We Have Found Our Asteroid Gary Pin-Up!

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Current Cliff Diving World Series champion Gary Hunt leaps from a rock facing the ocean before the 2012 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in Bonafacio, Corsica, on June 21, 2012.

It’s guaranteed that this post will make absolutely no sense unless you go read the previous post about Asteroid Gary – Number 4735 – in which we explored the possible significance of Asteroid Gary.  So do that if you have not already and then come back, because this is exciting.

I was thinking the other day that we needed an actual iconic Gary to help us get a grip on the symbolism and possible manifestations of Asteroid Gary.   Enter Gary Hunt – former Olympic Hopeful turned Red Bull Cliff Diving Champion.

From his Wiki: He has a reputation for being a daredevil, pushing the sport to new extremes and inventing spectacular new moves to stay ahead of his competition. At the 5th event of the series in Turkey (Antalya), Gary introduced his first new dive – a previously unattempted back piked 3 somersaults with 4 twists.The dive has a difficulty rating of 6.2 and is the most difficult dive to be performed in any form of competitive diving. Although he was only able to finished 3rd at this event,the new dive got a huge amount of attention, opened the eyes of the cliff diving community and began to cement Gary’s reputation as a fearless daredevil who was going to push the sport to new levels.

It gets BETTER.  Gary is a Gemini currently having Asteroid Gary crossing over his Mercury-Venus-Sun in Gemini, just as he reaches a major career peak with these Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in Corsica.  Not only that Gary has Asteroid Gary conjunct his natal Moon-Mars-Saturn in Scorpio.

Yes, i get it – Moon-Mars-Saturn in Scorpio does NOT need much embellishment. There is enough potential daredevil hoo-hah in that alone. Still, here we have a reasonable suggestion that Asteroid Gary could have an extreme sports/snazzy Mars sort of a tone to it.

And here IS our Gary.  I think he actually looks really medieval in this picture – i mean that as a compliment. The banner behind him looks like a jousting day flag & his hoodie  has a monk-style cassock vibe.

His fan page is here – i say we all become devotees.  I feel like Cliff Diving is a very NOW sport, don’t you?


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52 thoughts on “We Have Found Our Asteroid Gary Pin-Up!

  1. AHAHAHA brilliant in every way Mystic. Medieval, yes now that you mention it…! Could it be the hairstyle, something slightly northern European about his face?

    He is definitely an Extreme Gary. I was thinking someone much more blokey and low-key, but this Gaz will definitely be a good poster boy 😀

  2. Antalya is also a kind of magic place, a beautiful natural port city more than 2,000 years old, with LOTS of cats, all tolerated by the locals. I had a wonderful fish dinner there last October, on a terrace looking over those cliffs, with 4 kittens pouncing around at our feet for treats!

  3. Lololol Mystic this is what every girl needs on a cold Saturday night!

    TBH I wasn’t really seeing Gaz like this, but as I’m soon to have a huge Gary transit – Mars over my Gary (4 Libra) – I reckon this guy could totes be my Marsed-up Gaz.

    I checked out his page. Speedos? Really? For some reason I’d assumed cliff diving would be sartorially cooler. But hey, my natal Gary’s been untouched for so long I’m willing to, ah, overlook the trunks. Go Gaz!

  4. No! Absolutely not interested in becoming a devotee.

    “He has a reputation of being a daredevil” …. I lost interest right there!! Daredevils… *yawn*

    Now if Gary was a poet, a musician, a writer or a hot model I’d defo be a devotee. So says my Venus Libra :)

      • Ta. :). “soon these memories will be lost… like tears in rain… time to die..”
        My fave movie of all time :)

        • Ditto!
          It’s a Scorpio thing…
          Had the biggest crush on Rutger Hauer and actually met him a few times while waitressing at the Sebel Town House in Sydney. He was lovely, and the dude is HUGE and took up the whole doorway when he walked in.

