – as an innocent bystander staying out of it. just to watch, like a play, or a movie, or a crime scene re-enactment…

  7. “Saint Laurent Paris”, in…. L.A. ??? WTF!!…. What _sacrilege_! And L.A.!!! Of all places…

  8. **Unrelated to the post but relevant in general. What is the code to make italics, bold and strike-outs in the comments area? the underscore prompt (for italics) did not work… Hmm

  9. This is an iconic photo – clothes designer sans clothes but sporting a suitable Leonic mane. And a halo of light.

    The brand change seems so meaningless: you don’t understand why they are messing with it. Is ‘LA’ the clue?

  10. I never used to pay attention to Celebs, only non comedic ones that take jabs at celebs- until astrology. Michael jackson was one, and Madonnas Ray of light had me hooked, but her later work would proove to not jive with me. I just dont have the celeb culture gene,

    But I have to say my NN in Leo does enjoy looking at them from an astrological point of view. I have NEVER seen hair like that on a man.. lol but he is So leo he is esp in the first pic.

    & the woman looks so classically pretty, makes me wanna be a little straight. 🙂

      • Ive always known Michael is a virgo, and madonna just happens to be a leo.. this post is not mention leos only esque, I was just saying those are the only two celeberties I was moved musically by, at some point in there careers, I have to fall into someones celebertity pool lol. Its just my example of not having the Celeb gene.

        • Of course I love 80s freestyle also, and my moms Libra influenced R&B that takes me back but is not how I would live my life. Ambient and Dance music of course, but thats whats cool about dance music, usually its more about the instruments. I do love a good vocal also but usually the person is not a celb..

          I dont like mainstream singers in house music though, its like how can Hip hop carry over to Dance music, or pop. Real house music comes from the soul and rarley are things sung about which is like common. Like the pussy cat dolls should just never be touched by house music ever. Its never been about mainstream artists who wanna make alot of money. Its always been about the underground and just participating in creating something that cannot be marketed heavily.

          Thats my Sagi in the 5th house rant on it.

          • You can have a mainstream artist that puts there ego aside and comes out with an amazing sounding feeling dance track. But It is a rare but if its too much.

            Pop this I got this come ova her so I can give you this we got this im this and this and she poppin her booty and I got the cooty.

            Lyrics like that do not belong in house muisic and just sound like a cheap rushed dance track. They even speed up the singers voice to fit into a bigger tempo. So its not how the artist sang it originally or how they were feeling. Because it got morphed by people trying to make even more money on the most lyrical trash I have ever heard. Give me a 80s freestyle singer sings more authentically than a mainstream singer like Jlo anyday. I will say though

            Waiting for tonight song, Transfered beautifuly to dance, because she was being her authentic leo self in that. But once leo goes for more applause, instead of whats really in there heart, anything they do will come out all mashy and striving to be noticed instead of them teaching us how to live closer to our heart.

            This is madonnas career after ray of light and jlos career after Waiting for tonight. Too much trying to be cool and play it cool than just singing to sing. I actually thought madonna was the Ray of light CD, but she burrowed the concept and threw it like a change of clothes at a fashion party. I just never latched onto anything she ever did after that.

  11. I so so Love your work Mystic! In particular (but not limited to):
    ‘Exorcist-On-Speed-Dial scenario’. 🙂

    This Leo Rising has so much zapping to do this morning! xx 🙂

  12. have to type: THANK YOU heaps for the daily emails, Mystic!

    I have been looking forward to Mercury into Leo. Hopefully (fingers crossed, please), it will mean more communication about that is fabulous, inspired, exciting, new-heightened-artistic, installational, sparkly-edgy-social, and will preoccupy me while I am weight-listed for the most now-happening-cool photographer in Sydney Australia today to get some new headshots. Yeah !

  13. Wow. I have marinated myself in YSL Rive Gauche parfum for like, 30 years now. It’s musky and woodsy and favored by feminists (with amazing hair).

    I feel like I should channel YSL or something, in ascendent/moon solidarity.

    But my saggo sun just wants to scoff at fashion and reserve leos for sex. Shhhhh!