          • haha… I’m not surprised at all!! I was crazy about him too.
            I went to the screening of the director’s final cut release a few years ago and he did the red carpet and Q & A’s before the movie. I sat a few seats away from him. He still looks great after all these years. :)

            Have the original (1982) soundtrack on vinyl. It’s one of my most prized possessions :)

            • Rutger Hauer, O me TOO. HOT
              those crystal eyes. He would be my Gary. Just watched BR
              it for the 3rd time last week, coincidently.
              Great Gravatar!

    • Yes, the poet/musician/writer part a must.

      Only MORE in love w/Iva Davies lately… :) He has been my astro obsession (study) for several days now and nearly the only music I’ve played..From old to new… tons of discoveries on youtube..And interviews…

      So, so interesting that he has done covers for other’s music….

      Mars-Mercury-South Node in Gemini….like Meryl Streep with Mars in Gemini…mimicking capabilities

      Venus in Toro opposite Neptune Libra both trine the Mars-Merc-SN combo..

      Psyche (“of the Soul”) conjunct Venus…

      Beautiful music from a beautiful soul…~sigh..~

      He is four years older than me and I don’t care how old and crinkley he gets…I would take him… 😉

      And Scorp, I think that mullet was because Leo rising maybe? It dawned on me later..And his theatrical showmanship.

      • Haha… you remembered my mullet comment. Leo rising of course! Does Billy Ray Cyrus have Leo asc I wonder? He’s most famous for the business at the front/party at the back hairstyle.

        Wow, you still going on about Iva! :)

        Old & wrinkly… Know what you mean Sweetpea. I feel the same about Bob Geldof. Loved him since Boomtown Rats days… well before he became Sir Bob. I was looking up his astro when I was 13!!

        • Yes, when something interests me to study it, I leave no stone unturned! lol

          My Mars/Asc is conjunct his Gemini stuff. If he has a sense of humor then he is my dream man!

          Anyway, back to real life and grocery shopping…x

          • Good thinking…to check Billy Ray..

            He is Aqua rising with Leo Uranus conjunct NN exact…

            I’d say he had his own trend with the hair (Leo) in a big way Uranus-NN.

            That’s what I call some “big hair”..lol

            And sorry off topic Mystic.

            Aries dad always flew planes so guess I grew up with a bit of a dare devil. Eh, just normal for me a bit..

          • Well Bob has moon in Saggo like me and he has Venus & Mars in Virgo conjunct my Mars!! That’s the sexual napalm according to Mystic’s Sleazometer.
            And his Saturn in Libra conjuncts my Venus. That’s the longevity, love him forever no matter how wrinkly part 😛
            Hey Sweets, just remembered my Libran music manager friend mentioned Iva is a friend of his. Just texted him to make sure and he is :) he said Iva has a lot of obsessive fans. Lol. Six degrees of separation!

            • Could he ask him his birthtime?

              Yes, well see, I only rediscovered him since over a decade ago so it’s so fun to see what has transpired…

              Now about that birthtime….. 😯

              • I’m still waiting for a reply to my text asking if Iva has a humour. Doubt he’ll respond to that, he’s interstate on a farewell tour.
                I’ll see what I can do Sweetpea. Not sure how close they are, or how often they catch up and he knows a lot of people! But I know they live in the same area.
                Anyway, I’m sure Iva has a sense of humour with all those Gem planets!!

                • Dont know how successful ill be but I won’t forget now that you asked. I have a memory like an elephant and my Mars in Virgo likes to be of service :)

                  • Love your new name Scorpy!

                    And mentioned this on another thread a few days ago but, “Heaven”…

                    Remake on the Talking Heads…
                    Very Neptunian….

                    ~Bar is called Heaven~

                    Ironic, funny, tragic

              • Why don’t we all make a SweetPea & Iva fund and bring them together in OZ.
                A Palm Springs resident
                has a certain celebrity attached to it :-)x

                • He ~is~ divorced now! 😯

                  Not surprising he would have married a ballerina (graceful, refined, etc).

              • sweetpea, my friend’s response to my text about Iva’s sense of humour was “no comment!” Don’t blame him, it was a dumb question. My Saggo moon was on a roll, but my Cap Asc is mortified so it wasn’t right time to ask for birth time. I don’t think he would ask Iva and I don’t think Iva will reveal either. I certainly wouldn’t go revealing my birth deets to anyone!
                BUT… i just googled and I found Iva’s chart. He’s a libra Asc. No wonder he married a ballerina! There’s no time info on chart, so not sure of accuracy. Doesn’t look like a proper chart to me. Anyhoo, more info for you to obsess over :)


  5. p.s. i like fearless daredevils. probably because i want to be one but never stick at anything long enough to develop the finely tuned judgement required to risk life and limb with some degree of skill. so far.

    • OMG, and has anyone watched the videos on his site?? It looks like FUN!!!!! Except for the slight Speedos overdose. It is europe after all tho, they love their budgie smugglers :\

  6. Ok, Gary Hunt inspired me to find #4735 in my chart: Gary in the 1st house, Aries. That probably has something to do with why I have always felt like cliff diving is the Now sport. lol

    Transiting Uranus is about to catch up with my Asteroid Gaz. *Far out*
    (Gary Hunt even looks like an Aquarius I’ve had a special bond with my whole life. Much synchronicity for me, there.)

    I love Hunt’s birthmark! It’s higher and darker than mine. And his smirk is spot on– haha! My 1st house poster boy, definitely.

  7. Brilliant connection! Why should asteroid Gary NOT have a human manifestation?! You asked.. and you received. Pretty cool Mystic.

  8. He sits directly on my ascendant with Mars and Neptune in Scorpio. (can be good … once you put down the hootchie juice yes?) lol Right now he’s transiting my 8th.

  9. As far as iconic Garys, I was thinking of someone more like Gary Gygax, who inspired a whole generation of young men to sit around in their basements with graph paper and dice.

  10. That head and shoulders shot DOES look completely transported from a time of banners and jousts. You must have been so excited when you found this picture, Mystic. And the birthmark, the haircut, yes the smirk.

    I can see THIS Gary happily hooching and wenching it up in the Aries alehouse of my 5th. I’ll bet he’s a magician in a game of dice.

  11. From his fan website:

    “Take on life:
    Be uncomplicated and laid-back

    3 characteristics that best describe you:
    A life lived in fear is a life half lived

    If you could choose any super power, what would you go for?
    The power to conjure up anything from nothing. ”

    Ah, bless!

  12. My Mars in Virgo is now slightly stressed about correct plural forms. Is it Garys or Garries?? Speedos or Speedoes??

  13. Wow, what a great website and life!
    I love all those classic films with cliff diving, so graceful, and challenging.
    I have Gary in House 6 of daily habits, and I’m still trying to understand what that means. Go Gary!

  14. I remember the comedian Norm MacDonald saying “There are only two levels in the sport of cliff diving – Gran High Master and Stuff On A Rock.”

    Hail Grand High Master Gary!

    • ‘Grand master or stuff on a rock’…so funny, guess that’s what comedians are for.

  15. Has he been contacted about this (dubious?) honor to be bestowed on him? Will there be a guest blog or interview featuring him and his veiws on the asteroid Gary? WIll he give Gary transits advice? Will he pose in Gary-Pluto or Gary-Mars attitudes so Mystic has pictures for Gary blogs? Does he know the payment will be adulation of psuedo intellectual and some other kind of astro bitches only?

    • Wasn’t it but I still refuse to look up my asteroid ‘Gary’, just cannot bring myself to do it,it could be worse and be named
      ‘Trevor’ i suppose.
      Now if it were named asteroid ‘Michael’ or ‘Sebastian’ how
      quick is fast!

      • Did not do the Gary thing but Toro that I had met, his name was exactly conjunct my name on his Moon opposite my Sun/SN his Venus, etc…

        That certainly was the case of already knowing someone that you weren’t going to necessarily know….

        Ya know?

  16. Cliff diving! Brilliant! “Not only am I a buff man, who is extremely fit, but I am going to leap off rocky precipices while executing backflips” Just because I can.

  17. Umm… Gary is also conjunct my Moon in Aqua.

    I also have a third eye birthmark.

    I have no idea what this all means.