    • haha, that is such a striking image of a rive gauche wearer – classic. from what i am reading the cosmetics and fragrances may keep the distinctive ysl logo. the whole company though (owned by a bigger consortium for some time) is being rebranded to bring it into the present. maybe mystic can do the astro of the person behind the change, hedi slimane….control freak/change agent?

  14. Cue nekkid glamour shots turning up in unexpected locations. Paranormal Ferocity!! Love!

  15. Its an absolute abomination, what are they thinking!. Why hasnt anyone said what a bad idea it is, like trying to make a great movie with a bad script, it doesnt get better, like a fart with sugar on it!. I would be haunting them too, and moving from Paris to LA to add insult to injury.
    ps. a smoking hot bod, my favourite type, long lean muscles and perfect feet.

  16. Oh dear, and if deceased double Leo Mother hooks up with him….there will be trouble for sure~

    Each time I’ve talked of Mother for example about her health, how I wished she would have taken better care of herself, etc., I say a silent “sorry Mom” in my head..lol

  17. my take is that the honchos behind the line have NO confidence that the Eurozone will recover and so are converting their € into $ by moving to the US – where it has to be said the love affair with all things Euro is OTT, especially if it has a French or British accent – which explains why Yves has been dropped in favour of Paris

    – les hommes à Paris just know in their wine infused blood that les américains will fall all over anything from Paris, with Paris in the name
    – THAT is more important from a marketing perspective than some dead guy’s name

    • That is the tough love answer eco. From a marketing P.O.V it makes sense to move on to the U.S but will the french let him go so easliy? I doubt it – there may be revolts from the french canadians perhaps.

  18. For my Birthday (April Aries) I got THE MOST FABULOUS blue suede, sky-high YSL pumps. It was a great day.

    Strutting along, that’s right no mere walking in these heels, my Leo midheaven was basically IN heaven. For me no brand said “I’m loaded and super frickin’ glamourous” quite like YSL. That was until they went totally TACKY and TRY-HARD COOL and dropped the Yves, not the Y, but the Yves. I mean what the????

    Thanks for blogging this Mystic. I just don’t understand what they’re thinking. I liked YSL because it seemed old school cool and totally timeless.

    Not anymore! Boo 🙁

    • Love the idea Jicky. Love Alan Cumming.

      Btw – is your moniker because of the Guerlain perfume?

      • yes, i’m so impressed by how many of you ladies (including MM, of course) are perfume savvy. what a classy blog!
        btw allan cumming is going to be on who do you think you are – sbs – next tuesday it think. he is very cute.

    • yes, another impressive perfumista! allan cumming is great. he will be featured on who do you think you are next tuesday sbs, methinks.

  19. All I know is that designers aside, I fit into my green scrubs today which I had not fit into before 42 lbs ago..I had kept all of my clothes at size 10 (not quite there yet)…

    We are quite alive and at 3:00 am..hungry..Will I nosh my way thru the frige before my final collapse? Not a chance…When you’re asleep, hungry don’t matter…

    To take the edge off in order to fall asleep…just a sip or two of something…

    Or in the famous words of astrologer Debbie Kempton-Smith regarding (I believe it was) Neptune..

    “Just a touch Lord, just a touch”..

  20. Uncool and discrespectful!

    I am still annoyed about Champagne being renamed Yvresse and yeah, get the whole branding thing but does anyone get the whole taking something too far/seriously thing?

  21. This is the most genius idea for a movie, love the whole idea of Yves Saint Laurent’s ghost taking most excellent and precise stylistic revenge at moments most awkward.

    thanks for this post !

  22. SACREBLEU!!!

    Looks like I’ll be keeping my hands on what little I’ve got left of my Yvresse. The epitome of style is now tacky. Such a shame. Tend to agree with the posters up the top about dead designers but Chanel and Yves to me are the exception – the Leo connection perhaps? Their kind of style seemed eternal.

  23. I think people nowadays are just too stupid to know how to pronounce “Yves.” Most of them have heard of Paris, however. And they don’t care that Paris is not in LA

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